15 Of The World's Most Jaw-Dropping Pools

Travelers and explorers will definitely want to visit these sights and attractions. Because that's what they are really, sights to behold. You won't see anything like your average hotel pool on this list – oh no! When you usually go on holiday you can expect a somewhat grimy pool area and when you jump into the freezing cold waters there'll be leaves and an old Band-Aid floating past you're head. That's certainly not the case in these luxurious spots.

You won't believe your eyes when you see some of these breathtaking pools. Some are set in the most scenic places in the world. Some provide an element of danger or an experience unlike any other you could have anywhere else. Others are so lavish you could never dream of being in such a place. All of them are really insane!

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15 Hanging Gardens, Ubud

This pool in Bali is probably the most famous in the world. Travel bloggers certainly like it – it featured on Condé Nast Traveler’s list of ‘The Best Swimming Pools in the World’ and was branded number one on Trip Advisor’s list of ’10 Jaw-Dropping Hotel Pools’. It's easy to see why. The resort's split-level infinity pool is just dazzling and is set in some super scenic surroundings in the middle of the Ubud jungle. The lower pool features a private floating deck where you can have your wedding and even a private honeymoon experience – the resort's website doesn't say if you're allowed to get frisky under the waterfall or not though.

14 Luxury Infinity Pool, Mexico


This stunning image has been shared far and wide across the internet among those with #poolenvy. The specific location and any more information on the pool is however a lot more difficult to find. We do know that the pool is somewhere in Mexico and that it wasn't created by a master architect, but rather Parisian fashion designer Marcel Marongiu. So style clearly comes naturally to Marongui in all aspects of design. The infinity pool's asymmetry is unique, and you can only imagine the breathtaking views you would be treated to during a swim along the main stretch.

13 Gold Energy Pool, The St. Regis Lhasa Resort


Is this not the most decadent pool you have ever seen? Guests at The St. Regis in the Chinese city of Lhasa can take a dip in the Gold Energy Pool which is decorated with 24-karat gold leaves secured by crystals. A visit to the pool is also accompanied by the most luxurious of poolside treatments, foot massages and nibbles on the cabana-style seating. Spectacular views of the Himalaya Palace and the resort's lake add to the grandeur of the place. We can only dream of being able to afford to stay somewhere so fancy.

12 Lagoon Villa, Bali


Usually when you go on holiday you have to walk all the way from your hotel room to the pool, you might have to take some stairs or at least trudge across the tiles in your flip-flops. That's not the case if you stay at this exceptional villa on the Indonesian island of Bali. The 60-meter lagoon-inspired pool surrounds Lagoon Villa. The intention is to make guests feel at one with nature in the open-air pool right outside your door. So essentially you can drop right into the pool whenever feel like it.

11 The Cambrian, Adelboden


The views from the heated outdoor pool at this Swiss spa resort are UNBELIEVABLE. It's surrounded by picturesque valleys and mountains that are just wow! As well as gazing in awe at the surrounding scenery you can get some pretty amazing spa treatments at The Cambrian such as a body scrub with mountain salt crystals, along with the kind of stuff you would expect from a spa, massages and more. So would you rather look at the pretty mountains from a glorious hot pool or tumble down them on a ski trip? That's an easy decision.

10 Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


How do you think it would feel to “swim on top of the world”? This is exactly the experience that the Marina Bay Sands infinity pool in Singapore boasts. The Sands Skypark has an observation deck, bars and restaurants and a pool with panoramic views of the city. So as long as you're not deathly afraid of heights, you can go up to the 57th floor and swim in a 150-meter pool that overlooks the city. At these dizzying heights you can see the tops of the skyscrapers. Just imagine the selfies you could take!?

9 Y-40, Padova


If you fancy yourself more of an adventurous type then the world's deepest diving pool is where you want to be. This terrifying fathomless pool is meant for scuba diving rather than swimming. It was built in 2014 and overtook Brussels' Nemo 33 as the deepest pool across the globe. At this dedicated diving facility in Italy you can train with instructors in a shallower pool and take to the deeper pool when you're experienced enough. The Guiness-World-Record-breaking waters are 40 meters deep, hence its name. Eek!

8 Hotel Unique, Sao Paulo


What better way to take a reprise from the blazing Brazilian sun than in a rooftop pool. The Skye bar above Hotel Unique has a pool that's frequented by party-goers all the way into the evening. Guests can take in the view of Ibirapuera park and the city's skyline with cocktails in hand. The fact that the pool is lit up in crimson adds to the atmospheric appeal of the spot. The hotel itself is also interesting, it has an utterly unique avant-garde design that's as wonderful as the cocktails served in the bar – many believe it kind of looks like a piece of watermelon.

7 Arena Badeschiff, Berlin


Berlin is a city that's hugely popular with hipsters and this pool is certainly a hipster's dream. The pool is plonked in the river Spree in front of Arena Berlin and next to a beach bar. In the summer you can play volleyball, drink beers or cocktails, grill and chill. Adding to the hipster feel of the pool it was created by converting a barge. Sometimes they have yoga on the deck next to the Badeschiff which you would imagine is very relaxing. But more importantly there's an events calendar packed full of parties for the summer.

6 San Alfonso del Mar, Chile


Let us present to you the largest swimming pool in the world! It pretty much looks like a lake, it's so big. The one-kilometer-long pool at San Alfonso Del Mar is the current Guiness World Record holder. But it's not just one boring really long swimming pool, the gigantic body of water contains smaller pools, a dock for kayaks and mini sail boats, a pyramid pool, a jacuzzi and a water trampoline. In case you didn't know, San Alfonso del Mar is a private resort with apartments and beaches close to Santiago. How long do you think it would take to get from one end of the pool to the other?

5 The Library, Koh Samui


Here's another award-winning pool for us to marvel at. It's admittedly very cool. The hotel lies on the beach front on the Thai island of Koh Samui and was set up by local Kasemtham Sornsong and designer Tirawan Songsawat. Its pool was voted one of the most spectacular in the world by both Trip Advisor and CNN. What makes it so special is the red colouring, created by the reflection of the mosaic floor. It's definitely worth a visit if you're looking for a more sophisticated and elegant space during your trip to Thailand, rather than partying the night away with backpackers.

4 The Mardan Palace, Antalya


This gigantic pool is certainly a Turkish delight. It might be a little bit over the top for some people's tastes but you can't argue that the pool at Antalya's Mardan Palace is special. In the centre there's a bridge that was designed by Leonardo da Vinci himself back in the 15th Century. There's also a huge fish tank within the pool, which might be amazing or might just be a bit strange. And finally there's a water street that surrounds it that's home to the “Sultan’s Golden Horn Gondola”. The hotel's interior is just as ridiculously lavish as its outdoor pool, there's even a VIP spa.

3 Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas


This pool is insane on a whole other level. It plays host to some wild pool parties every single week, with scantily clad chicks and other posers as guests. The party, called Rehab, starts at 11.00 am and continues throughout the whole day. Utter debauchery is on the menu, you only have to look at the pictures on the hotel's Facebook page. The parties are popular with celebrities and DJs, and celebrity DJs.

2 Crocosaurus Cove, Darwin


Forget the relaxing pool experience, what you really want is to be surrounded by 200 crocodiles right? Daredevils have the chance to take a dive with the reptilian beasts as part of the aptly named attraction “cage of death”. The pool in the city of Darwin is the only one of its kind throughout Australia. The experience involves being dangled like bait from a monorail and lowered into a pool with the crocs. When you're in, the handlers will then proceed to provoke more movement from the crocodiles. It all seems a tad dangerous, would you be brave enough to dive with crocodiles?

1 The Joule, Dallas TX


This pool, situated in Dallas TX, is a little closer to home. The pool at The Joule Hotel extends all the way over the edge of the building. This way you get a fantastic view of busy Main Street below while you swim. The pool, designed by Adam D. Tihany, isn't quite as extravagant as many of the others on this list being quite small. However, it provides hotel guests with an experience like no other allowing you to swim past the building's edge

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