15 Photos Of Ben Affleck As A Dad That Make Us Swoon Every Time

Ben Affleck might be one of the most successful actors in Hollywood thanks to his roles in films like Batman, Daredevil, and Gone Girl. But at home, the actor is simply known as ‘Dad’ by his three kids. Affleck shares two daughters and a son with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner, whom he was married to from 2005 to 2018. Their daughters Violet and Seraphina were born in 2005 and 2009, while their son Samuel was born in 2011. Even though the long-time couple have gone their separate ways, they’re constantly photographed attending their kids’ functions and even church together, proving co-parenting can work. Keep on reading to see fifteen photos of the hunky father with his kids that are sure to make fans swoon.

15 He Tried Couples Counselling To Save Their Marriage

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Although Ben and Jen publicly separated in 2015, they didn’t officialise their divorce until 2018. During that time, reports said the spouses were trying to work things out. They even attempted couples counselling, though they eventually chose to separate. “They’ve been married for a long time and tried to make it work for many years,” a source told Us Weekly.

14 They Lived In The Same House Post-Split

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Though Ben eventually moved out when their divorce was finalized, following their initial separation announcement, it was revealed Ben and Jen would continue to live together in their shared Brentwood home (albeit they had different bedrooms). Us Weekly says the exes did this in order to make the transition easier for their children.

13 They Currently Share Joint Custody Of The Kids

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Although neither Ben nor Jen have gone into details surrounding their divorce agreement, Us Weekly confirms that the parents share 50/50 custody of their three children. “They don’t want it to be contentious,” a source told the publication. “There is a lot of love there but, they are doing what is best for everybody."

12 He And Jen Disagree About Parenting Rules

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Despite how well they seem to co-parent in public, Ben has revealed he and his ex-wife Jen still disagree on certain things when it comes to raising their three kiddos. “You have those things with split families, you go back and forth until you come to an agreement on the rules,” he told Ellen DeGeneres.

11 He Allows More Screen Time Than His Ex

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One of the things Jen and Ben can’t agree on is how much time their kids get to spend on electronics. Ben admits he’s not as strict as his ex can be when it comes to this. 'I'm a little bit more liberal on the screen side of things - the video games and the TV,” he told Ellen. “But this is something we can both agree on.'

10 He Bought A Place Down The Road From Jen

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In order to best co-parent, Ben bought a property blocks away from the house his ex-wife and three children live in last year. Radar Online reports the mansion features seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. The actor spent a cool $19.2 million on the home- not including renovations he had done upon moving in.

9 And His Mother Moved In To Help Him Out

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In order to help Ben adjust to being a single dad, the actor had his mother move in with him when he bought his new pad. “Ben's mother will live with him temporarily to help him during the move,” a source told Radar. “Jen and Ben’s mom have a good relationship,” they added.

8 He Went To Treatment For His Kids

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Ben has been open about his bad habits in the past, and just last year, his ex-wife helped him check into treatment in order to better their family. “Jen is proud of the hard work Ben is putting into his recovery and as a result, they are all spending more time together as a family,” a source dished to Us Weekly.

7 He Overcame Depression Post-Divorce

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Ben had aa particularly rough time following the officialization of his divorce last year, even though he and Jen had been separated since 2015. 'There's temptation to get depressed, I've been through a lot,” he told Ellen DeGeneres this year. “I feel so good now, I'm in such a good place. The kids are healthy, life is good. So, whatever it took for me to get to this place I'm grateful'.

6 He Picks The Kids Up From School

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Ben has routinely been seen picking up his three children from school, just as often as his ex-wife, proving this former couple has no problem dividing their parenting responsibilities. “Ben and Jen have done a ton of work to get to a healthy place,” an insider dished to Hollywood Life. “It has been a long road, but they are all getting along really well, they have found a way to make it all work.”

5 The Kids Are Better Behaved Around Ben

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Of course, children want to spend equal amounts of time with both of their parents, and the Garner-Affleck kids are no exceptions. And it shows in their behaviour! “The more the kids get to see their dad the happier, more well-behaved and better they seem to be,” a source told Hollywood Life.

4 He Doesn’t Help Out With Homework

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Although he seems like a pretty hands-on dad, there’s one thing Ben doesn’t help his kids out with- and that’s homework! “We do our best. We try our best,” the celebrity said about his children to Entertainment Tonight in 2016. He added that, while he has his “areas of expertise,” they’re “spotty at best [and] not homework,” Us Weekly reports.

3 His Ex Is The Reason They Co-Parent So Well

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Despite their messy divorce, Ben and Jen seem to be pros at this whole co-parenting thing. The actor has implied his ex is the one he has to thank for that. "I hope I'm a pretty good dad. I certainly try very hard,” he said on the Today Show. “I'm lucky they got a great mom and she helps out a great deal with making sure we co-parent in as good a way as possible."

2 Jen Is Still The “Most Important Person” In His Life

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Although Ben and Jen have already been in other relationships since their divorce, the actor has made it clear she’s still extremely important to him. "Of course, she's wonderful. [When] somebody's the mother of your kids, they're gonna be the most important, central person in your life,” h said during an appearance on the Today Show.

1 He’s Put Work On Hold For His Kids

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Some fans will notice that Ben has been making fewer movies in recent years, and based on what he’s said in interviews, it appears he may have taken a step back from work to focus on his family, especially post-divorce. “I think dads are so important to kids, and it’s our responsibility to be there for them,” he said last year, The Independent confirms. “That’s really the central preoccupation in my life.”

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