15 Of The Cringiest Mom Selfies

We live in a rather strange time – a time in which mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and sometimes even grandmas, grandpas, and babies have tiny computers with cameras built in. They carry these around in their purses and pockets, and in a world that can often seem increasingly isolating and lonely, snapping a picture of themselves and posting it on the ole World Wide Web can feel something like connection.

The problem is that not everyone pauses and thinks before posting.

To all moms out there, live that life, and don’t let any person or article decide what’s right and what’s wrong. It all goes by fast, and people must inevitably be led by their own decision-making powers.

But in case anyone is a little curious, we have gathered here today 15 of the cringiest mom selfies out there, perhaps to provide food for thought in how we approach this whole constant-technology thing.

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15 Embracing That Postpartum Bod


Some would call it an embarrassment or unfit to share. Others, however, would call it body positivity, normalizing the, well, normal, and sending a beacon of hope to fellow women across the world. Confidence is good. Women should embrace it if they have it and never let anyone tell them they are not good enough for any reason, right?

14 Something's Not Quite Right About This


This little gem is a popular one across the good ole’ Internet, and it’s because it’s really kind of hard to believe. It’s just that most people don’t associate skintight black lingerie with pre-teen daughters. I know this isn’t technically a selfie, but I think it was going to be until the mom decided it would look “better” if someone else took it.

13 When You Have To Pick Up Your Kid From Preschool With A Migraine

The Mom of the Year

Has anyone else out there felt like this before? I am willing to bet that everyone has once or twice. Yes, that’s right: You don’t truly know the pleasure of a bad headache or morning after (or in this case, straight up migraine!) until you’ve experienced one of these while fulfilling your mom pick-up/drop-off duties.

12 Somebody Liked Sisqo A Little Too Much #ThongSong


I do not think I’ll ever be able to see blue satin-stretch fabric again without being a little traumatized all over again. It looks like this gal set the phone up a struck her interesting little pose, but then guess who popped up into the frame of the picture? Oops.

11 Seeing Life Through A Burgundy-Colored Lens

Mother's Milk

Well, this mom certainly looks happy! And many new moms out there would probably say good for her for not being ashamed to be a, well, human. She is clearly finding the humor in the situation and decided she better capture it on camera. (Think the glass is really bigger than the kid’s head or is it just a perspective thing?)

10 A Selfie Of What???

Runt of the Web

Sorry if this one is a little blurry, folks, but this one really did make us cringe, and we couldn’t really NOT include it. The phone is ‘90s. The bathing suit is ‘90s. The hairstyle? Same. And just WHAT is this tan woman taking a picture of with that little silver flip phone? (Please say tan lines, please say tan lines…)

9 When You Call Yourself “Fake And Awkward”


Clearly, this poor mom was trying to poke fun of herself after trying the whole selfie thing and feeling that it just didn’t quite work out. In fact, she sort of sums up the spirit of this little list we’ve gathered here today: Some people just don’t GET the whole idea of taking a picture of yourself to then post here and there.

8 It’s All In The Hat – And The Expression


Hey, nice hat! This mom, too, seems to be creating a certain comedic look on purpose. Step one: Come across a ridiculous hat at the mall. Step two: Put it on to embarrass your kids. Step three: Realize your kids aren’t actually there right now but you can certainly still post the picture to virtually embarrass them.

7 Going For Cheeky, Resulting In Icky


I do not know the backstory of this photo, but I could easily guess one: Mom frequently carries baby around in a front pack. Mom notices that her legs and rear quickly benefit from this physical challenge. Mom wants to capture the fruits of her labor on camera. The problem? She is still wearing the baby.

6 Diaper-Clad Son Takes Selfie When Parents Are Incapable


In an embrace that has TMI written all over it, this couple poses. Unable, apparently, to actually take a photo of themselves, they enlist the help of the youngster seen in the mirror in the background. Sweet family moment, right? Except for mom’s outfit was somewhat lacking on the bottom.

5 This Sends A Weird Message


This is another shot that has been rather widely circulated because, well, I think you can see for yourself. It’s quite a pose this person is striking, and we’re not sure exactly what she’s trying to convey, be it a bad-girl “oops!” look or a jaded yawn…

But we do know that when you have a matching striped crop top and miniskirt, it’s hard to let it sit in the drawer for 9 months.

4 Note Kid Falling In Tub In Background While Mom Smiles


This cringy moment is a quite literal one, as it would appear that a kid has just slipped and fallen in the tub seen in the background of this mom’s mirror selfie. Yikes. But honestly, we have no way of knowing. Maybe the youngster is having a great time in there and excitedly kicking those little legs while mom responsibly watches over bath time…

3 And The Kid's Not Even Strapped In


Okay so all of the first times I was forced to look at this image, I thought it was in this mom’s house. Then I realized that the thing sticking out of the bikini bottoms is a price tag. I think we’ve got a dressing-room selfie here, folks. Junior is wailing on the sidelines from the umbrella stroller, but mom is chillin’ snapping mirror selfies – in zebra print, to boot.

2 There's A Lot Being Thrown Out Here


Well, this mom bares her teeth and strikes quite a pose while her son sits in the background. Is it just me, or is he not really having a very nice time? In fact, I don’t really think that she is, either. What exactly was this blond mother trying to capture? We may never know.

1 Get Me Outta Here!


Bathrooms and fitting rooms dot this list. I guess that’s just a pretty standard place for moms to feel the need to capture what they look like right here, right now. With kids in tow, sometimes crying in the bath, sometimes in a stroller, and sometimes just sitting there, moms have pulled out that phone and struck a pose, to quite an interesting result.

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