15 Of The Most Bizarre Wedding Dresses Ever

Most people plan their weddings during the warmer months, the weather is nice and the sun is out. Women spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars to find the right dress for their special day. There are a huge variety of styles and dresses to chose from. Everyone has the right to dress how they want, especially on a day as special as their wedding. However, traditionally the point of wearing a wedding dress was to properly represent you and your family in the best way possible. It certainly was not intended to make your guests feel uncomfortable.

As the years have gone on, so have the styles of dresses worn by brides. Some people are now taking extreme measures to make sure their dresses wow the crowd, some showing too much skin or really putting their own stamp on the traditional wedding dress. After all we all want to be different, and some have surely done that. The following 15 wedding dresses will have you wondering ''what were they thinking?''

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15 Balloon Dress 1


Thelma Levett actually made this dress herself, she is no beginner at making balloon shapes. For 15 years Levett experimented with balloons, twisting and shaping them into everyday objects. This time, she decided to make a wedding dress for her daughter, Vicky (the picture above). She was inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge's dress. It apparently took 5,000 perfectly twisted balloons in order to make the balloon dress replica that you see before you. Your thoughts?

14 Bird Dress


Buyers beware. Many brides would agree that wearing the dress on the right to their wedding would be a nightmare, and the woman wearing the dress agrees. When the bride-to-be (seen above) ordered her dress online, she was expecting the dress seen on the left, this will teach many people to not order their wedding dress last minute. To her horror, what she received was a very sad looking dress. The Daily Mail fittingly describes the wedding dress as having "a dead bird look."

13 Graffiti Dress


This bride appears to be wearing a regular wedding dress, which has been spray painted with what is possibly the word "wifey" in blue.  The groom is wearing a plain white t-shirt which has also been spray painted in blue. He is also wearing jeans (which also have been spray painted).  A wedding is of course something personal, and if you feel that graffiti tags are a good representation of your marriage, then by all means have a graffiti themed wedding.

12 Pool Dress


The model in this picture does not look happy, then again, the dress looks rather uncomfortable. This dress is so big that it has to be partially held up by men with giant bamboo sticks. Instead of going for a traditional veil, the designer opted for a giant headpiece that cannot stay in place on its own. The dress also requires some support on the bottom in order to retain its shape. It is unclear how the bride is supposed to manoeuvre in this dress or if she is supposed to be able to manoeuvre at all. We hope this dress comes with the support team.

11 Flame Dress


According to ABC news, brides are moving away from traditional weddings and are looking for "something that has not been done before." The result is an extreme kind of photography that has been named "trashing the dress." Brides walk into mud puddles, rain, jump into pools or walk along sandy beaches. However, some women opt for more risky photo-shoots, including lighting themselves on fire. This bride's dress is non-traditional, and falls under the flaming wedding dress theme, but is definitely much safer than actually setting it on fire.

10 Cocoon Dress


This wedding dress is from an Autumn Winter collection of 1965, created by Yves Saint-Laurent. When this dress first came out, it was deemed haute couture. The dress is very famous and is one of Saint-Laurent’s most well known pieces. If you think the dress looks warm, you would be correct as it is made out of knitted wool.

9 Cream Puff Dress


The Ukrainian baker Valentyn Shtefano made his fiancé's wedding dress out of 1,500 cream puffs. It took the 28-year-old two months to complete the dress, which ended up weighing 20 pounds. He made the dress by attaching cream puffs to a wedding dress frame (after failing his initial attempt of sewing empty puffs together, which kept collapsing). In an interview featured on NBC news, Shtefano's bride Viktoriya, stated how she was hesitant about the dress at first, but ultimately loved it, "at first, it was even a little embarrassing: cameras, interviews, but after a little while I didn't even want to take it off."

8 The Multicoloured Dress


This is another tragic case of a bride-to-be being had by a cheap imitation company. The woman you see in the dress on the right had purchased what was supposed to be the dress seen online (left). As you can see, what she received was a pale comparison to the beautiful, vibrantly coloured dress she thought she had bought. As the Daily Mail warns, many brides are being fooled by discount wedding dresses online. In this case, it appears the old saying is correct, "if it's too good to be true, it probably is."

7 Lights On


This dress was a part of whole collection of dresses entitled the “Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.” As you can see the dress actually lights up like a dress that you would find “on a Barbie doll.” The bride actually had someone following her with a fire extinguisher as the dress was a little bit of a fire hazard. At first the dress looked like an ordinary (very puffy) white dress, the lights being hidden until they were turned on when the new married couple hit the dance floor. Despite the weight of the dress, the couple was able to successfully dance the night away.

6 Belly Dress


It can be hard to find the right wedding dress when you are pregnant, especially when you are showing as much as the woman above. Instead of trying to conceal the baby belly, this style of dress takes a completely different approach and flaunts it. We just hope that the guests were able to focus on the nuptials rather than the exposed belly and what seems like see-through material.

5 Cake Dress


This incredibly unique wedding dress was designed by Lukka Sigurdardottir. The entire skirt is made with delicious, edible cake. As you can see from the picture, the dress is filled with a rainbow coloured filling. Though this is not practical for your special day, it was not meant to be practical but a beautiful, edible work of art. Needless to say, the Daily News was very impressed with Sigurdardottir's work.

4 Rainbow Couple


According to the Huffington Post, rainbow colored outfits are quite trendy, even for weddings. Brides are looking for colourful dresses, colourful shoes even colourful veils. Attributed in part to the fresh wave support for marriage equality, the rainbow trend is not only popular for clothing, but makeup, hair, home-furnishings and electronics. We are all for the rainbow colors, even for a couple's big day, however sometimes it is best to ask for guidance when coming up with proper attire for the big day.

3  Sheep Dress


What is more appropriate than a wedding dress made of a wool for a shepherdess bride? Louise Fairburn is an award winning sheep breeder. She designed the dress herself, and used wool from her favourite sheep: a rare Lincoln Longwool named Olivia. The entire wedding revolved around sheep: the groom wore a waist coat made from wool, the bride carried a "Bo-Peep style" crook and the ring bearer's cushion was made of fleece.

2 Balloon Dress 2


The bride you see before is Annie Caldwell who lives in Garden Grove California. She was married in Las Vegas by an Elvis impersonator. As you may have noticed, balloon dresses have become quite popular for wedding attire, and Annie could not resist the opportunity to have one for herself. Her husband made it for her, by hand (pretty impressive even if the dress isn't the nicest one ever). The entire wedding cost more than $27 000!

1 Camouflage Dress


You may recognize the woman you see before you, Mama June, from the hit series "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo". The picture was taken on her wedding day, when she married her longtime partner Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson. It is slightly hard to tell from the picture but she is dressed in camouflage and neon orange (definitely not a traditional wedding dress). According to many sources, the couple were not officially married and what they had filmed was a commitment ceremony.

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