15 Of The Funniest Selfie Fails We've Ever Seen

Oh, the selfie. We could say that selfies are the worst thing ever, but that might be putting it lightly. When did we decide that taking 100 photos of ourselves every day and posting them online was a good idea? When did we get vain AF and decide that if we don't get likes and comments, we're somehow worth nothing? It honestly makes zero sense. We should have more self-esteem and confidence than that, shouldn't we? Sure, sometimes we just want people to see our good hair day, but really. We can look in a mirror and smile and call it a day.

Of course, the selfie is a thing and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. Thanks to Instagram, people love their selfies. And who loves their selfies more than anything? That would definitely be teenagers. Yup, teens love taking selfies and they are the pros. Sadly, that means that sometimes, teenagers post the weirdest, craziest selfies ever that are truly terrible.

We knew you would be curious, so we compiled a list of selfies taken by teenagers because of course now you're super curious and you want to see them all. There are girl selfies, boy selfies, and group selfies. Check out 15 of the most troubling teen selfies ever! Don't say we didn't warn you!

15 Ouch

Did that hurt?! It totally looks like it would. We're not super surprised to see that a teenage boy literally took a selfie while he had his head in his bathroom sink and while his body was in a super weird, super awkward position. Teenage boys do all kinds of strange stuff, don't they? They're a whole bunch of mysterious creatures. Of course, they would probably say that teenage girls are the most mysterious things of all. But we were teen girls once and we never did anything like this. Just saying...

We're not even sure how this guy maneuvered himself into this position. It looks so painful. Maybe he had some help... and then his helper ran away so he wouldn't be in the photo. Makes sense. We wonder if he got a lot of likes or if people were more concerned for his safety. Hopefully the latter...

14 More Bathroom Fun

Okay, what is up with all the bathroom selfies?! It's seriously an epidemic. We're not sure that bathrooms are the best place for selfies. Yeah, people think that they're the perfect location since they've got a mirror. But after seeing these troubling teen selfies, we think that people need to start getting more creative.

What was this person trying to accomplish with this selfie? No, really, we're asking. We want to know. We don't get the outfit. Is that a cape? Or a towel? Or a robe? We're not sure. We don't get why their foot is in the sink... Just one foot. Not both. We also really don't understand why they're holding a bright pink clock with the Barbie logo on it. We really just have so many questions. This selfie is not only troubling, it's confusing AF.

13 Is That A Kid?!

Here's yet another selfie that was taken in a bathroom... and yet another selfie that involves something weird happening in the sink. This time, a teen girl is taking a photo of herself while standing in front of the mirror, and there's a little girl literally lying in the sink.

She looks like she's playing with the tap and is trying to turn it on, which would make things a total disaster pretty quickly. We can only guess what happened when the teenage girl stopped her selfie-taking and realized what was going on. Maybe this is her kid. Or maybe it's her little sister and she was bored while babysitting and decided to amuse herself by taking selfies. We're not sure. Either way, it's a strange selfie, that's for sure.

12 Dad/Daughter Selfie

At least, we hope that's her dad... because otherwise, that would be awkward. Not that this photo isn't awkward enough. It absolutely is. It's probably the most awkward thing that we've ever seen.

We're not sure why this teenage girl thought that this would be a good selfie. Sure, she looks cute enough, but she's hanging out in her dad's bedroom and he's lying on the bed without a shirt on. It's just creepy AF. Let's just be real here and call it what it is. While it's cool that a teenager wouldn't be too embarrassed to hang out with her parents, we don't think that this is a good selfie idea. It's just not something that anyone ever needs to see. Thanks to the internet, this will live on forever.

11 Foot Selfie

Why would you take a selfie with your toes around your phone? Why? We honestly don't know but we would love to find out the answer. Maybe there's a really good reason that will suddenly and magically make everything make sense.

Or maybe not. Maybe this is just a strange, troubling selfie that didn't really need to be taken at all. There should be a rule or law against bathroom selfies. We might not have thought that strongly about it before, but now that we've seen so much photographic evidence of how bad it can be, we totally know the truth, right? And the truth is that bathroom selfies are just too much. They're rarely any good and this one in particular just makes no sense.

10 Scary Selfie

Yeah, when you see a spider in your bed, you should honestly take a selfie of you and your best friend screaming and freaking out because there's a spider in your bed. That's the best idea. That's the thing that you should do immediately. You shouldn't get out of bed and get rid of the spider. Nope. Why would you do that? It seems way too logical.

We're just creeped out by this selfie and that's all there is to it. It's not great to even think about spiders, let alone spiders in someone's bed. Ugh. Now we're going to think that there are spiders in our bed when we go to sleep tonight. Thanks a lot, teenage girls. If they hadn't taken this photo, we never would have thought about this subject at all, but now it's literally all that we can think about.

9 Ultimate Fail

Now this is the worst time to take a selfie. If taking a selfie while staring at yourself in the bathroom mirror is a bad idea since it's so cliche, then doing this while your mom is actually sitting on the toilet is the worst idea in the world. Well, at least we think that's her mom. That's what we're going to assume, anyway.

This is just so gross. It's unbelievable that someone would want to do this. Doesn't this girl think that this is inappropriate and disgusting? Doesn't her mom think the same thing? Why would you want people to see you sitting on the toilet and peeing? That's just TMI. That's the definition of TMI. This is not cute or funny or whatever they were trying to achieve. It's just not something that anyone ever needs to see. Let's hope that this doesn't become a trend. We can't even imagine.

8 Hanging With Grandma

Was this grandma trying to be all young and hip and cool or what? Why would she even agree to pose for this kind of selfie with her granddaughter? We get if she wanted to pose for a pretty picture like if the two of them were posing normally and smiling at the camera. That would have been fine. It would have been cute, even.

But this is just weird. We don't like that this teenage girl has got one leg up and that her grandma is holding her leg. We also don't like the expression on her face. This whole thing just gives us a really odd and uncomfortable feeling and we kind of want to forget that we've even seen this at all. Yeah, let's do that.

7 The Wrong Time

Okay. Let's get one thing straight: it's not a good idea to take a selfie while literally standing next to someone in a coffin. Because you're at a funeral. And you really can't take a selfie at a funeral. It's incredibly inappropriate and makes you look super vain.

What, you think you're more important than the person whose life you're supposed to be honoring and celebrating? How can that possibly be true? This moment is not about you. It's about this person. You really have to believe that. Unfortunately, we don't think that this teenage girl was thinking like that, because here she is, posing for a photo and grinning and looking like the happiest person ever. We're just scratching our heads over here and we're never going to understand it.

6 Twinning

Leave it to teenage girls to go crazy with tanning beds or self-tanner... and have the same bad tan. And the same bad hair, too. These girls are practically orange and it's not a good look. And since it's not a good look, it's clearly not a good selfie.

We can tell that otherwise, they are super pretty, and that if they were rocking their normal skin tones, this would be a perfectly normal selfie. We wouldn't have a problem with it. It would be cute to see two BFFs smiling at the camera and we would get all nostalgic and remember our own high school best friends (who may or may not still be our best friends). But nope. This is the opposite of a good selfie. They're just too orange. Girls, go easy with the tans, okay?!

5 iPad Selfie

There are a lot of weird things going on in this photo. There's the fact that she's taking a photo of herself with an iPad, which... is strange. Why isn't she using her iPhone? The iPhone is honestly the one thing that you use when you take a selfie. It's like a law of selfies or something. Or maybe it's the only law. The other weird thing is that she's posing at an angle so we can see her cleavage... and the fact that she's wearing so much makeup is also kind of odd.

See what we mean? This whole photo is just weird. If she was wearing more natural makeup and wasn't bent over, this might be a fairly attractive photo, but that's unfortunately not the case. She also has a pretty horrible expression on her face that just gives us a weird feeling. Yup, a lot of weirdness is happening here.

4 On The Toliet

So apparently taking a selfie while your best friend (or mom... or someone) is sitting on the toliet peeing is a totally normal thing. And it's a trend. Oh man. We can't deal with this.

We have the same question that we did before: why do these girls think that this makes for a good and interesting selfie? Why not just wait until she's done going to the bathroom so they can pose for a normal selfie together? Two teenage girls taking a photo of themselves is a pretty typical thing. It's not like anyone would have a problem with that. Well, they would if the photo was troubling, like the others on this list. But these girls look super normal and pretty otherwise. The toilet thing is just way too strange and we want to forget that we saw this.

3 Makeup Fail

Teenage girls love their makeup. That's just a thing that is never going to go away. When we were teens, we loved beauty products, too. It's such an exciting time in your life and it's really the first time that you're old enough to put on makeup. So of course you're going to go kind of wild.

The problem is when you put on makeup and it goes horribly wrong... which is what happened here. While it's funny that she joked that she's embracing "the natural look" since she knows that she's definitely got a face full of makeup, we're not sure that she should have actually left the house looking like that. Didn't her parents see her and say that she should wash her face and try again? Do parents even do that anymore? Hmmm...

2 The Kid Stays In The Picture

On the one hand, it's kind of hilarious that this kid is banging his head against the wall and thinking, "Why me? Why am I here? What's going on?" At least, it's pretty clear that this is probably what is going through his mind. On the other hand, we don't get why there's a kid in this selfie at all.

What was this teenage girl thinking? Why didn't she just take a photo of herself without this kid around at all? Couldn't she have done that? It just seems so inappropriate that she's in a pink bikini and he's just standing there. It's just not a good photo and could have been so much better. This just proves that not every selfie needs to be taken and that sometimes restraint is totally in order.

1 Girls Gone Wild

So... these girls look young. Like really young. Like way too young to be posing like this. We know that they're trying to be hot and sexy and that they probably think that you're supposed to pose for a photo like this if you want to seem grown-up.

But it's not a good idea. Not a good idea at all. This group selfie actually makes them look so much younger because of the suggestive pose. The fact that they're all wearing jeans and tank tops or t-shirts just proves how innocent they are and it just drives home the point that they shouldn't be doing this at all. We know that if their parents saw this photo, they would probably totally freak out and think that it was just terrible. It's definitely pretty troubling...

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