15 Of The Steamiest Photos Of Our Favourite TV Moms

TV moms have been at the center of our favorite series' for ages. Almost every family drama features a loveable, fierce and hot mom. These women are often admired for their ability to raise their families, while looking great and keeping it all together. Although TV is not always representative of real life, we look to these moms with admiration and respect. They are no-nonsense types; taking no bull from anyone. A little bit naughty and a little bit nice, they keep our attention with witty remarks, silly situations and entertaining scenarios. Our favorite shows would be nothing without their strong, passionate and successful momma bears at the forefront.

Our generation can't get enough of hot moms. Motherhood is making a major comeback, and people are catching on. What was once seen as mundane and run-of-the-mill is now recognized and praised as being hard and legitimate work. Mothers are respected more than ever, and their devotion to their families is proving to be a hot topic. The following mommas have definitely caught our eye over the years, with their beauty, brains and brawn. It's hard to pick a favorite, so we're giving you many to pick from. Here are 15 Of The Steamiest Photos Of Our Favourite TV Moms

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15 It's Hard To Compete With Gloria Pritchett

Modern Family is one of the most successful sitcoms on TV today. In its ninth season, the show has already secured a tenth season, which will air in 2018. The popularity of Modern Family is at least partly due to the performance of Sofia Vergara, who plays hot mom, Gloria Pritchett. The fiery, silly and sometimes ridiculous Gloria is a force to be reckoned with. Gloria has two sons, and brings her sassy Columbian attitude into all of her activities. Perhaps one of the reasons that Gloria's character gained so much attention is because she is not a conventionally thin, model type. Sofia Vergara has been applauded for her body positive beliefs, and for not conforming to society's standard ideas of beauty. She is definitely a woman who proves that curvy is beautiful!

14 Niki Sanders Was Our Mom Hero

Niki Sanders was one of the most unforgettable characters on the hit TV show Heroes. Her supernatural powers, paired with her good looks, made her a fantasy dream for many fans. The single mother on the show made ends meet by working as an internet entertainer, a detail that definitely didn't hurt her appeal. Niki was mom to Micah, and her storyline focuses heavily on all of the obstacles that she had to overcome in her lifetime. An alcoholic and abusive father, and her own issues with drinking. Niki overcomes all of the hurdles, and proves that she is a super magical woman with more up her sleeve than we expected. One of our top favorite hot moms, this character is one that we are missing out on!

13 Rachel Green Was A Mom We'd Like To...Be Friends With

In the history of all TV shows, Friends will forever go down as the most classic. A show that was loved by all, it was the pinnacle of the late 90's and early 2000's, giving us a total of ten seasons, and too many quotable lines to list. Although all of the Friends ladies were great, Rachel Green was in a category of her own. Silly, smart and sweet, we fell in love with her, and her Rachel hairstyle, as soon as we set eyes on her. After keeping faithful fans on their toes for eight seasons, Rachel and Ross have a baby together, making Rachel one of the hottest TV moms we've ever seen. Their love story is a classic one, and one that we waited patiently to see in full bloom. At the end of the series, the couple are happily together, and we were able to rest easy.

12 Rayna James Will Be Fondly Remembered By Her Nashie Community

Last season on Nashville, an unexpected and tragic episode brought tears to the eyes of all the Nashies in the world. Yes, it's true, Rayna James had died after being involved in a car crash. (Hopefully by now, this is not a spoiler alert!). Her departure from the show was one that many fans just couldn't wrap their heads around. What would Nashville be without their beloved Rayna? The truth is, the show hasn't been the same since, and even with a slew of new cast members, the ghost of Rayna James is just way too hard to ignore. She was the sweetest, most caring and hottest country mom on modern day television, and definitely goes down as one of the greats!

11 Gabrielle Solis Was One Hot Housewife

Gabrielle Solis was one of our favorite characters on Desperate Housewives. It aired for 8 wonderful seasons, which came to an end in 2012. The feisty Mexican character was played by the amazing Eva Longoria. The hot mom had two daughters, Juanita and Celia, and kept fans on their toes with her mischievous tactics and fiery temper. Her performance in Season One was nominated for the Best Actress category Golden Globe Award, although she lost out to Mary-Louise Parker, who won for her performance in Weeds. This Latina had some acting roles prior to her Desperate Housewives days, but her depiction of Gaby was what really got her recognized. She has since become a household name and one of the most adored hot moms in the world.

10 Nancy Botwin Stole Hearts As She Grew Plants on Weeds

Weeds was a popular Showtime show, created by Jenji Kohan, and spanning a total of eight seasons. This green comedy revolved around the life and times of hot mom Nancy Botwin, and her experiences trying to keep her financial footing in the aftermath of a divorce. Nancy gets herself some illegal territory, which starts off innocently, and quickly snowballs into felony territory. One thing is for sure, she was one mom that was not lacking style, sassiness or looks. Her ability to outsmart her enemies, while keeping them under her spell, was her number one weapon. The show wrapped up in 2013, and we have majorly missed Nancy Botwin and her boys. The good news? The series is completely available on Netflix, so there's no reason we can't go back and relive the good times.

9 Lorelai Gilmore Was One Of TV's Original Hot Moms

Lorelai Gilmore, played by Lauren Graham, might go down as one of the most famous hot moms in television history. Her cool single parenting attitude on the classic show, Gilmore Girls, was ground-breaking and progressive for the millenium generation. Although she dated several different men throughout the shows seven seasons, her number one priority was always her daughter, Rory, played by actress Alexis Bledel. Not only did Lorelai provide a great model for young women watchers, she proved that being hot and smart are not mutually exclusive. This on-screen entrepreneurial master was able to maintain her roles as a businesswoman, and mom, effortlessly. When it comes to hot mom nostalgia, we definitely are missing the wisdom, wit and style that Lorelai Gilmore brought into our lives.

8 Jessie Anderson Is A Fearless Mom On The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead has been our generations answer to the zombie craze that has swept the world. Everywhere you look, zombie culture is on the rise. It's hit the comic book world, the movie world and The Walking Dead has given fans a television show to binge and suck their teeth into. Jessie Anderson only appeared briefly in the series, but her role was memorable. She was introduced in Season 5, and last appeared just one season later. Her character is a mom, making her somewhat of a hot zombie mom by the time she has been turned into a zombie. Played by actress Alexandra Breckenridge, this hot blonde might've looked frumpy at times in the show, but her piercing blue eyes and devotion to her son, Sam, was enough to get her a spot on this list.

7 Norma Bates Brings A Little Crazy-Town To Her Parenting

Norma Bates couldn't be described as the mother with the healthiest parenting style, but she definitely had something alluring, albeit crazy, about her. Acting as the possessive and overly protective mother to Norman Bates in A&E's Bates Motel, actress Vera Farmiga has swept us away with her incredible performance. The psychological thriller is a total trip for those who like creepy and disturbing shows and movies. Norma's demented depiction of "Mother" is as upsetting as it is incredible. Despite showing us the scary sides of the psyche, we can't help but adore this character. She sucks us in and leaves us wanting more. Her crazy ways are always paired with some really cool retro looks, too. For this reason, she gets a spot on the list.

6 Fiona Gallagher Makes Childcare Look Easy


Fiona Gallagher might not be a biological mom on her hit show Shameless, but she definitely plays the role. Acting as the main breadwinner and most responsible person in the Gallagher household, Fiona jumped into her caretaking role from the onset of the series. The Gallagher kids have proven to be a difficult bunch to parent, but no one does it better than Fiona. Not only does she have multitasking down to a fine art, she's essentially the only responsible adult in the entire household. Fiona, played by Emmy Rossum, has exactly what it takes to be hot mom material. Her fearless and upfront attitude, paired with a no nonsense approach to life has made her a fan favorite. Fiona is definitely a steamy TV mom that has got our attention.

5 Rebecca Pearson Is A Vintage Mom Who Always Looks Amazing

Since the debut of This Is Us last season, we have been completely swept away by the return of Mandy Moore. Her portrayal of matriarch extraordinaire, Rebecca Pearson, has proven to be one of the most poignant, emotional and deep performances of her entire career. Not only is Rebecca relatable, she is admirable for her strength, charisma and grace. Her family means everything to her, and she is a fierce momma bear that you wouldn't want to come head to head with. Not only is she a mom genius, she is one of the most naturally beautiful women on television; her minimal makeup and natural hair take nothing away from her beauty. Rebecca Pearson is one of the hottest moms on TV this year, and we just can't get enough of This Is Us. 

4 Kirsten Cohen Heated Up The O.C.

Who doesn't remember the days when The O.C. was our guiltiest pleasure? From 2003 to 2007, this show was the highlight of our lives. We drooled over Kid Chino, and soaked in the Californian teen dream that seemed way too perfect to be real. Seth Cohen's hot yet troubled mom, Kirsten, was one of the main characters on the show. Her struggles included maintaining the appearance of a seemingly perfect life, while battling alcoholism and a sometimes rocky marriage. She takes in Ryan Atwood, troubled teen extraordinaire, as her own son, and has to deal with the ups and downs that come with that. Although she wasn't perfect, she was relatable, kind and super motherly. She goes down in our books as one of the best TV moms in history.

3 Alicia Florrick Showed Us How To Look Hot On The Job

Alicia Florrick is more than just mom goals. Her fierce and professional demeanor had us suffering from some major jealousy pangs. Not only was Alicia the epitome of smart, she was stylish, calm and super cool. Her ability to win cases, survive 16 hour days and still manage to be put together and fancy? She was a force to be reckoned with. This woman didn't crumble when her husband was having an affair. She stood strong when her lover was shot and killed. She didn't bend when her firm was in trouble and she had to take on smaller, more menial jobs to take care of her family. A modern woman that we respected for many reasons, Alicia goes down in history as one of the hottest moms. She was definitely the mom with the best professional wardrobe.

2 Betty Draper Gave Us A Reason To Be Mad About The 60's

Mad Men was one of our favorite shows, and not just because Don Draper was so dreamy. The cute men and journey through New York City in the 1960's was cool, but there was another reason we tuned in each week. The fierce ladies, and their amazing clothes, of course! Betty Draper was Don Draper's estranged wife, who had a plethora of personal problems. Despite her demons, Betty always looked the part of the poised 60's princess. Her clothes, makeup and hair were always spot on. Not to mention, she had class. This lady was the perfect addition to any dinner party or event. She was sure to look elegant and be polite and kind to everyone she crossed paths with. There were times when she didn't behave like the best role model for her kids, but she still did her best to keep things together.

1 Quinn Fabray Was A Modern Day Teenage Cheerleader Mom

Quinn Fabray was one of the most memorable characters on the hit TV show Glee. The hot cheerleading captain gained popularity when she became a teenage mom, but put her daughter up for adoption to continue her schooling and teenage life. Later on in the series, she tries to get full custody of her daughter,  but gives up the fight when she realizes that her little girl is better off with her adoptive mother. Although Quinn didn't gain much mothering experience firsthand, she still gets a spot on the list for being our generation's version of motherhood. Her experiences were totally fathomable and that made her character feel more real. Even if she was coined the mean girl, we couldn't help but love watching her scenes.

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