15 Of The Craziest Mysteries And Rumours Surrounding The Royal Family

In a lot of ways, royal families were the world’s first celebrities. Regular people knew their names, wanted to know their business, and looked to them for culture and guidance. Due to their popularity and influence, people will always make up rumors about them. The British Royal Family is one of the most popular families because of their historical significance and the influence Britain has had around the world. Of course, just like with any celebrity, there are always going to be salacious and crazy rumors surrounding them. People love to speculate just how crazy public figures are, since it makes them seem more human or down to earth. When you’re constantly in the public eye, expect to get all sorts of attention, so you could only imagine what sort of attention the British Royal Family gets, considering they’ve been in the spotlight for centuries. While there are enough crazy stories surrounding the family historically and even today, there are even crazier rumors about them that have never been proven.

The present day Royal Family has been surrounded with intense rumors and gossip, and a lot of it is true. One of the biggest stories surrounding them, of course, would be Princess Diana’s tumultuous relationship with Prince Charles and the affairs both of them had, and eventually her death which in itself is shrouded in rumors. Both Prince Harry and Prince William are known to be party animals, or at least used to be, and there’s a whole cache of stories about that. Some of the more wild ones include Prince Harry playing naked billiards in Vegas, which is true! But we aren’t looking at stuff that’s true about the Royal Family today. In this article, we’re listing down the most ridiculous rumors! Here are the 15 the most preposterous rumors about the Royal Family:

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15 James Hewitt is Really Prince Harry's Biological Father

Tegablaq TV

Some people incorrectly believe that Prince Charles was the only one who committed infidelity while married to Princess Diana. This belief was strengthened when Diana infamously commented on his affair with Camilla Parker, saying, “There were three of us in the marriage. So it was a bit crowded.” But the fact of the matter was that Diana herself had a five year affair while married to Prince Charles, and it was with James Hewitt. This would go on to be a 5 year affair during her marriage. This went on for so long that eventually whispers and rumors came out that James Hewitt was Prince Harry's biological father. These rumors are said to have had a devastating effect on Diana and the whole Royal Family. But one only needs to compare Prince Charles and Prince Harry to see that there is a remarkable resemblance between them.

14 The Royal Family is Descended from Reptiles

via Time

To be specific, they come for a long line of shape shifting reptilian alien humanoids. Yes you read that right, and there is a portion of the population that actually believe this to be a fact, one of whom is David Icke. He used to be well known in England for being a presenter in BBC back in 80's. Since then, he has gotten attention from the media for his conspiracy theory beliefs, which he travels the world espousing. One of them being this lizard theory. This conspiracy theory has been around for ages, and goes that the world’s elite (including the Royal Family) are really shape shift reptilian aliens that came to earth and successfully enslaved the human race. Mr. Icke further ruined his reputation by claiming to be “Son of the Godhead” and that 9/11 was an inside job.

13 The Queen Had a Hand in Princess Diana's Death

The Malta Independent

The world mourned when "The People’s Princess", Prince Diana, died in a horrible car accident that also claimed the life of Dodi Fayed, her lover, in Paris 1997. By all accounts, it was a horrific crash, but the stories people started to spin surrounding it just got really crazy. One prevailing rumor is that Queen Elizabeth somehow orchestrated the crash and effectively caused Princess Diana's death. The reason being that the Queen was horrified by her son’s and her daughter-in-law’s very public affairs and subsequent divorce. Even though this theory has been thoroughly debunked, some people cling to the belief that the Queen would be as malicious and petty as to kill the mother of her grandchildren just because she was distraught over the same they brought to the Royal Family. We do know for a fact that Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth had a testy relationship, but she couldn’t possibly do anything as evil as that to her.

12 Princess Diana Planned Her Death Herself

The Sun

It sometimes seems as though some people are willing to grasp at any explanation other than the obvious one. Without a doubt, Princess Diana was the victim of a horrible car crash that was, for full intents and purposes, a total accident. But there are still some people who do not accept it as an accident and do not adhere to the idea that the Queen planned it. Stranger still is they believe that the princess herself planned her death. Barring the fact that it would be almost impossible to plan the way that her death happened, it would mean her lover was also willing to die with her. The reason people believe this to be the case is because they think Diana could not handle the media circus surrounding her and the negative publicity as a result of her marriage to the Prince and their divorce. Something tells us though that is one of the most farfetched rumors out there.

11 Queen Elizabeth is Dead

The Christian Science Monitor

Once a well-known person gets to be a certain age, it is inevitable that there will be rumors circulating that they have died. Queen Elizabeth II, who is currently 91 and the longest reigning monarch in British history, is no exception to this. There have been a number of reports that came out that the Queen has died, and people really believe it. Some people go so far as to believe that the Queen died years ago and has been replaced with a body double or clone. What would be the point of that? Queen Elizabeth, while an important symbol of British national identity, is not that integral. While her passing would be sad and would be mourned, the country would just carry on. There is no reason for this rumor to be true, but that has never stopped them from spreading it anyway.

10 The Queen Is A Nazi

The Sun

This photo was pulled up from when the Queen was still quite young, and in it, she appears to be doing the infamous Nazi gesture, "Heil". A couple of years ago, footage from an old Royal Family video showed a 7-year-old Queen Elizabeth, long before she was Queen. The video is over 80 years old and shows a young Elizabeth with the Queen mother doing the Nazi salute. She was supposedly goaded on by her uncle Edward VIII, who was an actual Nazi sympathizer. Of course, this picture from when she was a child has given people enough ammo to run with the rumor that she is a Nazi. Never mind the fact that when this photo was taken, the atrocities that the Nazi's would come to be associated with had not come to pass yet. People shouldn’t take accusing someone of being a Nazi so lightly, regardless of how famous that person is.

9 A French Cook Gave Birth to Queen Victoria

Daily Mail

There is a very old rumor regarding Queen Elizabeth and her right to the throne. Apparently, there were fertility issues in the family. In order to produce an heir, a servant, a French cook to be exact, gave birth to both Queen Victoria and her brother. This claim comes from author Lady Colin Campbell, who claims that servants were the first surrogates in a way. She wrote all about the rumor in her book “The Queen Mother: The Untold Story of Elizabeth Bowes Lyon, Who Became Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother”. It appears that when the Queen heard this rumor, it was reported to be on the tenth anniversary of her mother’s death, and insiders claim this rumor gravely upset her. This is an especially dangerous rumor because not only does it insult the Queen, it delegitimizes her right to the throne.

8 Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip Kidnapped Children

via nexusilluminati.blogspot

This is one of the more bizarre and outlandish rumors that has surrounded the Royal Family. Apparently, way back in 1964, the Queen and her husband, Prince Phillip, took students who were Native American from a residential school in Kamloops out for a picnic. It was a group of around ten children. Rumor has it that the royal couple took the children out of the school, but never actually brought them back. Apparently, the kidnapped children have not been seen since, and any whistleblowers or anyone trying to do research into this case is promptly “taken care of”. Some people think that the Royal Family used these children in some kind of satanic sacrifice ceremony. Why does it always come back to satanic sacrifices? Anyway, there’s a reason this remained a rumor—it just isn’t true. So, people should really stop believing these rumors.

7 The Queen is a Cannibal

Daily Mail

The Queen is currently 91-years-young and shows no signs of dying anytime soon. She has officially become the British Royal Family's longest reigning monarch. If you live that long, there are bound to be farfetched stories about your life, and the Queen of England is no exception. Apparently, she is descended from a long line of cannibals and this has been common practice for the Royal Family for many generations. This is what keeps her so young and, er, fresh, we suppose. Of course, the idea of people drinking the blood of the youth to live longer has been around for ages. But what's worse is that people still believe that the Queen is one of these cannibals. Their supposed proof is her sharp teeth, which they believe are just right for tearing human flesh. Now, this is a separate rumor from the Royal Family being shape-shifting reptilian alien humanoids, but we have to wonder who the people are that believes all that crap...

6 The Royal Family is Part of the Illuminati


The rumors and stories surrounding the mysterious Illuminati have been keeping conspiracy theorists crazy and busy for many years. There is prevailing belief that all the powerful people in the world, including celebrities, politicians, and yes, members of the Royal Family are part of this all-seeing, powerful group. British comedian and celebrity, Russell Brand brought fuel to the fire when he said in an interview that he gravely dislikes 'the lizard illuminati Royal Family.' If the Royal Family is part of the Illuminati, this definitely means that the Queen goes and parties with Jay Z and Beyoncé at their super-secret Illuminati parties. What?? If people can believe that the Queen is a shape-shifting reptile humanoid, we can believe that she parties with Beyoncé and gets down to "All the Single Ladies". Again, seriously? Who believes these stories anyway?

5 The Queen Urged Duchess Catherine to Get Pregnant

Digital Spy

Before you react, hear us out first. When we say urged, we don’t mean it in the way that grandmothers do when they just want to have a beautiful great grandchild. This was more of a “You had better get pregnant because the Scottish referendum is coming up and we need to distract the country with a royal baby!” form of distraction. And thus, we got Princess Charlotte. England is very keen on keeping the United Kingdom together, and of course it works for them because, let’s face it, they are the ones in charge. Well, it was looking like Scotland could actually get their independence leading up to the referendum, but the Queen mum was not having it! Well, it appears her distraction with a royal pregnancy worked because Scotland is still stuck with England. Although, with the recent Brexit, we don’t know how long that will last.

4 Prince Phillip Was a Serial Cheater


Prince Phillip has something of a kooky reputation. In way, people regard him as everyone’s racist Grandpa – the one that says the most offensive things with a smile on his face. Well, before he got into his golden years and really stopped caring about the things that came out of his mouth, rumors dogged Prince Philip about his infidelity to the Queen. These kinds of rumors always surround powerful couples, it's almost as if people cannot imagine being that well known and powerful and staying monogamous. Not only are there rumors about Prince Phillips issues with monogamy, but also that he may have even fathered a secret love child. When he was asked about these rumors in an interview once, the Prince got very insulted and upset, and rightfully so. Because there has never ever been any solid evidence of these claims. Over the years, people had this impression that the Queen loved Prince Philip more. However, it’s clear by his reaction that he feels the exact same way.

3 Mr. and Mrs. Brown and Their Illegitimate Child


We’ve discussed the colorful lives of the modern day monarch. Now, let's jump a couple generations back in the British Royal Family to Queen Victoria. Almost everyone knows that Queen Victoria had a personal servant who was a Scottish man that went by the name of John Brown. The two developed a very close relationship, and it is pretty common knowledge that the two had a very long affair and he was the man that Queen Victoria truly loved. In fact, people at the time even began to call her 'Mrs. Brown' because of her close and informal relationship with her servant. While this affair is more fact than rumor, there is another rumor surrounding it. So me people believe that the Queen bore John Brown a secret love child, who was then sent out into the world, one of many illegitimate Royal children. This affair is still talked about and still is a controversial topic for the Royal Family today.

2 Princess Diana's Other Affair


It is a fact that Princess Diana and Prince Charles cheated on each other during their marriage and were pretty unhappy together. It's almost as if you could not force two people who don't really like each other to be together for appearances. We digress, while it is common knowledge that Diana had an affair with James Hewitt, some people believe the late Princess also had an affair with popular English singer/song writer Robert Palmer. It is said that this affair was the straw that broke the camel’s back in her marriage with Prince Charles and they divorced soon after. This affair has never ever been proven, and most accurate reports state that the two had never even met before. The person most likely to have had an affair with "The People’s Princess" would have to be her former bodyguard, Barry Mannakee. He was relieved of his duty shortly after he was discovered “comforting” the princess.

1 "Jack the Ripper" was a Member of the Royal Family


Now, we are going to jump a lot of generations back in the Royal Family to the era of Queen Victoria in 1888. The poor areas of England were seized with fear because a brutal serial killer, who would come to be known as “Jack the Ripper”, was terrorizing its streets. He would end up claiming 5 women's lives. His method of killing was so brutal it gave him that nickname. This case has never been solved and it continues to intrigue and mystify people even today. An old rumor surrounding the case is that “Jack the Ripper” was in fact a Royal Family member – Queen Victoria's nephew Prince Albert, to be exact. The reason behind this is that people believe Prince Albert had syphilis and went mad from it, thus committing the killings. The theory further states that the Royal Family were aware of this and it is partly why the case has never been publicly solved, since the Royal Family wanted to protect him.

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