15 Of The Best Yoga Retreats Across The Globe

A well planned yoga retreat allows you to develop your yoga practice while simultaneously allowing you to broaden your mind, rejuvenate your body and relax your entire being. Traveling to a yoga retreat encourages you to disconnect from your mundane worries and daily stress and engage yourself fully into your practice. You don’t have to be a seasoned yoga student to attend a yoga retreat. Most retreats allow yoga students of all experience levels to attend as the focus is on creating a greater understanding of your own body, not competing with other students.

Retreats can offer group settings to allow your entire yoga class to attend at once, or you can sign up individually to meet new yoga practitioners during your visit. Retreats can feature yoga styles including Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative yoga and others. If you’re looking for something that forces you to get off social media and really focus on your body, there’s a retreat that will offer just that while others offer hotel like amenities to keep you connected while you’re away. Most retreats offer healthy food and luxurious lodging to make your trip as perfect as possible. Once you reserve your spot, you simply show up, roll out your mat and get to work.

Yoga retreats are available around the world with as much variety in locations, offerings, and schedules, to suit everyone. Whether you only have time for a quick retreat or you want a few weeks to submerge yourself into your yoga practice, these fifteen yoga retreats will offer something that perfectly fits your ability level, preferences and time limits.

15 Xinalani Retreat


While getting to enjoy the wonders that Mexico’s beaches have to offer, Xinalani Retreat offers an experience that will help you deepen your practice while enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds you. As noted by the website, Xinalani allows you to practice in a naturally lit harmonic environment that promotes strengthening your practice with affordable class pricing (currently listed around $60/class). Set in the natural paradise that is Puerto Vallarta Mexico, Xinalani Retreat invites you to broaden your yoga practice next to crystal clear waters and luscious forests.

14 The Yoga Barn


Set deep in the south central part of Bali, The Yoga Barn in Ubud will have you in awe of the historic and natural beauty. Surrounded by calm waters, palm, trees and intricate buildings, this retreat is stunning. The Yoga Barn website notes that a variety of yoga classes are offered to suit all style preferences, including: Hatha, Vinyasa, Power Restorative, and Iyengar yoga. With five studios there is a class for everyone. The Yoga Barn also features their own Garden Kafe that offers uplifting and bountiful foods to nourish your body post-practice. With careful attention to all practitioners and their various ability levels, The Yoga Barn is a studio that has something for every yogi.

13 Lumeria Maui


At Lumeria, you can experience all that Maui has to offer while forgetting your everyday stresses. This hillside resort allows you to experience water sports, hiking, zip lines, and even gardening courses. Before you set out for the adventures Maui has in store for you, Lumeria offers daily yoga classes in both the morning and afternoon to allow you to focus on nurturing your body and mind each day.


Yin Yoga, Anusara and Kundalini yoga classes are all offered. Lumeria also offers daily meditation classes to help keep you centered in your practice. A Hawaiian masterpiece of local beauty with an inviting yet minimalist vibe, Lumeria is a resort you must visit.

12 Miraval


Set in beautiful Tucson Arizona, Miraval Spa Resort is a yoga retreat that is educational and invigorating. Surrounded by the beautiful desert, the views here are spectacular. Offering meditation classes to help quiet your mind and 14 different styles of yoga, Miraval will challenge both your body and mind.


As noted by the Miraval Resort website, this retreat offers yoga styles that include: aerial, chakra vinyasa, energy and restorative yoga. Multiple levels are offered to provide a class level that is accessible to all practitioners. With newly renovated accommodations and ample spa treatments, and mouth watering on site dining, Miraval is a stunning Tucson getaway.

11 Ak’bol

Image courtesy of akbol.com/yoga

Located in the stunning waterfront area of Ambergris Caye Belize, Ak’bol offers a peak into the mindful and restorative lifestyle that provides such great contrast to our day to day life. Alive and thriving for over 20 years, Ak’bol has yoga classes or offers retreats. The Ak’bol resort website notes that the facility has accommodations for retreat groups of up to 28 practitioners in seven cabanas. Ak’bol has the “Yoga Barracks” that can house up to 60 practitioners. The website also notes the resort provides healthy and delicious buffet style dining. Ak’bol has something for every yoga student.

10 Les Passeroses

Image courtesy of passeroses.com, image credit: Brian Tollit

Les Passeroses in Nonac, France offers the perfect blend of beautiful French countryside with everything a yoga practitioner could want in a yoga space. As the Passeroses website notes, their yoga studio, which can accommodate up to 16 students, has plenty of natural light, yoga equipment and even ropes to help deepen your practice in a safe space. With onsite gardens, a wide variety of yoga teachers for courses of various levels, Les Passeroses offers a retreat experience that will quietly shift your focus from the beautiful French countryside inward as you expand your practice each day in this timeless and intimate setting.

9 Parrot Cay by Como Turks & Caicos


Tropical retreats give you a chance to work on your yoga practice while being surrounded by the serene tropical atmosphere. At Parrot Cay by COMO resort, yoga is a regularly practiced activity. While the Parrot Cay website notes that the resort offers both individual and group yoga classes for standard guests available six days a week, the resort also offers a luxurious yoga retreat with guest instructors in five day sessions. In addition to the resorts other active lifestyle activities like Pilates and Kayaking, Parrot Cay by COMO Turks & Caicos combines a rejuvenating yoga retreat with resort amenities that will leave you feeling refreshed and enlightened.

8 Lotus Yoga Retreat

images courtesy of LotusYogaRetreat.com

Located in the southwestern costal state of Goa, India, the Lotus Yoga Retreat center offers the unique option of studying in a beachfront or forest setting. This resort is perfect for those more casual practitioners who only want to take a few classes, and also accomodates the more intensive retreat practitioners. The Lotus Yoga Retreat website notes that the center is focused on promoting yoga for all ability levels. 

7 Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat


When you’re looking for something different than your typical yoga retreat but still wanting to expand your practice, a yoga vacation at the Sivananda Ashram in Paradise Island, Nassau Bahamas is the place to go. Offering a “yoga vacation”, the Sivananda Ashram provides a yoga retreat experience that will help you to expand your practice while rejuvenating your mind and body. With experienced instructors, various class levels, meditation and positive thinking classes, The Sivananda Ashram gives you an in depth yoga experience that is both dense in information and inviting. Whether you are new to yoga or you’re a seasoned yoga practitioner, the Sivananda Ashram in Paradise Island is both rewarding and relaxing.

6 Luna Lodge 

Luna Lodge provides a sanctuary in the forest of Costa Rica. Whether you are looking for a retreat that combines yoga and other vacation activities or if you’re interested in a retreat that is more focused on your practice, the Luna Lodge has something to for you. Offering onsite dining, comfortable accommodations, and a variety of instructors, the Luna Lodge will provide everything you need during your retreat. When you are craving a yoga retreat that inspires both inner peace and outward stewardship, the Yoga, Nature and Community Retreat is your ideal match. The Luna Lodge website notes this retreat provides a full week of practice with international flights from the airport in San Jose and transportation to the Lodge. A true marvel of Costa Rica’s natural beauty, the Luna Lodge provides an enriching retreat experience.

5 Kali Yoga in Puglia Italy

Image courtesy of KaliYoga.com/Italy

Kali Yoga Retreats emphasizes on deepening your yoga practice without the harsh expectations that can become standard in some retreat centers. Located in the eastern coastal area of Puglia, Italy, Kali Yoga Retreats offers you a place to release your mind and body from the expectations and distractions of every day life while you strengthen your yoga practice. The website notes that the two week retreats include twice-daily yoga classes, three healthy meals, and lodging (free of wifi to keep you distraction free). The beautiful beachside area allows you to embrace the beautiful Italian beachside life while growing in your yoga practice.

4 White Lotus Foundation Retreat Center

Image courtesy of whitelotus.org

Finding a yoga retreat that provides a balance between a convenient location and a strong yoga practice can be a challenge, until you discover the White Lotus Foundation Retreat Center. Located in Santa Barbara, California and practicing since 1967, this center has a variety of retreat options. The White Lotus website notes that retreats can range from topics including Sacred Breath Pranayama and Yoga and Thai Massage. With a wealth of knowledge that comes from years of practice, the White Lotus Foundation has everything you could want in a yoga retreat.

3 Yasodhara Ashram Kootenay Bay, BC


Located by mountains and crystal clear waters, the Yasodhara Ashram in Kootenay Bay, British Columbia offers a yoga experience nestled in one of Canada’s most scenic areas. Located on the Kootenay Lake, Yasodhara has a quiet meditative atmosphere. Specializing in several yoga traditions, the Yasodhara Ashram is a yoga space full of knowledge and variety.


Yasodhara offers retreats for people on every path in life, including artists, families, personal retreats and even teenagers. As the Yasodhara website notes, retreat participants are able to comfortably balance yoga practice with balanced meals, reflection, and workshops. When looking for an ashram that allows for true reflection and yoga practice in a barely-touched environment, Yasodhara is the ashram to explore.

2 Escape Haven Australia


Known for its luscious foods, alluring beaches, and awesome wildlife, Australia is a magical destination for any traveler. When searching for a yoga retreat that will take your practice to the next level while allowing you to relax and take in the world around you, Escape Haven is your ideal retreat. Located in the popular eastern costal Byron Bay, Escape Haven welcomes you with soothing waves and soft sands. If you’re crunched for time but still want a rejuvenating retreat, Escape Haven offers a four night all inclusive retreat that will get you centered in time to catch your next big meeting. The Escape Haven website notes retreats include wellness classes, meals, and instructed meditation. Women only and health retreats are also available at Escape Haven. Whatever you’re searching for in a yoga retreat experience, Escape Haven can match your needs.

1 Shreyas Yoga Retreat

Image courtesy of ShreyasRetreat.com

When you’re looking for a traditional yoga retreat that will promote true well being for your mind, body, and spirit, Yoga Retreat in Bangalore India is the ideal choice. The Shreyas retreat website notes that several yoga styles are offered for yoga retreats, including: Ashtanga and Hatha flow styles. Spiritual retreats are also offered. Currently, retreats include eight days and seven nights along with tiered housing to allow you to budget your trip accordingly. The Sheryas site also notes WiFi, roundtrip airport transportation and an onsite pool are available for guests. From the stunning architecture and study areas to the knowledgable and passionate teachers, this location has everything you could desire in a yoga retreat.

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