15 Ordinary Things That Could Put An Unborn Baby At Risk

When a woman discovers that she is carrying life inside of her, she often feels a great sense of excitement. In nine short months, she will become a mother! Excitement isn't the only emotion that will course through her rapidly expanding body though. Pregnant women might also feel apprehensive, even anxious, about the health of their little one. People like visual confirmation that all is well, and with the unborn, it's hard to know if everything on the inside is moving at a status quo pace.

The good news is women's bodies are designed to carry life inside of them. Most of the daily activities that a person choose to do won't cause harm to a fetus. The vast majority of ordinary tasks in a pregnant lady's day can carry on throughout her entire gestational term. That said, here are 15 ordinary things that can put a fetus in harm's way.

15 Skipping Out On The Sunshine

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If you are pregnant and feeling less-than-you-best, you might be tempted to stay all day indoors and lie around on the couch. Researchers encourage mothers to do the opposite! Get out and soak up that vitamin D ladies! Fetuses take vitamin D from their mamas, often leaving mom depleted of the vitamin. Growing babies need plenty of this stuff. Per mdedge.com, lower levels of vitamin D have been associated with increased rates of C-section delivery, bacterial issues, and preeclampsia, as well as less efficient glucose metabolism

14 Pounding Down Turkey Sandwiches


While most foods are entirely safe to eat during pregnancy, doctors encourage expectant mothers to avoid some tasty treats. One common lunch item, sandwiches with deli meats, make the list of "Foods To Forego." Per parents.com, this is because of the small risk that harmful listeria bacteria poses. Deli meats should be heated up before ingesting, so all bacteria is taken care of.

13 Sitting In High Traffic For Long Periods Of Time


No one enjoys sitting in gridlocked traffic for extended periods, but for pregnant women, this common nuisance is more than merely annoying, it's downright harmful! Per sfgate.com, pregnant women who continuously breathe in contaminated air via traffic pollution are more likely to have babies with certain congenital disabilities.

12 Strutting Around In Stilettos

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Wearing a pair of high heels in pregnancy might make you feel pretty, but it isn't the most excellent idea. Pregnant women are not known for their great sense of balance because of their shifting center of gravity, and the addition of stilettos can make them extra tipsy on the toes. Besides the dangers that high heels present, they can contribute to back pain and strain in the lower back region.

11 Taking Care Of Garfield

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Just because you are expecting doesn't mean that you have to find your feline a new home for the next nine months, but it does mean that you have to take special care when cleaning out the littler box. Litter boxes increase the risk of transferring Toxoplasmosis to a pregnant woman, and her unborn baby and special precautions need to be taken when handling litter. Always wear gloves and wash hands after changing the litter. If possible, pass this chore off to a non-pregnant party.

10 Getting X-Rays

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The chances of one x-ray causing severe harm to your unborn baby are minuscule. If you have to undergo many x-rays, especially to the abdominal region, while carrying a baby, then there could be an issue. Per the mayoclinic.org, the risk of harm to your baby because of x-rays will often depend on your baby's gestational age as well as the amount of radiation exposure. Always let healthcare providers know if you are expecting and how far along you are before they administer an x-ray.

9 Watching Those Lbs Too Closely

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It is essential to gain a steady amount of lbs throughout a pregnancy. Babies that have mothers who gain less than 20lbs throughout their entire pregnancy are more likely to be born prematurely. Arriving too early puts a newborn at risk for developing all sorts of complications. Per whattoexpect.com, pregnant women are encouraged to eat frequent meals, avoid junk foods and low-calorie foods, and focus on eating foods with high protein.

8 Lathering Up With Essential Oils

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Essential oils work wonders for many people, but pregnant women should take extra caution when choosing an oil to lather up with. The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy claims that oils cross the placental barrier, meaning they can affect the baby in one way or another. Many experts ask expectant moms to steer clear of oils during the first trimester. Per willowandsage.com, some oils can cause uterine contractions and affect the development of a growing fetus, so it's best to hold off on them.

7 Too Much Java

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Ingesting a warm cup of java while pregnant has been a widely debated topic for years. People tend to sit firmly in either camp; they either adamantly believe it's ok to drink the stuff or stay far away from it. Generally speaking, a small amount of coffee will not harm your unborn baby, but too much might. Per nhs.com, 200mg of caffeine a day is the magic number. Massive amounts of caffeine might result in low-sized babies.

6 Certain Meds

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When it comes to meds and pregnancy, not all pills are created equally. Some won't cause any harm to an unborn baby, while others can create problems for pregnant mothers. Per healthlinkba.ca, common meds like Pepto-Bismol should be avoided as should many pills. Certain over-the-counter decongestants and cough and cold meds are also no-nos for expectant mothers.

5 Scrubbing The House Clean

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Pregnant women can't help that urge to engage in nesting activities. They feel the sudden need to rearrange furniture, clear out closets and scrub the house clean before the baby arrives. While this behavior is far from abnormal, it can be harmful to the baby if mom is using harsh cleaners to get her home to sparkle. To avoid any effects of the chemicals used in cleaners, mothers should make certain areas where they are working are well ventilated, gloves are a must and moms should never mix cleaners.

4 Taking A Long Soak

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Nothing is more relaxing than slipping into a warm bath at the end of the day. This everyday activity can be especially tempting for expectant mothers who have aching muscles thanks to the extra load they are carrying around. Lukewarm baths are okay to relax in, but steaming soaks should be avoided as should all activities that might raise a mother's body temperature.

3 Ingesting Various Herbs

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Like essential oils, certain herbs are not to be used during pregnancy either. We often think of both oils and herbs as perfectly safe because they come from the earth, but this is not the case when it comes to pregnancy. Per amercianpregnancy.org, Saw Palmetto, Goldenseal, Dong Quai, Yohimbe, Passion Flower, and Black and Blue Cohosh are all to be avoided during the nine months of pregnancy.

2 Seemingly Innocent Pain Relievers

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Pregnancy is a time of excitement and wonder, but it is also a time of aches and pains. A woman's body is changing and stretching regularly, and this is not always the most comfortable experience to endure. Some common pain relievers should be avoided during pregnancy because of harm they can cause an unborn baby. Aspirin, Ibuprofen, and Naproxen are not to be ingested. Stick to Tylenol!

1 Overdoing The Physical Activity

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If you were extremely active before you became pregnant, then your doctor might give you the green light to continue whatever exercise regiment you were engaging in before you were with child. Any new activities that involve heavy lifting or high levels of cardio should be discussed with your health care provider first. Some strenuous activities can cause harm to the unborn.

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