15 Of The Youngest Celeb Moms To Ever Go Into Labor

Having a child changes someone’s life forever. There will be a little person to care for constantly, and this takes a lot of responsibility and compromise, something which many teenagers are not ready for, which is why so many people wait until they are older before becoming parents. But there are some celebrities who are an exception to that rule and they started baby making when they were just teenagers, or in their early 20s.

Jamie Lynn Spears went from child star to teen mom really quickly, and Farrah Abraham’s life (and the decisions that got her to that point) have become the subject of a show about teenage pregnancy. These two women are some of the more obvious young celeb moms, but below is the story of many more.

15 Whoopi Goldberg Was Only 18 When She Became A Mom (Her Grandbabies Are Even Adults Now)

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Whoopi Goldberg is an actress who has starred in many memorable roles, but she didn’t just have to fight for auditions in Hollywood, because she was also trying to juggle being an actress with being a mother. Harper’s Bazaar reports that Goldberg had her daughter, Alex Martin, when she was 18 years old.

She’s now a great-grandmother, and has been since 2014, Hello! notes.

14 Telling Her Mom She Was Pregnant As A Teen, Was The Hardest Thing Jourdan Dunn Has Ever Had To Do

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Jourdan Dunn is known to the world because of her work as a supermodel, and although she walked the runway pregnant, many people probably didn't realize she was a teenage mom.

Dunn learned she was pregnant with her son when she was 18 and told Vogue that telling her mom the news was "the hardest thing" she's done. And that upon hearing about her daughter's pregnancy, Dunn's mom was “angry and upset” because she had her at a young age and didn’t want her to have the same struggles.

13 At 16, Jamie Lynn Spears Went From Teen Star To Teen Mom, Really Quickly

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Jamie Lynn Spears was a rising child star thanks to Nickelodeon (and of course, her older sister, Britney Spears’ fame) but then her life changed dramatically when she was 16. She learned she was pregnant when she took a test in the bathroom of a local gas station, and it was not a joyous moment, as she explained years later on the show, Jamie Lynn Spears: When the Lights Go Out (via Daily Mail).

“When I became pregnant, my world came crashing down,” she said.

12 Turns Out Sofía Vergara Has More Similarities With Her Character On ‘Modern Family’ Than Fans Realize

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Sofía Vergara’s character on Modern Family is a young mother to a son named Manny, and her real-life almost mirrors this role because when she was 19 when she gave birth to her son, Manolo Gonzalez-Ripoll Vergara.

Sofía has mentioned to Redbook (via Us Weekly) that although being a young mom ensured she had a lot of energy, she also had to take on a lot of responsibility.

11 Solange Knowles Said ‘Bring It On’ To Motherhood At Age 18

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Solange Knowles may be Beyoncé’s younger sister, but she started her family much earlier than Bey. In 2004, when Solange was just 18, she gave birth to her son, Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr., who she shares with her former husband, Daniel Smith.

She has since reflected on her teenage years (via Teen Vogue), by writing a letter to herself as a teen. Her thoughts included a mention of how being 17 was “the hardest year” of her life.

10 No List Would Be Complete Without A ‘Teen Mom’ Star, And This Spot Goes To Farrah Abraham, Who Was A Mama At 17

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No list about the youngest celebs to go into labor would be complete without a mention of someone from the Teen Mom cast, and since Farrah Abraham is arguably the most controversial member, she’s as good a pick as any.

Us Weekly notes that when Abraham was 17, she gave birth to her daughter, Sophia Abraham, and the struggles that she faced as a young mother played out on MTV’s reality TV show, 16 and Pregnant.

9 Reese Witherspoon Fell Head Over Heels In Her Twenties And Was The Only One Of Her Friends With A Baby At 22

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In comparison to many of the other celebs on this list, at 22, Reese Witherspoon may not seem that young to have had children with her ex-husband Ryan Phillippe. But she has spoken about what it was like being a young mom.

In an interview with Elle (via People) she said she couldn’t go out or do anything her friends were doing because she had a child, and added, “no one else who was 22 had a baby.”

8 Candace Cameron Bure May Look Like Her Children's Sister, And That’s Because She Had Them Young

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Relationships in Hollywood never seem to last, but Candace Cameron Bure and Valeri Bure are the exceptions because they have been happily married since 1996. Together, they share three children, and they had their first child, Natasha, when Cameron Bure was 22, Today reports.

In the beginning, everyone wanted to tell her how to raise her child, and she told the publication, "People were in my ears about what was right and what was wrong."

7 Ashlee Simpson Wasn’t A Teen Mom, But Her Journey Into Motherhood Started Earlier Than Most

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Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz were once one of the music world’s “IT” couples, and they had their son, Bronx Wentz, in 2008. Simpson was 23 at the time, and when she spoke about motherhood the following year during an interview with Redbook, she admitted her life had changed since becoming a mom.

“I've grown up so much,” she said.

6 You Know Keisha Castle-Hughes From ‘Game Of Thrones,’ But You Probably Didn’t Know She Had A Kid When She Was 16

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You’ll recognize Keisha Castle-Hughes from Game of Thrones, but many people have no idea that she was a teen mom. She gave birth to her daughter, Felicity-Amore, in 2007, when she was just 16, and Vanity Fair notes that at the time, her pregnancy announcement caused a “media firestorm,” with critics stating that she was far too young to raise a child.

5 Kylie Jenner’s A Billionaire, But She’s Also A Mama (She's Done A Lot By Age 20)

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Kylie Jenner is arguably the most famous teen mom, in part because so much of her life has been shared with the world thanks to her famous family, but also because no one was expecting her to become a mother at 20 years old.

Jenner and her boyfriend, Travis Scott, welcomed their daughter, Stormi, into the world on Feb.1, 2018, Harper’s Bazaar reports. And since giving birth, Jenner has certainly risen to the challenge of being a mom.

4 Victoria And David Beckham’s Son, Brooklyn, Is Quite The Looker, And Posh And Becks Clearly Started Their Family Early

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The Beckham’s are a particularly good-looking family, and their eldest son, Brooklyn, is now an adult and looking more and more like his father with each passing day. The couple married in 1999, and Brooklyn was in attendance at their wedding because Victoria had given birth just four months earlier.

According to Parents, Victoria was 24 when she became a mom.

3 Wynonna And Ashley Judd’s Famous Mama, Naomi, Had Her First Child When She Was 18

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Naomi Judd has enjoyed professional success, but before she had fame and financial security, she struggled to care for her two daughters, Wynonna and Ashley. According to TheList, Naomi became a mom at 18, when she gave birth to Wynonna, and just four years later she had Ashley. But what makes her story even more remarkable is she raised her now-famous daughters on her own.

2 Kim Zolciak-Biermann Is An Open Book, And She’s Been Honest About Having Kids So Young

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Kim Zolciak-Biermann is now a mama to six children, but before she met her now-husband, Kroy Bierman, and had four more children, she was raising her two older girls, Brielle and Ariana, on her own, Bustle reports. She was 19 when she had Brielle, and then 24 when she had Ariana.

1 Singer Rebecca Ferguson Got Pregnant Unexpectedly With Her First Boyfriend’s Baby

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Rebecca Ferguson rose to fame thanks to The X Factor, and although people fell in love with her voice, and she enjoys a much better quality of life because of it, she has had her challenges.

According to The Mirror, she became pregnant at 17, and said that it was a “first boyfriend kind of thing.” She also admitted to pregnancy changing her life.

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