15 Photos Kate Middleton Doesn't Want You To See

Everyone knows that Kate Middleton is married to Prince William, second in line to the British throne, which means that they are absolutely royalty. The couple are also parents to two adorable kids, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. This has made Kate one of the biggest celebrities in the world, and oh yeah, she's also an international fashion icon. Kate is well-known for her sophisticated, classy demeanour, and refined sense of style. She always looks pulled together no matter where she goes and she's never caused any scandal. It can be argued that she is the most beloved royal since Princess Diana (William's late mom, of course). It’s safe to say that Kate always tries to maintain her spotless image, but these photos might change the way you see Kate. From wild party day photos to scandalous topless photos, the following 15 photos might surprise you, and Kate Middleton definitely doesn't want you to see them.

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15 Old Boyfriend

via raredelights.com

Kate has been with William since their school days, but of course, she had her fair share of boyfriends before meeting him. In this photo, Kate is pictured with someone she dated back in college, but it's unclear when she started dating William after this. Her old beau bears a striking resemblance to Prince William (well, at least when he was a bit younger), so it seems like Kate definitely has a type. While everyone has exes, we doubt Kate wants the media to bring up her dating history now that she's in line for the throne. The princess has always been known for carrying herself well, but stories of old romances might tarnish her prim and proper reputation. That's especially true if people start asking why the guy had red lipstick on his cheek. They definitely look pretty happy together, don't you think?

14 A Marilyn Moment

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Kate has been photographed numerous times dealing with an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction. Given the amount of times she’s been photographed, it’s no surprise that the cameras have been able to catch her in some compromising situations. This photo shows one of them. Kate and her husband were walking outside on a windy day during an event when her dress flipped up revealing her butt. It looks like she should have been wearing some spandex shorts under her dress since the media was able to get various shots of her totally exposed butt. Yup. If this sort of situation happened to us, we would be extremely embarrassed. If we were the future Queen of England and the whole world witnessed this happening to us, we would be be even more mortified. As she always does, though, Kate carried herself with grace after the incident. She has never let a wardrobe disaster get her down.

13 Unflattering Angle

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We’re used to seeing Kate all glammed up for the cameras. She's known for her always perfect hair, sophisticated outfits, and poised demeanour. We can’t imagine Kate ever looking like a hot mess, but some photos from her younger years, like this one, prove that even she went through an awkward phase. This photo in particular shows Kate not looking her best. Her skin is oily and makeup free while her eyebrows are pretty unruly. Even her signature brown hair is tied back in a messy manner. Being in the spotlight has definitely taught Kate how to dress to impress. We all have moments in our past where we weren’t looking that great. In ten years, we’ll probably look at photos from now and wonder what we were thinking. Kate probably feels the same about her own photos even though she shouldn’t, since the whole world knows how undeniably gorgeous she is.

12 Topless Photos

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Several years ago, Kate was involved in a topless photo scandal when she was photographed without her knowledge. Kate and her husband had been enjoying a vacation in what they thought was a private beach resort. Since she thought there was no one around but her husband, Kate decided to enjoy the water and sun without a bikini top. Unfortunately, paparazzi were able to sneak in and secretly take photos of the duchess while she was topless. They were quickly published by the press, which caused the royal family to file a lawsuit, which they ended up winning. The entire family was super embarrassed by the incident and Kate felt rightfully violated. It wasn’t Kate’s fault that these photos were leaked of her, so it’s unfair to blame her for this. The photos were taken without her knowledge or consent, which is why the royal family won the lawsuit in the end. There was eventually an apology.

11 Partying Princess

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It’s hard to imagine the super sophisticated Kate getting down and dirty in a club. She has left her wild days behind her in lieu of motherhood and a royal title, but she definitely had some crazy times during her college days. This photo shows Kate on a wild night out with an old friend of hers. The two were stumbling into a car after a long night on the town. Kate is definitely flushed and looks like she was pretty drunk at the time. The girls were laughing and obviously having a great time, though this isn’t the best for Kate’s “good girl” image. Due to her prestigious title, Kate needs to maintain a clean reputation. Had she been known as a serious party girl in college, her romance with William may have not worked out. We bet Kate hopes all suggestive photos from her college years stay buried in the past.

10 Rollerskate Vixen

via dailyquenchers.com

Kate was once again pictured having a fun night out at this 80s themed roller skating party. Kate was already dating William at the time, and he was even present at the event. But, Kate was still criticized for her partying ways after photos from this event came to light. The royal was photographed in a scantily clad outfit. Well, it's scantily clad according to royal standards, that is. She dawned a green sequin halter-top with bright yellow short shorts. Kate kind of covered up her legs with sheer tights and leg warmers, but this is a lot more skin than we’re used to seeing from her, that's for sure. She and her friends were pictured dancing and enjoying the night, and had obviously been drinking throughout the night. This honestly looks like something fun that we’d like to attend, so we can’t blame Kate for getting her disco on since we would totally do the exact same thing.

9 Unsure

via badbearmedia.com

During an outdoors sporting event, Kate was photographed in a candid moment with this look on her face. She was biting her lip, making it look like she was deliberating something or unsure of what was going on in front of her. Maybe the referee made a bad call or she wasn’t paying attention to the play. Either way, something made Kate make this hilarious look. There are a lot of candid photos of Kate and other royal family members floating around the Internet, some even more entertaining than this one. Everyone knows that Kate is drop-dead gorgeous, so one unflattering photo, of course, isn't going to change that. We would still love to look like Kate... even if it mean having to make this face on a daily basis (which of course it doesn't). No unflattering angle could make us think Kate is anything less than a goddess.

8 Band Geek

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Now that we’re older, we’re embarrassed by the geeky extracurricular activities we did in high school. We would definitely rather sit through a talk about the birds and bees than admit we did marching band or mathletes in senior year. That’s why we’re sure Kate doesn’t like the world knowing that she used to be a band geek. This photo shows Kate (top row, far right) striking a pose with all of her fellow flute players. She’s wearing her old school uniform and posing in what looks like the music room. It’s hard to remember that Kate had a normal upbringing like all of us peasants and that her school days could have been filled with band practices and unflattering uniforms. The only difference is she grew up to be a princess... and we’re still waiting for Prince Charming to come around. Given the humble beginnings that Kate had to the riches she eventually married into, we’d say there’s still hope for us. Fingers crossed.

7 Modeling Mama

via dailyquenchers.com

Here’s another time that Kate caused a media stir, although it wasn't her fault. This is also rumoured to be the first time that William started to take interest in his future wife. During college, Kate modeled in a charity fashion show in which William and their other friends were in the audience. Kate wore this racy outfit down the runway, which the media then described as scandalous. She's wearing a sheer dress with only a black bandeau and matching underwear underneath it. Kate also sported tousled, curly hair and smoky eyes. It’s undeniable that Kate looked gorgeous in this outfit, but she probably doesn’t like being reminded of a time when she rocked such a risqué look. Kate is now known for her classic and conservative sense of style. She rarely shows a lot of skin, and shies away from tight-fitting dresses. It looks like her style has matured a lot throughout the years.

6 Sitting Pretty

via waity-katie.skyrock.com

Kate was caught by the paparazzi here: trying to get comfortable in her car. She flashed the media several times during the incident, and they were able to get tons of photos to document it. It wasn’t long before the photos were being published in print and online. Of course the royal family was embarrassed by this incident, but unfortunately times like these are hard to avoid. They can happen to the best of us, even if we’re the most sophisticated person in the world. Tons of other celebs have been caught in the same position and their public image or reputation wasn't ruined, so it's not a game changer. This may have been an embarrassing moment for Kate, but we hope she got over it quickly. She can’t be blamed for this awkward position since we’ve all been in a similar situation once before.

5 Beach Babe

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The media has become obsessed with capturing Kate in compromising situations, especially when she’s wearing a bathing suit. There have been dozens of photos of Kate enjoying the water during what she thought was a private vacation. As part of her royal duties, she is expected to adhere to a conservative wardrobe, complete with hem-length restrictions and a no cleavage policy. So, of course, no one is happy when photos show up with the royal frolicking in a bikini. But Kate should be able to wear a bikini when she wants without the public being able to get their hands on photos. It’s too bad that her privacy is often compromised in this way. It would feel extremely violating to always have photos of you taken, and then criticized for the way you look or what you’re doing. Kate deserves to have a break and we hope the media can see that, too.

4 Chowing Down

via thecelebritylane.com

Honestly, no one looks good with food in their mouth, and that's just the truth. That totally includes Kate Middleton. The duchess was photographed back in college while chowing down on a sandwich. She definitely looks like she’s enjoying her food, but this isn’t the best photo that we’ve seen of the royal. Kate looks more hilarious than stunning, but that's what anyone looks like when stuffing their face with food. Although we can still tell she’s a natural beauty, we wouldn’t recommend for this photo to be released to the public. As part of her royal training, Kate has had to learn how to look good for the cameras. She probably knows what to do and what not to do when posing for the cameras, so that means that she totally knows that no one looks super cute when they are photographed eating something. Not even if you're a princess.

3 Sneak Peak

via okmagazine.com

Here’s another time when Kate unexpectedly flashed the cameras. She was holding her son George while leaving a private plane when the wind swooped her skirt up. Since members of the media were waiting for her family's approval, they ended up getting several clear photos of Kate’s underwear. Honestly, she should really learn to wear biker shorts under her dresses. At least she wouldn’t show so much to the cameras during moments like these. Through the years, Kate has become a pro at handling cringeworthy moments like this one. Like always, she carried herself with poise and grace after it happened. She’s probably used to having this occur, which is why she’s able to hold herself together so well. We’ve had this happen more than once, so we know how unpreventable times like these are. We aspire to handle it with the same grace as Kate.

2 Party Girl

via badbearmedia.com

Kate was never one to shy away from college events while she was a student. This photo shows her getting down in the fun during a whipped cream fight. She has red war paint on her cheeks and her hair is in youthful pigtails. Others in the background are holding whipped cream cans, just waiting to spray it at an unsuspecting victim. This princess sure had fun while she was completing her studies, but it's safe to say that she has taken a 180-degree turn since marrying into the royal family. Now she is busy making appearances at events, traveling the world, and doing charity work with her husband. She’s also a mom to two young kids, George and Charlotte, and rumor has it that she might be mom to a third soon. We don’t know which Kate we love more: college days Kate, or Kate the Duchess. Or maybe we love them both equally. Yeah, that's probably it.

1 Making Faces

via blabb.com

We have a feeling that Kate has a hilarious sense of humor. All of her photos from her younger days show her making silly faces and looking like she’s having the time of her life. Though photos from royal appearances show her with a more toned-down (but still gorgeous) smile, we doubt that the funny Kate from her college days still makes a comeback every now and then. We’d love to see the princess strike a funny pose at an event or public appearance. Her kids are known for their adorable grins and pouty faces, so maybe they get their looks from their mom’s side. Kate is always known for being poised and pulled-together, but it would be funny to see her let her hair down (metaphorically) and be a bit more wild.

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