13 Of The Most Luxury Vacation Spots In The World

We’ve all dreamed about the perfect vacation. The vacation we’d take if we didn’t have to worry about taking time off work or how much many was in our bank accounts. We all dream of different perfect vacations. For some of us, the perfect vacation consists of a beach on the ocean and a tasty cocktail. For others, the perfect vacation involves being miles from anywhere in the middle of the wilderness. Some crave adventure, they want to push themselves to the limits and see things few others have ever seen.

Whatever the details of your perfect vacation, chances are there’s an all-inclusive, luxury resort that fits the bill. There’s an entire thriving industry based on making people’s dream vacations become reality, all over the world. These resorts come at a steep price, but if you can afford that price, they’ll give you pretty much anything you could possibly want.

Most of these resorts have everything you’d ever want right onsite. There are gourmet restaurants and the drinks are always on the house. There are spas where you can get all sorts of luxurious treatments any time of day. Sometimes you can even get those treatments right in your own room. There’s a staff that caters to your every need, including activity guides who can lead you through all sorts of adventures. There are recreation facilities that allow you to engage in pretty much any kind of sport or fitness endeavor. These places are essentially choose your own paradises.

If you ever become a millionaire, here are some of the all-inclusive luxury resorts you should definitely check out.

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13 Constance Moofushi, Maldives

The Constance Mofushi resort is literally on its own island. The entire island is privately owned by the resort and the only way to get there is by taking one of their private planes, from a private airport that’s only accessible by guests of the resort. Talk about an exclusive experience!

The rooms on the resort are spacious and beautiful, and each has a view that pretty much can’t be beat. All of the rooms on the resort have private decks where guests can relax with their own view of the ocean.

The resort has its own spa where treatments can be taken in private huts. All the meals and drinks are included in your vacation package, so you can dine and drink as much as you want.

As for activities, anything you can think of to do at the beach or in the ocean in available. The resort is within miles of some of the best scuba diving in the world, where you can see some unique coral reefs.

12 Hermitage Bay, Antigua

If you’re looking for a secluded getaway, but you still want to be able to take a day trip to see the local attractions, then Hermitage Bay in Antigua is perfect. A privately owned road is the only way to access the resort. That being said, the resort is only a half hour drive from St. John, the capital, so if you want to head out to civilization for the day, you can.

The resort is right on the Caribbean Sea, and the suites all have a breathtaking view. The resort is surrounded by tropical gardens and land that’s still in its completely natural state.

The dining boasts locally grown, organic food and you can dress up for a formal meal. Their poolside patio also offers high class snacks and light lunch, as well as cocktails, of course. Guests who are particularly interested in food can take a cooking course from the resort’s chefs.

Guests can explore the area via sailboats provided by the resort, or by taking a helicopter tour of the island. If they want to stay within the resort they can play 18 holes at the golf course, waterski, go scuba diving, snorkeling, or they can relax in the world class spa.

11 Blackberry Farm, Tennessee

If you love being in the wilderness more than sitting on the beach, then Blackberry Farm, nestled in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, is the perfect luxury resort for you. The “Farm” in the name isn’t just for show. Blackberry Farm is an actual working farm. There are crops growing everywhere and those crops end up on the table for each meal.

The accommodations are varied, but all incredible. You can get a cozy room or a full suite in one of the updated farmhouses, or you can rent out one of the small cottages that are scattered throughout the property. If you’re vacationing with your squad, there are houses available as well.

The activities on Blackberry Farm are more rugged than your typical all-inclusive resort. You can go fly fishing in the rivers on the property. You can go shooting, with either a gun or a bow. There are plenty of trails to hike on, and if you really want to return to the Earth there are even farming classes.

If you’re looking to relax a little more, you can pop in to a yoga class or visit the spa.

10 Xaranna Okavango Delta Camp, Botswana

If real adventure is your thing, then the perfect vacation for you is the Xaranna Okavango Delta Camp in Botswana, Africa. This camp is on a wildlife reserve. You’ll be staying in a tented shelter, but not like any shelter you’ve stayed in before. These shelters are three sided buildings with tented roofs, so you’re sleeping in open air, but protected from the elements. The shelters also have air conditioning and real beds, so it won’t feel like you’re roughing it.

The main activity on the resort is an authentic safari. You can drive through the resort in an open Jeep and see the animals up close. Guides will take you on walks through the wildlife reserve, where you’ll be literally walking with the animals. You can also take a glass bottom boat tour so you can see the ocean from above.

If you’re a nature lover, you won’t find a more perfect vacation than this.

9 Explora Lodges, Patagonia

Patagonia is widely considered one of the best destinations for those who love to play in nature. The Explora resort in Patagonia, Chile is in the midst of the Torres del Paine National Park. The resort is surrounded by completely untouched wilderness, and the guides employed by the resort are happy to explore every square mile with you.

Tours of the resort can be conducted on foot, on horseback, or in vans driven by expert guides. In a five or six day vacation, you could explore the entire forty square miles of the national park. You can go on multiple explorations per day, or you can split up your treks to create a longer, more laid back vacation.

Explora offers many different packages depending on the type of vacation you want. They have mountain expeditions where you progressively adapt to high altitude hiking culminating in a tens of thousands of feet above sea level. There are also yoga packages if you’d rather have a relaxed vacation.

8 The Village Coconut Island, Phuket

Phuket is an island off the coast of Thailand, and it’s one of the world’s best kept secret when it comes to beach vacations. Not many people think of going to Thailand on vacation, but the Village Coconut Island Resort is just as swanky as any Caribbean resort. The resort is located on an island off the coast of Phuket and it’s only accessible by water taxi. Luckily for the guests, the resort’s water taxi runs 24 hours a day, so the mainland is always accessible.

But really, there’s no reason to go off resort. The resort is surrounded by white sand beaches and the ocean is just steps away from any of the rooms. You and your squad can rent an entire villa, or you can get a suite in the main hotel.

The resort offers many water activities for their guests, including sailing, kayaking, and pools with water slides. If you’d rather stay on land you can play some tennis or hit the golf course. Or you can visit the spa, which is located in the middle of a tropical garden and features a hydrotherapy pool.

7 Pullman Marrakech Palmeraie Resort and Spa

Morocco has long been a destination for vacationers seeking a truly unique experience. The Pullman Marrakech Palmeraie Resort and Spa has a little bit of everything. If you’re looking for traditional resort recreation, they can easily accommodate with their lush golf course, private tennis courts, and even a soccer field.

There’s a traditional Moroccan restaurant onsite, and if you purchase one of the all-inclusive packages then all the food is included.

The resort itself is built in traditional Moroccan style, which is a truly majestic sight. The resort features a spa with an authentic hammam, or Turkish bath. Guests can lounge in the hammam and appreciate the beautiful architecture, or they can head to the private treatment rooms where the staff will provide expert treatment.

One thing that makes this resort unique is the family friendliness. There’s an onsite petting zoo, a trampoline park, and playrooms where children can interact with other guests.

6 The Royal Hideaway Playacar, Playa Del Carmen

If you’re looking for a getaway that doesn’t include the kids, or in fact, anyone’s kids, then head to The Royal Hideaway Playacar Resort. This all-inclusive Mexican paradise is an adult only resort, eighteen and older only. As an adult only resort, the drinks are flowing and free and the party is always happening.

The stellar food is also included in your package, and don’t be surprised if everyone shows up to dinner in their finest outfits. It’s a high class affair. After dinner, everyone heads over to the classy piano bar for drinks and snacks.

During the day, you can swim in the ocean or one of the many onsite pools. You can lounge by the pool on one of the many poolside decks, or you can mingle in the solarium over the infinity pool.

If you’d rather get active you can take private tennis lessons. If you’re up for an adventure you can head to one of the many archaeological sites that surround the resort.

5 Twin Farms, Vermont

Vermont has long been a popular destination for vacationers who want to experience nature, but stay in style. Twin Farms offers multiple different types of accommodations. You can stay in a private cottage, get a room in the farmhouse or the lodge, or stay in a bed and breakfast style room.

Outdoor activities vary with the season. In the winter there are trails all over the property that you can explore on snowshoes or cross country skis. If you’d rather downhill ski there are actually private trails right on the property. No waiting in lift lines either. A private snowmobile will take you up the trail after every run.

During the summer, you can hike or run on the trails that crisscross the property. You can swim, canoe, or kayak on Copper Pond, which is onsite. You can fly fish in the rivers and streams on property, or play a casual game of croquet.

Twin Farms is country living like only Vermont can provide.

4 Ski Portillo, Portillo

If winter sports are your thing and you’re looking for the ultimate ski weekend, Portillo is the only place to be. Ski resorts all over the world compete to provide the best lifts, the best trails, the most terrain, and the best downhill experience in the world. They also compete to provide the best onsite facilities for the guests staying at their resorts.

Portillo surpasses all of them. Their trails and terrain rival any other developed mountain. They offer thirty-five trails and over 1,200 acres of terrain. Over 50% of their terrain is expert or advanced, but they also offer a fair number of trails for beginners.

But what really sets Portillo apart are their resort facilities. It’s basically a full functional town so guests never have to leave the resort. They have a full court, indoor gymnasium, a high tech game room, a spa, and even a beauty salon and a movie theater!

If you’re looking for the most comprehensive winter vacation, Portillo is definitely it.

3 Amankora, Bhutan

If you’ve ever wanted to stay on the side of a mountain, then the Amankora Resort in Bhutan is the perfect vacation spot. The resort consists of seven lodges that are built in to the cliffs of the Himalayan mountains. The lodges are constructed in a traditional architectural style and they’re surrounded by valleys that were carved out of the mountain by glacial melts, and ancient evergreen forests.

If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, you can take a guided hike through the mountains, where you’re likely to see wildlife wandering around. You can also trek miles to a local Buddhist temple and have lunch with the monks. For spirituality seekers, this resort is as good as it gets. There are multiple monasteries you can visit and the resort offers classes in all kinds of meditative practices. You can even visit the palace of Bhutan’s earliest kings.

2 Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado

For those who always wanted to visit the Wild West, there’s Dunton Hot Springs in Colorado. The surroundings are rugged, but the accommodations certainly aren’t. You can stay in a four sided lean to with a tent for a roof, which allows for the feel of sleeping in the great outdoors. If you prefer a real roof over your head, you can stay in one of the cabins, which looks like it’s straight out of a Clint Eastwood movie.

The outdoor activities vary with the season. In the summer there’s river rafting, hiking, trail rides, mountain biking, and rock climbing. You can even take professional outdoor photography classes so your pictures can do your trip justice. In the winter you can cross country ski, snowshoe, snowmobile, or even take a dog sledding tour.

And of course, year round you can enjoy the natural hot springs, which are like soaking in a hot tub in the middle of nature.

1 Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, Vancouver

If you’re looking for the perfect mix of rugged and luxury, head for the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in Vancouver British Columbia. You’ll be staying in luxury tents, like a full hotel room, but under a sturdy canvas covering. Each tent has its own covered deck where guests can relax and take in the sights.

The resort is in one of the only temperate rainforests left in the world. The views are breathtaking, with water, mountains, and lush forests all within sight. The resort is teeming with wildlife and it’s not uncommon to encounter animals while hiking the grounds.

The activities on the resort are focused on outdoor adventure. There are multiple opportunities for horseback riding, everything from basic lessons to advanced trail rides. If you want to get wet, there’s river kayaking, ocean kayaking, whale watching, surfing, and stand up paddleboarding. If you’d rather stay on land you can go shooting, hiking, rock climbing, or even rappelling. There are even multiple types of themed helicopter tours.

Most of us can only dream of heading to resorts like this for vacation. Even if we can never make it to any of these locales, it’s good to know they exist, just in case we win the Lottery tomorrow.

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