15 Outrageous and Hilarious 'Botched' Stories

While the very idea of getting any procedure done is terrifying to people, there are some individuals who have undergone dozens and even hundreds of things done to them in order to look the way they want to look. To some, getting work done is like an addiction and once they start, they just can't stop, no matter how terrifying they become. Since these kinds of people have had so many procedures done, there are bound to be one or two that didn't go as planned. That's why Botched is so popular. Viewers love the sensational aspects of these stories whether it's a nose job gone wrong or lips that are close to bursting. As weird as it is, it's really hard to look away.

Though most of the people and procedures on Botched are absolutely crazy, these are some of the craziest. Don't worry, we included both of the "human Ken dolls" who are both equally frightening, a woman who wants to look exactly like Jessica Rabbit, and a 20-year-old who wants bigger implants so she can cosplay as comic book characters. It's hard to believe that some of these individuals have no idea how unreal they look--but for some looking unreal is actually the goal. One patient said that she actually wants people to know her chest is fake. We may not understand the crazy but it's definitely entertaining. Here are some of the most outrageous and hilarious Botched stories:

15 A True Belieber


The hilarious and shocking story of the man who wanted to look like Justin Bieber turned out to be a very sad one when he passed away in 2015. However, after he (he went by the name Toby Sheldon) appeared on the show, he became an instant sensation. In 2014, Sheldon was one of the patients on Botched and he told Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif that he had already spent $100,000 on various procedures to make him look like the "Baby" singer. One of the best parts of the episode was when he told the doctors that his girlfriend was not a fan of his look and that she didn't even like Bieber at all. However, Sheldon was a huge Belieber and he wanted to do everything he could to look like him even if his girlfriend did not approve.

14 The Human Barbie Doll


Of course, if there are men who want to look like a Ken doll, there are bound to be women who want to look like a Barbie doll--actually there are several. One is Blondie Bennett who said on Botched that she wanted to look like a plastic toy because she doesn't "like being human." She told the doctors that she had already had five procedures done on her chest and though they had already been overinflated by 200%, she wanted to go bigger and could burst at any moment. When she appeared on the show, her bra size is a 30JJ--who knew that they even made bras that big!? Dr. Dubrow said that he didn't feel comfortable doing the job because she was too skinny and also said, "If there's a strong wind it's going to knock her over, but at least she's got cushions for her fall."

13 Kim Kardashian Look-Alike


The only thing that could possibly distract from those comically gigantic lips are those horrendous eyebrows. Jordan James Parke is a self-proclaimed filler addict and at first he just wanted "a little bit of definition" but then he couldn't stop. "Any attention is good attention," he said on the show. The problem that caused Parke to seek the help of the doctors on Botched is that his lips actually started leaking. He said his biggest fear was that he would have to go back to having small lips again. Big lips may be a big trend right now but the biggest problem with the trend is that when most people get fillers, they make the upper lip WAY bigger than the bottom lip which looks completely unnatural. This is obviously the case for Parke but he did say that he wanted to look like Kim Kardashian and he got his wish.

12 The Human Ken Doll

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Justin Jedlica, aka the Human Ken Doll, wants to look like a Ken Doll so bad that he actually went on Botched to get the veins removed from his forehead. Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif both agreed that they would not do the procedure because it was much too risky so Jedlica found another doctor, Dr. Leif Rogers, to do it for him along with self-created back implants put in, which was the first time in history anyone has done that kind of procedure. Of course, there are plenty of doctors out there who have no problem with doing risky jobs especially if it means they will get to do one that's never been done before. Dr. Rogers said that the reason why Jedlica went to him for the procedure was because he was the only one who would do it. All in all, the Human Ken Doll has had a total of 190 cosmetic procedures.

11 Dolly Parton Impersonator

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Speaking of celebrity lookalikes, a Dolly Parton impersonator appeared on the show after she had lost 165 pounds after a gastric bypass. Unfortunately for her, that kind of drastic weight loss can leave you with some excess saggy skin. The Dolly Parton impersonator who goes by the name Rhonda jokingly told the doctors that her procedure had been so botched by her previous doctor that her belly button was between her chest. She also told the doctors to just hang her upside down and "just cut everything off that's hanging down." According to Dr. Dubrow, any doctor can perform this in the right place, even a radiologist or a rheumatologist...it's just not a good idea. After her initial failed procedure was corrected by the doctors, she called Dr. Dubrow a "fairy god doctor."

10 The Woman with Messed Up Injections


Rajee Narinesingh appeared on Botched after a job gone wrong. In 2005, Rajee got black market injections in her cheeks, chin, chest, and behind. What was she injected with? Concrete. She actually had cement and tire sealant injected into her body. Unfortunately for Rajee, the Botched doctors refused to remove the cement nodules because they agreed that it was ultimately safer to leave the cement in her face than to take it out. However, a year later, the doctors told her to come back on the show because they desperately wanted to find a way to help her. The procedure was a success and the concrete was successfully removed from Rajee's face, though they had to leave some nodules in her behind because it was too risky to remove them.

9 How Could You Be So Heartless?

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It turns out that silicone shapes implanted in your chest is not a chic new fashion trend. The Botched patient Aiyla said that she loved body modifications because she liked the "shock value of it." But when body mods like earrings, gauges, tattoos, and scarification weren't enough for her anymore, she decided to do something more drastic and she got a silicone heart placed under her skin and she didn't want it anymore. Basically, she appeared on Botched because she wanted her heart removed. She also said that she was into scarification which involves actually cutting designs into the skin. She described it as tracing, "onto your skin and then they take a scalpel and cut into the skin and remove it. It's very bloody." Yikes.

8 Elephant Skin

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In 2015, Botched was graced with the presence of Tiffany Pollard who is best known for her appearances on VH1's Flavor of LoveI Love New York, and in countless memes. She initially went to the Botched doctors because of her horrible implants that sagged so far down her chest that they almost reached her abdomen and she said her skin looked more like "elephant skin." They were so bad that even the doctors called it, "a significant breast deformity." Yikes. According to Dr. Dubrow, in order to raise the chest, there would be a great "amount of tension around the implant" which made it an extremely difficult procedure. Plus, they were worried that her blood supply would not be strong enough and she wouldn't be able to be under anesthesia for very long. However, the procedure ended up being a success and Tiffany was happy with the result.

7 The Jessica Rabbit Look-Alike

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Swedish model Pixee Fox is another woman trying to go for the whole Barbie look though she says her inspiration is Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? On Botched she said that people would often come up to her and tell her that she looks like a cartoon but she takes that as a compliment! The 25-year-old said that she had already spent $135,000 on procedures to look like Jessica Rabbit and in order to get her perfect figure, she went to the doctors to get her ribs removed. Even though the doctors refused to help her remove her ribs, she said that would not stop looking for adoctor who would do the procedure. She said her goal is to look different from everyone else, saying, "There are six billion people on the planet. Why should everyone look the same? It's boring."

6 Ungrateful Model

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The self-proclaimed "world's first supermodel" Janice Dickinson appeared on Botched to try to fix the ripples she had on her chest that were caused by 30-year-old implants. Throughout the entire procedure, Dickinson is rude to the doctors and constantly demands that they give her more drugs.  Dr. Dubrow said that not only was the procedure incredibly risky, she was also a nightmare patient, saying, "In my twenty-five years of being a board-certified doctor, Janice is by far the most difficult patient I've ever had. She is her breast's worst enemy." Once it was all over, she was happy with how she looked and she even said, "I can't wait to get on a pogo stick naked and just bounce up and down!" Have fun with that.

5 The Other Human Ken Doll

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Another man, Rodrigo Alves, who has earned the nickname "Human Ken Doll" went on Botched to get his nose fixed. Before appearing on the show, he had spent $200,000 on cosmetic work and  he had fillers put in that had migrated to the tip, making it look strange. This was back in 2015. He went back again because, after a botched nose job, it was impossible for him to breathe through his nose. The doctors said that doing any more work on the nose while it's still healing may actually turn it "black and then die and fall off.” After hearing the news, he said he felt like crying. In 2015, he said that he didn't believe that he had an addiction to getting work done, stating, "It’s a high sense of self-worth. I only had to have my nose done again because it was badly done.”

4 The Playmate Twins


Kristina and Karissa Shannon are former Playboy playmates and they were both Hugh Hefner girlfriends. While they were playmates, they said that they were criticized for their noses and also for not having big enough chests. They both got procedures done on their chests and noses but they described their noses looking like they had been carved out of pumpkin. After the job, the doctors were furious when they found out that the two girls had been drinking before taking Percocet for the procedure. Not long after the procedures, the two were involved in a car crash while they were on their way to get intimate piercings, and Kristina was cited for a DUI. These two might not only need an intervention for their addiction to body modification but also an addiction to booze.

3 The Cosplayer

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Some girls want to look like dolls, some want to look like cartoon characters, and some want to look like comic book characters. That's where Bunny Blaze comes in. She's a 20-year-old cosplayer who started getting work done when she was 18. In her quest to be able to cosplay as a comic book character, she got 2000cc implants which caused major complications. Despite the complications, she went on Botched because she wanted to go even bigger because her body "is not up to comic proportions." The doctors refused to help her because her skin around her chest was already close to tearing and they actually recommended that she take the implants out in order to reinforce the thickness of her skin. She said that just the idea of life without her implants was a "scary thought."

2 The Woman with Deflated Whoopee Cushion Boobs

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According to this patient, Melissa, after a botched job, her chest looked like "deflated whoopee cushions." That's definitely not the look you want for your chest. Basically what happened was that the original doctor actually put 700cc implants on top of her muscles instead of underneath the muscles and not only did they look terrible but they were also incredibly painful. Apparently the doctor even told her that he couldn't put the implants under the muscle, so he just filled them up and put them over the muscle. And that was it."When it comes to getting anything done you should do a good amount of research before going under the knife. Though it was a very high risk case, Melissa decided that she wanted the work so badly that it didn't matter how dangerous it was. The procedure ended up being a success and Melissa was happy with the result.

1 The World's Most Identical Twins

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Lucy and Anna DeCinque, aka "the world's most identical twins" have gone to great lengths to talk the same, eat the same, and look exactly the same no matter what. However, they didn't feel that their chests were the same so they went to Botched and hilarity ensued. The two explained to the doctors that they wanted to be alike from an early age and said, "We share everything literally from a job, a car, a Facebook account, a mobile phone, and even a boyfriend." That's right, the two actually share a boyfriend and they have recently said that they both want to be pregnant with his baby at the same time. Yikes! They said they got their first implants by looking up a doctor in the yellow pages and they weren't happy with the results so they went to Botched and the doctors helped the twins get the matching chests they wanted so badly.

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