15 Of The Most Disastrous Eye Makeup Looks Ever

Fact is, eye makeup is tricky as hell. We can all learn the contouring and the lip stuff and all that but when it comes to eye makeup, sometimes, (okay more like all the time) we just need someone to teach us. We need a good tutorial from the internet. And most importantly, we need examples that will show us what will happen if we go way too overboard with the makeup. Stuff will happen, people. Bad stuff. And in case that’s not clear enough, we have 15 examples here, and just to be clear, this is not to make these people be a laughing stock. This is just so all of us can learn and have a refresher on which risks are worth taking and which are not. And with eye makeup, folks, it is not a risk worth taking. Especially if you’re up for something extreme like taming lashes and plucking eyebrows. Just wait for your good friend to help you out. And be sure this is a friend who knows what she’s doing.

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15 Doll Eyes Gone Wrong


If you’re like most girls, you’re a huge fan of big, round eyes. As in doll eyes. As in the perfect doll eyes. They’re just gorgeous and stunning and they look great day or night. Once you perfect those big, round eyes, you won’t have to deal with the morning eye makeup and night time eye makeup. Those eyes are enough to make you look pretty at work and at parties with your pals. But when it goes wrong, it goes really wrong. See, with doll eyes, there are only two ways it can end: the perfect way or the total fail way. There is no in-between. And this photo, people, this is exactly what you will look like if you fail. So you might consider having a friend around who has a little knowledge on makeup when you try to do those doll eyes. You might want to skip doing makeup on other parts of your face and just focus on the eyes first. Take it slow…

14 Vanishing Brows


Well, if you’re a fan of the vanishing eyebrow then okay, fine. That’s you. We have nothing against it. But gal pals, if you just hear us out here… the vanishing eyebrow is not appealing. Not at all. In fact, it is something you should think about countless times before actually getting it. Because if you can’t imagine yourself fully with the vanishing eyebrow, this is a clue right here. This is how it looks like. So if you’re planning to do something crazy or something unique or however you may want to call it, girl this kind of eyebrow is not what you’d want. Or, maybe if it is then again, okay. Fine. There’s nothing we can do about that. All we can do is warn you about it. Because no matter how thick your eyeshadow is, it won’t compensate for the vanishing eyebrow, in case you’re not happy with the brows.

13 Too Much Of Something


Can you guess what’s too much here? Yes, too much lavender. Too high for an eye shadow. Again gal pals, if you’re not sure what you’re doing, it’s always better to take a pause and call your other gal pals who know their makeup. Tell them it’s an emergency. Tell them you’re having a life crisis and you need them. Just say something that will make them leave whatever they’re dealing with and come rushing to your place. And then you can ask them how the hell does an eyeshadow work. Because pals, if you want a typical shadow, this is not how to do it. And if you want a smoky eye, this is also not how you do it. Yes, we know that it is through experience that you learn something and it’s good that you’re trying something on your own. If you’re at this stage, please stay inside the house. You wouldn’t want to walk around town with this makeup.

12 Feathery


Once, this kind of eyebrow was a hit and people started wearing it everywhere and anywhere. People, please know that sometimes, what happens in the runway should stay on the runway. That means what you see on the runway should stay there, because that’s where it belongs. Unless you’re a Hollywood star then by all means, go bring to the red carpet the classy clothes and the makeup you first spotted on the runway. But for these feathery eyebrows, good god we’re not even sure why it became a hit. We know it looks pretty especially with the right overall makeup, but if you’re planning to wear this to work or even to school, think twice, girlfriend. You might not want the reaction you’ll get. And while their reaction is their business, nobody wants to be laughed at, right? Just pick a different eye makeup, will you? And be sure it does not involve feathery brows.

11 Vertical Eyebrows


Nope. Not a good way to start your day and definitely not a good way to live your life. If you have chaotic brows and you want to get it fixed, please consider checking the internet before you do it. Even if you’re not an expert in eye makeup, the internet is full of tutorials fit for beginners so for sure, you will find something that is easy for you to understand. Keep in mind that it’s way better to spend four long hours on the internet searching for a good tutorial than to hurry onto the eyebrow plucking you want to do. Also, if you’re using other products on your brows to tame them, please know how to use it. And by know, we mean read the label. Read the instructions on the back. Understand it and be sure you work with a mirror in front of you. You’re not Wonder Woman and even Wonder Woman needs help when it comes to her makeup.

10 The Kind You Don’t Have Words For


Seriously, we don’t have any words for this. We don’t know how to describe this and we can’t even start. Because we can’t. Because this makeup is just too much. Gal pals, please do us a favor and tell us you’re not going to try this makeup ever. Never ever. Because this is just too much. First off, those brows are just unexplainable. This is not even the right way to treat eyebrows. And then we have the lashes that are obviously fake. We have nothing against fake lashes, okay? We’re totally fine with it and we understand that some people just need them, period. We get it. But these kinds of lashes? This kind of fake lashes trimmed this way? This is not okay. This is the opposite of okay. Sure, they look cute, but they don’t match anything in this makeup. They don’t match the green shadow and the unexplainable eyebrows and the kind of gold or silver or whatever color that is. Nope.

9 Too Much Halloween


If this is for a Halloween makeup look, please correct us. If you’re planning to wear this every day to work or to school and people laugh at you or stare for too long or do something inappropriate and mean, don’t say we didn’t warn you. This dark carnival makeup has a lot of problems and we don’t even know where to start. Probably because it has way too many problems and way too many issues we can’t pinpoint the best, uhm, point to start with. So no, this is not something worth trying. This is something worth forgetting but now that you’ve seen it, sadly you cannot unsee it. Just focus on the other good things in life, will you? Like a good eye makeup. Something that is the total opposite of disastrous and something that will make your friends proud that they are friends with you. Something that won’t consume too much of your time and end up a waste.

8 Eyes Only For Burgers


Burgers are not pretty when you put them on your eyes. They’re most definitely not mouth watering either. If you want to make burgers look pretty and mouth watering, put it elsewhere. Don’t put it on your eyelids because obviously, that’s not where it belongs. Besides, why in the world would you want to wear a burger eye makeup. Good lord, it’ just not appropriate. If you want to brag about your artistry then go, you have our full support. Just don’t do it through eye makeup, especially if your artistry focuses on food. Because instead of making other people feel amazed about your craft, chances are they will feel lucky they’re not your roommates. Or that they’re not your siblings or best friends. Girl, seriously, this does not look pretty at all. It looks like a burger, yes. But not a pretty one.

7 Too High To Be Curvy


And then we have the ridiculously high eyebrows. Who in the world would want super high eyebrows? Who in the world would also want to have super curvy brows? No one. No one, of course. Don’t get us wrong, we have nothing against this woman. But if you’re planning a great makeup look, something you’ve never done before and something way outside your comfort zone, you might want to rethink things if you’re thinking about these kinds of eyebrows… and eye makeup in general. Because aside from the fact that this one is just plain alarming, this is also not pleasant to the eyes. This is the kind of makeup you put on your face if you want to lose all your friends, including the best ones. The next time you search for new eye makeup to try, be sure you’re searching on the right place and you’re searching with a good friend who will be honest with you if the makeup you like is indeed a good makeup look or not.

6 Sparkly Or Sandy


Don’t get us wrong, we love this makeup. We love how the sparkly stuff hang onto her brows and how her tear duct loves the glitter. We love everything about this. So what’s the fuss with this one? Well, we just want to be clear that this kind of makeup is not for everyone. Some people, no matter how pretty they are, they won’t look good with this makeup. That’s how makeup works, people. Some will look good on you and others won’t and then there are those that are versatile enough that looks good on every type of face. This is not the versatile kind. This is the kind that call for preparation and by preparation, we mean you should know where you’re going because you wouldn’t want to go to the grocery with these sparkly eyes. It’s just the grocery. And if you tried it and it doesn’t look good, don’t force it.

5 Slimy And Pink


Fine, it’s not exactly slimy. It’s more like a wet-look eye shadow. But do you think that makes it better? Do you think that makes this makeup an okay one? No. It doesn’t. It doesn’t do anything at all because however you want to call this, for us, this will always be called slimy and pink. And for us, this is the kind of disastrous eye makeup worth learning from. Eyes are not the place where you put petroleum jelly, folks. And it certainly is not the place to put any other material that will make your eyes look like it has no lids. Admit it, for a moment there, this looks like her eyes are swollen and has no skin. If there were vein-like details here we would probably make a bet that she has no skin on her lids. Seriously though, this is just plain disastrous and this isn’t something you’d even want to try.

4 Dragon brows


We just can’t get enough of all the eyebrow chaos and we don’t have any plans to. If it takes 10 articles for us to ramble about the creepy eyebrows and disturbing eye makeup that people are trying then we will go write those 10 articles. We will probably write more articles focused on eye makeup. But for now, this is what we got and this is a no-no. Why would one even want to try this in the first place? If you’re considering this makeup, this kind of eyebrow, please know that if your brows could talk, it’ll probably beg you to set it free a.k.a. just shave it all off. Because shaved brows probably look a lot better than this experimental one. And don’t let us get started with the lime green shade that is too lime green to be put on the eyes. Why do people do this to themselves?

3 Snowy And Pink


And then we have snowy and pink, something that doesn’t look good no matter what angle we imagine it. Opened eyes, closed eyes, we can’t seem to understand why this makeup trended in the first place. And if you didn’t even notice that it trended, good for you. It did not trend for long because it didn’t take a lot of people long enough to understand they are making something terrible trend. And that wrong. Even if you’re trying to portray the ice queen or something, this is still not a nice makeup look to try. First off, the icy, glittery, too-stiff lashes are just disturbing. We understand that some people want to try something new and something daring but trust us when we say this is not the one. And then we have the pink brows. Why would you want pink eyebrows? Not to mention the fact that this is not a pleasant shade of pink.

2 Boxed For The Runway


Okay, so this one is obviously for fashion weeks and runway events. We get it. Runways are heaven for the new and unique fashion that will make the creative gremlin in you party and rejoice. And the best part about today’s era is that when you try to take tips from the runway and bring it to your everyday life, people won’t mind it. They’re so open-minded and they all love a good dose of weird but unique and pretty style. Including in makeup. But with your eye makeup, please woman, please we’re begging you, don’t go down the boxed route. There are tons of bizarre but gorgeous makeup out there, you might just need to look more. Dig the internet, flip more magazines, just look harder. Because this bizarre eye makeup here, this is just bizarre. Not pretty. Not pretty at all. And of course, it’s not a good idea to wear this to work or party or any event. Not even the runway or any fashion event. Just, no.

1 Another Runway Thing


And then we have another runway look because, well, people can’t seem to get enough of the runway look. See people, this is the kind of look you would not want to wear to work. Or to any other place for that matter. Just don’t, okay? Nobody cares if you have all the time in the world to do this to your eyes or that you’re daring enough to actually do it. Nobody would think of the fact that you’re a bold woman who knows what she wants and how she’ll get it. The only thing that people around will care about is the fact that your eyes are too bedazzled they’re not sure if they’re still on earth. For a moment, they will forget about their problems and their enemies and their annoying bosses... they will end up focusing on your eyes and three seconds of staring will feel like 30 minutes. Is that something you think you’re ready for?

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