15 People Who Got Kicked Off Of Tinder

Tinder is one of the world’s most popular dating app where people go to meet likeminded people they can connect with. It is fun and easy to use, one just needs to swipe right to like someone or swipe left to pass, if someone likes you back then it is a match. The app encourages its users to be decent human beings and avoid being disrespectful, threatening, violent, or resort to cyberbullying.

Tinder has rules and regulations in its Terms of Service that users must abide by or face the consequences. Usually, after several warnings, Tinder has to kick off a user. Here are 15 people did to get kicked off Tinder and the reasons that led to it.

15 Nick Ved Should Learn How To Talk To Women

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Tinder banned a user named “Nick Ved” in 2017 for using racist rants after a Tinder match did not respond fast enough. Several women came out complaining that the person behind that account had been disrespectful to them. Many of those women even shared the conversations they had with him, according to buzzfeednews. Since Tinder has a zero-tolerance policy on disrespect, Nick had to leave.

14 She Took Tinder To Court

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When most people realize that Tinder has blocked or deleted their accounts, they usually go to other social media platforms, complain about it and then continue with their lives. However, this woman was not willing to give up so easily. According to SBS, this woman went ahead and sued Tinder for deleting her account purely because she described herself as a pre-op transgender woman.

13 Maggie Archer's Money Making Idea

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A Tinder user by the name Maggie Archer wrote on her Tinder bio “Send me $5 and see what happens” and it actually worked. According to therichest, men sent her the money expecting revealing photos in return but it was a total scam. Maggie Archer just unmatched with them and they had no way of getting in touch. Eventually, she got kicked off Tinder.

12 Thanks Dudes, Now Molly Is Not On Tinder

Via: mencrew.com NB; Ladies are not Molly and might not be Trans

Molly McGlone, as seen here on the image, is one of the many transgender people who complain that Tinder kicked them out for no reason except being transgender. Apparently, the fact that many men were reporting the user for being transgender led to Tinder blocking the account and claiming it was under review.

11 An Attempt To Break All The Rules

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Some people get on Tinder just to test what they can get away with before finally being sent away. This guy posted a YouTube video where he tried to explain some of the possible reasons that might have caused Tinder to Kick him out. Some include changing his profile picture between his real appearance, the image of a white man, and that of a black man, and being rude to the women that Tinder matched him up with.

10 Connor You're Too Disrespectful, Bye

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A Tinder user by the name Connor got kicked off for fat shaming a female user named Ashley. The guy used cruel and unnecessary words and according to pcmag, a friend of Ashley shared the conversation screenshots on Facebook. This falls under the disrespectful claim that Tinder has zero tolerance on.

9 Tinder Believed James Charles Was Catfishing

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Tinder kicked off a user by the name James who allegedly is the YouTube star James Charles for catfishing. According to mencrew, Tinder believed the account was fake and someone was using the account to impersonate James. However, James insisted that it was his account and pleaded to be un-banned.

8 You Should Not Put Your Face On Eggs Alita

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Tinder user Alita looked for ways to stand out of from the thousands of profiles. According to news, she decided to share a snap of herself as an egg. She put her face on an eight-pack of eggs to try getting a date. Surprisingly, she did get 530 matches; however, she got kicked off the app.

7 Jake Arredondo's Fake Profiles Led To His Exit

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Marketing manager Jake Arredondo decided to use Tinder to express his frustrations in a more creative way, he created more than 60 fake profiles using references to major cultural moments. Eventually, this got him kicked off the app. According to BBC, Jake confessed that he was not really looking to meet someone; he was trying to find someone with a good sense of humor.

6 Rude And Quite Annoying; Hope To Never See You

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One of the best ways to prove you're not a terrible person is by not saying you're not one, but actually giving the other person an opportunity to find it out for him or herself that you're amazing. This former Tinder user found out the hard way that you just don't win over decent women with such terrible pick-up lines, we hope he's polite in real life.

5 Nichole Should Not Display Her Hunting Prowess On Tinder

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One Tinder user identified by her first name Nichole got kicked off Tinder for posting hunting photos. Nichole revealed on myhighplains, that her photos did not have any weapons or any kind of blood showing yet Tinder still kicked her off. What was baffling to her was that there were plenty of men posting similar shots and are still using the app.

4 GOT's Ending Was Disappointing, So was This Guy's Short Stay On Tinder

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Never has a series captivated audiences the way Game Of Thrones did, and it's sad to think that there might not be another one like it in the near future. Jake, in this case, made great use of the events on GOT to get himself a date, which must have worked. However, just as winter and himself, his exit from Tinder also came early.

3 Still In The Friend Zone?

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Advertising is big business, and social media platforms are fast becoming the best places to advertise anything. With this information in hand, Rosette had a sure way of making some good cash, because all the guys who wanted to get beyond the friend zone with her would have been duped into clicking on the add. Too bad for her Tinder saw this as a violation and blocked her account.

2 Tinder Is Not For People Behind Bars George

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The ex-neighborhood watch volunteer, George Zimmerman best known for the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin was kicked off Tinder. According to wwaytv3, Tinder cited users’ safety as a reason for completely removing his profile. Tinder believed he was using a fake name and this was the basis for banning him.

1 Maximilian Berger's Terrible Pick Up Lines

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Tinder user by the name Maximilian Berger got kicked off Tinder because of using terrible pick-up lines on his matches. Sometimes pick-up lines are funny and cheesy but this guy took it to another level. He used offensive words and even tried to convince other men to use them as dailymail reveals.

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