15 Outfit Ideas With Thigh High Boots This Season

We all love our thigh high boots. And when we have to put them away come spring, it almost kills a little bit of our soul. So long to the days when we could just throw on some tights and a chunky sweater with our thigh high boots, and be out the door. While that may be true, it doesn’t have to mean your boots need to be hidden in the back of your closet this summer. Sure, you aren’t going to be sporting them with tights or a sweater anytime soon, but you can still wear them during the hot months - and actually look amazing doing it. Those days where wearing boots in the summer looks weird are long gone. These days, we’re all about sporting those thigh highs, even as the temperature rises. You just need to know how to go about it the right way. Here are 15 outfit ideas with thigh high boots this season.

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15 Denim Cut Offs

What’s one item in your wardrobe you just can’t do without this summer? Your denim cut off shorts, duh. You love these babies as much as they love you. They match with just about any top, are super comfortable, and make your legs look killer. And guess what? There’s another reason to love them. They look awesome in thigh high boots. Sure, you’ve probably thought about wearing these two items together in the past, maybe even tried sporting it during the fall - remember those shorts with the tights, look? Well, this summer, you can totally rock the denim cutoffs with the boots, just add a simple white tee and a blazer to the mix, and you are ready to hit up happy hour in style this season. Or you can skip the blazer altogether and add a sexy flowy top that is airy and light, playing off the roughness of the winter boots.

14 Printed Shorts

We are loving how adorable printed shorts look with a pair of thigh high boots. And we are seeing this style just about everywhere. Sport a pair of printed shorts - floral, animal print, polka dot, whatever - and wear a fitted tank with a long cardigan. Add some sexy boots and you are good to go. This style is fun, youthful, and has a bit of that 90s flavor we are so craving right about now. Of course, you don’t just have to stick to this look. There are plenty of other ways to go about it. Skip the cardigan if you like - or if it’s way too hot out - and just wear a tank. Or if you want to class it up a bit, wear a fitted blouse to give a more posh style. Whatever you decide, rest assure that you will look fantastic and feel great about your look. Printed shorts are a must this season, and wearing them with thigh highs make them all the more better.

13 Short Skirt

Nothing says summer quite like a cute short shirt. Show off your tan legs with a killer shirt but don’t forget to add the finishing touches: thigh high boots. A great night out look is when you pair boots with a tight mini and relaxed tee. Super cute, super sexy, and super easy. It’s flattering without trying too hard, but still completely on trend for this summer season. Don’t forget to add a cool statement necklace with a whole lot of bling for the added touch. An animal printed clutch or one in a vibrant tone really helps make this outfit pop. And to make sure you are doing it right, keep your hair long and wavy. You want to look like you just came from the beach and are hardly trying with your way-too-cool do and style.

12 Fitted Dress

We have to admit, we are suckers for a clean, classic, fitted dress. Why? A fitted dress looks good with about anything. Whether you pair it with sky-high stilettos or you stick with some basic flats, this type of dress makes your shape look its absolute best. And since it’s so cool, we’re thinking you can totally wear some thigh high boots with it, too. What do you think about a bright yellow dress paired with some tan thigh highs for during the day? Um, yes please! Or skip the tan and add some classic black to the mix for a more night appropriate look. We are loving it. Not only does it reek of summer with the bright color, but it adds some sassiness to the overall look thanks tot the contrast of the boots, giving you a badass summer chic style you’ll enjoy just as much as we do.

11 Little Black Dress

Every girl has her favorite LBD. Some even have a few. Who are we kidding, most have a few. We have one for the perfect night date attire, another that rocks in the office, and of course one that is more casually cool for just about any time of the day. And we pair these little black dresses with anything and everything, including thigh high boots. Sure, you can keep things simple by wearing a pair of black boots to match and make the outfit sleek and sexy, or you can opt for something a little crazier, like a pattern boot. Since you are already sporting black for your attire, you can pretty much get away with anything else you add on as accessories, including printed boots that are far out and shining in an array of bright, bold colors.

10 Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt is a girl’s best friend. Not only does it look amazing and make your shape look just as good, but it is polished, refined, and put together while still being sexy. You can wear a pencil skirt to the office or at night. It’s the best piece of clothing to wear to work and when you have plans to go out after. You won’t have to change in the bathroom or worry you aren’t dressed appropriately because this skirt can take you just about anywhere. And now you can totally add thigh-high boots to the mix. Sure, you probably do that already come fall and winter, but this season skip the tights you wear with this look and go natural. Show off those stems and work the boots like never before. We are seeing plenty of hot boots this season with cut out designs that make for a more summer-ready look that will totally complement just about any pencil skirt you are eager to strut around in.

9 Romper

Ah, the romper. Another go-to for summer attire. It’s fun, flirty, and did we mention, oh so comfortable? When the temperature heats up and the humidity sets you, a romper will work with you, keeping your style top notch while still keeping you cool. And while you most likely wear those strappy sandals with a cute look like this, we say why not give thigh highs a try? Just think how cute they will look with that new magenta romper you bought. You’ll give off that classic go-go dancer vibe that oozes summer party fun, which will no doubt make you the envy at every summertime fiesta. And play with colors and fabrics, too. If you’re looking for a more edgy vibe, pair that pink romper with some black leather boots. But if you are eager to have a more sophisticated take, add some light colored, fringy boots that will surely do the trick.

8 Denim Vest

We are obsessed with denim this season and no we aren’t the only ones. Everywhere we look, we see a fashionable gal decked out in denim - and not just on her bottom half. A denim vest is a big seller this season but it can be layered or even worn alone, giving lots of different styling opportunity. It’s cute and flirty while still being trendy, making for a great addition to any wardrobe. Want to amp up the look even more? Why not add some boots into the mix? A pair of dark brown thigh highs with your denim vest will provide the ultimate country chic style this summer is all about. Wear this look with a pair of cut-offs or stick with a mini skirt for a completely different look that’s so hot, you’ll be totally glad that you gave it a shot.

7 All-White

White, white, and white all over. That’s our summer motto when it comes to our wardrobe this season. We are obsessed with wearing white - and not only because it totally emphasizes our tans. But it oozes summer fun, too. White is clean, crisp, and airy, providing the perfect easy breezy beach vibe we all want and need come summertime. So why not amp it up by adding some white boots to the mix? This will enhance the look to the fullest, giving you a completely new white look you didn’t even think you had in you. A pair of white shorts with a white blouse, and white boots? Oh yeah, now that’s hot. Add a pop of color in there with some jewelry or accessories, like a bright lime green handbag that will do it up right. Work some bangles in there or some bold earrings, and you are ready to hit up the town with the girls in style.

6 Neutral Tone Boots

via: louiseroe.com

Okay, while we love our signature black boots, we need to give them a break now and then - especially during this season. Summer is about the lighter tones, which means you need to invest in a pair of light colored boots. Tan or neutral tones help make your legs appear longer, which is what we all want especially when we are showing them off in the summer. They also go with anything - yes, yes, so does black but hear us out. Lighter tones match with more things during the summer because most of the wardrobe has lighter colors in it. You can wear these boots with a pretty dress during the day but you can also rock them with shorts come night. They are very versatile and extremely sexy. And by giving your black boots a break every now and then, you won’t grow tired of them come fall. Ha, as if that would ever happen.

5 Printed, Flowy Dress

When it’s hot out and you have no idea what to wear, what do you reach for? Well, besides a cold shower, we’re thinking you opt for a lightweight, comfy dress. A flowy dress is an ideal piece of clothing for the summertime. It’s loose, carefree, and completely relaxing, making it feel good on your skin no matter how hot and sticky it is outdoors. And you can wear this dress any time of the day, and anywhere. Rock it for a summer class or stick with it during a night out with that new guy. Either way, it works. And when you pair some thigh high boots with it, the look gets even better. A flowy, printed dress says feminine and flirty, while a pair of thigh highs say, sexy and edgy. The two contrasting looks completely complement each other to the fullest, giving you an amazing style that can take you just about anywhere.

4 Pleated Skirt

Need a great go-to outfit for work? Well, a pleated dress always does the trick. It’s chic, refined, but most of all, super comfy. You can sit in it all day without it bothering you, but you can also move around, too, going in and out of meetings like a champ - and still looking like one. And while we love - we mean love! - this skirt paired with some sleep pumps, we’re totally feeling the thigh high boots this season as well. This skirt is super polished which makes pairing them with boots all the better. The combo of polished and edgy really works in your favor here, because it provides a unique look with a whole lot of power. You’ll not only feel like a top notch professional in your field wearing this outfit, but you’ll look like a real rockstar, too. And what girl doesn’t want that?

3 Anything Bohemian

The whole bohemian style is all the rage these days, and why wouldn’t it be? With its effortless look and feel, this style is one we are totally on board with - thank you, Coachella. And while there is no real need to pair this look with anything but a pair of comfy, flat sandals - this look is super comfy after all - we think working a pair of thigh high boots is something every gal should try. Pair some brown boots with a crochet dress or some scalloped shorts with off the shoulder blouse, and you will look as great as you feel. The entire style is effortless but super sexy, and isn’t that what summertime is all about? Do you want to look good without looking as though you tried too hard? Well, guess what? With this look, you can totally achieve that.

2 Lace Dress

Another bohemian-inspired look is the lace dress. It’s dressy but still carefree and can really work nicely when you need something simple and classic to slip on - but that is also very comfortable to wear. However, there are other lace dresses that are a little more polished, too, if you’re looking for a more sophisticated look. Either way, these dresses are a must this season, and even more so, when you pair them with some boots. Take that loose-fitting bohemian style dress and pair it with some white or tan boots for a daytime look you won’t want to quit. And then take that fitted lacy dress and amp up the ante by adding some dark, shiny black boots to give you a real bad girl vibe that will rock for the upcoming concert you’re going to. A lace dress completed by some thigh high boots is always a win-win in our books, no matter how you work them.

1 Slip Dress

Well, it’s official. The 90s are back, and honestly, we couldn’t be any happier. We loved the whole grunge look with the plaid shirts, chokers, and ripped jeans, but what we really loved are the satin dresses. These babies are so comfortable to wear and feel so good on our skin. We can’t be any happier to have them back in our closets. Oh wait, maybe we can. When we pair a dress like this with some thigh high boots, everything seems a little clearer. Why wouldn’t a dress rock with a pair of boots like this? It rocked back in the 90s, we are pretty darn sure it will rock today, too. So go ahead give it a shot. Work that new silver satin dress you bought with a pair of badass black boots, and see where the night takes you. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.

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