15 Photos Of Alyson Stoner

Alyson Stoner was born in the early 90's in mid-August. A Leo by nature, she took the world by storm as a child actress first starring in Cheaper by the Dozen, alongside big names like Steve Martin, Tom Welling, and Hilary Duff. She reprised her role in the sequel, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, before landing a role as Channing Tatum's little sister in Step Up, showing us her cool and modern dancing skills. She even has amazing singing chops, too! In fact, there is clearly nothing she can't do as she has over 40 film credits before the age of 25 and just released her first single as well. Stoner is very popular with her generation, being one of the top ten most searched actresses on Google! Who knew?

But Alyson Stoner is not the little girl we saw dancing hip-hop in Missy Elliot's "Work It" video anymore! Below check out 15 steamy photos of Alyson-- all grown up!


15 Music Video Maven

Look at that sexy pose! What a (more than) purrrr-fect photo! Steamy, provoking, and sensual, Stoner pulls off those cat ears so damn well! Not to mention the black nail polish, black leather leggings, and black closed-toed pumps, she wears the Halloween black cat vibe better than most. Her dark hair curled into perfect ringlets looks flawless as well. This picture comes from a music video set that the cast of Summer Forever, including Stoner, shot in early 2015. The movie follows three best girlfriends who are going separate ways for college and attempt to have the best last weekend of summer before they leave for good. Stoner plays the fun and brunette-haired, Liv. One thing is for sure, Alyson --and Liv-- sure can give us the perfect cat-like looks.

14 Seriously Seductive Vibes


Those cheekbones! Those eyes! That hair! But seriously, is anyone else getting serious Taylor Swift "Look What You Made Me Do" vibes? Stoner's gold and shining accessories adorning her forearms and wrists, steamily covering up her shirtless and bare chest, remind me of snakes wrapped and slithered around her arms. Furthermore, the rich red background reminds me of Swift's long dress in the music video. Stoner's hair is messily parted, which gives her a wildly messy yet sensual vibe and the color of her hair perfectly matches the gold jingles along her arms. Yet again, we also see her posing head-on and rocking it with a sultry and bold stare. Another thing to mention? Look at those perfectly oval and piercing green eyes! Get it, girl!

13 Sparkly And Spankin' Hot

Lace and florals and sultry-- oh my! Let's break this down pose by pose because I just can't get enough of her. In the first picture on the left, Stoner scrunches her hair seductively, eyes closed and neck exposed. With her bottom popped for extra sexiness, Stoner is an hourglass shape to be reckoned with-- that's for sure! In the middle pose, we see Stoner again looking head on into the camera. The dress hugs her in all the right places and gives us a little peek at her flat stomach-- and look at that smirk! In our last picture on the right, Stoner has her chin lifted a bit, showing a clear confidence-- and it sure does make her shine! Her body is front and center here, with her hair falling to the background, rightfully so in this case.

12 Maxime Mag All-Star


Okay, first of all, look at those legs! Damn girl! This steamy picture is from a 2015 Maxim spread that Stoner took part in, discussing everything from her music to her favorite type of guy to how she loves to wear nothing while lounging around her house. Damn, girl! She wears that lace perfectly with her tiny hourglass figure and the black color perfectly matches with her full and wavy brunette locks.

Some sexy and sweet excerpts from the article: her favorite word is "bulls*it" because she likes to call people out on theirs (this girl is my spirit animal), she will do just about anything for a chocolate milkshake, and if she wasn't a singing and dancing drop dead gorgeous actress, she would be a neuroscientist. It's official: Alyson Stoner is unstoppable!

11 Look Back At It, Girl

I mean how do we resist having a picture on this list in which the star of the article is wearing jean cutoffs and leaving very little to the imagination for the rest of it? Stoner is clearly at her prime and will continue to shock us with her nearly perfect looks and sultry stares. Her dark brown locks wave down her back in an inviting manner and her back muscles are something to mention, too, because I wish my back looked that sexy! With the printer, chair, and hanging map in the background, this clearly looks like a picture taken at home, so it was obviously candid-- and she still looks so great without even having planned it. Sexy on the red carpet and sexy at home, Stoner is just steaming it up everywhere she goes!

10 Abs. For. Days.


Another one of my favorites-- hello there abs! This is the first picture in which we see her abs out and about and ready to play on full display. The crop top, made of lace, is sexy, but the white color subtly screams innocence. The bold red lip does the same, as well as the nude heels. The black jeans contrast well with the top, so much so that our eyes dart straight to that bare skin under the lacy bottom of the shirt. Alyson is a talented actor, singer, and dancer-- and now we see she isn't so bad at the steamy pictures either, whether modeling for a shoot or taking candid pictures at home. Alyson is a Disney star turned mature young woman who is on her way to superstardom!

9 All Grown Up With The Long Locks To Match

Stoner is just 24 years old, but has already made a name for herself in showbiz, especially in the acting and music industries. She just released a song "While You Were Sleeping" after doing a tour around the country and is seemingly on a constant rise to Hollywood stardom.

In this picture, we can see that all this success has given Stoner a completely sexy and confident look! The neutral color of the dress contrasts with her dark hair flawlessly. The low-cut sparkly and sequined dress also accentuates her curves beautifully. With earrings elongatating her neck and highlighting her collarbone, the confidence within her just shines through. And, of course, we can't talk about this steamy picture without talking about those long and caramel brown locks waving in the (probably fake) wind.

She is definitely not a little kid anymore!


8 And She Can Pull Off Gypsy Style, Too


In the picture above of Ms. Stoner, we are getting a sultry and subtle stare, a peek at her tiny waist, and some serious summer vibes with those beachy waves on that flawless head of hair. In this picture, the steaminess Alyson exudes has a subtle innocence because of the simple yet trendy attire she's wearing. The black tee is a classic and gives out a flowery 70's vibe. Paired with the hat, we're getting a full-on innocently bold look. Combine all of that with her small but bold gaze, thin lips, and perfect arm placement, Stoner does it again with yet another perfect picture. And, let's remember, she is only 24 years old. We still have a lot more Alyson to appreciate in the coming years!

7 Braids, Big Hoops, And Overalls: All The 90's Vibes

Being a 90's baby like Stoner, this is another one of my favorite looks. When I first saw this picture of her, the braid in her hair quickly reminded me of the yesteryears of crimping (remember that trend?) and it immediately hooked me. The big hoops are so Missy Elliot-esque that it hurts-- hurts so good! We all know Stoner became famous for her hip-hop dance moves in Elliot's "Work It" music video, so maybe this was her ode to that big piece of the stardom puzzle. The white overalls look fresh and clean with a hint of innocence, while her hair contrasts with that, falling messily and curly along her right shoulder. The bold eyeliner contrasts with the overalls as well, giving us boldness and brazenness, an opposing feeling than the overalls give. Work it, girl!

6 Brunette Bombshell


I'd like to think I am a little fashionista myself, so this picture just made my fashion inspiration do mental flips and then some-- because look. at. that. jacket. Damn! Leather makes everyone look good, but in this case, the leather just compliments her already mature and provocative look. She wears leather flawlessly and the sexy cutout shirt underneath gives us a racy, steamy, biker chick vibe that no one can resist. Plus, look at those gloves! The girl clearly rocks this look. If this leather jacket and cutout combo were any different colors, I also don't think this picture would be so successfully seductive, either. It significantly helps that the trendy and titillating clothes match her brunette locks perfectly. One thing is for sure-- she sure can work it in front of the camera.

5 Comfy, Cozy, Cuddled Up

With the fall in full swing and winter beginning to rear its' pretty, yet slightly (really) ugly head, the term 'sweater weather' is front and center once again and never more prevalent than it is right now. Pair an oversized and comfortable, cozy sweater with a pair of jeans and some boots and you're good to go!

Our sultry and illustrious Stoner, however, wears a sweater here with little to nothing else --and rocks it flawlessly. Her locks, slightly lighter than our previous pictures, fall and caress her immaculately, unimpaired skin in a seductively mature way. And look at those eyes! As Tyra Banks would say, Stoner sure does know how to "smize"!

This picture comes from an article on PopSugar in which Stoner discusses how her journey as a person and an artist go hand-in-hand and, in a sense, often one helps out the other. This girl's talent is out of this world-- and she is just getting started.

4 Steamy Spring Florals


Typically yellow is not a color any of us pair with sexiness, but somehow Ms. Stoner pulls off this sunny stunner with an ease of sensuality. The florals hanging on the fence in the background complement her yellowy dress perfectly, giving us a springy yet chic vibe. And let's talk about those legs for just a second! Alyson couldn't have a more perfect figure: skinny and long legs, a petite hourglass body shape, and the cheekbones and eyes to match the genuine beauty. Her nude heels are sexy without taking too much attention away from the eye-catching dress color and even the light brown color of her locks work well with the entire outfit and picture. Stoner knocks it out of the park, once again!

3 Cliché Magazine Bold And Steamy Photo Shoot

Alyson's 2016 Cliché magazine photo shoot proved to all of us that one thing is for certain: she is not a girl anymore, but a grown-up woman ready to take the world by storm! In the picture above, Stoner wears a sexy and sleek white jacket sans pants and we can't help but drop our jaws at how perfect she rocks the look. Plus, most people cannot pull off posing straight on, but look at those cheekbones! This girl sure knows how to model-- just add it to her growing list of talent! In her Cliché article, Stoner boldly states that she has been "a pawn on many chessboards" but that she is now "ready to take the driver's seat" and give everyone a piece of herself, a peek inside her journey as an artist and a person. She also discusses how she will continue acting alongside her singing and dancing career, saying "it is definitely both and not either-or".

2 Red & Racy & Risqué


This picture is probably one of my favorites of Alyson. Watching America's Next Top Model growing up, I'd like to think I learned a little about creativity and artistry within modeling. This pose has many great things about it, including the accentuation of many parts of Stoner's flawless body, the way it highlights the color red so beautifully, and the symmetry within the vertical and horizontal lines of her body and the dress. There aren't enough things about her body that we could talk about, but first, look at her neck! Standing tall and highlighting that jawline along with her collarbone and shoulders, this dress has cutouts in all the right places. Then, look at her arm and that perfectly straight line she made with it, not to mention the perfect lines of her legs, too. It looks like red is definitely her color!

1 Low-Cut Composure

Hello there, bold and mature cleavage, sexy legs, and dark ginger hair! Can this girl look bad in anything? (The answer is no, I am pretty sure.) In this picture, Stoner rocks some white nail polish matching perfectly with the squared pattern on her low-cut dress. And what I love about this low cut is that her cleavage is still sexy, but not too much. She rocks it in a classy manner, essentially. Her black heels also compliment the red, black, and white dress well. Because of this perfectly matched look, Stoner's hair really shines and pops here, albeit even though it's hidden a little with the color of the couch. Even her pose is amusing and entertaining, yet sexy and voluptuous, too! I think I'm developing a girl crush...

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