15 Of The Worst Magazine Photoshop Fails

Sadly, it does not come to a surprise what magazines will do in order to get that perfect photo. We do live in a materialistic kind of world after all. There are millions of high-end photo shoots with makeup artists, photographers and directors looking to capture photos of our favorite celebrities. And then, we have many advanced computer programs taking us only a few clicks to get that one glamour shot.

Sometimes Photoshop seems almost harmless in the publishing industry. Photo editors can simply erase a few blemishes on a celebrity or even change the color of their shirt to match the front cover. We don’t mind that. Who doesn’t want to look their best on newsstand anyway? However, things could turn quickly when magazines make sloppy mistakes to manipulate a picture into something awful.

The worst Photoshop mistakes are the ones that are completely noticeable. We appreciate subtle changes, but when we start seeing missing limbs or airbrushed faces, we wonder how these photos passed as real during editing process. You will be surprised on how many popular magazines have made silly mistakes on Hollywood's biggest stars. From Prince William to Queen Bey, let’s take a look at 15 Photoshop magazine fails that make us cringe.

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15 Zahara Jolie-Pitt has a twin?

via photoshopdisasters.blogspot.com

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will forever be known as the celebrity parents with lots of kids. That’s why the paparazzi go nuts every time their children are in public. Poor kids! But, why would a magazine want to add more Jolie-Pitts to the original clan?

It might be a weird Photoshop glitch but this image shows a double Zahara sitting right behind Brad’s shoulder. Or maybe InTouch Germany wanted to start a new rumor that Zahara actually has a long lost twin. You never know with tabloid magazines. We still can’t believe that magazine editors didn’t realize that they were actually seeing double before publishing.

14 Miley Cyrus gives a very awkward hug

via photoshopdisasters.blogspot.com

Oh yes, this adorable photo is seriously a throwback before the Jonas Brothers broke up and Miley Cyrus twerked on stage. These two celebs were extremely popular at the time and the public loved the thought of them dating, that's why magazines would often try to capture them together.

While it is hard to look away from the cuteness in this photo, you’ll notice the former Hannah Montana star has an extra hand wrapped around Nick’s waist. Um, Miley, are you hiding a third arm? Yikes, what a terrible Photoshop edit.

13 Demi Moore’s hip shrinks

via businessinsider.com

A magazine’s front cover photo might be the most important element on putting together a good issue. How else would anyone pick up a copy? Celebrities are the reason these magazine copies can stick out on a newsstand. That is why you never want to mess up the front cover with a silly Photoshop mistake.

Demi Moore always looks amazing, but in 2009, W Magazine readers seemed a bit bewildered by the chunk of Moore’s leg missing. It seems like the magazine was attempting to trim her waist and completely stopped editing as soon as they reached her thighs.

12 O.J. Simpson’s mug shot

via umn.edu

Here is a famous Photoshop edit that caused quite the controversy for an acclaimed magazine. During the O.J. Simpson trials in the 90s, Time magazine decided to alter the former football star’s mug shot. The prisoner ID number was reduced and Simpson’s face was darkened. As soon as the magazine had hit the stands, controversy arose on how much the image was altered.

Critics questioned the magazine’s integrity with racism especially since Newsweek posted an unaltered version of the mug shot during the same week. There was the vast contrast between the two and many critics believe, especially in the field of journalism, that this image should have never been edited.

11 Kim Kardashian gets a complete retouch

via complex.com

The Kardashians are known for showcasing flawless looks in Hollywood. Just take a look at Kim Kardashian. She makes sure to only step out of the house if she is paparazzi ready. While many might find her materialistic, you will not be shocked to learn that this Kardashian has been involved in various photoshop scandals, some that include her own social media images.

One of her biggest magazine Photoshop fails was in Complex magazine. In 2009, the magazine accidentally posted her original photo to their website instead of the retouched one. It did not take long for spectators to notice the obvious differences. Kim’s altered shot makes her look thinner, smoother and lighter. And what was Kim’s response? According to her website, she stated, “So what? I have a little cellulite. What curvy girl doesn’t? How many people do you think are Photoshopped? It happens all the time!”

10 Kristen Stewart loses her forearm

via businessinsider.com

Kristen Stewart is a little bit notorious on being an awkward person. So, we almost guessed she would pose weird for a front cover magazine. In Glamour, her sitting position helps us take a look inside “The Real Kristen Stewart,” but we are just wondering how uncomfortable she must feel. Who sits like that anyway?

In this twisted and complicated pose, we almost did not notice the little Photoshop edit by the magazine. Through her crossed legs, Stewart’s forearm has completely disappeared. Maybe Glamour did not like her hand between her legs and removed it. But the results have her looking like she is pulling off some type of double-jointed trick.

9 Prince William gets a dark makeover

via businessinsider.com

We don’t know what is more striking that Prince William is posing like he’s a member in the boy band or that his hair has gone darker a shade or 4. As soon as this cover of Hello! magazine hit newsstands, a lot of people needed a double take at the prince’s much darker hair.

Of course, all the changes were made via computer. We know the young man has fine hair, but was it really necessary to fill it all in and make it so dark? Some of us personally love the prince with his sandy blonde hair – don’t change it!

8 Adam Levine loses a chunk of his torso

via businessinsider.com

See, women are not the only ones to be Photoshopped in magazines. We all know how hot Adam Levine is, however he is also a victim of Photoshop. Who would have thought? The Maroon 5 lead singer seems to be missing his torso on the cover of Vogue Russia. Or it somehow vanished as soon as the camera flashes went off.

It is almost hard to notice the mistake when both models are rather scandalous in this photo. However, when taking a closer look at Adam Levine’s tattooed front, one side is clearly missing and there’s no way it can be hidden behind the skinny model’s leg.

7 Ashlee Simpson’s Barbie look

via bp.blogspot.com

Here is a Photoshop look that just went too far. It took us a second to even recognize which poor star had gone through this terrible computerized makeover. Can you believe this is Ashlee Simpson? It doesn't look like her at all, right?

This magazine definitely went overboard to achieve the most perfect look. Her face is airbrushed to the max, which doesn’t mix well with all the makeup on her face. She totally looks like Barbie and that’s not a good thing. Sometimes, magazines need to know their limits before these celebrities begin to be compared to plastic dolls.

6 Vogue did more than retouch Lena Dunham's photo

via jezebel.com

When Lena Dunham’s original photos from her Vogue photo shoot were leaked, Jezebel decided to do a comparison between the altered and untouched difference. Woah, we never realized how subtle certain magazines could be about their photo editing.

Vogue did try to keep Dunham’s transformation minimal, but they still received some critical comments on how it wasn’t necessary for the Girls star to be cleaned up. Her hips being trimmed down and covering her tattoo certainly did not make fans happy on portraying a “real” girl. Dunham’s reaction seemed rather confused since she didn’t think the edits were bad. She was still grateful that the magazine was displaying a different body image of beauty.

5 Beyonce’s thigh gap

via usmagazine.com

No, not you too Beyonce! Front covers should really be more carefully edited. Unfortunately, this is not the first time the mega pop star has dealt with a Photoshop scandal. We were mostly shocked for Harper’s Bazaar for thinking these edits would go unnoticed.

Everyone bows to Queen Bey when it comes to her curves, so why would this magazine think it was okay to give her an extreme thigh gap? Beyonce might be striking a fierce pose, but we can't help but focus on her thighs in this picture.

4 Kelly Clarkson receives a digital diet

via usmagazine.com

It is almost ironic on how a magazine called Self altered a photo of Kelly Clarkson. Since this 2009 issue covered a lot about weight loss, the magazine editors confessed some Photoshopping was done to the former American Idol star.

But, the icing on top is that Clarkson’s story focuses on being her true self. During that year, she dealt with a lot of critical comments about her weight gain. How are you going to try to present readers with a moving story when you cannot even use the original photo?

3 The Sarah Jessica Parker robot

via usmagazine.com

Uh oh, airbrushing is really such a dangerous game in the magazine world. Sarah Jessica Parker’s cover on Harper’s Bazaar China obviously went a little overboard. From the sharp cheekbones to piercing eyes, the Sex And The City star almost looks unrecognizable.

We applaud Sarah Jessica Parker for avoiding major plastic surgeries while aging naturally. There was no need to make her look so robotic on this cover. Her face is too much of a negative focus on this image. We can't even pay attention to amazing dress she's wearing.

2 Carrie Underwood's missing wrist

via izismile.com

It seems like we have another celebrity who has been distorted due to Photoshop. Carrie Underwood probably didn't consider that a little Photoshop edit would not only shrink her hips, but distort her arm too. If you look closely, the star's arm seems to be missing a wrist.

While you might think her arm is supposed to look like that, we are certain that very few models would feel comfortable in that pose. Right now, we think she still looks adorable, even if she kind of has a weird arm thing going on.

1 Zac Efron’s freaky bicep


We know Men’s Health magazine is probably all about being buff. Let’s be honest, we drool over their covers all the time. Zac Efron is the perfect cover star and while we love seeing his athletic side, we had to step back once we saw his massive bicep. The image on the left showcases a very buff looking arm but the image on the right shows Efron sans Photoshop, notice the difference? Although we understand the magazine wanting to have the star looking bulkier they went a tad to far with this one.

Sources:businessinsider.com, buzzfeed.com, usmagazine.com

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