15 Of The Most Cruel Wives In History

Everyone is used to newspaper articles and TV news segments divulging all of the dirty details of husbands gone bad. From abuse to completely psychotic meltdowns, it seems to always be the man getting into trouble and losing their cool. But, what about the wives? Surprisingly, there are a number of infamous women throughout history known for what they’ve done to their husbands – and some of it is quite shocking, scary and downright bizarre.

Society is undoubtedly accustomed to murders, serial killers and “scary” behavior being attributed to men only. But, in reality, there have been plenty of women that have shook the world with their terrifying stories. Repeat murderers, cannibalism, framing children and castration are just some of the horrific actions that took place between all the women featured below. These women seem so evil – they make the likes of Lizzie Borden seem rather boring. Cruel may not even be a strong enough adjective to describe the spouses compiling this list as their stories could strike nightmares in even the most insensitive and coldest of hearts. Have a look below and read a bit about 15 of the cruelest wives in history. And let us know who scares you the most!

15 Stacey Castor

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Castor has had two husbands – and both of them are now dead. Her first husband, Michael Wallace, had died of an apparent heart attack, according to ABC News. But it wasn’t until the death of her second husband, Michael Castor, that the details of Wallace’s death would ever be questioned. Later it was learned that Castor has poisoned both her husbands with anti-freeze and even went on to attempt the murder of her own daughter. She was convicted in 2009.

14 Katherine Knight

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An Australian wife and mother with a bizarre appetite, Katherine Knight’s story will give anyone a set of unnerving goosebumps. In an article by NY Daily News, readers learn that in 2000 police found the head of Knight’s husband “in a warm pot, stewed with potatoes, cabbage and zucchini. Dangling from a nail in an archway was his skin." Hungry for lunch yet? Later it was found that her husband, John Price, had been stabbed at least 37 times and his skin was then “skillfully” removed.

13 Omaima Nelson

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How does BBQ’d husband sound for Thanksgiving dinner? That’s exactly what Omaima Nelson served up in 1991. According to an article by Daily Mail, Nelson cooked and ate her husband’s ribs saying that they tasted “so sweet.” After killing William Nelson, she chopped up his body and stuck the parts in the freezer. She has even fried his hands in oil while boiling and stuffing the head in the freezer. In 2011 she was denied parole, serving a life sentence in Central California Women’s Prison.

12 Betty Neumar

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According to Fox News, Betty Neumar was convicted in 2008 with three counts of solicitation to commit first-degree murder in the death of Harold Gentry – she passed before her trial came to fruition. The question of this woman’s life is if she killed all five of her past husbands – from five different states. Each case has been looked into a little closer, with most deaths involving gun shots but nothing has come to conclusion.

11 Katya Kharitovonova

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Katya Kharitovonova created an entirely new meaning to the word “revenge.” After falling asleep watching a movie with her husband and best friend, she awoke to find the Liza Dmitriyeva performing oral sex on Katya’s man, Mikhail. Fueled with rage, Katya hit Liza over the head with a floor lamp and then bit off her husband’s penis. She was later sentenced to two years in a Russian labor camp. Do you think he got what he deserved or was Kataya a little too cruel?

10 Vicki Lowing

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Vicki Lowing may not have killed her husband but she did kick him to the curb and it wasn’t for another man. It was for her pet crocodile. That’s right, instead of staying in her marriage she chose to live with a crocodile. According to Daily Mail, “she claims the reptile is like another child. So when her husband, Greg, forced her to choose between Johnny (the crocodile) and him, the choice – to her – seemed obvious.”

9 Dawnell Batista

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Her husband, a doctor, loved her so much that he donated his kidney to her in 2001. But once she was out of the hospital, Batista cheated on him with her physical therapist. And to make matters worse she then decided to deny him custody of their children throughout their divorce – dubbed the “Kidney Divorce” in the media. Her ex was so scorned and bitter that he even expected to be given back the kidney – or at least $1.5 million dollars in place of it.

8 Betty Lou Beets

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According to CBS News, Betty Lou Beets became the fourth woman executed in the United States. Infamous for being a “black widow” she admitted to killing her fifth husband because of his physical abuse. She was also charged – but was never convicted – of murdering her fourth husband. The article states, “The bodies of Beets’ last two husbands were found buried in the yard of Beets’ mobile home,” with both men having been shot in the head. Even her children had testified against their mother – although – she did plead guilty to a charge conferring that she had shot and wounded her second husband.

7 Larissa Schuster

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Larissa Schuster was just another wife having a fling with man on the side. But the catch is her biochemist background which is where she probably got the idea of how to kill her husband. During their divorce, Schuster and her boyfriend kidnapped her husband, took him to a private storage unit and stuffed him body into a barrel while pouring hydrochloric acid over him. All that was found of his body were his legs – from the belt buckle down. She was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

6 Pamela Smart

via NY Post

She plotted to kill her husband with her boyfriend – and succeeded. But this 23-year-old wife was having an affair with a 16-year-old boy! In 1990, the teen, William Flynn and three friends participated in Smart’s plan to kill her husband, according to Fox News. Flynn was the one that shot Smart’s husband and was released from prison in June of 2015 after serving time for nearly 25 years. His ex, Pamela, never admitted to conspiring with the boys but Flynn’s admission of guilt proved otherwise.

5 Jill Coit

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How does getting married a total of 11 times sound? Coit was eventually convicted of torturing and killing her ninth husband, according to an article by NY Times. And her boyfriend even helped – who was also convicted. David Boggs, Coit’s ninth husband, was found dead in his home and it was discovered that he had been beated, shocked with a stun gun and then shot. It’s speculated that she killed Boggs when he became suspicious of her past – and when he wanted to annul the marriage after finding out she was still married to her eighth husband.

4 Donna Williams

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According to HLNTV, Donna Williams not only killed her husband - with a hammer - but lived with the body in the back bedroom of their home for two weeks before admitting to the deed. She claims that she was a victim of abuse but the article states that Williams’ daughter, Rukiya Droste, said, “I don’t believe that my mother was a victim of abuse, I truly believe that my mother was mentally disturbed.”

3 Ruth Snyder

In 1928 Snyder was famously photographed – being the first time the world saw an electrocution – being put to death by electric chair. She hid an affair from her husband for almost three years and then decided to kill him along with her lover. Time states, “After taking out a forged insurance policy, the two killed Ruth’s husband and staged a burglary scene.” Known as “Ruthless Ruth,” Snyder didn’t just kill her husband she made him die a slow and agonizing death. First a bludgeon to the head, then chloroform up the nose and strangulation by wire to finish it off.

2 Clara Harris

Clara Harris decided that running over her husband with a Mercedes once wasn’t good enough, so she backed up and did it again. And the private investigator she hired to spy on her husband was the one that caught the murder on camera! Harris was sentenced to 20 years in prison, and even tried to blame the killing as an accident saying that her foot slipped while driving. But her daughter, who was in the car with her, testified against her.

1 Marie Manning

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After contemplating which suitor to marry, Manning decided to go with the younger, wealthier Frederick Manning. After discovering that his fortune of an inheritance was a lie, the married couple decided to go after her lover, Patrick O’Connor (whom was the other man she thought about marrying before making her final decision), and rob him of his valuables. Lured one evening to their home, he was shot in the back of the head and buried under the kitchen tiles. Marie then went to his home to gather all the cash and stock certificates she could find.

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