15 Of The Most Steamy Cops On TV

We like to think that the life of many law enforcement officials is more than just eating too many boxes of doughnuts and giving innocent drivers speeding tickets. Okay, we admit that maybe we did speed just a little through that school zone that one time. Unlike the bad image of cops that society has gotten from movies, many of those who enter the police academy are admirable and upstanding people we aspire to be like.

Also, we would like to point out that people who take their physical training in the police academy seriously and stay away from the doughnuts are simply a delight to behold. Honestly, the biceps on some policemen are more lethal than any pistol, and the perkiness of everything on some of the more athletic policewomen we have seen makes us think seriously about joining the police force.

To have a real impact on the community and to get physical training that makes us look bangin’ hot in a cocktail dress is the ultimate goal. To prove our point, we have chosen some of the hottest fictional cops portrayed on TV. We think this will put us all on the same page about the issue.

15 Captain Kate Beckett Captivates - Glamorous Looks And A Go-Getter Attitude

Kate Beckett usually looks like she might have just come from a beauty pageant. However, she interrogates deranged killers, corrupt politicians and street thugs as if she has instead just come out of a lifetime of training for a match in a WWE fighting ring.

She might have a petite figure and a waistline that looks great cinched in anything, but she is a tough cop with a strong kick and the ability to make an angry face that Hulk Hogan himself could never match.

In real life, she is the type of friend we always hope to have around when we are looking for someone to do our makeup, give us hairstyling tips, or someone to serve as our badass bodyguard when our car is being shot up.

14 Officer Andy McNally Wears the Blue Like a Pro in Rookie Blue

One reason we like Officer Andy McNally is because she is the type of cop who relates to ordinary people. We love that she loves the citizens of her town and wants to serve the community.

Another reason we love her is because she also happens to look gorgeous in a cop’s uniform. Honestly, who can pull off a cap and that boxy, blue suit the way she does? Sure, we would love to be as empathetic as she is, but we also wouldn’t mind if we could just have the looks and the build to look good in anything we wear.

She is basically just another sexy cop who could make us seriously consider a job in the police force if we knew we would look as hot she does on the job.

13 Officer Kono Kalakaua - Dangerously Good At Wielding Her

We could write an entire essay on the reasons why we think Officer Kono Kalakaua is such a hot cop. For one, she has the athletic build of a surfer — and that is nothing to sneeze at for those of us who live in or dream of living in Hawaii.

We would gladly become a cop simply to have a body that is always bikini-ready like hers appears to be, but then we would be overlooking the other reasons she makes such a hot cop.

There is — of course — her feisty attitude that once moved her to throw down her gun and fight a knife-wielding sex trafficker hand-to-hand after rescuing his traumatized victims. Then, there is also the fact that she can shoot just about any target from great distances with a rifle. We are impressed, Officer Kalakaua.

12 Detective Chloe Decker Looks Divine Solving Murders

We all have the hots for the blue-eyed, funny girl that is Detective Chloe Decker. On a side note, we are also slightly jealous that she looks like she might have just walked out of a pink Mattel box and also has a shining personality to boot.

While most of us may have fallen for her because of her pretty face, she holds us captive with that sense of humor that all of us would likely need to cope with daily life as a murder detective.

Honestly, we think it takes a lot of grit to have a job as serious as that, and we love watching Detective Decker handle it with a smile on her face and a great sense of humor that keeps her pretty upbeat. It takes a fairly dedicated cop to do that with the devil himself following her around everywhere.

11 Our Mainly Physical Attraction to Agent Derek Morgan

We will say it outright and we do not care what the world has to say about it: We love FBI agent Derek Morgan mostly because he is a smooth-talking man with the body of an Adonis and a smile that could make a sinner scream Hallelujah!. Even if we do love him mostly for his next-level sex appeal, we confess that it’s not just a physical thing.

He is also a very pious man who has a deep appreciation for his work and a great respect for other people. In these times, we love seeing any law enforcement official who has the kind of respect for his position that Agent Derek Morgan has. In a perfect world, all highway patrolmen who give out speeding tickets would look as stunning as he does.

10 Chief Examiner Maura Isles's Flawless Beauty

Maura Isles has the personality of someone that fits in the adult world about as well as Big Bird might fit in at a cocktail party — and that is just one of the reasons why we love her so much. She doesn’t let her status as a highly skilled chief medical examiner turn her into an arrogant person on a power trip.

Her genius as a scientist only makes her all the more socially awkward, and that is only one of her greatest qualities. We have to say that her style is impeccable, whether she’s sporting scrubs and latex gloves with a glowing smile and wavy locks in the exam room, or a dress and boots on a breezy day. The hottest thing about Chief Maura Isles is that she doesn’t know or care that she is so damn fine.

9 Temperance Brennan - Her Cold Attitude Gets Us Hot

We know that Temperance Brennan’s analytical skills are always on point. We want to say that sometimes it makes her come off as a bit of a know-it-all without much emotional attachment to other people. Then again, we secretly suspect that we might actually be a little bit jealous — okay, we are very jealous — of her ability to be a master of forensic science and still manage to look ready for a photo shoot.

It isn’t enough that she has a complexion nice enough to challenge any runway model. No, we have to deal with watching her be beautiful and have a capacity for science that every medical student aspires to. If that is what the police academy churns out, we want to know where the sign-up sheet is.

8 Officer Chris Diaz Has Nice Guns of a Different Kind

Officer Chris Diaz is a different type of cop from the rest that may appear on this list. He knows the in’s and out’s of being a cop, and he appears to have great respect for his position. Still, he often finds himself in some compromising situations, including drugs at one point and sleeping with a superior’s wife at another.

We know he may not be the most honorable person on our list, but we certainly appreciate some of his other assets. What he lacks in integrity, he makes up for with his athletically-inclined stature (read: he has a nice butt).

Maybe we are a little bad for enjoying his guns more than we appreciate his mind, but who can judge us? We may or may not — but probably will — be watching Rookie Blue tonight to satisfy our craving for this sweet, sweet eye candy.

7 Detective Jane Rizzolli’s Sexy Confidence on Rizzoli & Isles

While her colleague — Maura Isles — has a wealth of knowledge about the scientific world, Jane Rizzoli excels in the department of emotional intelligence. We aspire to achieve her vast capacity for reading a situation and making snap decisions that often lead her to save lives — while looking like a total badass in heels, we might add.

She has the kind of confidence that — at one point — even motivated her to jump over the edge of a bridge into the murky waters below to save someone without pausing to question what might happen to her.

We kind of hate her for being so flawless, but we all know we want that perfect combination of confidence and selflessness that she wears like a badge, and we certainly appreciate those in law enforcement who are of the same caliber.

6 Captain Sarah Essen Champions Justice And Looks Good Doing It

There is no doubt that Officer Jim Gordon is one of Gotham’s hottest heroes. We have no shame in fawning over his perfect jawline and perky backside as he busts Gotham City’s baddies where it hurts.

However, we think it’s time to take a moment to bask in the beauty of the captain of the GCPD: Sarah Essen. She wields a straightforward, take-no-sh*t boldness with poise that captivates us from the moment she first appears.

But she really captures our heart when she shows her integrity as a cop in the first season. This confirms her right to serve as the captain of the GCPD and to help Gordon in his fight against crime bosses and corrupt politicians. If we were running a campaign against the most corrupt in our city, we would certainly want to look as fabulous as Captain Essen while doing it.

5 Detective Rosa Díaz - Equally Captivating and Secretive

It doesn’t matter to us that Detective Rosa Díaz is such a ridiculously sarcastic person who often loses her patience with uncooperative, inanimate electronic devices — which she has a tendency to beat with her bare hands or whatever weapon happens to be nearby.

In fact, it is precisely because of her sarcasm and short temper that we are in love with Detective Díaz. Her characteristic noir ensembles match the mysterious quality about this cop with a killer smile.

We know that her snappy comebacks and dark sense of humor may make her come off as emotionally distant at times, but that is exactly how she hooks us and keeps us wanting more. Also, we hope she never stops sporting that all-black wardrobe she wears better than we ever could. Keep slaying, Detective Díaz.

4 Officer Renee Montoya Retakes Gotham's Streets And Jim Gordon’s Fiancé

Captain Sarah Essen is not the only policewoman who looks pretty cleaning up the streets of Gotham City. Officer Renee Montoya gives Jim Gordon and Sarah Essen a run for their money while fighting political corruption from within and taking down every bad cop in the process. We know her fierce determination to get the goons out of Gotham’s police force is enough to win our admiration, but we must give honorable mention to that stern look in her eyes that makes us put our hands up and beg for mercy.

We would gladly surrender and turn ourselves in for a cop with a gaze as alluring as hers. Still, we have to say that she doesn’t exactly rank very high on our list of role models, given her determination to ruin the cute, loving relationship between Barbara Kean and Jim Gordon.

3 Lieutenant Olivia Benson - A Stunning Smile For SVU

We don’t just love Lieutenant Olivia Benson because she wears a damn good smoky eye and has a smile that makes her seem like someone we would really want to have as our mom or best friend. We also love her because she kicks so much butt as a cop and still manages to make time to be home with her kid to watch cartoons and eat ice cream on the weekend. Come on, how cute is that?

Plus, she still looks hotter than some of us did even in our mid-twenties, and she can outrun and outfight people half her age. Why would you not want a butt-kicking cop like her for our mom — or your girlfriend? Let us take a moment to appreciate just awesome hot mom cops like her truly are.

2 Sheriff Ani Bezzerides Entices Us with Her Tough Attitude

With her tomboyish attitude, Sheriff Ani Bezzerides seems like one of the guys, and she can certainly fight and sling a knife around better than most any other guy on True Detective. For those of us who have ever had a truly horrible experience like some of the victims we see in this series — or just working retail — we have wished at one point or another that we had the kind of grit and badass fighting skills that Sheriff Bezzerides has.

Also, all the knife-slinging she practices in her workouts seems to be doing a much better job at keeping her backside perky than any of those Zumba classes appear to be doing for most of us in the real world. We are really wondering where we can learn the workout routine for a cop if we can look as good as Sheriff Bezzerides.

1 Fargo’s Police Chief Gloria Burgle Takes Charge - And She Does It So Well

Chief Gloria Burgle is hot enough to hold a place in our top spot, but we don’t give it to her simply for that. It’s not because she is tougher than — or even as tough as — some of our previous selections who throw bad guys against walls and force confessions out of them.

No, we give her the top spot because we relate to her in a way that we do not relate to our other picks. We understand those moments when she seems to question whether her actions have any real impact on the world.

Watching her contend with her doubts and the dysfunctional world around her is a challenge regular people everywhere understand, and that is why we love her enough to give her the top spot of TV’s hottest cop!

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