15 People Who Became Rich And Famous Thanks To Social Media

Becoming rich and famous is no longer a luxury exclusive to those who live in L.A, have an outstanding talent in acting, singing and producing, or have great connections within the industry.

Many, and I mean MANY, have found fortune and fame thanks to social media. Internet and the follow-based platforms have catapulted complete “no ones” into the spotlight. Most of these youngsters didn’t even finish university, nor did it take them years to achieve success. They do however work hard in what they know best.

They all have a talent, whether it's a charisma the size of Texas or a great taste in fashion. Regardless of their area of work they all have one thing in common; they owe their fame and fortune to social media.

Their rise to fame and fortune will leave many wanting to quit their jobs and hit the social media.

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15 PewDiePie

Real Name: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg

Country: Sweden

Social Media: YouTube

If you like video games then chances are you’ve heard of PewDiePie, the leading video game commentator of all time!

A former Industrial Economics student, Ulf Kjellberg began elaborating his videos back in 2010 and by 2012 he already had a fan base of 1 million subscribers.

He dropped out of university and began working in a hot dog stand to fund his business. Luckily for him he wouldn’t need his degree to make a living.

Felix’s fan-base kept growing at exponential levels. Today he has over 39 million subscribers and his videos have been viewed over 10 billion times, making him the most subscribed YouTube Channel.

He has a fortune of approximately $12 million dollars.

14 The Blonde Salad

Real Name: Chiara Ferragni

Country: Italy

Social Media: Blog and Instagram

Chiara Ferragni, a 28-year-old Law student at Bocconi University in Milan is one of the most successful bloggers to transition from amateur to professional.

Starting The Blonde Salad in 2009, a fashion blog where she broadcasts her interests in fashion, photography, travel and lifestyle, Ferragni quickly became a success online and currently receives over 110,000 daily hits on her site. But that was only the beginning.

Only 30% of her revenue is generated by her blog. Once she began to make a name for herself, Ferragni began to form partnerships with fashion brands and is expected to earn a total of $8 million dollars this year.

She now has her own shoe brand which has become unbelievably successful.

13 Yuya

Real Name: Mariand Castrejón

Country: Mexico

Social Media: YouTube

The 21 year old began making her famous videos back in 2010 about beauty tricks, makeup, fashion and DIY hacks.

Her squeaky voice and over exaggerated movements have turned her into a YouTube sensation in Spanish speaking countries. With over 14 million subscribers and more than 1 billion views she is currently positioned as one of the most subscribed channels in the world.

Her social media fame has also brought her other business ventures like book deals and sponsorships. According to Elle Magazine, Castrejón makes around $41 thousand dollars a month.

Not bad for a 21 year old that works from home.

12 Jessi Smiles

Real Name: Jessica Vazquez

Country: United States

Social Media: Vines

Today, Jessi smiles has more than 3.5 million followers, she’s ranked in the list of top 30 Vine personalities in the world and is also the third most popular girl across all of the social media sites that she uses.

Her Vines show her comedic side and general quirkiness that has been an absolute hit online, launching her into Vine stardom.

According to BBC, Viners can charge advertisers somewhere in the ballpark of $1,000 per 100,000 followers for a video. Through advertising alone, Vazquez would have a fairly comfortable income from each video she uploads simply by sitting on or growing that fanbase of 3.5 million followers.

Can you imagine? Making close to $35,000 dollars for a six second video!

11 Werevertumorro

Real Name: Gabriel Montiel

Country: Mexico

Social Media Youtube

Gabriel Montiel Gutierrez was already known in his home country of Mexico as the defensive midfielder for the Murcielagos soccer team, however, now he is probably better known as the creator and personality of the Werevertumorro YouTube show.

Creating the channel in February 2007, he now has over 10.5 million subscribers on YouTube, with a combined count of more than 1.4 billion video views. He has launched himself to being one of the biggest Internet names of Latin America and the world.

His income is a mystery thanks to a contract of confidentiality with Google. However, just keep in mind he has less subscribers than Yuya, but more views than her.

Lets just say he can sit back, relax and have plenty of $$$ to do whatever he wants. It would be nice to be Werevertumorro.

10 HolaSoyGerman

Real Name: Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranis

Country: Chile

Social Media: YouTube

This Chilean funny guy is the king of YouTube in Latin American. He has 24,713,444 subscribers and 2,209,948,340 views.

Those are big numbers right? Well… so is his paycheck. According to the Washington Post Mr. Garmendia makes around $ 1.2 million dollars a year. Oh Yes! And he’s only 25 years old.

His YouTube channel is the second most subscribed channel in the world and you’d be surprise to find that he became famous almost instantly after uploading his first video in 2011.

In just two years after he launched his channel, he was already making millions!

9 Jérôme Jarre

Real Name: Jerome Jarre

Country: France

Social Media: Vines and Snapchat

Jarre was already successful before he became a social media superstar. At 19 years old, he quit business school and moved to China, where he started several businesses that became successful.

With his earnings he moved to Toronto to make another new beginning in software, and it was here where he started doing Vines as a side “thing.”

Soon after he started his channel, his video titled “Don’t Be Afraid of Love” became viral, landing him a guest appearance on The Ellen Show.

After accumulating the surprising amount of 7 million followers on Vine, he began his SnapChat channel, which also became a success.

He makes $25,000 for a sponsored Vine, and $35,000 for a Snapchat. YES!!! That’s $25,000 dollars for a SIX second video and $35,000 dollars for a SnapChat!

8 Roman Atwood

Real Name: Roman Atwood

Country: United States

Social Media: Youtube

This American prankster has stolen millions of laughs from people across the globe, and it has made him millions of dollars in the process.

The 32 year old started filming and producing videos when he was in high school. However it wasn’t until 2010 when he decided to pursue his passion for comedy and began his YouTube channel, where he quickly found fame and fortune.

He currently has over 7 million subscribers, and his videos have been viewed 1.1 billion times.

His fortune is estimated at $4 million dollars!

7 Brittany Furlan

Real Name: Brittany Furlan

Country: United States

Social Media: Vines

This beautiful 29 year old is widely famous for being the most followed female star on the Vine platform thanks to her 9.7 million followers.

Furlan didn’t wait for someone else to give her fame. Before becoming a Vine star, she tried breaking into T.V. However, this attempt failed. So… she did the next best thing; hit the social media.

Her natural talent for comedy brought her not only recognition from social media users, but also from big names in the entertainment industry. She’s currently developing a sketch comedy show produced by Seth Green.

Her current net worth is estimated at $2 million dollars! Who needs television when you’re making that much on your own with six second videos.

Good for you Brittany!

6 Bethany Mota

Real Name: Bethany Mota

Country: United States

Social Media YouTube

At only 19 years of age, Mota has already amassed a small fortune of $2.5 million dollars.

She created her YouTube channel in 2009, where she delivers fashion, makeup and hair advice along with tutorials and DIY ideas.

Business Insider reported that Mota made $40,000 dollars a month just from her YouTube videos. Nevertheless, this young entrepreneur has ventured into other businesses like: Music, reporting and guest appearances in television shows like Project Runway. She has also partnered with famous stores like JC Penney, Forever 21 and has launched her own clothing and accessory line for Aeropostale.

5 Alex Lee

Real Name: Alex Lee

Country: United States

Social Media: Twitter

Alright! So… Alex from Target hasn’t exactly become filthy rich, yet… But he HAS become incredibly famous thanks to the photograph a teen girl took of him while he was working. She then shared on Twitter and the rest is viral history.

From night to day the ordinary boy Alex Lee, who worked on Target became a national sensation. In a matter of days he got over one million followers on Twitter and he has HUGE news outlets like The Washington Post and The New York Times reporting about him.

Since his days of viral fame in 2014, Alex has quit his job at Target and is now pursuing music careers and he has launched his YouTube channel to keep his fans posted on all things Alex. He already has over 200,000 subscribers.

4 Nash Grier

Real Name: Nash Grier

Country: United States

Social Media: Vines, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

He’s been in the spot light for only two years, but nevertheless, at only 17 years old Grier has made an astonishing career that began in the Vine social platform. However since then he has expanded to other social media platforms where he’s had amazing success.

With 12 million followers on Vine, 4.4 million subscribers on YouTube, 4.8 million Twitter followers and over 8 million followers on Instagram, Grier has become THE person to follow on social media.

This rapidly growing success earns him around $25,000 to $100,000 PER VIDEO!

He recently moved to Beverly Hills, California, so you can only assume things are going really well for the teenage star.

3 KingBach

Real Name: Andrew B. Bachelor

Country: Canada

Social Media: Vines

With over 13.8 million followers and over 5 billion loops on Vine, KingBach is the King of Vine.

He graduated from Florida State in 2010 with a Bachelor in Business Management degree however, his university degree didn’t bring him fame or fortune.

It was his sense of humor and creativity that catapulted him to millions of screens around the world. In only one year after he started doing Vine he saw his fame and fortune increase to stratospheric levels.

He earns around $30,000 to $80,000 per video! And has accumulated a fortune of approximately $2.5 million.

Not bad for a 27 year old college graduate.

2 Jenna Marbles

Real Name: Jenna N. Mourey

Country: United States

Social Media: YouTube

She holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in psychology, but she was working as a waitress when she started making funny YouTube videos in 2010.

Fast-forward five years and Miss Mourey has 15,583,168 subscribers, 1,878,065,105 views and a net worth of aproximatly $2.5 million.

She’s also ventured into other businesses and has featured with other social media stars. She has a brand of dog toys and hosts a weekly pop countdown on SiriusXM Hit, called "YouTube 15".

I guess Jenna Marbles wont be using her degrees to make a living after this.

1 Justin Bieber

Real Name: Justin Bieber

Country: Canada

Social Media: YouTube

Of course I’m going to mention Bieber!! He owes every inch of his fame and fortune to YouTube, which was how Usher discovered him and catapulted him to the stars.

His mother would record him singing and dancing and upload the videos on YouTube. Her intention was to share them with friends and family however, Bieber got the attention of millions.

After Usher discovered him, he flew him to the USA and the rest is history. The young super star is under 25 years old and holds a fortune of approximately $200 million dollars!

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