15 Of The Most Bubblicious Bums On Instagram

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15 Of The Most Bubblicious Bums On Instagram

Remember when women used to worry about having a big butt? But now days, a bubble butt is in and many women not gifted with a bodacious behind go to great lengths now to have one.

And what better place to display your bad-ass behind than on Instagram. Shoot, one can become famous just for posting a bubblicious butt.

Sure, the Internet trolls will attack, clamoring to claim that beautiful round rear is fake or a result of plastic surgery. Butt, uh, but… a well-crafted backside can garner attention and maybe even a date with a celebrity or well-paid sports figure. Some women just want to show off, while others are in it for the money or the chance to become famous, or infamous as the case may be.

Indeed, big butts are now a thing (although it’s been an attraction on women of color for centuries) and every media outlet from Playboy to Harper’s Bazaar and even Cosmopolitan is showing them off, and making celebrities out of “regular” ladies who either naturally got it or well, got it via their doctor or specific workout routines.

According to multiple news sources, butt enhancement is big business now, with some folks, unfortunately, going to unscrupulous means to get that pretty posterior rather than spending money and time with a qualified physician. There are even claims a woman can simply take a pill to grow her backside. According to the Daily Mail, butt enhancement is the fastest growing surgery in the U.S. Whether it’s enhancing panties, the pill, surgery or working out, the ladies are trying to get the bubblicious behinds they now see on their favorite stars.

15. Yanet Garcia… Forecast Is Hot!

She’s close to 5 million followers, and then there’s those millions that watch her on TV in Mexico as a weather girl. Forecast: hot and we’re not talking about the weather. The 27-year-old from Monterey, Mexico, is not only a meteorologist, she is also an aspiring actress and she works as a model on occasion as well. This amazing young woman works with young girls aspiring to model at her own agency, Yanet Garcia Models, according to her website. The Latin beauty, who has been featured in lingerie photo shoots, says she wants to be an international star. Both TMZ and Playboy named her world’s hottest weather girl, so she is well on her way to achieving that goal. On the home front, she has appeared on the cover Mexican men’s magazine, H, and reportedly was in London earlier this year shooting a movie. @iamyanetgarcia

14. Joselyn Cano, Calendar Girl

Joselyn Cano is a 26-year-old with more than 1.5 million followers, She was featured in the California Glamour Girls swimsuit calendar and has been on the pages of a number of other magazines. She’s had plastic surgery on her nose and breats, and it’s been suggested she had surgery to enhance her behind. Cano is a vegetarian, and she has three stars tattooed on each foot. Whether or not she had butt boosting surgery seems irrelevant, as the California babe follows a workout regimen that supports her sleek and bodacious look. She does wear a trainer belt and said in a recent post that she doesn’t hit the gym without it. She says the trainer helps keep her waist thin. Cano says her favorite workout targets hamstring and “burn.” @joselyncano

13. Caitlin Rice booty, Former Army Brat

Caitlin Rice is a 20-something former Army brat turned model who is up to more than 1.6 million followers on Instagram. By the time she was 16, she was already modeling, but she says the pressure to be thin took its toll on her. She says on her website: “I was on the verge of an eating disorder, malnourished and unhappy.” After partying a bit and gaining 15 pounds, she decided to get serious about her body. In addition to eating better, she also began lifting weights. Rice says she loves the energy she gets from a proper work out, as well as a balanced diet. She eventually took every thing she learned and began offering fitness plans via her social media. Rice says she loves changing people’s lives and actually cries sometimes when she gets email from people who tell her how she positively impacted their lives. @caitlin_rice

12. Bruna Rangel Lima, Brazilian Beach Beaut

This lovely model with the bodacious bottom hails from Brazil. She’s pushing more than 1.6 million followers on Instagram. Lima is another one who believes in staying in shape to maintain that bubblicious behind. She often posts pics and videos of herself working out. Lima’s parents are of Italian and Brazilian descent. The 21-year-old recently set the Internet on fire when she posted a video of herself making pancakes wearing a thong and bikini top. Many of the comments indicated most hardly noticed what she was making what the ingredients were or how she made them. One follower actually wrote: “There were ingredients?” Lima can often be found soaking up the sun and playing in the sand on Rio’s famous beach, Copacabana, that is, when she’s not making something hot in the kitchen. @xooBruna

11. India Love (Westbrook)… Reality Show Diva

She’s the youngest of the Westbrook sisters, who have their own reality show (“The Westbrooks”) on BET. India Love may be the youngest, but she’s probably the most famous, and that’s mostly because at just 21, her list of boyfriends draws a lot of attention (in addition to her sexy Instagram photos). That list includes Drake, Rick Ross and The Game, for starters, all platinum-selling rap stars. She has 3.2 million followers and has inked deals with clothing lines, make-up companies and other products, reports HNGN.com. India says she’s found that “advertisers are willing to pay a pretty girl to promote their brands.” She says that she decides on which companies to promote by how much they’re will to pay. India adds that her multi-million fans follow her every move and that’s how she knew she could make money off of social media. @indialove

10. Melissa Molinaro… Triple Threat

With more than a million followers on Instagram, Candadian Melissa Molinaro is consider a triple threat, as she can sing, dance and act. She’s actually had a bit of a film and TV career, appearing in movies “Fixed” and “Honey 2,” among others, as well as TV shows “How I Met Your Mother,” “Hit the Floor,” “The Game,” “Franklin & Bash” and “Brothers.” On the modeling front, she’s been featured in ads for Microsoft, Sketcher, Best Buy, Del Taco, McDonald’s and more. Molinaro has also made appearances in a variety of music videos for artists such as Celine Dion and J.C. Chasez, She’s certainly been a busy lady and one to watch. She stays in shape and shares her work on her Instagram page. Molinaro has a fitness video, Power Booty Workout, listed on her website, where you can also see posters of her. @melissamolinaro

9. Jen Selter, Queen of the Selfies

This lady seems to post something new everyday, with most featuring her round rear, on Instagram. She’s been popping up on bubbly butt lists for several years and has built a following of 11.4 million. She provides fitness plans for those who hope to achieve what she has, easier said than done, of course. She has a blog, her own app and her own website, where she invites visitors to “train with me.” Her blog covers fitness, nutrition, motivation and lifestyle, while the app enables a user to get in on her fitness plan. This September she’ll be launching a clothing line called GymLooks, which she designed. A herself. It all makes you wonder what’s next for Selter, a woman who obviously knows how to make her bodacious behind work for her. @jenselter

8. Lyzabeth Lopez, Master Trainer

Canada is in on the curvaceous craze, too, starting with this blond bombshell who, like Selter, believes fitness is the way to a beautiful booty. In fact, Lyzabeth Lopez, who boasts Toronto as her home, is considered a Master Trainer and has the awards to prove it. Her motto is “believe in the process.” She posts the results of her workouts regularly on Instagram, along with short clips showing how to make exercise fun. Lopez also believe in holistic nutrition, and it all obviously works, as she has more than 2 million followers. She’s famous for the Hour Glass Workout, which can be found at her website. This hardworking lady is for real and has appeared on the covers of magazines such as Fitness, Oxygen and more. @lyzabethlopez

7. Julia Gilas, Beach Baby Body Builder

It’s no wonder Julia Gilas of Santa Monica, CA has 5 million followers… she keeps her Instagram page full of pics that are both inspiring and sexy. This beach body babe encourages folks to get rid of fat and replace it with muscle. But she has a sassy side too… one of her recent posts, showing her in a see-through outfit, had the caption: “There are only three things women need in life: food, water and compliments.” Like many of the other ladies, she has her own website, where she pushes the concept of working on your body through fitness to make it look – and feel – good. Her BodyWeight Training Program is actually for women and men, and it doesn’t involve buying equipment or having to join a gym, so fellas, get cracking! Women like men with nice butts, too! @juliagilas

6. Yovanna Ventura, A Justin Beiber Ex

She’s a body builder and model out of Miami with more than 5 million followers. At 5’9”, she’s taller than most of the ladies on the list, but offers a trunk with junk all the same. The 21-year-old came to the attention of the world when she was seen hanging out with mega pop star Justin Beiber, once in Las Vegas and again on Venice Beach. Some media, including Playboy, said Beiber was attracted to Ventura because she looks like his former love, Selena Gomez. But it’s obvious by the slew of followers she has that she is very capable of doing just fine on her own. She certainly understands social media, as she has accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, YouTube and Facebook. Ventura is listed with Wilhelmina and actually just did a show for Frankie’s Bikinis. @yoventura

5. Katya Elise Henry, Model and Fitness Trainer

This lady has 3.8 million followers on Instagram, and we’re sure many of them are there to enjoy the beautiful photos, many of which show off her bootylicious backside. But it’s not all fun and games for Katya, as she believes in complementing a fitness regimen with the right meal plan. Her passion for working at looking good comes from her parents. Her mom was a personal trainer and her dad was into sports and weight training. On her website, she offers certain programs that she designed and work for her, but she will also design a program specific to a certain person. While she spends time working on herself, she says that she truly enjoys helping others reach their optimum body. Her motto – Be motivated, be active, be confident. @katyaelisehenry

4. Sommer Ray, Loves Vitamin Sea

This young lady is barely 21 (her 21st is Sept. 15) and she has a whopping 15.6 followers. Sommer Ray loves the ocean and affectionately says she loves “Vitamin Sea.” Born in Colorado, she has had a modeling gig with Myokore, a portable bunging training product. Ray appeared on Sports Ilustrated’s online page called Lady of the Day last September before she turned 20. Sports fans apparently liked her photos so much, the sports magazine featured her again as Lady of the Day in June of this year. Ray believes in staying fit. She got that attitude from her parents, who were both competitive body builders. She doesn’t seem to have a website (yet), but she does offer a workout video on Instagram page via YouTube. @sommerray

3. Amanda Elise Lee, Build A Booty

Another beauty from California, Amanda Elise Lee has more than nine million followers on Instagram. She provides a daily dose of bubblicious booty, and she isn’t too shabby topside either. She actually has a program called “Build a Booty” on her website that includes protein shakes with an ingredient called Maca that she believes builds butt and breast tissue. There’s reportedly a sex tape out there on the beauty, but this may be more of a surprise. According to Cosmopolitan, it’s her mother who takes many of the booty-filled photos that are posted on her Instagram page. Amanda and mom Olinda reportedly work out together, and they also like doing other girly things together, such as having their nails done. Says mom, “I feel she’s a beautiful young woman and I think it’s great she can motivate other young women.” @amandaeliselee

2. Kim Kasdashian-West… Where’s Kanye?

She’s the queen, and even at 30-something with two kids, she still makes it a point to post on Instagram, much to the delight of her 100 million followers. There is some debate, however, on whether or not her bottom comes from working out or whether it has been surgically enhanced. What’s fascinating about her posts isn’t so much about the booty pics as it is about the absence of Kanye West, her husband, until recently. Rumors have been rampant for the last year that the two were splitting up.

He’s been keeping a low profile since his mental breakdown, and she is still doing her thing as reality TV star, fashion maven and socialite. But Kim knows the importance of keeping the brand fires hot – hers and West’s – just last week she posted some booty pics, along with some shots of hubby’s Kids Yeezy sneakers. @kimkardashian

1. Casi Davis, Workout Partner

This bubbly blond has a positive outlook on life and works at keeping her body, especially her bubblicious bottom in tip-top shape. She recently posted a sexy pic of her in a white bikini (with a thong bottom) that was captioned: “Happiness isn’t about getting what you want… it’s about wanting what you have.” Davis is evidently one smart cookie… she reportedly has a master’s degree in business from the University of Florida.

There were rumors recently that she had become the arm piece of Cristiano Ronaldo, a renowned soccer player from Portugal. She’s fast approaching a million followers and with the photos she’s posting, it won’t be long before she reaches that pinnacle. By the way, one of her workout partners is Yovanna Ventura, who is also on this list. @casidavis

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