15 Of The Hottest Gingers EVER

Blessed with the most exceptional hair color, redheads have been the subject of fascination since the beginning of time. It’s said that the Ancient Greeks believed those with red hair would turn into vampires when they died and that Ancient Roman slaves were more expensive if their hair had an orange tinge. We can’t confirm any of that, but we do know that fiery red hair makes the following stars that much hotter! While redheads may have traditionally felt insecure about having such a bold and rare hair color, the world is embracing the red more than ever before. These days, several of the hottest celebs ranging from pop stars to movie stars are natural gingers, and legions of fans are spending countless dollars bleaching and coloring their hair to get the same look, though it never quite works. In all their flaming glory, here are 15 redheads who are too hot for words!

15 Jessica Chastain

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Jessica Chastain is one actress who is living proof that redheads are some of the most attractive people on the planet. Born in Sacramento, California in 1977, Jessica is now 39 and has appeared in popular TV shows like ER and Veronica Mars. She rose to prominence in 2011 when she appeared in The Help, and she’s been one of Hollywood’s fave gingers ever since. She starred as the lead in Zero Dark Thirty, and also made an appearance in blockbusters like Interstellar, The Martian, Crimson Peak, and A Most Violent Year. Jess is hugely talented, currently housing a Golden Globe under her belt, not to mention more than one Academy Award nomination! She’s also played Shakespeare’s Juliet on stage, and to be honest, we couldn’t imagine anybody better to play one of the most popular lovers in the history of literature! Jessica has since ditched her red locks, and broken all of our hearts.

14 Hayley Williams

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Natural red hair, with gentle orangey tones, is undeniably beautiful. But we still love some enhanced red hair that grabs everybody’s attention as soon as you walk in the room! Paramore leading lady Hayley Williams is a natural ginger, but being a bit of a rock chick, she’s run a few colors through her hair to make the red stand out even more. She’s been a range of hair colors but is most well-known for that burnt orange color that is eye-catching as it contrasts against her pale white skin. She’s also done the deep red, candy pink, and blonde. We’ve seen her rock these colors on their own, and we’ve seen her blend them together to sport orange-blonde and pink-orange looks. Whatever color she reps in the future, she will always be the girl who pulled off mixed colors effortlessly and made orange hair super-cool, even for those who’d rather have black!

13 Angie Everhart

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Angie Everhart is one of the classic Hollywood redheads who encourages fans everywhere to love their natural selves. Not only does she totally rock her ginger mane, but she’s also covered in freckles and loving it! The actress represents all things steamy, and she’s known for films such as Love in Paris and Bordello of Blood, in which she played roles that were on the risqué side. Angie began modeling at the age of 16 and is most commonly associated with the reality TV show called The Real Gilligan’s island, which was inspired by the classic TV show featuring another ginger called Tina Louise. Angie has since posed nude for Playboy and is pretty much a walking, talking fantasy for people all over the world. While society might suggest that those we idolize have to be blonde bombshells or sultry brunettes, Angie proved to everybody that redheads can be even sexier!

12 Alyson Hannigan

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We know her from How I Met Your Mother, and though Alyson Hannigan may not be the first girl you think of when it comes to smoking hot celebs, she is still smoking hot! The characters she plays are usually nice, conservative girls, so you do not associate her with being a hottie automatically. In American Pie, she played Jim’s geeky band friend Michelle who turned into the love of his life, and by the final film, we could see that Alyson was just about perfect! Despite playing a girl who went to band camp a lot, she is the stuff that most high-school boys dream about. It’s been revealed that Alyson isn’t actually a natural redhead, and dyed her hair that color for her role on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But it suits her so much that we can’t picture her any other way—she is definitely an honorary ginger!

11 Rose Leslie

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Born in Aberdeen, Scotland, Rose Leslie looks exactly the way you’d picture a strapping Scottish lass. With flaming red hair, peaches-and-cream skin, and scatterings of freckles, she challenges the traditional beauty standards in Hollywood, and we love it! Who needs a fake tan and hair dye when you look like that?! Rose is most famous for playing the wildling Ygritte, on the fantasy series Game of Thrones. On the show, Ygritte falls in love with everybody’s favorite character, Jon Snow. Things don’t end too nicely for them, but it’s okay—Rose and the actor who plays Jon, Kit Harington, are together IRL. So clearly, we’re not the only ones who have been pulled in by Rose’s raw charisma! Interestingly enough, the show features several other female characters who rock red hair, including the Lady Melisandre and Sansa Stark. Basically, anybody who’s anybody in the show has red hair, and it’s the epitome of beauty.

10 Lindsay Lohan

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As she grew up, Lindsay Lohan began dying her hair everything from blonde to black, but no matter what she does, we won’t ever forget her as the gorgeous redhead child playing twins Annie and Hallie in Disney’s The Parent Trap. Okay, Lindsay got herself into some trouble as she got caught up in the wrong crowd in Hollywood, and began to crumble under the pressures of fame. But no matter what kind of trouble she gets into or how she chooses to present herself to the world, we will always remember that naturally, Lindsay is a true beauty! She is a fan of the fake tan and hair dye, but we adore her freckles and red locks. Not only do they remind us of her character Cady Heron from Mean Girls, but Hollywood already has plenty of blonde, tanned women. We want more freckles, and we want more gingers!

9 Benedict Cumberbatch

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You didn’t think we only had a thing for ginger females, did you? Hunky actor Benedict Cumberbatch may appear to have dark hair in shows like Sherlock, but we happen to know that the British star is a natural redhead! His hair color isn’t too bold, and you might even argue that he’s really more of a chestnut brown, but to us, it totally qualifies as ginger. Benedict gets more popular every year, thanks to his appearance in Hollywood films like War Horse, Stark Trek: Into the Darkness, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. He’s also a talented actor when it comes to the stage, and has earned himself both Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations for his work on The Imitation Game. He’s Benedict Cumberbatch, so we all know he’d look good under any hair. But we’d love to see him rocking his natural color more often!

8 Miranda Hobbes

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Who said that the hottest gingers ever have to be real people? No attractive redhead list is complete without the one and only Miranda Hobbes from Sex and the City. Miranda actually insinuated that she isn’t a real redhead in the series when she was asked if she was Irish, and she responded with, “Anybody can be Irish with the right colorist.” But we’re thinking that although she might run color through her hair, she still has to be a natural strawberry blonde at least. Look at how red her son Brady’s hair is! Miranda isn’t the signature sexy character on the show, mostly because they dress her in some incredibly unfortunate clothes. But despite her crippling insecurities, Miranda is hot! Our favorite Miranda look is when she finally fits back into her skinny jeans after having her baby, and of course when her red hair seemingly glows as she marries Steve!

7 Axl Rose

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He’s the lead singer and founder of Guns N’ Roses, so nobody can argue that Axl Rose isn’t appealing! You might not be into the tattoos and bandana thing, but you have to appreciate that Axl will always be a timeless rock star, who can pretty much have anybody he wants! And oh yes, under those bandanas, Axl’s hair is most definitely red. He has that soft orangey red that’s duller than strawberry blonde and almost looks like chestnut brown, but it’s still red in our book. He also lets it grow long, blessing us with even more opportunity to gawk. When you think of rock stars, you think of jet black or hard blonde, but Axl totally blows those preconceptions out of his path. He’s proven that intense, dyed hair isn’t needed to be one of the most acclaimed bandleaders on earth, and his ginger hair more than does the job!

6 Jessica Rabbit

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Redhead or not, it doesn’t get any hotter than Jessica Rabbit. The wife of bumbling Toon Roger Rabbit, Jessica is a Toon herself. Like Barbie, her dimensions mean that she technically wouldn’t be able to be a real human for long—that tiny waist is in no way enough to contain any vital organs or support her oversized chest, her feet are so tiny that she’d topple over the second she stood up, and her eyes are permanently 95% closed. Plus, hair that red has to be dyed, and would wash out the first time you got in the shower! But she’s still the walking fantasy of every Toon in Toontown, not to mention plenty of humans IRL! In the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Jessica insists, “I’m not bad; I’m just drawn that way.” So it’s clear that working out with a waist trainer doesn’t get you a bod like that. Noted!

5 Rupert Grint

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He brought one of our favorite literary characters to life, so Rupert Grint will forever be a hot ginger to us. No matter how old he gets and what other roles he takes, he will always be Harry Potter’s best friend and Hermione Granger’s true love, Ronald Weasley. Rupert auditioned for the role of Ron when he was 10 by sending in a self-made video; an act that went on to transform his life forever. We sure bet Rupert was grateful for his red locks when it came time to audition for Ron and make the transition to millionaire! The thing we love most about his hair is that it’s an intense, bright orange, which you don’t see often. Rupert says he’s been the victim of bullying over his hair color, we’re going to assume that the name-calling stems from jealousy. His hair did help him land one of the most coveted roles ever!

4 Isla Fisher

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Isla Fisher is another actress who flaunts her flaming red hair proudly. Born in Oman, Isla actually grew up in Australia and went on to land a few roles in some huge Hollywood films. She appeared as Vince Vaughn’s sweet-but-crazy love interest in Wedding Crashers, and also starred in Confessions of a Shopaholic and Definitely, Maybe. She also made appearances in Now You See Me and The Great Gatsby, which put her on the map, so to speak. The actress is married to Sacha Baron Cohen, the comedian who brought us Borat. Though Isla is a Titan-haired gal, she has admitted to putting a few blonde highlights in her mane to add some spice. A quick Google search should show you just how popular her hair is—there are endless articles on how to achieve her exact color, though we feel like genetics do play a large role in being a crimson babe!

3 Nicole Kidman

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Her blonde hair may be red-carpet worthy, but our favorite Nicole Kidman look will always be her strawberry-blonde curls! Most women would try and cover up skin that pale with a fake tan, but we think that Nicole’s porcelain skin actually works with her hair. The red tones in the hair bring out the pink undertones in the skin, and the result is total perfection! Nicole was born a redhead, but her hair naturally lightened to blonde as she grew up. We love when she puts in a color to bring out the fire in her hair because not everybody who tries can rock crimson locks. It definitely doesn’t suit everyone, so when it does suit you (the way it suits Nicole!) you should roll with it! Nicole’s also admitted to hating her curls for the majority of her life, and this is something else we don’t get. Curls like that are to die for!

2 Ed Sheeran

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He’s the hottest pop star in the world right now, and aside from writing amazing songs and performing in a one-man band like nobody’s business, Ed Sheeran has changed the way gingers all over the world are seeing themselves! Flaming-haired ladies are rare in Hollywood, but redhead gents are even rarer, so to have the guy who is at the top of the pop world be a ginger, it’s super-cool. Ed’s face is plastered everywhere in pop culture, and though he cops a lot of nasty comments for not looking like a traditional handsome hunk, the truth is the world has fallen in love with him and his look! Our favorite thing about Ed is that he could have dyed his hair to fit in, and over-produced his songs to make them sound more like the other tracks on the radio, but instead, he stuck to his own path. And look where it’s taken him!

1 Prince Harry

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We swear that our number-one hot ginger is here because he deserves to be, not because he’s a prince! The second child of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, Prince Harry is probably the first person who comes to mind when the word ‘ginger’ is uttered. Red hair looks good on all the people on this list, but nobody can beat the way it looks on Prince Harry. His cheeky, smiley face just belongs with ginger locks, and a crown suits any kind of hair, so there you go. He’s also not opposed to sporting a ginger beard, which we’re on board with. For us, Prince Harry is the better-looking of the two English Princes, and it just might be because of his hair! Even if he is rumored to be balding early like the other men in his family, he will always be the ginger Prince who stole our hearts!

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