15 Of The Sexiest Red Carpet Goddesses

Oh, the fashion of the red carpet; Glamorous, over the top, and, yes, sometimes fearless. A celebrity’s style is often put to the test during this short walk. And while some seem to flounder, others never miss the mark. How do these ladies always know the next trend? How do they always get it right? How do they always know how to make a lasting impression during this pseudo catwalk? The right stylist, makeup artist, and glam squad all play their part. But for now, let’s give it up for these ladies who seem to always pull it off.

15 Beyonce


She’s not called Queen Bey for nothing! Beyonce seems to make every look come alive. She can pull off classic in a long fitted gown and polished hair. She can pull off edgy with a blunt bob, waves, and a leather ensemble. And she can even pull off daring with a high pony tail and a sheer, nude dress that gives the illusion of having only sparkly jewels covering her most private parts. And what do we like most about Beyonce? She does it all with confidence. Every time.

14 Jennifer Lopez


Love her or hate her, she makes a lasting impression. Jennifer may not always get the best ratings from the fashion police, but she is memorable. Her look is never like the rest. It takes courage to always be a stand out; Especially knowing critics are just waiting to find fault. And even though the “fashion experts” may not always approve, Jenny from the block’s wardrobe is always a fan favorite.

13 Taylor Swift


It may have taken awhile for this country turned pop super star to find her fashion mojo, but when she did, she unleashed a gorgeous fashionista. Taylor went from charming country teen to world class entertainer, and the transformation is visually apparent through her red carpet appearances over the years. From simple and sweet, to sleek and sophisticated, to trendy with a bit of edge, you never really know what look Taylor will pull off next.

12 Selena Gomez


Taylor’s BFF, Selena, has also had her own style transformation throughout the years. Always age appropriate, Selena has managed to make a fantastically smooth journey from cute teen idol to seductive young songstress. Her dark eye makeup and long, silky locks complete her all grown up look.

11 Jennifer Aniston


Jen Aniston may not have a lot of variety with her looks. She’s known for being effortlessly sleek. Her hair may be down and only lightly styled, she may have less makeup on than the many other glam ladies around her, and her dress is probably a classic piece that fits like a glove; and somehow she always looks ten times more put together than the woman with the elaborate updo, red lip, and blingy accessories. How does she do it? We may never know…but I’m pretty certain others on the carpet envy her seemingly effortless style as she glides by.

10 Sofia Vergara


Sofia Vergara is one example of the total package. She’s sexy, she’s funny, she’s talented, and she’s smart. She fully commits to the completely glammed out look all of the time. If you’re looking for that va va voom on the red carpet, you can count on Sofia to bring it.

9 Katy Perry


Katy Perry is another starlet who doesn’t always please the fashion critics, but tends to be a favorite of the general public. Why? Because she different. Her looks are a fun and refreshing break from the typical beaded floor length gown. And while she is known for her outrageous looks, Ms. Perry can also pull off beautifully sophisticated with the best of them; proving she is truly fearless when it comes to fashion.

8 Kerry Washington


Like her character on Scandal, Kerry’s style can be a bit controversial at times. Often, you will find the style experts arguing over whether her look belongs on the worst dressed or best dressed list. There is no in between. Not afraid to switch up her look, Kerry can make typically sweet pastels look glamorous or stand out in a timeless piece. One of the best parts about her red carpet appearances? You never know what look she’s going to try next.

7 Lady Gaga


Wait! Wait! Don’t click off the page yet. Let me just explain first. What makes Lady Gaga a red carpet goddess is her incredible transformation. I mean, let’s face it. Gaga went from downright weird and bizarre to suddenly showing up on the carpets in one of the most stunningly classic old Hollywood inspired looks. Her transformation happened so quickly and was so drastic that she was completely unrecognizable. Now THAT is shocking in an absolutely fabulous way.

6 Christina Hendricks


Here comes more of that va va voom we all love. Christina has a way of showing off her curves while remaining completely classy. She reminds us of the sexy ladies of the Hollywood Golden Age who were able to flaunt what they had, while still leaving something to the imagination. Not only is Christina one of the hottest women on the carpet, she’s also a great example of a woman who isn’t afraid to show that she doesn’t have the “typical Hollywood” body type. And we all love it!

5 Rihanna


The queen of edge, Rihanna’s looks are usually high fashion. Somehow she makes that runway look you would “never, ever wear” look completely doable. Not only doable, but “oh my gosh, how do I get that look?!” fantastic. Then, before you can even do an online search for comparable pieces available in stores, she switches it up again with natural makeup and a fluffy pink gown. And somehow manages to look more like royalty and less like a cupcake. I’m not quite sure how she pulls that off…but I think it maybe magic.

4 Blake Lively


Since she burst on the scene, Blake Lively has made a name for herself in the fashion world. Akin to a younger SJP, Blake is known for spotting trends before they are officially trends. Recently, however, she’s also starting pulling off a very alluring red carpet look. Something very different that her usual, natural Cali girl ways. No matter what look she’s sporting she tends to make it work.

3 Jennifer Lawrence


I’m pretty sure every female wants Jennifer Lawrence to be her bff. She’s down to earth, funny, and overall seems pretty genuine. But that’s not the only reason. Many of us ladies would like to also raid her closet. While she does keep it casual on her day to day, this girl knows how to clean up when she hits the red carpet. And even though she may trip walking up the steps while accepting an award, she still somehow manages to look completely graceful – like she is showing off her gown in a fashion editorial kind of way.

2 Lupita Nyong'o


Lupita is a stunner. There’s no other way to put it. She is constantly creating those “gasp” moments for fashion lovers everywhere. And not because she’s under dressed or flashing something she shouldn’t. She continually arrives completely flawless with striking looks time and time again. She manages to have her own dazzling style without having to go over the top to get it.

1 Joan Rivers


We couldn’t have this list without the late and great Joan Rivers. No, she may not have always been the most stylish, but admit it, she MADE the red carpet. She brought interest in the red carpet arrivals and fashion to the mainstream population and media. She may not have always been nice. And maybe some didn’t think her biting jokes were funny. But, without Joan, the carpet definitely lacks a certain pizzazz.

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