15 Of The Most Oddly Shaped Baby Bumps

First of all, oddity is in the eye of the beholder, right? Or something like that? And so we proceed in this pursuit with that much in mind. It is not about criticizing. Oh, no. It’s about celebrating.

The bump is a glorious thing. Sometimes it has tiger stripes. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it pokes out like a huge mountain from an itty-bitty frame. Sometimes it’s hard to tell a gal is expecting a child even up toward week 40.

It’s called diversity, people, and my, oh my, is it a beautiful thing.

I remember the first time I was pregnant a handful of years ago now just scouring the Internet for pictures of what baby bumps were “supposed” to look like at any given week. The answer? Whatever the heck they want. Live ya life, bumps!

And readers? Check out 15 of the most oddly shaped baby bumps.

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15 When Your Unborn Baby Is Training In Karate (And It’s Captured On Camera)


The perfect outline is quite surreal… That little foot, just as we so often see preserved in ceramic form or stamped onto a hospital-provided piece of parchment (and stashed lovingly in a baby book). Man, I saw bulging butts and elbows protruding from my tum, but never anything this clear! Amazing!

14 To The Left, To The Left


Mine totally did this sometimes, too – see, the bump is an ever-changing thing. It’s nature. It shifts. It grows (and that, my friends, is the biggest understatement, like, ever). And if you gaze upon this one, you will indeed see that it sorta has a slight gangsta lean to it. What’s not to love?

13 The Sagging Bulb


Now we’re really getting into it, folks. I have never (in person, nor throughout my pregnancies) seen anything quite like this. It sort of looks like that glass thing in Beauty and the Beast that he keeps over the rose to protect it, am I right? No other term than “bulbous” would really fit here.

12 Let’s Get Right To The Point


I feel like this one needs a little sound effect or something, like beeee-ooup! It’s just poking right out there, for all the world to see! I think it’s pretty cute, if perhaps slightly unconventional. I’m also curious to know what this mama is doing with her hands while someone else provides the flash photography. Secret hope? Making a lanyard.

11 She Didn’t Know She Looked Pregnant — And Something Was Wrong


This article is all about fun. It’s all about celebration. But what about when a baby bump is… not really a baby bump? That’s right, people. The BBC reported that when people would ask this poor woman when she was due, she thought that she just looked like she’d put on too many lbs. It was later revealed that she had a massive cyst.

10 Perky And Pointed For This Petite Princess


I love this one. First of all, she looks like she’s just so young and naïve, which always provides some degree of entertainment. Then there’s that early-2000s tube top and the sort of cheerleader pose that’s happening. And the grin. But — oh wait — there’s also the absolutely MASSIVE baby bump pointing out like a lump on Barney Rubble’s head.

9 Stabbin’ And Jabbin’


Um, okay, I’m just gonna say it: She looks uncomfortable. I’m not exactly sure if this was taken while she was actually in labor or if she was just at that all-too-familiar “I can’t even breathe anymore” stage of late pregnancy, but she looks like she’s kinda done. Over it. Ready to ditch this cray bump already.

8 Taking The Cut-Out Suit To A Whole New Level


Ya know, sometimes what’s “odd” about something we see is just how perfect it is. After all, we do live in a world full of McDonald’s and sleep-deprivation and stress, so to see this little beauty (the bump, that is) peeking out from a trible-print cut-out swimsuit is just… muah! Cute. And the way it’s featured sorta makes us smile.

7 Wait A GD Minute…


What happened to her after the babies were born? How many are in there? How, for the love of all things gravity, is she even, like, standing up and taking this selfie??? There are so many questions. And you know what? It’s good to feel a sense of wonder and disbelief in this day and age when we’re supposedly able to find the answer to everything on the tiny computer in our purse.

6 Finding Humor In The Situation

The Healthy Mummy

There are many good applications for googly eyes. This woman, however, clad in black cotton panties that technically still fit, wins the “best use of googly eyes ever” award. I feel honored and yes, credentialed, to bestow this award as the parent to two young children, so there you have it. It’s the off-centeredness of it all that takes it.

5 Large And Lovely And Liking That Linen Look


Many People Of The Internet may have many interesting and not-so-interesting things to say about this image. What I can’t help but giggle at, however, is the expression on her face. Like, she was going for peaceful and contemplative, I’d venture, but it turned out just sorta bored and blank. The droop, the swoop, the out-y button… So great.

4 Triplets Caused This


Normally when we see human skin of this color, we probably think something is very wrong. Is there a lack of oxygen? Is it alive? Goodness, we sure hope so. This mom’s shots of her triplet bump became pretty widely circulated, and it’s easy to see why. That thing is stretched beyond belief.

3 A Famous Figure Looking A Bit Different

Us Weekly

Full disclosure: I LOVE Kate Hudson. Okay, Idunno about all of this selling stretch pants on social media and all that, but back in the day, let’s just say Almost Famous was one of the first DVDs I ever spent my hard-earned cash on, and I have no regrets and I still love it, and also she’s enchanting. Here, she looks ready to welcome a babe!

2 Just Popping Up To Say Hello


I would get these little jabbers all the time when I was with child, as they say. It’d be an elbow or more likely a booty just sorta jabbing out. And if you think it’s interesting to see something like this, just wait until you feel it protruding from inside you. Trippiest. Thing. Ever.

1 It’s Big, It’s Bulging… It’s Glorious


The angle on this shot says EVERYTHING. It’s not even shown in profile, just at the slightest angle, and this thing is clearly bulbous, drooping slightly, and MASSIVE. The fact that this bump is rocked with hotpants in an apparent mirror selfie makes it even better.

Here’s to the bump! May it grow healthily and produce a happy baby!

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