15 Parents Who Were Jailed For The Way They Treated Their Kids

On the one hand, it seems that parenting today is so much easier than it was in the past. After all, we have so many useful supplies and baby products at hand, we can monitor our kids with the help of mobile phones and we can distract them with iPads once in a while. But, in so many other ways, parenting became much harder. So many things that seemed to be normal back in the day are frowned upon now. And for some of them, we can even go behind the bars for it.

Of course, some parents are arrested for understandable reasons (we'll cover some of them here, too). But what if they go to jail for letting their child walk a mile alone or go outside without clothes? Let's take a look at the specific cases of parents arrested for the way they treated their kids.

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15 A Couple From Maryland - Kids Walked Alone

Via: usatoday

When we were kids, walking alone wasn't a big deal. Today, it is.

The sweet kids you see in the photo above were walking alone in a park near their house. Someone noticed them and called the police. When the police came, they didn't just call the parents and asked them to take care of their kids. They put them into their car and made them sit there for hours without even telling their parents! The kids were allowed to go home only by the nighttime.

14 A Dad From Ohio - Son Didn't Go To Church

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Can you imagine that a parent can be arrested for letting their kid skip the church visit? I mean, many kids don't really like going to church, so it seems fine to let them do something else once in a while. Err... not exactly.

A father from Ohio was jailed for letting his son go to a nearby store instead of the church. Apparently, the authorities decided it was a case of neglect. As a result, the man even lost his job.

13 South Carolina Woman - For Dropping An F-Bomb

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As kids, we watched Pulp Fiction and Snakes on a Plane, and we're fine. But life is different for today's kids and parents can even get arrested for swearing in front of them.

This is what happened to a mom from South Carolina. The whole thing happened at a grocery store and, according to the mom's words, she was actually swearing at her partner, who put a frozen pizza on soft bread in their shopping cart and crushed it.

12 Texas Mom - Kids Played Outside Alone

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If you live in a quiet neighborhood, it seems to be fine to let your kids play outside alone. But only if you don't have neighbors who can call the cops on you. Tammy Copper's neighbors, for one, did it and the woman was arrested. She had to spend the night in jail charged with child endangerment.

When she was released, Cooper said she'd sue the police officer who arrested her and the neighbor who made the call.

11 Couple From Florida - For Nearly Starving Their Child

Today, it's a well-known fact that a vegan diet is good both for kids and adults, provided it gives all the required nutrients without animal products. But many people seem to remember only the first part of this statement, forgetting about meat and dairy replacements.

This is exactly what Robert Buskey and Julia French from Florida did – they made their newborn vegan and fed only "potato-based mash" to them. When the officials paid attention to the situation, the baby was nearly starving, so the parents were charged with neglect.

10 Mom From New Jersey - Her Child Was Alone In A Car For A Few Minutes

Via: patch

It's completely understandable why parents are arrested for leaving their kids unattended in a car, especially on a hot day. But what if they did it because there were no other options and they left their child for a very, very short time? Could anything wrong happen?

The police apparently think it could because a New Jersey mom was arrested for leaving her toddler alone only for 5 minutes.

9 Parents From British Columbia - 'Cause Their Son Didn't Wear Anything

Via: fandango

Wasn't it a joy to run around naked as a kid? Don't all of us miss it these days? Too bad today's kids won't know the feeling because they can't be naked outside. Or, at least, they can't let their nosey neighbor see them.

In British Columbia, a boy failed to hide and his parents got a serious warning from the police for letting their kid run around outside without clothes. The officers said they'd take "further action" if it happens again.

8 Another Couple From Arizona - For Taking Bath Time Photos Of Their Little Daughters

Via: nzherald

What's the harm in taking bath time photos of your kids and developing them at Walmart? Lisa and Anthony Demaree from Arizona can tell you because they were arrested for this seemingly innocent act. Moreover, the couple wasn't allowed to see their kids for several days and managed to regain full custody only in a month!

It all happened due to a few photos of their daughters in a bath...

7 Dad From Hawaii - His Son Walked A Mile Alone

Via: nypost

When we were kids, we couldn't wait to finally start walking home from school alone. When our parents allowed us to do it, we were so happy! We felt so grown-up and independent! Another unknown feeling for kids these days...

A dad from Hawaii allowed his 8-year-old son to walk home from school alone. And the boy didn't have to walk for hours or cross half the city. The school was only a mile away from home, yet the dad was still arrested. Crazy world!

6 Parents From The UK - For Taking Sick Child Abroad

The parents whose child is sick are ready to do anything to help them feel better. This is exactly what Ashya King's parents did, but they did it wrong.

Against medical advice, they took their severely ill son from the hospital and went to other countries (Spain and the Czech Republic) to look for other doctors. For doing it, they were issued an arrest warrant on the grounds of parental neglect and Ashya was returned to the hospital in the UK.

5 Father From Connecticut - His Teenage Son Arranged A Party

Via: microsoft

Teenage kids like to arrange parties at home when their parents aren't around so that they can go wild. But do they know that their parents can be arrested for their parties, even if they aren't home? Apparently, not.

This is what happened to a dad from Connecticut, who was away during Thanksgiving weekend. He "was charged with 44 counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and received $110,000 in fines." Whoah!

4 Parents From Idaho - For Using Prayers As A Medicine

Via: usatoday

Even though a girl named Mariah Walton was severely ill since birth, her parents didn't go to the hospital for treatment. Instead, they used prayers to "heal" her.

Even Mariah herself (now permanently disabled) wants her parents to be prosecuted because, according to her words, they "deserve it" and "it might stop others". And yes, there are others. In Idaho, "laws exempt dogmatic faith healers from prosecution" and a lot of kids have already suffered from medical neglect.

3 Mom From North Carolina - Because Her Son Rode A Bicycle Outside

Via: huckmag

Heather Head from Belmont, North Carolina knew that her family was living in a nice neighborhood, so she felt fine about letting her kids play outside alone. Until, one day, the police came.

Fortunately, she wasn't arrested for neglect or something, but she definitely got a warning. "Our youngest son was accosted by an officer for riding his bicycle in front of our house," Heather said. "The officer told my husband, who was home at the time, that our son wasn’t allowed to play on the pavement 'without supervision.'"

2 Maryland Parents - For Reviving 'Home Alone' For 45 Minutes

Via: screenrant

Susan Terrillion was arrested for leaving her 8 and 9-year-old kids alone only for 45 minutes because she had to pick up dinner from a restaurant 5 miles away. While she was away, her children decided to take their dog for a potty break. The neighbor saw them and called the police. As a result, Terrillion was "charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of her children, and released on $500 unsecured bail."

1 Michigan Mom - Taking Away Her Daughter's Phone Equals Stealing

What would you do if you learned that your daughter misbehaved at school and knew that her phone is her favorite thing in the world? Probably, you'd take away her phone as a punishment, just like Michigan mom Jodie May did. Little did she know that she'd be charged with larceny for it.

It happened because her ex-hubby called the police and said that the phone was his and she stole it. Before checking the facts and realizing it was false, the police arrested Jodie.

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