15 Of The Clearest Waters In The World

You won’t t believe these miraculously beautiful bodies of water all over the world that are so clear you can see right through them. These waters would not be ideal for skinny dipping, but they are perfect for seeing underwater life. You can see deep into these oceans and lakes without going deep-sea diving because you can see practically for miles when the water is this clear. The clear water is perfect for exploring the mysteries of the unknown. Another plus side to clear water is being able to see a shark before it sneaks up on you, which seems to be a real problem lately. One of these beautiful water worlds should be on your list for your next vacation. You probably didn’t even know that most of these places exist. Sure you have heard of oceans as blue as the sky, but water so clear you won’t believe it is salt water is unheard of. While most of these clear bodies of water are in other countries, a few of them can be found right here in the United States or close to it. Grab your bathing suit and a waterproof camera and dive into the clearest waters in the world!

15 Linapacan Island, Palawan, Philippines


The Philippines are known for their beautiful islands and beaches, but the Linapacan Island is one island you must visit if you are going to the Philippines. The island has not just one, but several beaches with some of the clearest waters you will ever see. These clear waters make the island a great spot to go diving because you can see exactly what you are diving head first into instead of other bodies of water that are so cloudy you never know what lies beneath the surface. Another plus to this island is it has a population of less than fifteen thousand, so you don’t have to worry about it being overcrowded.

14 The Maldives


Just south of India in the Indian Ocean are the magnificent Maldives. The Maldives are a compilation of more than twenty atolls, which are islands, chains of islands, or reefs shaped like rings. The Maldives are filled with reef wildlife including whale sharks. All of this amazing wildlife can easily be seen because of the crisp and clear water. This is a wonderful place to visit at any time of year because the temperature does not change much from one season to another. There is also plenty to do at the Maldives such as snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving, and seaplane photo flights.

13 Lake Tahoe, Nevada


If you are not a fan of salt water or don’t want to leave the country to see beautiful clear water, then Lake Tahoe is the place for you. It is a freshwater lake in Sierra Nevada. There is one area of the lake that not many people know about but is a must-see called the Bonsai Rock area. Beautiful giant rocks are underneath and above the water in this part of the lake. Since the water is so clear, you get an amazing view of the rocks under the water. However, the clarity of this lake is decreasing every year, so don’t wait too long to visit this clear water lake!

12 Crater Lake, Oregon


Also in the U.S. is Crater Lake in Oregon. The lake has one of the highest visibility levels in the world. You are allowed swimming in this lake, but it won’t be easy because there is only one access point to get into the lake. A mile-long trail with a steep incline will take you directly to the lake. The hike is easy on the way down, but it might be a little tougher getting back up. Oregon water is also not the warmest, so this might be a lake you just want to look at rather than swim in.

11 Cayo Coco, Cuba


Cayo Coco is located on the north coast of Cuba and has received international recognition for a great place to go diving. This is because of a humongous coral reef just off of the north coast. Cayo Coco is linked to the mainland by a twenty-seven kilometer causeway made out of stone. Wild flamingos can easily be seen in the shallow part of the clear waters. Staying on this island would be wonderful because it is known for its all inclusive resorts. The island has twelve existing resorts with two more resorts coming soon. There’s no better time to book a stay at this clear water destination!

10 Cala Macarelleta, Menorca, Spain

You will need to get a ride on a boat or travel by foot to get to this beach, but that means it is one of Spain’s least crowded beaches. This beach has white sand and turquoise clear water. The beach is also surrounded by hills of beautiful pine trees, making it very secluded. The best time to go is in the spring or fall when it is less crowded. It is even warm enough to sunbathe in the winter. Summer, however, is far too crowded. The water is also really calm, which is perfect for relaxing. Cala Macarelleta is on Macarella’s Balearic Island and is near Alaior.

9 Sua Trench, Samoa


The Sua Trench is a giant hole in the Upola island. The hole is ninety-eight feet deep, and you can get to the water by going down a steep ladder and then jumping from a wooden platform. Once in the water, you can swim through an amazing rock arch. You can only visit this one of a kind place during visiting hours, and there is a fee, but it is well worth it. Nearby the trench are lava fields, blowholes, tide pools, and lush gardens. The trench is located on a volcanic island, so you have to be pretty daring to visit it.

8 Blue Lake, New Zealand


The lake might be named “Blue,” but the water is really clear. According to Wikipedia, it has the clearest natural fresh water on earth. The visibility has been measured to be seventy to eighty meters, which is about the same as distilled water’s visibility. Because it is so clear, it has a natural blue color. You can only enjoy this lake with your eyes because swimming, bathing, and diving in the lake are all restricted. It is a two to three kilometer hike to the lake, which you might want to keep in mind since you cannot get in the lake.

7 Pupu Springs, New Zealand


New Zealand has another body of water that is known for its clarity. Visibility averages about sixty-three meters. It is also known for the volume of water. Every second, a total of fourteen thousand liters of water are produced from the eight main vents. If you are lucky enough to get in the water, you will notice the bottom is covered in beautiful white sand, but don’t get your hopes up because only a handful of divers have received permission to get in the lake. Some small vents, known as “dancing sands” carry the sand upward, which would be a sight to see if you could actually get in the water.

6 Tioman Island, Malaysia

This Malaysian island is home to some of the most beautiful clear water you will ever see. The island has a lot more to offer than just its clear water. When you get away from the beaches, you will see rainforest terrain, soft-shelled turtles, and the walking catfish. The island has many coral reefs, which combined with the clear waters make it an excellent spot for scuba diving. Time Magazine even named it one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Even more, the beaches were shown in South Pacific in 1958, which proves these beautiful clear waters have been around for a long time.

5 Jenny Lake, Wyoming

The lake water here somehow stays crystal clear despite the fact that motorboats are allowed on the water, which is unusual compared to other lakes with clear waters that do not allow people to get in the water. You can even get a scenic boat tour of the lake. These boats are somehow not polluting the water, which was proven in a scientific study in 2005 that concluded that the water is still “pristine.” The lake is located in Grant Teton National Park and was formed by glaciers twelve thousand years ago. The water is so clear it mirrors its surroundings including the beautiful mountains.

4 Verzasca River


This thirty kilometer long river is located in Valle Verzasca, Switzerland. It has clear turquoise water and colorful rocks, which bring tourist from all over. The river is a major spot for scuba divers and divers, but they have to be careful because the river has some pretty tough currents. The river is a mountain river and begins at Pizzo Barone and flows right into Lake Maggiore. At the bottom of the valley are beautiful chestnut trees. The river isn’t the only thing to see here. The whole valley is worth visiting. There is also a damn that was featured in a James Bond movie.

3 Rio da Prata


This clear river is located in Bonito, Brazil. The river has a great deal of underground limestone, which filters the water and makes it clear. This is a good spot for snorkelers who can swim with yellow-finned Piraputangas and golden Dorados. This is not the only river with transparent water because the natural filtering limestone is in the whole Bonito area. Brazil is known for its crystal clear rivers that are located in other areas besides Bonito. Rio Sucuri in the Pantanal region of Brazil is a spring-fed river that also has water so clear it is one of the clearest bodies of water in the world.

2 Laghi di Fusine


This area is home to two glacial lakes in Italy near the Italian and Slovenian border. Both lakes are unbelievably clear, but tourist flock to the bigger lake more often. The water is too cold to get in, but you can still enjoy the clear water by renting a rowboat and checking out what is below the surface. Throughout the seasons, the lake’s tint changes color slightly. Both are connected by easy to navigate paths where tours are given to see both lakes and all of their beauty. There are also hiking paths around the lakes that give you views of the Julian Alps.

1 Zamami, Japan


Tourist come to this island because of its small size and clear water. The island is so small, in fact, that you can walk around the whole island in just one day. Furuzamami beach is a popular spot among tourist because it is perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving because of the beautiful coral reef and fish. It is also a good area to see humpback whales in the winter and spring, which is made even easier by the clear water. You can spot these whales from an observation gazebo or from a sightseeing boat. The whales can be seen during that time of year because that is when they return to give birth.

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