15 Photos Of Instagram Stars Before Plastic Surgery You HAVE To See

When Instagram first entered the social media game, it did not take long for plenty of girls and guys to begin to capitalize on their photos. After all, it was a platform designed to show off one's best assets whether that meant their bodies, their makeup, hair, exercise routines, style etc. and people quickly learned that advertisers were interested in leveraging this too. As anyone who has Instagram knows, the key is to get enough people interested in your photos before advertisers start paying you to promote their goods and services. Instagram really changed the landscape for advertisers and so it was inevitable that people would try and get a piece of the pie no matter what it took. While for some all that meant was to start posting images of their style or exercises more consistently, for others it meant changing their look entirely to gain a larger following.

Unfortunately, this sometimes involved booking an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon to get a face or body that would be desired by their followers. Of course, there are plenty of reasons for getting cosmetic alterations, most of which are very personal, but there is no denying that a few tweaks have helped to catapult some of the most popular bloggers into Instagram stardom. While filters, style and exotic locations as backdrops also help, it seems that putting your tweaked face forward can work wonders for your following count (and bank account). At least now we can see that some of our favorite Instagram bloggers also did not "wake up like this."

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15 Cindy Kimberly: She wasn't always catching Bieber's eye

Cindy Kimberly, also known as @wolfiecindy first caught our attention when Justin Bieber posted a photo of her on his Instagram feed. The pop star posted an image of Cindy when she was 17-years-old with the caption "omg who is this" and Cindy was instantly flooded with followers. People soon learned that Cindy was a Dutch-born student working as a babysitter and living in Spain. Not long after he posted the photo, Cindy quit her job and joined a top Spanish modeling agency. Cindy struck everyone with her good looks but we soon saw that she didn't always look that way. An image of Cindy when she was younger surfaced and as you can see her look has definitely evolved. On top of her hair, makeup and style changing, it appears that Cindy also got lip fillers. Today she has 3.8 million followers.

14 Mara Teigen: Her Myspace days are long gone

Mara Teigen catapulted to Instagram fame when she began modeling in 2013 and was dubbed as an Angelina Jolie lookalike. Fans flocked to her page and began following her in droves, driving her follower number up to 767,000 as of today. When Mara began her modeling career with Whilemina International, she was cast in Kylie Jenners video "Glosses," which also helped her gain notoriety. In addition to that, she was featured in Sports Illustrated and began to date pro Hockey player Evander Kane. While of these things no doubt contributed to her Instagram following, evidently the work that she had done also helped. As you can see Mara looks starkly different today than she did during her Myspace days.

13 Katya Juja: From too much tanner to 1.3 million Instagram followers

Katya Juja lives in Moscow, Russia and has not only leveraged her Instagram to make money but she has also used it to get other jobs. On her Instagram, it says that she is also a television host and DJ in Russia. While it is obvious that Katya used to wear far too much self-tanner she has also changed up her style quite significantly from before. Not only did the self-tanner go, but she also started doing her makeup differently, which can play a big role in how a person looks. In addition to that, it appears that she had a nose job and got her lips injected with filler. One look at her forehead and it's likely that she got botox too. Despite getting work done and transforming her style, we don't think Katya is too phased by it. After all, she does have 1.3 million followers now.

12 Alexandra Markina: From wallflower to Miranda Kerr

Alexandra 'Sasha' Markina is another Instagram famous girl who rose to fame after having some nip-tucks. Markina joined Instagram in September 2012 and has now amassed 1.2 million followers. While she looked like a bit of a wallflower pre-surgery, her transformation now has her looking like a cross between Miranda Kerr and Angelina Jolie. Based on her Instagram photos it appears that Markina has had her nose done, her lips filled, botox and her chest done. Although there are some naysayers who speak negatively about Markina for having so much work done, we are pretty sure she doesn't care as she is capitalizing on this now. Markina can frequently be seen at sponsored events and promoting various products which she was no doubt paid for.

11 Marina Mayer: From stepsister to Cinderella

Marina Mayer is yet another Russian Instagram star that has had work done (what is in the water over there?). Despite feeling like she needed plastic surgery, it obviously served her well as she now has 983,000 followers on Instagram. On her Instagram account, marina frequently shows off her lavish lifestyle and style. Before Instagram fame, Marina was married to a very wealthy Russian man so that could be how she had the money to afford pricey plastic surgery. Marina has since divorced her ex-husband and it appears that she has focused on pouring her energy into her Instagram account instead. Apparently, this was a good move on her part as she nears 1 million followers. If we had to guess, Marina has had her nose done.

10 Alena Shishkova: A natural beauty with a few tweaks

Alena Shishkova is a Russian model and was almost crowned Miss Russia in 2012. While she didn't get the main title, she did get titled Vice Miss Russia. Since then, Alena has catapulted into Instagram fame with 5.8 million followers. There's no denying that Alena is naturally beautiful but she still had a little help from a doctor to look the way that she does today. Today, it seems as though Alena has had her nose done and that she has had her lips filled. It's possible she also got botox but we are not sure why as she is only, twenty-five-years old. Alena has not leveraged her Instagram success to start a beauty company called 'White Star Beauty.' She also frequently shows her luxurious life on her social media.

9 Nita Kuzmina: Extreme Makeover Instagram Model Edition

It's hard to believe that Nita Kuzmina is the same person in both photos but a change in hair, makeup, style and a little plastic surgery can evidently transform a person. Nevertheless, since her transformation, Nita has accumulated over 1.6 million followers. Nita first rose to fame by appearing on a Russian reality television series called Holiday in Mexico. From there she began to post photos of herself on her Instagram and in a few short years she became Instagram famous. Nita is of Russian and Indian descent but is based predominately in Russia. She frequently posts photos of herself in provocative positions and wearing expensive clothing to show off her lavish lifestyle. So we suppose in this case her transformation has started to pay the bills.

8 Anyuta Rai: A little nip-tuck changed everything

Coming from a remote town in Russia, Anyuta Rai's climb to the top has been quite impressive with her now having over 2.4 million Instagram followers. Anyuta started modeling at eighteen-years-old but it wasn't until years later that she joined Instagram. Now at 26-years-old, Anyuta undoubtedly has a steady income from her Instagram posts with sponsorship deals and promotions. Anyuta has spoken about her success and admitted that it's no easy feat to get so many followers. She said that it takes a lot of hard work and that it's hard to succeed for even the "perfect looking girls."  While she didn't mention getting plastic surgery as one of the ways to get ahead and be one of the "perfect looking girls," it also clearly helped.

7 Jen Selter: A different person post-nose job

At only 24-years-old, Jen Selter has had a pretty impressive career thus far that has grown from Instagram. Jen first gained notoriety by showing off her toned glutes and exercises all over Instagram but now she has diversified into somewhat of a fitness expert. Jen has an impressive 11.7 million followers on Instagram to date. While her fit body and knowledge of health and fitness definitely helped her gain notoriety, looking pretty also didn't hurt. Jen underwent rhinoplasty surgery and even though it changed her appearance drastically, it also likely helped her gain the confidence she needed to dominate Instagram. Today, Jen continues to sweep the fitness world by storm and is rumored to be seeing NBA player Kristaps Porzingis.

6 Joselyn Cano: A shadow of her former self

Joselyn Cano is a model based in Huntington Beach, California and has now over 10 million followers on Instagram. Joselyn frequently poses in bikinis and tight dresses to show off her curves, which has no doubt contributed to her followers count. Joselyn started her career as a model at seventeen-years-old but did not start taking it seriously until she was twenty. Standing at only five foot four, Joselyn's career definitely got a boost with her massive Instagram following. After looking at the photos of Joselyn before and after it appears that she has gotten a few tweaks done to her face and body. If we had to wager a guess, we would say she's had a nose job, she's put fillers in her lips and botox in her face and has had a chest augmentation.

5 Svetlana Bilyalova: A few tweaks for 5.7 million followers

Svetlana Bilyalova is another Russian model who rose to fame after posting on Twitter in July 2013. Eventually, Svetlana made the switch to Instagram and her number of followers quickly escalated thanks to all of her selfies and posts in tight clothing. While her poses, style and the way that she applies her makeup certainly helped her gain followers, the plastic surgery that she had done helped too. Whereas before Svetlana may not have stood out as much, now she has eyes turning her way. A whole 5.7 million eyes to be precise. Not only does Svetlana have plenty of partnerships with companies to push their goods and services on her Instagram she's also now posting funny videos. So even though she puts a lot of emphasis on her appearance at least she's putting energy into her personality too.

4 Carli Bybel: Slightly more than just makeup

Carli Bybel first came into the public eye in 2011, when she shared a beauty tutorial on Youtube. The video was met with a ton of success and so she continued to post more tutorials and eventually parlay that success into an Instagram account. To date, her Instagram account has 4.9 million followers. The New Jersey native continues to upload youtube videos on her channel 'Inner Beauty Bybel' and consistently posts images of herself on Instagram. While makeup can have a big effect on a person's appearance, it appears that Carli has also had work done. Carli has had her lips done and her nose based on the comparison photos above. We all know that makeup can work wonders on an individual but it is important to see that it's not the only thing these girls are doing. Don't be fooled.

3 Emma Rose before she blossomed

Some of the biggest fashion bloggers on Instagram are from Australia and Emma Rose is no exception. Emma Rose can be found on Instagram under the handle @emmaroseofficial and you can see what a difference she's had in appearance since having surgery. Based on the side-by-side comparison, Emma has had her nose done, chest done and her lips done, with a potential side of botox. It seems that Emma has also fine-tuned how to pose for the camera and now poses with a sultry expression on her face rather than a duck face. A little tweak here and there have completely changed Emma's appearance and have gained her over 660,000 followers on Instagram. Emma's title on Instagram says she is a lifestyle influencer and business owner.

2 Natalie Halcro: A change in style + contouring can go a long way

Natalie Halcro is one of our favorite girls on the reality TV show Wags and the truth is no matter what she looked like we would love her. That's also not to say that she didn't look good before, her style, hair and makeup was just different. We can't really judge because we have all gone through our big hair and self-tanner days so in reality, Natalie's style has just evolved. Nevertheless, Natalie has managed to capitalize on the change in her appearance and style by killing it on Instagram. Natalie and her cousin Olivia Pierson have worked hard to get to the top of Instagram and they now have 2.8 million and 1.8 million followers respectively. We don't think Natalie has done anything to her face other than changed her makeup but contouring can really make a difference to anyone's look.

1 Anna Andres: Instagram fame was only a few surgeries away

Anna Andres is a Ukrainian model, television host and was Miss Ukraine Universe in 2014 before resigning the title to another girl for unknown reasons. According to Anna's Wikipedia page, she is also a lawyer. Anna shot to fame after the Miss Universe pageant and hasn't shown signs of slowing down. On Instagram Anna has 630,000 followers and frequently appears in events across Europe. Recently on her Instagram page, Anna shared a video of herself speaking at an event at the London School of Economics. While clearly, her brains have helped her to get to where she is, her tweaks to her face have also helped with landing modeling jobs. Based on her photos, Anna likely just got a nose job and possibly some fillers but that could also just be the makeup.

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