15 Perks Of Fame We All Wish We Had

It's safe to say that not all of us want to be famous (although a lot of us definitely do!). But most of us can agree that there are some really awesome perks that go along with it. Look how much attention and importance we place on famous people whether we really mean to or not. These people are totally and completely visible, of course... and often living large. So those things definitely appeal to a bunch of us. Of course, it can be super challenging to have your entire life totally and completely on display for all to see at all times, but we'll just ignore that for now and focus on the really awesome parts. Imagine how much easier your week might be with some of these aspects of fame. Here are 15 things that celebrities experience that we all wish we had from time to time. Even if you haven't thought about these things before, now that we're telling you, you're totally going to wish you had these fame perks.

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15 Sucking Up

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Now to be fair, having your butt kissed all the time is not that great. We mean, you don't want an ego so inflated that you lose touch with reality, and you also don't want to get into situations where you can't tell who's real anymore and who isn't. But assuming that you have your friendships and your life in order a little butt kissing might be nice from time to time. Think people telling you that you look good, complimenting your most recent work even if it was just so-so, refilling your glass before you can ask. When you're a celeb people tend to act like your presence is important even if you're just sitting there not talking to anyone, and we all like to feel like we matter in this crazy world. How about the legions of social media followers leaving you nice comments on your pics? So much butt kissing. So, so much.

14 Meeting Other Celebs

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For a lot of people, getting to meet their celebrity idol is a dream come true, but when you're also famous you get to hang out in the same place as other celebrities and meet whoever you want. Have a favorite singer? You can probably get front row tickets to his show and maybe even go backstage. You might get the chance to work on a movie with your favorite actor. Your favorite reality star might turn out to be a big fan of yours. That guy you have a crush on from that movie happens to walk near you on the red carpet. It just goes on and on. As a celebrity, the access that you might have to other celebrities is pretty astounding. Imagine the networking possibilities when you actually get in contact with the people that you want to work with. It's almost too upsetting that we can't do this.

13 Having Your Voice Heard

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Celebrities are in the news all day long for the good and bad things that they do. We often hear them complaining about fame and being watched all the time. But honestly, just think about the power behind that. If you actually have something good to say or something positive that you want to do for the world then people would actually listen. Have any kind of idea? Great! The people want to know all about it, and the world will adjust to support your goals and make it happen. Sounds nice. It's like once you're in a position where people are paying attention to what you're doing the doors start opening like crazy all over the place. Even if you want to just wish a friend happy birthday as a celebrity you might be able to get a million random people on Twitter to wish her happy birthday as well. Sounds sweet.

12 Not Having To Wait For Anything

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Us regular old humans sure have to do a ton of waiting on a regular basis. We wait in lines for basically everything, from food to trying to buy tickets for something to pretty much anything else. Celebs don't have to do as much waiting as the rest of us do. Of course, waiting can't be avoided completely, but waiting at a restaurant probably isn't going to happen. You don't necessarily need to wait at the post office because you've got an assistant for that. You get to go to the celebrity entrance at Coachella so you don't have to wait in line to get your bag checked with all of the other non-celebrities. There's an efficiency that goes along with being a celeb in that sense because people tend to prioritize you as well as make sure that you're comfortable. Venues and events want you to be happy because if you aren't you can't make it known to a lot of people. However, general traffic is one thing that you can't get out no matter how famous you are. Unless you take a jet.

11 The Non-Stop Love Life

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Have you ever noticed that when celebs break up they're on a date with someone even hotter the next week? Of course, you have. It's literally nonstop. The thing is that celebs have easy access to other celebs, which means that they have access to some of the more appealing people out there no matter what area of the country they live in. When you breakup you might not even have someone else on your radar, but there seems to be a lot of cuties in the celeb world. Then there's the fact that you can literally have your agent or assistant or other member of your team make an introduction if you're crushing on someone from afar. Even if some of these rebound dates aren't real dates, they still look real enough to make your ex squirm as he's forced to watch on. Yeah, we're pretty envious about this.

10 Having Courtside Seats

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Celebrities always get the best seats at sporting events. Seriously, just watch them if you get a glimpse on TV or see a photo after the fact -- they have the best seat in the house. Even if you're not a huge sports fan you can still appreciate the fun of watching live, and even more so when you can do it up in style. Sitting courtside, of course, gives you an up close view of the basketball game at hand, but it also just looks really fun. You're seated next to a ton of other fun celebs, so the whole thing is a weird kind of social situation where you can get to drink and chill out with your peers while the photogs look on. Talk about a date night. There's probably some special entrance for celebs on the floor as well so they don't have to trek through the whole place. Maybe there's even a special bathroom down there where you might run into Beyonce and discuss lipstick or something.

9 Not Needing Reservations

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When you're super famous, you get to eat at all the most amazing restaurants in the world, and you don't even need to make any reservations to do so. When you do happen to make a reservation, you can be sure that you'll get bumped to the top of the list on table priority. Even Chrissy Teigen who at this point is plenty famous in her own right has said that she uses her husband John Legend's name to make reservations because she gets a much better table. Imagine the freedom of having your pick of where to dine when money is no option either. When you're a celebrity at a restaurant, the chef might even come visit your table to introduce him or herself and bring along some special snacks while they're at it. The restaurant is actually happy that you're there. Man, we wish we could just do this.

8 Personal Assistants

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Having a personal assistant is fairly common for busy professionals, but when you're a celebrity, you definitely have a personal assistant... and they totally take on a whole other level of assisting. Basically, they are around to do whatever you want them to do. A celebrity personal assistant is on hand to run errands, answer the phone, manage your schedule...pretty much everything that you're capable of doing yourself but don't feel like it ever. As a celebrity you can even call upon your personal assistant to be your escort to an event when all of your friends are busy or being annoying. Your assistant basically has to pretend like they enjoy your company all the time, so it could be like having your own hype man that also happens to be organizing your life for you all at once. It's probably tough to find the perfect match, but as a celeb you have access to whatever type of assistant you might like.

7 Invites To The Hottest Parties

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Basically, if there are enough celebrities at any given party, that automatically makes the party super amazing and super hot. So of course as a celebrity, you have access to all of the best parties all over the world. You don't have to worry about trying to snag an invite anywhere, people specifically want you to be there and make it seem important that you chose to show up. What an easy way to make someone's day. Naturally being able to go to all the hottest parties means that you can get in some networking while enjoying a beautiful setting, drinking the best champagne, in a really amazing outfit, and chat with some other super hot celebrities. Maybe even ignite a dating rumor or two with a canoodle. Then when it's time to call it a night your assistant can guide you back to your town car which will then drop you off right at your front door without a hassle.

6 Personal Trainers

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Technically anyone who wants to fork out the cash can hire a personal trainer, but you just know that being a celebrity means that you can hire the best of the best. Of course, you have enough money to spend on a really awesome trainer, and you have the time too, so these things typically go hand-in-hand. Instead of having to drag yourself to the gym you can just wake up and stretch in your massive backyard where a top notch ass kicking trainer will join you and whip you into the best shape of your life. He'll know all kinds of tricks for working your "problem areas" and making you look as good as possible. And he'll probably be cute and compliment you as you go which always helps to make a workout more tolerable anyway. You don't have to drive anywhere or worry about parking or anything, and since you're the celebrity client the trainer will always be working around your schedule.

5 Awesome Selfies

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We all know the challenge of getting that perfect selfie. Celebs are always able to do one better, since they have assistants to take photos for them, as well as photoshop, and then, of course, the professional photo shoots that most of us don't get to do very often. Have you ever wondered how you would look if you were on the cover of a magazine. Probably amazing. By the time they get you through hair and makeup, have the best lighting and photography possible, and then touch up your pics? It seems like it would be more of a challenge to not look good than to rock that. And then you get to post those photos which are a dime of dozen in your fabulous life. You can even get them framed for your office if you want. Or even for your house, let's be honest. That's not even weird when celebrities do it.

4 Free Stuff

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Celebrities generally make pretty good money, but then on top of that, they get all kinds of free shit all time. At awards shows there are swag bags full of crazy things worth thousands of dollars and restaurants are always going to comp you stuff just because you're you. Heck, even fans will send you a drink on them just for being you. But really as a celebrity you have the potential to be a walking advertisement, so companies are going to be giving you things all year round in the hopes that you can get snapped with or in their product. Now with Instagram celebs don't even have to set up a paparazzi shoot, they can just post a snapshot of them with a product and pay their dues. Imagine if everyday people were contacting you (or your assistant), trying to give you cute clothes and juice cleanses. Delightful.

3 Awesome Vacations

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Celebrities seem to take a lot of really awesome vacations. On one hand, they can afford to take these luxury trips so there's that. And then sometimes they get them for free, or their work trip happens to coincide with some vacation time in a really amazing place. All sounds good. Not to mention the fact that celebrities also tend to get the best rooms at whatever hotel they're staying at... which is even better. Just the idea of traveling for work (aka if you're starring in a movie in a fabulously beachy location) sounds so much more exciting than what the rest of us do on a daily basis. Of course traveling all the time can be incredibly exhausting and make you homesick for your own bed, but when you're in a position to get all the amenities you could desire to make yourself feel better along the way, then it seems worth it.

2 Appearance Fees

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Most of us do not get paid for showing up anywhere besides work. And sometimes, well, we do not even get paid that much for that. Just a harsh reality of everyday life. Celebs on the other hand frequently get paid to show their faces at all kinds of events, generally ones that the rest of us try and sometimes fail to get into. Think for example, of all the celebrities who get paid to have their birthday parties in Las Vegas. Like it's not enough to get a big party paid for (as well as the travel to get there), they're also going to cut you a check for being so popular that you actually are drawing a crowd and giving them business. It's bizarre. And awesome. Imagine an easier way to make money than just to show up somewhere and drink and act like your fabulous self. Sigh.

1 A Hair And Makeup Team

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Again, paying for professional hair and makeup is something that anyone can do, but it seems to be different for celebrities. For one thing, they often have enough money that they can employ their own personal glam squad to be used all the time, and they will come to your house or travel with you. Look at the Kardashians... they all use the same hair and makeup literally every day of their life whether they are working or not which actually helps keep them on brand. They look consistent and they look like each other. It's not that anyone really needs a blowout just to go grocery shopping, but I certainly wouldn't turn it down if someone was offering it to. Not only are you getting glammed out at all times but you also get to just sit back while someone else does all the work. More time for Instagram.

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