15 Once Sexy Celebs Who Took Surgery Too Far

It’s a pity that people in this day and age are so obsessed with looking flawless and young, no thanks to the unfair standards that the media has set on the world. Hollywood has certainly embraced these unattainable goals, with celebrities finding any and all means to retain their looks. Admirable are those who try the natural route of trying to take care of their physical appearance, like sticking to a diet of fruits and vegetables, drinking tons of water, exercising every day, and probably getting facials on a regular basis.

But some either aren’t content with going about things the natural way or perhaps are too impatient or lazy to put much effort into it. So they pool the resources in their very deep pockets and visit a plastic surgeon to get the job done. Sure, it’s the easy way out, but it’s also pretty risky because doctors make mistakes and can botch up the job. Here are some unfortunate celebs who fell victim to erroneous medical hands.

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15 Janice Dickinson


Renowned as the world’s first supermodel, Janice Dickinson rightly earned herself the title that has made her famous. She dominated the fashion world in the ‘70s and ‘80s and she was truly fresh of face with a lovely body to match. But as she grew older, Dickinson started turning to plastic surgery to stop the hands of time from turning on her physical appearance. She’s open about the extensive work she’s had on herself throughout the years, those of which include tummy tucks, face-lifts, Botox, and Restylne.

14 Axl Rose


He was one of the most swoon-worthy musicians back in the heyday of Guns N’ Roses, for which he was the frontman. Axl Rose performed to sold-out shows with Slash and the rest of the gang with song hits like Paradise City and Sweet Child O’ Mine and the girls went gaga, no thanks to his voice, signature blonde locks and all-American good looks. But when the singer turned to plastic surgery to maintain his youthful glow, his features were altered drastically, ruining his once good looks.

13 Mickey Rourke


Unlike his fellow celebrities who went under the knife purely for vanity purposes, Mickey Rourke had to have reconstructive surgery out of necessity. Back in the ‘80s, he was a certified heartthrob with his sexy brown eyes and killer smile. But Rourke eventually left acting to pursue a career as a professional boxer and this move proved to be the downfall of his physical appearance. His face got so banged up from taking punches from his opponents, so much so that he had to get surgery. Unfortunately, his doctors didn’t exactly restore his face to its original glory.

12 Heidi Montag


Though she’s not nearly as famous as her The Hills co-star Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag is well-known in her own right. Known for her sun-kissed blonde hair and pretty, girl-next-door face, Montag was already gifted with many natural assets. But she’s notorious to have undergone as many as ten cosmetic procedures in one day. The procedures included brow-lifting, ear-pinning, a chin reduction, and a second breast augmentation. It’s clear from her public appearances how much her initial looks had been altered, as seen by that signature Hollywood “frozen face” that many who’ve gone under the knife sport.

11 Lisa Rinna


Best known as a soap opera star, most notably as Billie Reed in Days of Our Lives, Lisa Rinna has also taken on other television roles apart from daytime drama. She also appeared in Melrose Place and as a host on Soap Talk. Married with two children, the 52-year-old actress looks amazing for her age. She was already blessed with naturally lovely features, but she has admitted to having her lips injected to make them look fuller.

10 Melanie Griffith

Acting was certainly in her genes, being the daughter of Hollywood actress Tippi Hedren and former stage actor Peter Griffith. Melanie Griffith decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and venture into Hollywood, becoming known for her breakthrough role in the 1988 cult classic Working Girl. And while she was lovely in her youth, with many saying she bore a striking resemblance to her beautiful mother, she didn’t seem to be aging gracefully. And so Griffith turned to plastic surgery, marring her looks with lip injections, Botox, and an upper eyelid lift.

9 Tori Spelling

She was never exactly one of Hollywood’s most beauteous actresses, but Tory Spelling could hold her own once upon a time. She was a very endearing Donna in the original installment of the teen hit show Beverly Hills 90210 and audiences took to her quite well. The first time Spelling had any noticeable work done on her body was when her breasts all of a sudden doubled in size, as compared to her very flat chest during the height of 90210’s popularity. She is still recognizable today, but it’s clear she has tampered with her face as well.

8 Goldie Hawn


Though to today’s generation, she is probably more widely known as the mother of actress Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn was and always will be one of Hollywood’s most well-loved and well-respected actresses. She has an Academy Award to her name, having won the Best Supporting Actress plume in 1969 for the film Cactus Flower. A big part of what makes her beautiful is her megawatt smile, which emphasizes her big blue eyes. She underwent plastic surgery in 2012 and her appearance post-procedure left everyone baffled at the change in her naturally lovely features.

7 Meg Ryan


She was aptly dubbed as “America’s Sweetheart” by some and as the romantic comedy queen by others. Whatever title she held, Meg Ryan was once one of Hollywood’s best paid actresses, having starred in cash cow films such as When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, and You’ve Got Mail. She was adorable, with her curly blonde hair, cerulean blue eyes, and winning smile. But sadly, her looks started to fade as she grew older, resulting in less roles and numerous plastic surgeries. It’s reported that Ryan has had lip injections, face lifts and Botox injections.

6 Daryl Hannah


She was famously known to have dated John F. Kennedy, Jr, but that’s not all that comprises Daryl Hannah’s celebrity status. She was propelled to stardom for her role as the blonde mermaid in the film Splash, as well as her roles in other big Hollywood films like Wall Street and Blade Runner. When the statuesque beauty appeared in Kill Bill a good many years after her last blockbuster starring role, the audience noticed she hadn’t aged a day, but that her features were a bit off. She has plastic surgery to thank for that.

5 Cher


She’s sometimes mistaken for a transgender man because of her flamboyant outfits, low-register speaking and singing voice, and facial features. But truth be told, Cher was quite the beauty during her youth. She has been open about her plastic surgery, which really comes as no surprise, given how young she looks at the age of 69. Known by journalists as the “poster girl” of plastic surgery, Cher has had every kind of surgery imaginable in order to look the way she does.

4 Jennifer Grey


Best known for her portrayal of the dancing beauty Baby Houseman in the critically-acclaimed film Dirty Dancing, Jennifer Grey was always admired both for her acting and dancing skills. She was also famously known to have not gotten along all that well with her co-star Patrick Swayze, but that didn’t matter. The actors’ onscreen chemistry was still off the charts and propelled the movie to box office success. Grey had to have two rhinoplasty procedures, the second of which rendered her unrecognizable because it significantly changed the shape and size of her nose.

3 Pamela Anderson


When Pamela Anderson made her first appearance in the hit TV show Baywatch, many viewers, while ogling her figure wrapped in that tight red bathing suit, said that it’s next to impossible to have a rack like that that could possibly be real. Anderson had increased her bust size through breast augmentation surgery to a size 34D, then a 34DD a few years later. She felt it necessary to also use plastic surgery for her face, so that she wouldn’t have to deal with wrinkles and other age lines.

2 Renee Zellweger


She caught the eyes and the heart of many an audience member for her endearing portrayal of single mom Dorothy Boyd in the film Jerry Maguire. Renee Zellweger was nothing short the perfect girl-next-door and men and women alike loved her. After lying low as of late, Zellweger resurfaced in late 2014 for an event, but was barely recognizable, even to the paparazzi. Though she has never confirmed it, plastic surgery experts said she looked to have undergone Botox injections in her jaw muscles and fat removal from her cheeks, among other things.

1 Tara Reid


It’s a shame that Tara Reid was one of the many celebrities who fell victim to plastic surgery gone wrong because she captured the hearts of audiences for her roles in movies such as American Pie parts 1 and 2 and Van Wilder. In 2006, she confirmed what many paparazzi photos were already indicating: that her body got messed up from bad plastic surgery work. Reid said she got a breast augmentation and liposuction, but the procedures resulted in a deformed body.

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