15 Of The Craziest Cheating Stories

Cheating while in a romantic relationship is an unfortunate reality many people will face in their lifetime. With the recent AshleyMadison.com (a site devoted to facilitating extramarital affairs) hack, infidelity is on the forefront of everyone's mind. Some of us think "my partner would NEVER do that," while others are forced to consider their partner might not be faithful.

Sometimes the way people find out they're being cheated on with is rather benign compared to how hurtful the act is. Other times, the person being cheated on figures out what's happening in a CRAZY way! And, of course, those make for the best stories. Here are 15 wild cheating stories from real people that will blow your mind.

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15  Worst Surprise Ever

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This poor girlfriend wanted to do something nice for her boyfriend on his birthday, but the problem is, his other girlfriend already had plans for him. She planned a surprise birthday for her boyfriend of one year, and when she asked his best friend to help plan it, he told her that her boyfriend already had plans - with his girlfriend who wasn't her.  Naturally, she stared at her "boyfriend's" friend in disbelief, and he told her he assumed they had broken up since he had a new girlfriend. Ouch!

14 Credit Card Detective

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By Meg Abbytch via Buzzfeed; This clever wife figured out her husband was cheating on her thanks to a piece of mail she received. Then, her husband had the nerve to wonder why she left him! When her husband ordered a credit card for his mistress, he had the poor sense to have it sent to their house. When his wife first saw it, she assumed the mailman had delivered it to the wrong house, but when she Googled the name on the card, she discovered this woman was connected with her husband on Google+. Even worse, she looked into the credit card statements and found out her husband had been spending copious amounts of money on his girlfriend. He had taken her to meet his family and even took her on a luxurious Vegas trip. The husband, of course, denied, denied, denied, any wrongdoing. The wife knew better though, and divorced him immediately!

13 And Baby Makes Four?

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When you find out your fiancé is cheating on you, the first thing you might want to do is talk to your best friend. But what happens if your best friend is in on it, too? One couple who was together for five years, and recently engaged, seemed to be in a great place. Then, when the woman came home after a 16 hour shift, she found her fiancé and her best friend sitting at their kitchen table, waiting to talk to her. Turns out, her fiancé and best friend had hooked up "just once," but all it took was that one time to get her best friend pregnant. That's got to hurt!

12 The Facebook Trick

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The invention of Facebook and other social media platforms have opened up a lot of doors for people looking to get answers about the people they love. Just wait until you hear what this clever girlfriend did. She had a feeling her boyfriend was being dishonest about something, so she snapped a cute picture of the two of them and made it her profile picture. Next, she tagged him in it, and before long she received messages from a girl saying that was her boyfriend of a year. The girls teamed up and called the cheater out, then they made him pay for them both to get tested!

11 Texting Trouble

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A photographic memory will come in handy often, but no more so than when you only have a few seconds to see a phone number. Unfortunately for this cheating husband, his wife's memory helped her figure out what he had been up to. She saw a text to her husband from a random number asking what he was doing that night. Thanks to her photographic memory, she was able to Google the number. She found out the text was from an escort service. A little more snooping only led to more bad news: her husband had been cheating during their whole marriage with multiple women!

10 Tell-Tale Hickey

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Who knew hickeys were even still a thing for adults? Good thing this guy got a dose of Karma to teach him a lesson! When this girlfriend noticed a hickey on her live-in boyfriend that definitely wasn't from her, she called him out. He didn't deny his infidelity, and told her the hickey-giver was a mutual coworker. Next, this bad boyfriend threatened to take her to court if she tried to get out of their lease, so she ended up having to pay two rents for a year. Later, she found out her cheating ex had lost all of his hair, gotten fat, and moved back in with his mom. Talk about getting the last laugh

9 Forgetful Cheater

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By Lotus - If it weren't for this husband getting drunk and spilling the details of his affair to his wife, she may have never found out. After too many drinks one night, he gave his wife all the dirty details (including names and dates) of his indiscretions. The next morning when he woke up, his wife and their child were gone. When he called to ask where they were, she realized he didn't remember spilling his guts, and couldn't believe he had! Drinking and talking can be very dangerous.

8 The Semi-Accidental Cheater


By Wendy B - This story is interesting because it comes from the cheater's perspective. However, it doesn't make it any less awkward. One woman was dating a man who worked on a cruise ship that docked where she live every few weeks. Before long, she realized the relationship wasn't going anywhere, and she planned to end it with him the next time she saw him. Before she had a chance to tell him it was over, she met and fell in love with someone else. Problem is, in the meantime, her cruise ship lover had quit his job and moved to be with her, and she had to break the awkward and difficult news to him that she was with someone else.

7 The Hair Clue

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By Stacy - As if this poor girl wasn't going through enough with her sick father, her boyfriend was cheating on her with his ex-girlfriend! When she found out her father was sick and assumed to have cancer, she called her boyfriend to have him come support her. He said he already had plans with his best friend though (ouch). The next day, she DID see him, and when she crawled into his bed, she noticed a bunch of long black hairs on his sheets. Being a blonde, she knew it wasn't her hair, and before long, she realized her boyfriend was cheating on her. Furthermore, he was cheating with his ex-girlfriend AND he had gotten her pregnant.

6 Low Blow

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This is a sad example of the realities of having a cheating partner, and just how greatly it can impact your life and your plans. When her husband moved 600 miles away to begin to set up their new home, the plan was for her and their children and pets to follow shortly after. She had already quit her job and gone through the certification process to be able to teach in another state. As she was on her way to meet her husband, with their children and all of their belongings in tow, her husband revealed he had fallen in love with someone else and was leaving her. Worst. Timing. Ever.

5 Talk About a Bumpy Ride

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By jacques_ammeur - If only this cheating girl had abided by the "turn off your cell phone on the plane rule" and she could have saved herself a very awkward flight. Sitting next to his girlfriend at the beginning of a long flight, a man saw messages on her phone from a mutual friend. She was texting this guy saying how much she would miss him and that she didn't want to go away with her boyfriend in the first place. To top it off, they had to sit beside each other for the next 10 hours of the flight!

4 Multiple Personalities

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Getting cheated on by somebody who uses multiple identities to do their dirty deeds is kind of like getting cheated on by multiple people, isn't it? That's how one man felt when he realized his girlfriend had several different Facebook pages under different names, and even worse, each of these different personas had a different boyfriend! He discovered her infidelity from that handy "People You May Know" feature, when he noticed a suggested friend looked remarkably like his girlfriend.

3 Bill of Wrongs

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By bfuller181 - No one likes getting a bill in the mail, but getting a bill that's four times higher than normal which leads to the end of your relationship is ever worse. When one man was going through his phone bill, the realized it was three times bigger than usual. Red flag! Upon further investigation, he realized the calls were from his girlfriend's phone, and all got one number. Turns out, she was calling a coworker with whom she was having an affair. Ouch!

2 Break Up Bells

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By flowerbright - Weddings are usually a time for celebrating love, but unfortunately for this girl, a wedding meant the end of her relationship.While at a mutual friend's wedding, this girl's boyfriend's mistress decided to tell her about her boyfriend being unfaithful. The girl being cheated on was able to keep her cool and didn't make a scene during the wedding. At least she took the high road!

1 InstaIdiot

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By kelmar101 -This story is short and sweet, but it'll definitely crack you up. Sounds like this guy is better of without a girl who lacks common sense! Social media has added a whole new facet to relationships, and some people haven't grasped it's reach quite yet. One man noticed a recent Instagram post by his girlfriend and she was kissing a guy in the photo. Problem is, it wasn't him! She obviously didn't think that one through.

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