15 Photos Of Celebs In Their Youth That Will Shock You

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15 Photos Of Celebs In Their Youth That Will Shock You

While celebrity drama can sometimes be super shocking, there are other parts of a celebrity’s life that has the capacity to stun us. Have you seen your favorite celebrity as a baby? If you’re wondering what might be shocking about a baby photo, wait until you see which Kardashian was caught in a purple tutu with blush all over her face! These pictures give us insight into the beginning of the rich and famous, and totally make us realize their upbringing might not have been totally different than ours. What was it about their childhood that shot them towards fame and fortune? While some of these pictures from their youth reveal they’ve barely changed, some of the photos will totally stun you when you find out which celebrity it is. Here are 15 photos from celebrity’s in their youth that will shock you, and you won’t believe who is on this list!

15. This Dangerous Cowboy Is…


Channing Tatum! Can you believe it?! Who would have guessed that this kid could have become the stud he is today? Stud is an understatement, of course, because it is obvious that everyone knows that he’s the hottest man alive. Young Channing also has an epic snarl, not to mention that red shirt. When it comes to celebrities, it can be sobering to see their baby photos before they came to fame, because it makes you realize many of them had similar starts to the ones we’ve had. He is the real life Magic Mike after all, but who would have guessed it was him from this silly photo. Are you shocked this quirky cowboy became Channing Tatum, or can you see the resemblance? We would have guessed a couple names before we figured it was Channing. A picture is a worth a thousand words – maybe he knew he’d be stealing hearts a few decades down the road.

14. This Baby Wearing A Silly Hat Is…


Kylie Jenner! It looks like she’s always loved the camera, but we have to say that her selfies have certainly changed over the last couple years. It’s unlikely that she would post something this natural on her social media nowadays, but she was definitely a cute toddler! This totally looks like a photo in your family album, which goes to show that while celebrities have incredibly unusual lives compared to the rest of humanity, their childhoods probably resemble ours. From wearing cute rainbow hats and making silly faces to owning a million dollar mansion and being one of the richest women in the family at nineteen, Kylie has drastically changed over the years. You probably would not have guessed this was the littlest Kardashian at first glance, but considering how much Kylie loves photos taken of her, maybe it isn’t as shocking as you initially thought. Did you recognize those famous lips from her youth?

13. This Curly Haired Cutie Is…

Daily Mail

You might want to say it’s James Reynolds, Blake Lively’s daughter because it looks exactly like the adorable toddler to the power couple… but it isn’t. It’s Blake Lively! James is literally the spitting image of Blake when she was a baby. The resemblance is stunning enough to make your jaw drop. Seriously, this is Blake Lively when she was a toddler! We must say, her overalls and striped shirt were definitely hints towards the future fashion goddess she would become. Now that your mind is officially blown by the identical appearance between mother and daughter, we can marvel at the perfect family that Blake and Ryan have created. Blake has become one of the most famous celebrities in Hollywood, rising from the star of Gossip Girl to one of America’s sweethearts, and it’s adorable to see her origins. A toddler that cute is bound to become famous, which will obviously be the case for James, too.

12. This Cheeky Smiler Is…


Kate Hudson! While this adorable baby looks like we all did when we were young and thought it was hilarious that we had spaghetti all over our face, we know her upbringing wasn’t as common as it was for most of us. How could it be when Academy Award winning Goldie Hawn is your mother and comedian Bill Hudson is your father? There are tons of cute photos of this baby because when you’re born famous, everyone wants to see every tiny detail of you. It’s true, literally the entire world is dying to see your baby photos. It can be shocking to see the tiny face of someone that will one day be incredibly famous. It’s like a time machine into the past, and it makes us wonder if in an alternate reality, maybe we’re famous and the world is fawning over our baby pictures. We can only wish for that, right?

11. This Corn Eating Kid Is…


Natalie Portman! Did you guess this? That was literally all of our faces when we got to eat corn on the cob as a kid. While she was born in Jerusalem, and she was an only child as well, one of the most interesting facts about her youth is that Natalie wasn’t the name she was born with. Neta-Lee, an Israeli name, is the name her parents gave her. We can see why she changed it to Natalie upon rising to fame, but Neta-Lee is one of the most unique names we’ve ever heard. It could be Hollywood, right? It can be shocking to know that young, corn eating Neta-Lee would one day be one of the most famous actresses in America, but that is one of the reasons why baby photos can be a lot more than cute – they’re totally shocking. We wish we could have more insight into all of these stars lives.

10. This Chubby Cheeked Baby Is…


Kim Kardashian! She is another star that obviously loved the camera since the very beginning. Who could have imagined this baby would one day create a book entirely composed of selfies of herself? If we could be any of these babies, would you want to be Kim Kardashian? She totally had the best clothes from day one, and we know it – just look at that pink shirt and adorable bow in her hair. It’s proof that she’s been accessorizing since the very beginning. Would you have looked at this baby photo and thought to yourself, “Oh that’s totally Kim Kardashian?” Definitely not, which is why it’s so stunning to see. All babies look the same, but shouldn’t Kim look a little more glamorized? It just goes to show that we all come from humble origins. At least now you know that Kim Kardashian had chubby cheeks when she was a baby.

9. This Big Eyed Baby Is…


OMG, can you believe how cute Chace Crawford was?! The most shocking thing about this photo is the fact that he’s literally been a lady magnet since day one. That face is enough to melt your heart, and you can already see the charm emerging that made him such a fan favorite on Gossip Girl. Chace might be the cutest baby to ever live, and we can imagine he carries this photo in his wallet just so he can whip it out and impress girls with what a looker he’s been his entire life. While Chace will always have an incredibly special place in our heart because of his role on Gossip Girl, he continues to find ways to become more charming literally every time we see him in the media. He totally deserves more recognition, and we’re left wondering about why the hell this baby photo hasn’t gotten more attention.

8. This Ribbon Haired Girl Is…


Miley Cyrus! Are you shocked that it almost looks like she hasn’t aged a day? It looks like she’s had that infectious smile since the very beginning. She’s one of the few celebrities on this list that definitely didn’t have your average childhood since her dad happens to be Billy Rae Cyrus. We watched her grow up, though, didn’t we? We saw her transform from the friendly Hannah Montana to the raunchier Miley Cyrus, and now she’s truly becoming an inspirational artist. She also recently admitted that her song “Wrecking Ball” is something she totally regrets. Well, we totally see how she’s matured over the years as well. Baby photos have a way of being totally surprising for a number of reasons, whether you totally looked like a chubby potato as a baby or maybe you look identical to your grandma, but in Miley’s case, we definitely recognized her instantly.

7. This Purple Ballerina Is…


Khloe Kardashian! We didn’t think she would ever be caught in a tutu. The Kardashian’s all have adorable baby photos, but is Khloe the cutest? They might dominate this list, but that’s because they look so radically different when they’re all grown up. We can guarantee they were all a bunch of princesses when they were growing up, and it must have been a lot for Kris to deal with. Envision one of their tantrums… or maybe don’t. We totally remember dressing up in tutu’s and princess gowns, so it might be surprising how much we relate to these flashbacks. By the looks of her cheeks, she might have been playing around with some makeup too, which brings back memories of getting into mom’s makeup. All baby photos are cute, but it is totally shocking to see how these celebrities have changed. Do you think it surprises the celebrities too when they look back at old photos?

6. This Kid With The Sunglasses Is…


Anne Hathaway! She’s always been quirky, but that is definitely part of her talent. Anne was raised as Roman Catholic, where she developed “really strong values”, but when she discovered that one of her siblings was gay, her relationship with the church changed forever. It is interesting to see how the stars have grown up, and it’s even more fascinating to learn how they’ve been raised. She was inspired to be an actress by her mother. While the sunglasses disguise most of her face, we wouldn’t have guessed this was her. The bangs and funny expression make it shocking to see how much she’s changed and grown up. We bet she was one of the most adorable and hilarious children growing up. It would be interesting to know celebrities before they ever became famous. We wonder what was happening in this very moment when someone took this photo of Anne.

5. This Bubble Blowing Baby Is…


Zac Efron! Your heart totally just began melting, and it’s melting even more as you keep staring at this adorable photo. There’s something more charming about black and white photos, right? The curly hair and striped overalls are too much to handle, and the chubby cheeks blowing the bubbles are enough to make this the cutest baby photo you’ve ever seen. You’ve always loved Zac, but this photo is totally shocking because you never knew he was this cute. We know all of his girlfriends have totally worshiped this photo because there’s nothing cuter than your boyfriend’s baby photos. It’s shocking to see how celebrities have changed and the passages of their early life in a single frame, which is why we’re totally obsessed with seeing what they looked like as babies. In this scenario, if you didn’t love Zac already, this heart melting photo is enough to make him your favorite actor ever. Is there such thing as an award for cutest celebrity baby picture ever?

4. This Awkward Kid Is…


Heidi Klum! While this photo of the model might not encapsulate the baby stages of some of the other celebrities, it is still shocking despite the fact she’s a bit older than a baby. Um, Heidi Klum went through that awkward phase where heavy filters and colorful hair was cool? If there’s hope for Heidi, there’s hope for us all. She’s still just a little kid in this photo, but we remember when we went through that phase too, Heidi. It can be shocking to see one of the most famous models in America looking like a gawky kid with bright colors in her hair. It’s totally going to make you wonder what inclined her to do that to her hair. At what point did she get her amazing sense of style? We can guarantee that Heidi hasn’t been able to live this photo down, especially when it comes to family members making fun of her.

3. This Smiling Kid Is…


David Beckham! Could he look any cheekier? One of the most famous soccer players ever has seemingly always had style. Just look at that tie and tight collar. David definitely had an upbringing similar to ours: his mother was a hairdresser, and his father was kitchen fitter. He rose to fame all on his own, and he worked hard to gain the talent that brought him to the top. To rise to his level, sports stars have to practice their sport the moment they can walk, so we imagine his childhood was also filled with soccer every possible day. We can see why his and Victoria’s children are so adorable. They might even be cuter than David in this photo. It can be inspirational seeing a photo when this boy was nothing more than the son of a kitchen fitter and a hairdresser because it goes to show how far all of us can go.

2. This Puffy Haired Girl Is…


Kendall Jenner! We bet you totally guessed that the moment you laid eyes on the photo. It is beyond stunning to see how little this model has changed from when she was such a young girl. She’s always been overwhelmingly beautiful. Out of all the Kardashian’s on this list, Kendall is definitely the cutest. With one younger sister and eight half siblings, we imagine she must have had quite the eventful childhood. Kris gave Kendall the middle name Nicole, after her best friend Nicole Brown Simpson who died before Kendall was born. While Khloe, Kim, and Kylie look shockingly different, Kendall looks like she’s barely changed since she was little. Maybe she was born to be a model? We’ve had an overwhelming amount of insight into the Kardashian’s life due to their reality television show, including watching Kendall and Kylie grow from gawky to famous. We wonder how she’ll look a decade from now.

1. This Adorable Kid Is…


Justin Timberlake! This is what one of the greatest musicians around looked like when he was tiny. It’s hard to believe that Justin is nearly forty, but by the look of how old this picture is, it really goes to show he isn’t as young as he used to be. This was the cute face of a future genius. There were lots of musicians in Justin’s family that shaped him towards following a musical career. It would be fascinating to see the influences pushed him to become a super star. Our society will always hold a fascination with celebrities, and that includes everything from their current gossip to decade old baby pictures. While it might seem unimportant, it totally offers insight into our own possibilities, especially when we know we’ve had childhoods similar to theirs. A baby photo can be totally shocking because it reveals so much we didn’t expect!

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