15 Of The Most Oddly Attractive Male Celebs

Somewhere between George Clooney and Michael Cera, what is sexy has been lost and muddled by Hollywood standards. Women everywhere are fawning over male celebrities that are flat out unattractive, yet are making hearts melt with their looks because they are famous.

It doesn’t take much for a guy to go from unappealing to uber hunk. Fame is proof that a nod from the right influential person can take a guy from not to hot in one fell silver screen swoop. One day they’re bussing tables, the next they’ve caught their big break and all anyone can talk about is that new guy in the next Judd Apatow movie with the swooning good looks.

Perhaps it’s the characters they play or the fact that imperfections have a way of making a man look handsome, but their allure is undeniable and their unattractive features elicit strong knee buckling reactions from females across the board.

From the squinty-eyed appeal of Benedict Cumberbatch to the long-faced lure of Ryan Gosling, these 15 male celebrities are so unattractive they’re undeniably sexy.

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15 Ryan Gosling

via usmagazine.com

Is Ryan Gosling really that hot? Now one of the most sought-after studs in Hollywood, US Weekly reported back in 2011 that director Nick Cassevetes, who casted Gosling in The Notebook wanted him for the role because he wasn’t handsome or cool, but “just a regular guy who looks a bit nuts.” And let’s be honest – his face is long, his nose is pretty pointy and some of his haircuts have been debatable to say the least. But women are crazy for him and his uber “good looks”. Not to mention, fatherhood suits him well and just adds to his massive appeal.

14 Norman Reedus

His sunken face makes Norman Reedus more fit to play one of the walkers that he massacres each week on The Walking Dead. His lips are tiny, his hair usually looks greasy and his wiry frame does nothing in the face of hotness. Yet, there’s something about his badass poise playing character Daryl Dixon that keeps women glued to the TV screen every Sunday night on AMC. He’s got that smoldering vibe going for him (did you know he also modeled for Prada?), oh, and his six-pack doesn’t hurt either.

13 Sacha Baron Cohen

via observer.com

Cohen is just not hot. His curly Q hair and caterpillar eyebrows are definitely not sexy, although there’s something about his hilarious demeanor that makes women fawn. A funny man is hella-sexy and his portrayal of Borat, Ali G and Brüno put him on the top of the comedic world for a while there. Plus, he’s extremely tall…and who doesn’t love a tall man?

12 John Hawkes

via movpins.com

John Hawkes is slightly lemur-like in appearance, his eyes are much too close together, his nose is both bulging and pointed, and he often rocks a questionable moustache/ soul patch duo. He usually plays the creepy guy, which in itself has made him an attractive entity to the female species. And not only is Hawkes an amazing actor, he’s also been in a couple bands, which amps up his sex appeal ten fold.

11 Seth Rogen

via cultofmac.com

By societal standards, Seth Rogen is the opposite of sexy – hairy and puppy dog-like; but his hilarious Hollywood roles such as Dale Denton in Pineapple Express and Mac Radner in Neighbors have secured him a spot as a certified heartthrob. Even next to the likes of Zac Efron and Dave and James Franco, he pulls off a cuddly, funny poise that prompts knees to buckle. Not to mention, he’s Canadian, and nothing’s sexier than some homegrown talent.

10 Russell Brand

via theguardian.com

Russell Brand has long, greasy looking black hair and he bears a slight physical resemblance to Jesus Christ. Plus, he always seems to be dressed like a hobo and he was a huge a-hole to Katy Perry when he divorced her over text back in 2011. Though, there was something about his drunken, cheating ways in Forgetting Sarah Marshall that made the audience swoon – perhaps it was his sexy accent or his affinity for being a jokester, but that film sky-rocketed him to hunk of fame and he has been there ever since.

9 Benedict Cumberbatch

via huffingtonpost.com

Benedict Cumberbatch’s big head and squinty eyes are not much of a turn on; however, women have been buzzing about him more and more over the past year. Perhaps it was his striking performance in The Imitation Game or the fact that GQ named him actor of the year last September, but his nerdy looks have earned him sex symbol status as of late.

8 Rafael Nadal

via tennisdailynews.net

From first glance, Rafael Nadal wouldn’t turn any heads. He’s mousey looking, short, and his forehead juts out pretty far, protruding those bold eyebrows of his. Although his claim to fame is not Hollywood, the tennis court reigns as his big screen triumph; and as many tennis players do, he makes some questionable faces and noises on the court. But his sweaty locks, fit, tanned body and the fact that he’s one of the world’s best tennis players makes him irrefutably sexy.

7 Jason Segel

Why is Jason Segel so seemingly attractive? His forehead is huge, his eyes are way too close together and he totally has a dad bod. Yet, ladies swoon. Maybe it has something to do with his lovable character on the late How I Met Your Mother, or perhaps it’s because he wrote in his own full frontal nudity to Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Either way, a guy who’s down and comfortable with himself is downright hot.

6 Adrien Brody

That nose. Oh, that nose… and the pointy hair to match. It can take a while to get past that long schnoz, however, his slight imperfection is the reason you’re likely daydreaming about jumping into bed with him rather than a “hot, hot” celebrity like Charlie Hunnam. There’s something about him that’s quintessentially appealing and his smile is nice enough to melt a million hearts.

5 Ed Westwick

via tvafterdark.com

Westwick has a pointy nose, gecko-like face and his head is rather square. But his gap tooth is just so cute and who could ever be powerful enough to fight off the allure of his raspy, sultry voice and bad boy charm when he played Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl? And let’s not even get started on his real life British accent. Hubba, hubba.

4 Bruno Mars

via brunomars.com

Bruno Mars is short and he looks quite womanly. He also kind of looks like Michael Jackson and his puffed up hair is questionable at times. But, oh, those dance moves. His talent on stage is continuously memorable and he really seems like the sweetest guy, which immediately makes him sexy. His hipster vibe and suave getups are instant attention grabbers and when you see him you really can’t help but stare. Plus, he’s got that uptown funk.

3 Michael Cera

via latimes.com

Michael Cera is so incredibly and awkwardly dorky. He is pretty much the epitome of everything sexiness eschews, yet he has become a heartthrob that every girl wants a piece of. He’s the oddball in so many of the romantic comedies that have made girls attractive to awkwardness that he himself has become sexy. Good on him.

2 Miguel Jontel Pimentel

via bet.com

Miguel has an egg-shaped head, so his ears inevitably jut out and his forehead is quite large. Plus, his distinctive haircut is nothing to write home about. But that white, pearly smile is sure to break hearts and the raw, pureness of his music and sound of his voice is sexy as hell. Have you listened to one of his songs or seen him perform live? It is nothing short of magical.

1 Michael Phelps

via abcnews.com

The first thing most people see when they look at Michael Phelps is likely his big ears and thick brows. His large nose and small mouth come in a close second, yet that bod is so very fit and his grace in the swimming pool is enough to turn heads for days. His constant training is doing his body good and his tight muscular form has made him a favourite among the ladies.

Sources: nerve.comout.com

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