15 Of The Most Embarrassing Live-TV Moments Ever Recorded

Live television has always been a little hit or miss. But that's what makes it so interesting. You never know what's going to happen, and that feeling of improvisation makes what you're watching all the more entertaining. Live TV is used primarily in the news world, although certain shows like Saturday Night Live and various award ceremonies also rely on live broadcast. For the most part, these shows completely nail it, executing their programming perfectly with no mistakes at all. But in some rare cases, it all comes crashing down...

There have been so many embarrassing moments on live TV, it's almost hard to keep count. From awkward news bloopers to celebrities making a fool of themselves in front of millions of people, live television has always been a place with enormous potential for mistakes. Some are funny, some are just plain cringey, and some are downright bizarre. But whatever the case, it's always entertaining to look back at the worst and most embarrassing moments that live television has brought us...

15 Taylor Swift's Speech Interrupted By Kanye


One of the most embarrassing and uncomfortable moments in live television history was when Taylor Swift's speech was interrupted by none other than Kanye West. This was during the MTV video music awards, and although it was quite a few years ago now, nobody will be forgetting this moment anytime soon. It started with an innocent speech my Taylor Swift, and she was clearly quite thrilled to be getting this award. Then, out of nowhere, Kanye West walked onto the stage and interrupted the speech.

Taylor Swift was speechless as he took the mic, and launched into a tirade in typical Kanye fashion. The overall gist of it was an implication that Taylor Swift was not deserving of the award, and that it should have gone to someone else instead. This was the moment that sparked a long standing rivalry between the two artists, one that continues to this day.

14 Three Anchors All Wore White


One of the most hilarious and embarrassing moments in news television in the year of 2017 was a bizarre moment when all three news anchors on a network wore white. This might not seem like such a big deal to some, but women know that it's definitely a big deal when someone wears the same outfit to you at a party or event. That was why this situation got blown out of proportion, and the women started bickering with each other over this fashion faux-pas.

One woman complained to another that she had ignored the advice of the network, and purposely gone against the instruction of the wardrobe department just to make the others look bad. It was like a scene out of the movie Mean Girls, and all three women couldn't get out of high school mode and get on with their jobs.

13 Chrissy Teigen's 'Slip' During The Superbowl


Chrissy Teigen is one of the most popular celebs today, and she's recently got a lot of praise for her amazing body even after giving birth to her children. Unfortunately for her, this body was accidentally shown to the public during the Super Bowl, when Chrissy was sitting with her husband John Legend watching the show. As per usual, the camera panned around the stands and spotted the two celebs, and zoomed in on the two stars to offer some variety to the sports programming.

But unfortunately, the cameras spotted a lot more than Chrissy Teigen wanted them to. Her shirt came open at the wrong time, and her braless chest underneath was instantly broadcast to millions of people around America and the entire world. It was an embarrassing moment that people will never forget.

12 When They Announced The Wrong Winner At The Academy Awards


This year's Academy Awards was definitely one of the most bizarre in recent memory. The awards ceremony had tons of great movies to talk about and issue awards to, as well as many great actors and actresses that definitely deserved recognition. But by far the most prized trophy that night was the Best Picture award. There were a few movies nominated for the award, and this included La La Land and Moonlight. But nobody expected the crazy debacle that would happen when this award was given.

Some kind of mistake was made, and the award was given to the wrong movie - that being La La Land. The entire cast and main crew walked on to the stage, and they actually had the award in their hands. Then, out of nowhere, a man rushed onto the stage and informed the crowd that the wrong movie had been given the award, and that Moonlight actually won. The "winners" were forced to awkwardly hand the award over to the other people.

11 Kristen Stewart Dropped Her Statue At The MTV Awards


Kristen Stewart is a star that many people either love or hate, but there's no denying that she's been incredibly successful. She shot to fame after her central role in the Twilight series, which became some of the most popular movies ever made, especially among the younger, teen generations. Since then, she's been involved in a few other movies, and more than her fair share of controversies and cheating scandals, but she's remained in the spotlight for many years now.

Back in 2009, when she was in the height of her Twilight fame, she was given the honor of an MTV award. However, she had a very difficult time holding onto that award, as it famously slipped from her grasp. Despite her flailing attempts to catch it, it smashed into the ground in what was one of the most embarrassing TV moments in recent memory.

10 Jennifer Lawrence Tripped And Fell At The Oscars


Another celebrity who had a very embarrassing experience at an award ceremony was none other than Jennifer Lawrence. In a very short amount of time, this talented actress has emerged as one of Hollywood's greats. With performances in Hunger Games and The X-Men franchise, she seems poised to make a real impact on film history. She has often been described as lovable because of her imperfection. There's no doubt that she is beautiful, but her slightly more down to Earth vibes make her a fan favorite.

As it turned out, "down to Earth" had a very literal meaning at the Oscars not too long ago, when she tripped and fell on her way up the stairs to receive her award. The experience was no doubt embarrassing, but the star took it in stride and in the end people just loved her all the more for showing a human side.

9 Janet Jackson Flashing The Superbowl Audience


You have to go back in time a few years to remember this one, but it remains one of the most embarrassing, shocking and most iconic TV moments. It happened 13 years ago in 2004, during the Super Bowl halftime show. The halftime show has always been a very glamorous and exciting event, and it rivals even the biggest concerts in the world. The two singers chosen to perform were Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson, and the show seemed guaranteed to be a hit.

But the actual performance wasn't the thing that was remembered from this show, instead the attention was focused on one little slip up. This seemingly innocent mistake happened when Justin Timberlake accidentally tugged on the wrong part of Janet Jackson's outfit, causing it to rip off an expose her nipple underneath. Since the incident, many have suggested that the whole thing was actually staged.

8 Ashlee Simpson Caught Lip-Syncing On Saturday Night Live


Lip-syncing have haunted more than a few pop stars over the years, and it's never fun to get caught mouthing the words to a pre-recorded song. Many of our most favorite pop stars have been exposed for doing this, but most have been able to brush it off and offer up well thought out excuses. But when Ashlee Simpson was caught lip-syncing on Saturday Night Live, there was nowhere to run, except off stage... Which is what Ashlee Simpson did.

She was giving a performance on the show when they accidentally played the wrong song. She mouthed words from a different song, and so she was totally exposed for lip-syncing. In the incredibly awkward moments that followed, Ashlee Simpson stood there speechless, before awkwardly dancing her way off stage.

7 Children Interrupt BBC Interview


Fast-forwarding into 2017, there were plenty of awkward moments that didn't involve celebrities. Live television is always a challenge, and this is definitely true when it comes to live news. News shows are almost always live, and these can lead to some pretty hilarious bloopers and mistakes. During one BBC interview, the famous British news outlet interviewed an American expert via Skype. The subject matter was serious and intense, but the gravity of the situation was completely undermined by two children who barged their way into the man's office.

In the hilarious moments that followed, the interviewee tried to keep his cool as his toddler daughter danced in the background and tried to interrupt the interview. Then as he was trying to gently usher her out with his hand, his other baby somehow wheeled himself into the room, causing the interview to end in disaster. The video went completely viral.

6 Wendy Williams Passes Out While Dressed As The Statue Of Liberty


Wendy Williams is one of the most popular TV talk show hosts today, and she often tapes her shows live. She talks with guests on a variety of issues, and there's definitely a lot of people who tune in every episode. But fans were treated to a bizarre and embarrassing moment when Wendy Williams passed out during her show. The moment was made all the more strange by the fact that she was wearing a statue of liberty costume. There was also a good few seconds when she just staggered around with a strange expression on her face, like she forgot who she was or where she was.

This video was cut an edited into a gif, and ever since then it's become one of the most popular reaction gifs online. Right now, tons of people are posting this when they react to something crazy their friends have said. While it was definitely an embarrassing and traumatic incident for Wendy, there's something undeniably hilarious about it.

5 Kanye West's Rant Against President Bush


Kanye West has always been an outspoken individual, and he also has a knack for diving into his trademark rants while on live television. Maybe it's because he knows that no one will be able to stop him while the live broadcast is going. Either way, it makes for some very entertaining television. One of his first ever controversial comments was made back during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, a terrible event that shook the United States. Many initiatives were mobilized to help the relief effort, and many celebrities also made their voices heard.

Two of these celebrities were Mike Myers and Kanye West. While making a statement endorsing the relief effort, something extremely cringey and strange happened. While Mike Myers was talking about the relief effort, Kanye interrupted him and blurted out, "George Bush doesn't care about black people." Mike Myers awkwardly looked over to Kanye, and then continued with his scripted speech. While Kanye had his best intentions at heart, it was definitely an embarrassing moment for all.

4 Russian Reporter Interrupted By Dog


You can watch countless videos online of news network bloopers, and they're pretty much all guaranteed to be hilarious. These bloopers and mistakes can range from reporters getting tongue tied, weather reporters getting owned by the weather, random people interrupting interviews on the street, and much much more. But sometimes, in order to find the truly bizarre, embarrassing and hilarious news bloopers, you have to look outside of the United States. And one Russsian reporter went viral after something insane happened to her.

She was reporting on the news as normal when something from behind her clearly freaked her out. She leaned all the way over in her chair to avoid it, and all of a sudden this mysterious creature popped it's head over the desk. The dog started panting and looking around as if it wanted to be on the news, and the video went completely viral.

3 Weather Girl Becomes The Weather


Even the most ignorant people today know that you're not supposed to wear green in front of a green screen, but I guess this weather girl never got the memo. You'd think that she would be well educated on the intricacies of a green screen, but I guess she just forgot that she wasn't supposed to wear green on this particular day. The funniest part about this moment was that she fully embraced the hilarity of the situation. At one point, she threw her arms out and said in overly dramatic fashion: "I am the weather!"

What's even more amazing about this is that no one noticed that she was wearing green. You'd think that they'd have people paid to look out for these kinds of mistakes... But maybe they just didn't tell her as a practical joke... Either way, it made for one of the most entertaining weather shows ever!

2 TV Science Experiment Gone Wrong


You've seen the diet coke mentos experiments before on Youtube, but never before on live TV, and never before with such a massive explosions. All of these things came together for one of the most entertaining moments of 2017 live television, and it was hilarious to watch. These so-called "scientists" decided to show us all how it's done, but I don't think any of them were prepared for such a devastating explosion. The coke bottle actually flies up into the tree, and cuts off one of its branches. Wow.

It's a miracle no one was seriously injured, and this gives a whole new meaning to "don't try this at home, kids." It's clear that they were not prepared for the blast, and yet they must have had some idea of what was going to happen.

1 Nicki Minaj's Wardrobe Malfunction at the 2014 VMAs


Another embarrassing moment on live television happened at the 2014 MTV VMAs. The unlucky individual in this case was none other than Nicki Minaj. This female rapper rose to fame after being discovered by Lil' Wayne, and today she's considered to be the Queen of Rap. Her style is unique, and her lyrics are actually pretty clever. She's also known for her curvaceous body, and that was what was on full display as she had a pretty major wardrobe malfunction on stage while performing.

Her dress actually completely fell apart on her, and it split right down the middle. If it wasn't for Nicki Minaj's quick hands, the dress would have completely fallen apart, leaving her standing there completely naked. To her full credit, Nicki Minaj finished the performance while holding herself together, like a true performer.


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