15 People Who Make A Killing Off Of Etsy

For the most part, people make a few hundred dollars here and there from their Etsy store, some only make pennies on the dollar. The vast majority of start-ups are more or less just hobbies with the possibility to make a few bucks… but for others… it’s a full time job with a full time income, and for these select few, that full time income is a dream.

Etsy store owners set up shop to sell their wares and make anything from base craft supplies to jewellery, stationery cards to full hand-carved dining room tables and chairs. The possibilities are endless and, as these entrepreneurs prove, so are the earnings.

15 Moonlight Creations


Wendy Boudreau makes up to $4,000 a month creating handmade and custom invitations through her store Moonlight Creations. It is a decent living for doing something that you love and more than the average person makes a month in North America. She found a way to be her own boss and make more than a comfortable living.

14 One27Designs


Dekota Bacon makes up to $6,000 a month depending on the season (which is likely highest near Christmas and Valentine's Day) making cutout and engraved metal keychains, necklaces and guitar picks with One27Designs. A goal that many Etsy shop owners would be happy to reach.

13 Jax and Jo’s


Stephanie makes $7,500 a month customizing unique home décor which includes painted mason jars, picture frames, and vintage pieces through her company Jax and Joe’s. Most of her popularity has come from hard work promoting, social networking, and blogging, and she also spends approximately $30 a week on search ads. You have to pay to play.

12 Loose Petals


Karen Young makes $100,000 a year (approx. $8,300 a month) selling city art on a variety of mediums including note cards, prints, posters, and wrapped canvas. The cities range from Palm Springs to Dubrovnik and everything in between. Loose Petals offers different sized prints, which can be purchased directly on the page and are shown as rendered mock ups. This is easy, convenient, and smart.

11 Wayne’s Woodworking


Wayne Hall makes up to $12,000 a month through Wayne’s Woodworking. He and his wife custom make each piece by hand and use recycled materials wherever possible. His work is reasonably priced and appears to be great quality. They also offer custom pieces for customers looking for something specific. It’s shops like this, little family run pages oozing with passion, that make Etsy owners successful.

10 Zen Threds


T-shirts are a dime a dozen, but with the right design and a great marketing plan, it is possible to make money. Zen Threads makes approximately $15,750 a month selling their earth-friendly screen-printed shirts. Their designs seem to be on trend and benefit from a hint of minimalism. These guys made ‘selling t-shirs’ look good.

9 Burger and Friends


Going in the way of a ‘typographic’ and ‘digital’ and less ‘art statement’, the Burger and Friends company has found their niche in the t-shirt market as well. With what could be attributed to a lower printing and design cost, Burger and Friends has surpassed the completion by making $17,500 a month. Silly, smiley, and cats seem to be doing it for them.

8 Tribal Style


Jewellery is a tough market because there are so many vendors out there, and most of it ends up looking the same. Tribal Style has found a way to differentiate itself by making organic modern designs inspired by tribal culture. Their products are all eco-friendly and sustainable – a claim to fame that is popular in these times, and they prove it. Because of this strategy they earn about $18,500 a month.

7 EDM Designs


Steampunk got big fast. EDM Designs was in the right place at the right time with a project that caught the attention of the masses. This brought them into the ballpark of making $19,500 a month. Their products are high quality and act as conversation and statement pieces, but on a level that is not just costume jewellery. They consider themselves the “Tiffany’s” of steampunk and have therefore set themselves apart from the cheap versions of this style.

6 Flutterbee’s


User ‘Lowe40’ made $25,000 a month between Etsy, Ebay, and her personal website in 2009. Her sales have been dropping significantly since then, but in the 2008/9 years Flutterbee’s was raking it in. She sold mostly craft supplies and beads as a starting point for craftsmen and craftswomen looking to make their own wares.

5 A.Heirloom


A.Heirloom has made their business appealing to the masses and to patriotism. Their line of custom cutting boards shaped like the 50 states has Americans jumping over each other to order. They make a sweet $25,000 a month selling their cutting boards as well as wedding and birthday cake stands and cocktail muddlers, which are made to order. The quality is great, the styling is beautiful, and the patriotism is strong.

4 Simple Shapes


Decals are mass produced and sold just about everywhere now. Simple Shapes is proof that it is not just the product that makes you rich, but the marketing and branding behind it. They make about $36,000 a month selling everything from car decals for a little boy room, world maps for travelers, and beautifully designed trees for the trendy mom looking to spice up her space. Not only do they do home décor, they also dabble in the office and offer a variety of planning and calendar decals for the entrepreneur and small business owner. They covered their bases and reaped the benefits.

3 Three Bird Nest


Alicia Shaffer reels in annual revenue of $80,000 a month. It is important to get that out of the way early on because there are numerous articles writing about the ‘Etsy Millionaire’ who sells knitwear. Although she is now closed, or at least taking a big break from Etsy, she had a good, prosperous, long run. The thing people may not know, though, is that while the finishing touches of her products were done by her and by hand, most of the products were made in India for cheaper – an increased profit margin makes $1million easier to obtain.

2 Urban Wood Goods


Erin True's woodcraft business, Urban Wood Goods, made her a millionaire at $1.3 million in 2014. That’s an average of about $108,000 a month and more than most of us make in… 3 years! All of her work is made from reclaimed wood and is right on par with the décor style currently circulating house and home magazines. She specializes in tables of different shapes and sizes and is seeing success because of it.

1 Emily McDowell Studio


Emily McDowell reported making $1.5 million in 2014. While she got her start on Etsy (from which she is now taking a hiatus), she now makes most of her money from wholesale retail to brands like Urban Outfitters. She now uses her personal website for most of her promotion and awareness.

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