15 Of The Worst Celeb Parenting Moments Ever Caught By Paparazzi

Being a parent is hard work and every mom and dad sometimes gets it wrong when it comes to raising their kids. What’s even harder though is being a celebrity parent whose every move and mistake is captured and scrutinized by the world’s press. Celebs are often the people we look up to and aspire to be, but often these famous people we think of as gods and goddesses show themselves to be just as human as the rest of us, especially when it comes to dealing with their children. Often these famous parents make slight mistakes that could happen to anyone, but other times they make catastrophic decisions that make us all wonder how they can even call themselves parents.

Here we take a look at some of the worst celebrity parenting moments to have been captured by the paparazzi. The media loves a good shocking moment to exploit, and the parenting fails we’ve listed are pretty bad to say the least. The photos we’ve chosen certainly don’t paint these celebs out to be suitable parents, and some of them are horrifyingly reckless when it comes to taking care of their children. Treat these pics as a “here’s what not to do” when it comes to being a good parent. These stars could definitely use some pointers!

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15 Britney Spears - Nearly Dropped Her Baby

Everyone knows that Britney’s past has been littered with some pretty rough patches, and her 2007 meltdown is still one of the most talked-about celebrity breakdowns in history. The Princess of Pop has gotten a lot of stick over the years, not least of all for her questionable parenting. This picture was plastered all over newspapers back in the early 2000s, and caused mass outrage over how reckless Britney seemed to be with her own child. Apparently this photo was taken as Britney was leaving a restaurant with her baby Sean Preston in one hand and a drink in the other, and she happened to trip when her long pants got tangled around her feet. In the process, she flung her child backwards, but luckily his fall was quickly avoided thanks to a fast acting security guard nearby. That was close Britney - too close.

14 Kim Kardashian - Directionless When It Comes To North

We all know that Kim K is all about her looks and her social media image, but would you believe she was so self-absorbed that she would ignore her own child? Well, maybe that’s not so hard to believe. But seeing this picture of Kim being completely unfazed by her daughter taking a nasty tumble just feet away from her sure doesn't shed the reality TV star in a good light. This epic spill was captured by fans, and shocked them when Kim didn’t even blink when her daughter fell down hard on the concrete. Some might come to Kim’s rescue saying that this was probably just a one-off incident, but sadly that isn’t the case. Apparently a similar thing happened not long before this picture, where North fell again, this time on her way to Toy 'R’ Us, and once more Kim didn’t acknowledge her daughter’s stumble. We know how much you love attention Kim K, but maybe give some to your baby girl.

13 Charlize Theron - Dragged Her Son By His Arm

Charlize Theron received some major backlash when this photo came out in the press, which shows her dragging her son Jackson by the arm in the middle of a terrible toddler tantrum. Neither Charlize nor her son look like they’re having any fun, and it’s likely that a lot of mothers out there might be sympathetic to the actress who’s probably just trying her best in this frazzling situation. However, dragging your child by the arm when they’re being difficult is definitely not the best way to deal with a tantrum, and this photo snapped by the paps brought forth a whole heap of parental critique from mothers claiming they knew better when it came to dealing with a child’s meltdown. Looks like Charlize should maybe pick up one of those parenting books she probably has laying around somewhere…

12 Michael Jackson - Dangled His Baby Over The Balcony

One of the biggest and most famous celebrity parenting fails is the time Michael Jackson dangled his 9-month-old son Prince Michael II over a fourth-story balcony back in 2002. This event boggled and shocked the entire world, and it is still regarded as one of the most absurd and bizarre stunts to ever be pulled by a celebrity parent. When confronted about the incident, Michael Jackson replied that he regretted his action, and that it was indeed a “terrible mistake.” If any normal parent was caught holding their child like that, it wouldn’t be surprising for Child Protection Services to be called, and many saw Jackson as an unfit parent after the incident occurred. He might have been the Prince of Pop, but he sure did make a lot of royal mistakes.

11 Madonna - Thinks Her Underage Son Drinking Is Ok

We all know that Madonna is no saint, and her past has been made famous for her love of partying, and her devil may care attitude. And while her rebellious image made her a megastar, it’s nonetheless surprising that the musical mom would condone similar behaviour for her own children. This picture was snapped by Madonna herself and posted on her Instagram account. The captions reads: “The party has just begun! Bring it! 2014.” In the picture, her son Rocco is posing with a bottle of Bombay Sapphire gin along with two friends who are also flaunting alcoholic beverages. The most troubling bit? Rocco was only 13 when this picture was taken! Seems a pretty young age to be drinking booze, doesn’t it? Madonna has admitted in the past that she needs to be more disciplinary with her children, but honestly, it’s not rocket science that letting your underrage son drink is not ok.

10 Drew Barrymore - Partying At Just 9 Years Old

When we think of Drew Barrymore these days, we think of her as a bubbly, smiley, free-spirited celebrity mom who is full of energy and fun. But did you know Drew actually had a pretty rough childhood? She was thrown into fame at a very early age, and became known back in 1982 for her role in E.T The Extra-Terrestrial. Her mother Jaid famously brought her young daughter to nightclubs and parties, and Drew was a hardcore party girl by the age of just 9 years old. By the time she was twelve years old, Drew already had a substance abuse problem and had to be institutionalized soon after. This picture captures just one of the many times that the young child star was in an inappropriate situation, and just goes to show what terrible parenting she was subjected to as a child.

9 Chrissy Teigen - Manhandles Her Baby

Chrissy Teigen is known for her fierce clapbacks and her sassy handling of social media trolls, a lot of which have stemmed from her parenting techniques which have been widely discussed and critiqued. Chrissy has been accused of everything from not knowing how to hold her baby correctly, to going out for dinner too soon after she gave birth, and each time Chrissy has had some strong words for her haters. This particular picture snapped by the paparazzi got Chrissy in some pretty hot water, after people took to commenting online how this wasn’t the proper way to hold a baby. Chrissy looks pretty casual here, loosely holding her daughter Luna without any proper support for the child in her arms. We’re pretty sure Chrissy only has the best intentions for her baby girl, but this picture sure doesn’t make the celeb mom look good.

8 Kate Gosselin - Gets Violent With Her Children

First made famous by her role in Jon & Kate Plus 8, Kate Gosselin has received a whole heap of condemnation over her questionable parenting. Mom to eight kids, Gosselin has been plastered all over the media for being an abusive parent, and her disciplinary techniques have been accused of being over the top and just plain violent. In this photo captured by the paps, we see Kate getting aggressive with her son, violently shoving her hand in his face and clearly looking annoyed and even angry. Gosselin has been known to spank her children hard and blow up in anger over minor accidents and incidents involving her children. She’s also been known to carry around a wooden spoon as a threatening disciplinary device when her kids act out. She might be 8 times a mom, but she's certainly 100% unsuitable as a parent.

7 Kim Kardashian - Yes She Made The List Twice, No We’re Not Surprised

We’ve already seen that Kim K doesn’t always make the cut as being the best parent, and this photo just goes to prove that the reality TV star has a lot to learn when it comes to parenting. This photo snapped at New York Fashion Week in 2015 depicts a very upset North sitting with her mom in the front row of NYFW. The thing that makes it even worse is the fact that Beyonce and the queen of fashion herself Anna Wintour are sitting right next to the screaming child. Kim obviously looks lost and uncomfortable, but the question remains: why bring your toddler to one of the biggest fashion events of the year? This parenting fail made for a lot of embarrassment and discomfort, and certainly didn’t earn Kim K any parenting points.

6 Kate Middleton - Not Protecting Prince George

It’s hard being a parent to any child, but when it comes to being the mom of the future King of England? Well, that’s got to be pretty tough. Kate Middleton got some pretty royal backlash after this picture of Prince George was taken showing him not correctly strapped into his car seat. Not only did the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge get in trouble for not having the newborn Prince strapped in correctly, but people were also up in arms about the fact that the royal parents failed to turn the car seat so it faced backwards, not forwards, as it should be for children under the age of two. It just goes to show that even the poshest, most celebrated couple can sometimes get it wrong. Let’s hope they get it right for their next royal baby.

5 Kourtney Kardashian - Her High Rolling Kids Are In Danger

Earlier this year, Kourtney Kardashian came under some serious fire when she posted this pic of her two kids on top of a Mercedes G-Wagon on Instagram. People were quick to critique the reality TV star, not only for her distasteful flaunting of wealth, but also for being a reckless parent letting her small children climb around on top of a tall car. Children crawling on top of any car is pretty dangerous, but it’s even worse when it’s a vehicle that’s as high off the ground as this one. People weren’t impressed with Kourtney’s need to document this moment on social media, and accused her of being an irresponsible parent. It looks like the Kardashians could definitely use some parenting tips, because they clearly aren’t as perfect as they try and make themselves out to be.

4 Dina Lohan - Going Hard With Her Daughter

Lindsay Lohan’s downward spiral into chaos has been well documented and her days as the number-one Hollywood party girl are still spoken of regularly. While most parents would be concerned about their child being so irresponsible and getting in so much life-threatening trouble, LiLo’s mom Dina didn’t seem particularly fussed about her daughter’s dangerous behaviour. In fact, Dina took the opportunity to party right alongside Lindsay, and didn’t seem to care whether or not she was setting a good example for her daughter. Dina has been accused before of being a crazy stage mom who used her famous child to get into Hollywood hotspots and seemed to care little if her daughter was spiralling out of control. It seems the saying “like mother, like daughter” has never been more true than with these two.

3 Jennifer Lopez - The limelight Is More Important Than Her Daughter

Jennifer Lopez is a busy working mom and for the most part, her parenting hasn’t come under much criticism. That being said, everyone has an off-day, including J.Lo. It’s no secret that Jennifer Lopez is one of the biggest stars in the world, and as such, she’s used to being in the limelight. However, maybe she’s so used to being the center of attention that she forgets that she has other priorities besides having her picture snapped. This photo shows J.Lo working the camera, posing in all her glory, while her daughter Emme seems to be wanting her attention. From this picture, it looks like the singer has no time for her attention-seeking daughter, and is much too focused on getting the perfect shot than attending to her child. She may have sung about how she “Ain’t Your Mama,” but maybe she needs reminding that she is the mama to baby girl Emme.

2 Amanda Holden - Dressed Her Daughter Up Like Prostitute

We all know and love the movie Pretty Woman, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if it were your favourite rom-com of all time. However, it’s safe to say that despite being a great film, it’s not exactly appropriate for all audiences, especially children. While the story of a prostitute-turned-princess is great and all, it’s not exactly the best thing to try and emulate, especially on a kid. That’s why people were aghast when pictures were revealed showing Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden’s 9-year-old daughter dressed up like Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman. Holden received immediate backlash from people who didn’t think that dressing her daughter up as the famous film hooker was appropriate. Apparently the picture was taken down swiftly after it was posted on social media, but even so, this shocking picture is still around to bring shame to Holden’s parenting choices.

1 DJ Khaled - Compromised His Son's Health

When DJ Khaled introduced Ed Sheeran on stage at this year’s iHeartRadio Awards, he had a little extra help from his 4-month-old son Asahd. While the father-son pair was adorable to watch, people couldn’t help but notice that DJ Khaled hadn’t put any protective headphones on his baby. In such a huge, noisy crowd of people, it’s usually recommended to keep such a young baby’s ears safe by having some kind of protection over the ears, but Asahd was brought out with any kind of such headgear. A baby’s ears are highly sensitive to noise, and it’s quite possible that damage can be done if they’re not protected. Let’s just hope baby Asahd is ok and wasn’t hurt by the irresponsible decision. It looks like DJ Khaled is a proud but ultimately inexperienced dad.

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