15 Parents Who Are Spoiled By Their Celebrity Kids

Once you're a parent you hand your life over to your children. You strive to give them what they need and work even harder to give them what they want. And we do hope that one day, when they're older and need our help, we will be there to give it all back.

But when life gives you talented kids, you don't have to wait. These parents were blessed with famous kids who love, pamper and most importantly spoil them rotten. From the red carpet events to their luxurious homes and cars, these celebrity parents don't have to work ever again. Here's 15 parents who are spoiled by their celebrity kids.

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15 Tish Cyrus


This 23- year old star has grown up in the public eye. With her father Billy Ray Cyrus famous for his song Achy Breaky Heart, Miley already had a foot in the door to becoming famous. She has thanked her parents and especially her mom, Tish Cyrus by buying her a $5 Million L.A. Mansion for her birthday. Other than a mansion Tish gets to enjoy her daughter's success by attending red carpet events and getting all of the celeb beauty treatments she wants.

14 Andrea Swift


Andrea Swift is Taylor Swift's biggest fan. Momma Swift has been spoiled by her famous daughter since she first shot into stardom in 2008. Both her parents, Andrea and Scott, got a big new house after Swift made her first big bucks. Sadly, last year Taylor announced that her mom was diagnosed with Cancer.

The battle against Cancer hasn't stopped Andrea from continuing to travel on tour with her daughter, hit the red carpet and receive the fan treatment she has become accustomed to. She is still supporting her daughter as much as she can and Taylor continues to give her mom the star treatment she deserves.

13 Jolinda Wade


Most celebrity moms get a house, a car, or maybe some diamonds from their famous kids. Not Dwyane Wade's mom, her gift was her very own church. The basketball superstar has a lot of respect and admiration for his mother who through God's calling recovered from being an addict, raising him and his younger brother alone.

When Pastor Wade isn't delivering God's message to her congregation back home, she is front row at her son's Basketball games. The Chicago native is one of Hollywood's favorite moms and now she even has a famous daughter-in-law to spoil her some more, Gabrielle Union.

12 Monica Braithwaite


Rihanna's mom, Monica Braithwaite is one lucky momma. Rihanna is one of the world's biggest superstars and she loves to spoil and show her mom off. Back in 2012 she bought her mother a mansion in Barbados big enough to fit their entire family. She had Oprah Winfrey help her surprise her mother with the gift during a tell-all interview.

Monica enjoys traveling the world, styling herself with top designers and dancing at her daughter's shows. In 2013 she even got to present her daughter with an Icon Award at the American Music Awards. Even Justin Timberlake couldn't resist momma Ri's charm as he gushed over her after taking the floor that night.

11 Dianna Hart


Dianna Hart has had many ups and downs personally and with her daughter, singer and actress Demi Lovato. But that couldn't break the bond this mommy and daughter team share. A former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and a country singer herself, Demi has said that the singing bug definitely comes from her mother.

Momma Hart enjoys a low-key happy life thanks to her own and her daughter's hard work and achievements. Although she no longer travels with Demi much, she is still well taken care of by her "confident" daughter who is now hotter than ever at the top of the charts. The Texas girls often interview together and express their love and admiration for one another.

10 Lynn Bomar Harless


The most supportive mother in Hollywood has to be Justin Timberlake's mom, Lynn Harless. Throughout the time he spent in NSYNC, momma Lynn never left his side. That meant she enjoyed all the perks too. From fancy red carpets to beautiful homes in their native Tennessee, this mother is the center of her son's world.

What makes Lynn so special is her genuine spirit and the fact that even if her son wasn't the biggest star in the world, she would still be proud of him. These days you can find her on social media gushing about her new love, Justin and Jessica's son Silas Randall Timberlake.

9  Alma Wahlberg


She's an All-American mother of 9, who has become the matriarch of her Boston raised family. Mark Wahlberg and Donnie Wahlberg brought their family into fame with their Hollywood careers in the early 90s. Mark, first hit the scene as a model and rapper. We can't forget Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

One of momma Alma's first gifts was the restaurant that her sons named after her Alma Nove. The Wahlberg's now have their own reality show on A&E called Wahlburgers, based on Chef Paul Wahlberg's restaurant and most importantly his big famous family. It's safe to say that Alma isn't dividing meals anymore.

8 Thomas and Shirley Williams


It's morning television's biggest personality, Wendy Williams. The Radio host turned television sensation is loyal to her audience and her parents Shirley and Thomas Williams. The New Jersey Native always makes sure that her parents have the front row at her talk show and are comfortable wherever they go.

You can't miss Wendy's adorable parents cheering their daughter on often at The Wendy Williams show. You can also catch them on shopping sprees around New Jersey and even across the bridge in Manhattan. Wendy is very attentive of her parents as they are so precious to her.

7 Guadalupe Rodriguez


Here's the first thing you must know about Jennifer Lopez's mom Guadalupe, she loves Wendy Williams. It is a requirement for Jennifer to bring her along every time she visits the Wendy Williams show, now isn't that just adorable?

Guadalupe enjoys a bi-coastal life traveling between her home in upscale Westchester, N.Y and visiting her daughter Jen in Los Angeles, CA. All appearances by Momma Guadalupe are paid for, including her gowns, hair and make-up. It's truly incredible how young mom and daughter look, this entire family has bought the fountain of youth...for sure.

6 Edward Butera


Although it's not always a walk in the park for these two, Ariana Grande and her father Edward Butera do spend a lot of time together. If you follow Ariana on social media or watch her YouTube videos, you are bound to catch Butera in the background.

Always very attentive of his daughter, the graphic designer gets to travel around the world with Ariana. If his own career didn't give him the chance to travel, Ariana's does, as he spends time living a rich and famous lifestyle. Go Daddy-O!

5 Lynne Spears


From the beginning of Britney Spears' career on The Mickey Mouse Club, momma Spears has dedicated her life to helping her daughter make it. Lynne Spears even has a book written by her daughter as a gift to her, A Mother's Gift.

Thanks to the dedication of taking Britney on every audition possible, Lynne Spears lives a very comfortable life. With a mansion in their hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana and expensive cars to numerous appearances at red carpet events and backstage at concerts. Momma Spears got to meet a lot of legendary people and spends her time living amongst those stars.

4 Carol Maraj


Nicki Minaj's mom is the apple of her daughter's eye. The very first thing that Nicki did with her first big paycheck, was buy her mother a house. She often gushes about her mom on Instagram and Twitter and even raps about her on her tracks.

For her mother's birthday last year, Nicki threw her a huge party at a famous bowling alley, which she rented out for her mother and family. She pampers her mother often, giving her the star treatment and taking her to award shows and other red carpet events. Momma Maraj (Nicki's real last name also), gets to enjoy spending time with her daughter's celebrity friends and living a very upscale life.

3 Tina Knowles


Beyonce Knowles is respected and loved as the music goddess that she is. Her successful family doesn't fall short of her talents either. Momma Knowles stood by her daughter from the very beginning of her career. Do you remember Girls Tyme? Yes, that long ago.

Beyonce has been known to live lavishly and she is known to treat her mom to pricey gifts too. In 2013 she bought her mom a $5.9 home in their hometown Houston, Texas.

2 Jeremy Bieber


Oh boy, like father like son. Justin Bieber's dad is definitely the cool dad. He enjoys showing off his son, playing the guitar and hanging out in exotic locations with his famous son. Being a young father, he is truly enjoying what his son's talents brought to him.

The media has mixed feelings about this father -son duo as it seems like Justin is financially supporting his dad, and even that he has to act as the parent from time to time. A TMZ article claims that Bieber's dad rented a home in Ontario that he allegedly trashed and it was most likely going to be Justin footing the bill. Many articles online also claim that Justin pays for a big portion of his dad's lifestyle.

1 Janice Combs


Sean "Diddy" Combs lives quite the lavish life. Make way for his queen and the most spoiled Mommy in Hollywood, Janice Combs. Janice is a strong spirited woman who loves the good life. You will often see her coming out of limos in her fur coats or just hanging out with other celebrities.

Janice is pampered constantly by her famous son, even having her own beauty team come to her home. From manicures and pedicures to hairstyling and complete beautifying days, this momma likes to look good.

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