15 Photos Of Emilia Clarke

When Emilia Clarke first came onscreen as Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones, she definitely stole all of our hearts. Everyone agrees since she is beloved by fans of the long-running HBO drama... and by critics who have nominated her for all kinds of awards. She stole our hearts even more when she was cast as Louisa Clark in the beautiful romantic drama Me Before You. Yup, it's safe to say that we're big fans of the actress. And 15.3 million people agree. That's the number of people who follow her on Instagram. No big deal...

The 31-year-old was born in London and lives in both Hampstead, England and Venice Beach, California. Well, when she's not busy kicking butt and taking names on GoT, that is. The star is especially loved since she's lovely, elegant, and sophisticated, and just seems like a really genuine person. Just read her Instagram bio: "If at first you don't succeed, laugh until you do..." So sweet and charming, right?! We're totally girl crushing. Of course, we also have to admit that Emilia is totally beautiful. We rounded up 15 steamy photos of Emilia Clarke and we think that she looks amazing in every single one of them! Let's take a look!

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15 White Hot

It's not easy to pull off a dress like this. We're not sure that we would have the guts and courage to wear this. Emilia looks completely beautiful here and it's like this dress was absolutely made for her.

She looks like one of those paintings of beautiful, curvy women from back in the Renaissance. She has a really classic kind of beauty that we just don't see every day. And we definitely don't see that kind of beauty in Hollywood, where sometimes we have to wonder if everyone has hair extensions and Botox and all that jazz. Sure, she's wearing a fairly modern dress and has super straight hair and perfect makeup, but there's just something so special about this particular photo. If we weren't already really into her, this photo would turn us into Emilia Clarke superfans.

14 Smart And Sophisticated

We can just tell that Emilia Clarke is super smart. It's obvious, right? She approaches the characters that she plays in a really intelligent way, and so we just know that she's a smarty pants, too.

This Marie Claire UK interview proved it, too. She was on the cover of the magazine's July 2015 issue, and she said that she decided not to star in Fifty Shades Of Grey. Why? As she said, "I really wanted to work with [Fifty Shades director] Sam Taylor-Johnson because she’s f***king amazing. But there is a huge amount of nudity in the film. ‘I’ll never say, “I’m never doing nudity” because I’ve already done it, but I thought I might get stuck in a pigeonhole that I would have struggled to get out of." We love that she thought about her career as a whole and made that decision.

13 Flower Child

Here's a different side of Emilia Clarke: more of a flower child, hippie chic vibe. We totally think that she could have rocked the hippie era because she looks so natural in this outfit.

At first glance, we might not think that she even looks like herself since this is such a new look for her. We usually see her hair down or less curly than this, and we definitely don't see in her an outfit like this. But we're into it. This dress is super cool and we're getting annoyed now that it's not summer (or even spring) and we can't wear anything like this for a really long time. Winter isn't coming because it's already here (there's some bad Game of Thrones humor for you).

12 Looking So Good

Although this is a more serious look for Emilia Clarke, with her stick-straight bob and bright red lipstick and white strapless dress, we're still into it. She looks like she's the CEO of an amazing company and is about to walk into a meeting that she's going to totally rock, doesn't she?

This photo totally proves that old makeup "rule" wrong: that you can't wear both eye makeup and lipstick. Of course you can. Emilia has got on red lipstick and pink eyeshadow and she looks like total and utter perfection. Or maybe you can break this rule if you're Emilia Clarke and therefore the prettiest person ever... Yeah, that might be the way that it goes. If we tried this at home, we might not rock it as much.

11 Colorful Vibes

Taken as part of a bigger photoshoot for GQ magazine, this is one cool photo. We might not expect to see Emilia Clarke styled for a picture like this. And that's part of what makes it so awesome. She's so edgy here and it's a look that really works.

Her interview was also really cool and inspiring (of course) and she said that she listens to rap when she's working on that super famous show that she stars on. She said, "A lot of gangster rap before Thrones. So, Tupac. Biggie. But then some Florence. And Beyoncé, obviously. I tried Eminem once, but that was too much. For me it's like, you wake up and think, I'm not feeling particularly badass this morning. Coolio, Biggie, can you help me? When you're doing a huge scene, trying to empower hundreds of extras, you've got to get me a G."

10 The Cutest Smile Ever

Oh man. Emilia Clarke has the cutest smile ever here, doesn't she? She looks so adorable in this photo. She has some serious star power and it's all in her smile, which lights up a room.

We love her pretty strapless dress and sweater combo, and we also love her simple wavy long hair and makeup. This is almost a candid photo, it's so real and casual. Of course, we know that she was styled and that it probably took hours to get this look, but we're sure that she looks this gorgeous 24/7. Yup, that includes when she first wakes up in the morning. But that's okay. We're not jealous. We love her too much for that, and we can't wait for more Thrones. We seriously can't.

9 So Cool

This is a different look for Emilia Clarke (well, at least her hair is different from the other photos) and we think that she looks super gorgeous. It might be tough to tell what she's actually wearing at first glance... but we're pretty sure that she's wearing an interesting bathing suit and a sheer black cover-up.

What we love about Emilia is that she's also just a really good, cool person. She unfortunately and tragically had to deal with her dad's death from cancer, and she shared this with Rolling Stone: "The world felt like a scarier place once my dad wasn't in it... I was like, 'I'm a f***king woman, and there aren't very many of us performing in the environment that I'm performing in. I need to be incredibly sure of the ground on which I'm standing, and I need to take ownership of the choices I'm making." Inspiring AF, right?!

8 Bare-Faced (And Body)

There's something so cool about black and white photos. This one has a touch of grey in it and we think that the color (or lack of it) makes Emilia Clarke look even more beautiful. Of course, she would look pretty no matter what. When someone has her kind of beauty, it really doesn't matter what she's wearing or where she is. She's always going to look good. We just think that she looks particularly good here.

We love the contrast of her bare back and the super smokey eyeliner and eyeshadow that she's got on. We also love that she's outside and the background is a bunch of leaves. It's a very pretty, peaceful atmosphere and that makes the photo even cooler. It really looks like no detail was left ignored, including the rings and bracelets on one of her hands. It's an A-plus photo. We're sure of it.

7 Old-School Beauty

This is totally how we all want to look in a bathing suit: healthy, happy, and like we're completely glowing. Okay, it's basically how we all want to look all the time, let's be real here.

Emilia Clarke is absolutely glowing in this black one-piece, and we're into it. Her body looks amazing, her hair is perfection, and we love the lovely makeup she's got on as well. It's no wonder she has such a hot bod: her trainer James Duigan has been interviewed in a few publications and has talked about what she does to look this good. He says she can break a sweat no matter where she is with props like resistance bands and she eats healthy. He also talks about living a "balanced" life. We're totally all for that.

6  Black Lace

When we think of lace, especially when it comes to clothes, we probably immediately think of a lacy white dress. We don't really see black lace around that often. Now that we've seen this awesome photo shoot that Emilia Clarke did for GQ magazine, we're pretty sure that we want to run out and buy some black lace clothing, like ASAP. And maybe we're just going to wear it everywhere.

She looks insanely good in this short skirt and cropped top combo. This is definitely the kind of outfit that we would wear to a holiday party (maybe with a black blazer or sweater on top since, let's face it, baby it's cold outside). Her body looks amazing here as well. She's long and lean and just perfection. It's all so good.

5 Is That Emilia... Or An Angel?!

Emilia's looking pretty angelic in this photo. But then again, when doesn't she?! Again, she has a really special kind of beauty that honestly is so classic and amazing.

This style of dress really looks good on her and contributes to her whole classical beauty vibe. She looks like an angel with her pretty pale skin and soft makeup and soft curly hair. We're honestly so curious about what she was thinking about when this photo was taken. Was she thinking about anything at all or just zoning out? Maybe she was thinking about what she was going to have for lunch... or her mind was on world peace or something smarter than that. We would love to know. But, sadly, this will be one of life's mysteries that we'll just always wonder about. Sigh.

4 Seriously Pretty

Okay, so at this point it's pretty clear that Emilia Clarke is a true beauty and that she can't possibly look anything but 100 percent gorgeous. She's proven that in every single photo on this list... and she's proving that once again in this photo.

Here she is in another dress that shows off her chest, and she looks great. This particular dress is pretty classy and elegant since it's very girly. We would wear this one to our Christmas parties as well. We would basically wear anything that she wears, actually, since we're such big fans and we think that she's just the coolest, most beautiful, most stylish actress around. If she's wearing it, we want to add it to our closets, too, and that's just the way that it goes.

3 Rainbow Dress

What a beautiful color block/ombre dress. A beautiful dress for a beautiful girl. Okay, okay, we'll stop being cheesy now.

We love Emilia's gorgeous bob and earrings and girly makeup. Her earrings totally match the blue of her eyes and bring out the blue in them even more, and we couldn't possibly love them more. A lot of people have written about Emilia's changing hairstyles since a while back, she got her hair cut in a bob style and also got bangs. Her bob was big news back in 2015 because she had fairly long hair before that. We honestly think that she looks great no matter what length her hair is. We do love her bob, though. She pulls it off with style and grace and class.

2 Hotel Hang-Out

We're always going to love seeing interesting photo shoots of celebrities, especially when we're big fans of the star in question. Here Emilia's posing for the camera in what looks like a hotel room, and it's got a ton of old-school Hollywood glamour, which is something that we're into. We love everything here: her soft wavy hair, her red lipstick, her cross necklace, her black lacy dress, and even that super cool patterned lamp. Yup, we just said that we love a lamp. That's how cool this whole photo is.

We honestly have to say that Emilia is one actress who is a dream in front of the camera. We're not sure if she actually enjoys having her photo taken or not. But she definitely seems like she does. She's a pro and a natural.

1 Hollywood Royalty

In this photo taken for The Hollywood Reporter, Emilia looks like a total and complete princess. She's definitely Hollywood royalty. We knew that before for sure, but this photo just cements that fact even more.

Seriously, could her dress be any prettier?! We're just not sure. If an animated Disney princess donned this dress in a movie, we would believe it. The teal color is really cool since it's a bit of an unexpected color for a dress like this. Given the cut and shape of it, we would probably expect it to be purple or pink. You know, those classic princess colors. But we're loving this shade and we're loving how pretty Emilia looks in it. The big grin on her face makes her look even more beautiful.

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