15 Paparazzi Pics Of Celebs That Had Us Calling Photoshop On Their Social Media (+ 5 Who Refuse To Edit A Thing)

If you think your selfies define your status, that's nothing compared to the celeb world. Kim Kardashian wouldn't have a career without selfies, and the same goes for that "soon-to-be-billionaire" sister of hers. IG checks might be the first thing we do when we wake up, but what we actually need is a reality check.

Kylie Jenner. Ariana Grande. Paris Hilton. Gigi Hadid.. and the rest. They all have one thing in common: a seemingly perfect set of social media pics that comes with #Carefree. Then again, other celebs are slamming Photoshop like they're allergic to it.

When Beyonce found out that H&M had specifically ignored her requests not to be Photoshopped, she "hit the roof." Celebs like Bey are few and far between, though. By and large, we're getting 5% the real celeb and 95% careful lighting, makeup, and the most important component of all–a skilfull editing team who can delete the blemishes and give the image the once-over.

There's a problem, though. Celebs can't hide inside their $10 million mansions forever. They do eventually have to go out. And when they do, camped outside are the paparazzi. Kylie Jenner might hardly ever leave the house, and this is precisely why.

Not all celebs are so lucky, though. With the paparazzi pics to prove it, here are 15 celebs who are clearly editing their social media pics (plus 5 who haven't got a thing to edit).

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20 When We Didn't Even Recognize Ariana Grande

via: dailymail

Ariana Grande has described herself as "Half Glamazon, half granola chick." And she's not wrong. The slouchy sweaters and over-the-knee boots might give Ariana 50% of her signature edge, but the other 50% is makeup.

Ariana seems to be holding her head high following her Pete Davidson split, but this 2017 outing didn't get past the paparazzi.

"hahaha...only on Photoshop for now...my hurr just getting healthy again" was a tweet from Ariana in 2014. When a Glamour reporter tried to recreate Ariana's look, she went through no less than 20 products. Here is Ariana in the street. Her social media? You know the account.

19 When Kim Kardashian Wasn't Her Usual Self

via: hawtcelebs

Kim Kardashian has never hidden that she's a total makeup addict. With a KKW Beauty line that sold out in just 3 minutes, Kim has also turned her love of cosmetics into a healthy business–well, you're not a Kardashian unless you do.

"I hate when women wear the wrong foundation color. It might be the worst thing on the planet when they wear their makeup too light," Kim has said. Charming. Kim got a taste of her own medicine here, though. This 2017 pic of Kim in Beverly Hills didn't hide the hard-working mom. It also showed what is likely a wave of the Photoshop wand on her IG.

18 Kylie Cosmetics Didn't Choose This For The Ads

via: hawtcelebs

Kylie Jenner was definitely going for some natural nourishment when she dropped by West Hollywood's Earth Bar here in 2017. The youngest (and richest) Kardashian-Jenner has made $900 million from her Kylie Cosmetics empire. "Makeup is my passion," Kylie says, and she isn't kidding.

Kylie has repeatedly been slammed for photoshopping her social media snaps.

When fans called Photoshop in 2016, Kylie chose not to respond. Instead, she simply deleted the pic. Kylie continues to fuel the concept of "altered reality" with the fresh news that she has returned to her trusted "enhancements." They're bringing in the cash, but you're not fooling us, Kylie.

17 Rihanna Probably Passed On This For Fenty

via: zimbio

We're used to seeing Rihanna look 100% perfect. Enter the paparazzi. Rihanna had definitely given the Chanel clothes some thoughts here. The makeup? Less so. RiRi is an interesting one. Her Instagram is brave enough to show us some #NoMakeUp shots, but they're more than balanced out by #Edited.

Airbrushing is something that's become so commonplace, we don't give it a second thought. Blemishes don't seem to exist in Rihanna's ultra-perfect and ultra-glowing Fenty Beauty pics. With her empire set to overtake both KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics, fans are wanting their own reality check. Here it is in the walking flesh.

16 When Blake Lively Gave Us Something To Gossip About

via: dailymail

To be fair, Blake Lively was looking unrecognizable here for a reason. The Gossip Girl actress was in Ireland here shooting The Rhythm Section, and yes, the scruffy hair and baggy eyes are on purpose.

With a #GirlCrush following that is unreal, Blake is a star who isn't 100% glossy IG pics, but you've got to admit, the finish is usually pretty perfect.

Remember that Blake has been the face of Gucci. "I wear a lot more glitter around the holidays," she told Vogue. "My whole life I would wear a different fragrance for different seasons and occasions," Blake added. Her beauty icons are Audrey Hepburn and Diane Keaton.

15 When Bella Hadid Made Us Feel Better About Ourselves

via: dailymail

Photoshop or no Photoshop, supermodels come with a list of basics that don't get past modeling scouts. Bella Hadid has the height, the lithe limbs, the stunning bone structure, and more #WorkoutGoals than we can handle. This girl isn't beyond her Photoshop scandals, though.

Bella's Postmates post received as much Photoshop criticism as her 2018 Versace campaign. Both were posted to her IG. Fans were angry that a plate of deviled eggs got captioned: "@Postmates is the best! I love ordering food on my way home from work or just for a little snack." Bella admitted to the Photoshop, replying: "YES ITS PHOTOSHOPPED GUYS."

14 Taylor Swift Wouldn't Have Anything To Photoshop

via: instagram

When a celebrity voluntarily posts scrunched-up selfies of herself with her cats, you're going to have a hard time calling Photoshop. Taylor Swift is the kinds of beautiful that are just unreal.

At the same time, Tay-Tay isn't into turning her mirror into her life.

"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to instagram [sic] it, does it make a sound?" was the caption to a recent pic of Taylor standing on a super-old tree. That doesn't mean that Taylor doesn't know how to use social media. Deleting your entire IG for the build-up of your Reputation album is smart. But using Photoshop? Taylor isn't stupid.

13 Cardi B Received Unnecessary Backlash For This

via: mediatakeout

Edit those polished images she might, but Cardi B is one star who will happily take entire videos of herself without makeup. When Cardi left Milan Fashion Week in 2018, she boarded the plane with some very blue hair, but there was no makeup.

Fans slammed Cardi, calling her "ugly" after these Milan airport pics surfaced in 2018. Whoever did that–not cool. To be fair, some of the backlash may have been due to Cardi's highly publicized altercation with Nicki Minaj. Cardi B nevertheless joins our list of celebs who have a very suspiciously "perfect" look to some of their social media pics.

12 The Paparazzi Are Ruthless With Kaley Cuoco

via: bigworldnews

Kaley Cuoco is facing a tough time. While The Big Bang Theory has given this blondie $1 million per episode, reports of Kaley's diva behavior have made it to the press, and they're not pretty. Co-star, Mayim Bialik reportedly won't speak to Kaley "unless it's necessary." IB Times also reported Kaley "flipping out" over catering, wardrobe, and makeup.

While Kaley freely walks the streets of LA to yoga classes with zero makeup, this look is far from what you'll see on the magazine covers.

It all comes out with the paparazzi, though. And, Kaley's @normancook Instagram account is mostly of herself and horses.

11 Khloe Kardashian: Daily Photoshop, "Broke Down" With This Pic

via: dailymail

This girl comes with as many Photoshop scandals as pairs of Good American jeans she is selling. Khloe Kardashian has now reached the point where she has to shut down Photoshop rumors, following a string of admissions to having edited her images over the years. Khloe's home "abs" selfie a while back might have shown us rock-hard muscles, but fans found the pixelation suspect.

Khloe "vowed to hit the gym" after seeing this 2018 pic of herself taking baby true for a walk in the park in Ohio. "I couldn't believe how big my [behind] looks!" Khlo said. This girl is beautiful, but the editing has got to stop.

10 Blac Chyna: Photoshop Galore, "Sues" When She Doesn't Get Her Way

via: pinterest

Hey, if there's money to be made, why not, right? TMZ just reported that Blac Chyna has dropped a sweet $3 million on a 6-bedroom mansion. Chyna is a girl whose entire career comes with scandals, though. If it isn't splitting from Tyga, it's how she's mothering his baby. Well, that and Rob Kardashian's baby, Dream.

When Rob & Chyna got axed due to low views, though? Chyna is right up on the lawyers–she is reportedly suing the Kardashians because of it.

Chyna has thrown us the odd #NoMakeUp hair tutorial, but that IG account is one polished affair.

Considering that Chyna is promoting stomach-flattening teas, we're not surprised.

9 Selena Gomez: "Be Yourself Because Everyone Else Is Taken"

via Celebuzz

Other celebrities might want to take a leaf out of Selena's book. With 144 million followers, Selena Gomez's IG is the most-followed account in the world. While Selena's 2018 Coach campaign received some fan criticism and suggestions of Photoshopping, there's nothing unreal about Selena's IG.

"Be yourself because everyone else is taken" remains one of Selena's most famous quotes. Whether she's sitting on her home couch or feeding ducks in the park, Selena is brave enough to rock a full #NoMakeUp face, and she 100% knows that the cameras are there. Selena is currently on a social media hiatus (but she isn't spending the time editing her old photos).

8 Beyonce: "Hit The Roof" When H&M Photoshopped Her

via: instagram

There's a reason that Beyonce "Runs This World." Other people tried, and they failed. Back in 2013, Bey agreed to front H&M's beachwear collection. The collaboration did not go to plan.

Beyonce "hit the roof" when she found out that H&M had gone against her wishes and slimmed her body in the shots.

Bey's reps refused to green-light the images, and H&M was forced to use the originals.

With a body positivity that is beyond #Goals, Bey is way too much of a boss to promote unhealthy body image. H&M tried to alter the color, brightness, and contrast of her images. They had to settle with Bey's insistence on using the originals.

7 JLO: Braves Occasional #NoMakeUp, Mostly Looks #Edited

via: instagram

Here's something interesting. If you type Jennifer Lopez's name into Pinterest, the platform drops down to two options: "without makeup" and "without Photoshop." JLO might be rocking 49-year-old abs like nobody's business, but this workout queen isn't beyond using a helping hand when it comes to her face.

JLO's Vanity Fair covers have been slammed for Photoshop. So have her own Instagram pics. If you aren't following her, jump over to @jlo and take a look for yourself. JLO will brave some extremely raw #NoMakeUp shots from time to time, but by and large, it's all contoured up (and quite possibly edited).

6 Iggy Azalea: Glossy Social Media, But She'll Brave A Smile IRL

via: splash

With her ultra-provocative videos and carefully angled IG pics, Iggy Azalea is a rapper who focuses as much on her image as her music. Not in the way you'd necessarily think, though.

"I much prefer the pic before," Iggy wrote when she was Photoshopped to have a smaller waist and thighs.

Fans slammed Iggy's "fake" body, but Iggy replied positively. Then again, Iggy seems to be a celebrity who will do just about anything to stay "relevant." Announcing that she was finally "over" an ex of hers was an attempt to make 2018 headlines. Amazingly, nobody really cared. Iggy did brave the paparazzi with a smile here, though.

5 Kourtney Kardashian: Nothing To Edit, Still Joins In

via: dailymail

In 2018, Kourtney Kardashian joined her power family for a global Calvin Klein campaign. A series of black and white pics of the five sisters were posted across their social media accounts, but In Style was quick to pick up on the Photoshop suggestions. Alongside Kourt's Mexico vacation pics, this brings Kourt's 2018 Photoshop scandals to two.

Kourt was always lower-profile than her ultra-glam sisters. Gluten-free living and focusing on her kids are Kourtney's priorities, but she isn't above joining her sisters in the edit scandals. The irony here? Kourtney is nearly 40 and she still looks like a beautiful 20-something.

4 Nicki Minaj: "I Love My Personal Unretouched Photos"

via: instagram

Please–we're dealing with a Queen here. Nicki Minaj's IG following is sky-rocketing like there's no tomorrow. As Nicki inches her way towards 100 million followers, she might be posing in Versace, but this rapper was never one to take the fakery beyond reason.

"I love my personal unretouched photos where my forehead doesn't mysteriously grow in length," Nicki said after re-posting unedited pics for her ESPN cover.

Fake nails? Yes. Fake lashes? Yes. The biggest carousel of wigs ever? Yes. Nicki won't wig out on Photoshop, though. Nicki might have developed a more #InstaModel look of late, but the only digital altering she'll do is in the studio.

3 Cara Delevingne: Been There, Got The T-Shirt, Learned Her Lesson

via: flameflynet

Cara Delevingne is a model and actress whose entire career was built on her looks. With that piercing gaze and porcelain complexion, Cara was born for superstardom. But this girl has tasted her own medicine. In 2014, The Telegraph slammed Cara for appearing more slender than her real self in La Perla ads.

When Suicide Squad images of Cara appeared to have a digitally altered waistline, the tweets came in fast. Cara eventually replied: "I'm so [...] sick and tired of the photoshop." She added a #Showmesomethingnatural. Well, here you go. Cara in the street. Definitely not what you see on the ads.

2 Kendall Jenner: Still Hasn't Learned Her Lesson

via: splash

Kendall Jenner comes with as many Photoshop scandals as she does endorsements. In 2017, Seventeen pointed out Kendall's wonky door frame in another one of her sultry (and heavily Photoshopped) evening pics.

This time though, the fans called Photoshop.

Kendall is known for keeping one hand up against the paparazzi cameras, and now we know why. One thing we won't slam, though. Kendall has battled acne throughout her life. A beautiful girl? Yes. A need for fake distortion? Not in our books. Kendall continues to promote the idea of unattainable perfection via her social media, when her true beauty is plenty for us!

1 Shay Mitchell: "Don't Let Photoshop Destroy Your Image"

via: pinterest

To put things into perspective, Shay Mitchel has been accused of posting "fake vacation pics" on IG. Yes, fans are so suspicious of this actress and jet-set traveler's lifestyle, they actually called Photoshop on Shay's 2018 China trip. The Pretty Little Liars actress and Adidas partner has her own views on image editing, and they're awesome:

"I know I used to compare myself to a lot of girls in magazines, but after being in the industry, you realize that there is a lot that goes into these photos," Shay has said.

"Don't let Photoshop distort your image" might be refreshing from Shay, but some of the other celebs on this list have a lot to learn. Hit share on Facebook so they can make a start...

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