15 Of The Best Times To Get Hot With Your Partner

Understandably, many people would simply say “all the time” is the best time to have sex. But is it mind-blowing every time? Likely not. However, it could be with these 15 best times to have mind-blowing sex. Not limited to time of day, day of the week, or even activity, these ‘best times’ are a compilation of all of the best and brightest. Most of these are simple, it is a matter of ceasing the opportunity to better your sex life.

So get comfortable, get ready to take some notes, and do whatever it is you gotta do to change your sex life forever… and have a great day AND night.

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15 The day before your period


Yes, yes. This is probably the last day of the month you feel like having sex. You feel bloated and uncomfortable and probably grouchy because of it… but if you give sex a try you may be pleasantly surprised. Because your body is prepping for your period it is ultra sensitive, meaning that any climax may just verge on mind blowing at this time… and it could be the perfect cure to cheer you out of your PMS blues.

14 When you have free time


Sometimes when couples get into a rut they try to squeeze in a quicky in the midst of their busy schedules and it can often feel rushed and unconnected. A great way to guarantee mind blowing sex is to set a day aside to just spend together. Whether this is a holiday or a weekend, you need a full day and night with no distractions or commitments. And no, this is not a full day of sex.

Spend this day flirting and smiling and the occasional cuddle. Spend the day longing for one another, really committing to romance and playfulness and an overall love. When it comes time to really get down and dirty, all of that pent up play will explode into the bedroom.

13 After a workout


Whether you just hit the gym or killed it in a sport, your sex will be amazing soon after (yes you can shower first). Why? Two reasons. You will feel more confident because of how your body feels (and possibly looks) after the gym, and getting naked will only emphasize that. The other is because, if soon enough after the gym, your endorphins are already flowing and you will have a ton of energy and a huge smile. This overall ‘feel good’ situation will make your performance in the bedroom the best that it can be and both of you will feel even better coming out of it.

12 After a scary movie


Similar to the post-workout, a scary movie gets your endorphins flowing and your adrenaline pumping. Sexual arousal and fear are relatively the same in terms of body functions and because of this you are already rearing to go. It doesn’t have to be a movie, just something that scares you, like bungee jumping or cliff diving – whatever is convenient. Not to mention, after a scary experience it always feels nice to have a little ‘security blanket’.

11 Summertime


A little vitamin D can only help you. Your mood is better during the summer and there are more fun places to get it on! That’s right. Get out of your comfort zone and fool around a little bit in the great outdoors. Not to condone indecent exposure, but in the right place at the right time it will be mind-blowing… and nobody will get arrested. If you're nervous, start with your backyard. You will still get that freeing feeling without feeling exposed. Alternately, take a hike off the beaten path (probably pretty far off… and maybe not at a well known public hiking area) and just let loose! The birds wont mind.

10 Pre-Event


Have a big event to go to that may take all night? Odds are you are going to be pretty drained after it and may not get the alone time you are craving. Sometimes a time crunch and quicky can be fun if done right. Have an hour until you have to leave? Take 20 minutes of that (with a timer set) and shower together while you ‘get ready.’ This way you are being productive in two ways, and will glow the rest of the night.

9 Morning


This was obviously going to make the list. It is just a givin that morning sex (also called the “wake and quake” is amazing and there are so many reasons why (8:00am being the ideal time)! (1) Hormone levels and energy levels are completely replenished. (2) It is a great bonding experience that will leave you and your loved one smitten the rest of the day. (3) It is a great stress release so if you have a big day ahead it will set you up for success before you even begin. (4) It’s better than a morning run! I’m sure you can come up with more.

8 Evening Romance


Ok. It doesn’t have to be romance. But it is said that between 8:00pm and 10:00pm is a pretty good time for sex. If neither party is too tired from the day, this could be a great way to wind down, get close, and have an amazing sleep afterwards. It also releases any stress that you had during the day and could be the light at the end of the tunnel. But a little romance never hurt anyone either.

7 When watching an adult film


Ok, not everyone loves full out adult films and some may be embarrassed by it, but the premise is the same. Put on a sexy tv show (like The Tudors or Game of Thrones or Masters of Sex… really so many shows right now are kinky) or movie and snuggle up close. Odds are during a major hot and sweaty sex scene and with you both already touching something is bound to happen. Why not get things started early and get into something ‘comfortable’ before you start the show – that way you can get into it faster and rock along to the already supplied movie music.

6 When you are super happy


That’s right. You got a promotion at work, you found out you are pregnant, you won a trip to France, or you are just thrilled that you came home and the dishes have been done… Now is the time to ride that high, and enjoy your time together, you can share your happiness with your partner.

5 After a fight 

On the flip side, right after a heated argument (that was hopefully resolved) your emotions will be racing. You will both be tired and may or may not feel like talking yet… but the great thing about sex is that you don’t need to talk. If you like things a little rough this may also be a bonus (but always have a safe word and respect boundaries if things may get out of control). Post-Fight sex, or mid-fight sex, can act as a distraction before anyone says something they may regret and will add at least a little glimmer of hope and happiness to a bad situation.

4 During a rainstorm

Especially if there is lightning. All of those extra electrons flying around is bound to boost energy. It is also super sexy to have the cool breeze blowing in through the window and have the sound of hard rain slightly muffle the sounds of your pleasure. Heck, why not take it outside and really get into the mood.

3 After a long hiatus

Whether it be because your partner was away on an extended work trip, or they simply had mono for the last two months, after a long dry spell it can be pretty rewarding to get back in the sack and make up for lost time. You will connect on the emotional level inspired by the physical, as well as get re-familiar with what you have been missing. Plus, distance makes the heart grow fonder, so that must be a sign that these are the best times to blow each others minds.

2 After a massage

This is even better when it is your significant other giving the massage, and when that massage slowly turns into more… this can be amazing for 2 reasons. (1) You really get the blood flowing which in turn increases your energy, your relaxation, and your mood and (2) it is hard to avoid getting turned on when your partners hands are all over you, especially if he is avoiding your pleasure centers. You will want what they are not giving you and long for that massage to turn into more… likely jumping their bones once it finally does.

1 When the power goes out

It can get pretty hot and steamy when the power goes out. Why? Ignoring the fact that it is pretty much an automatic candlelit evening, there isn’t really a whole lot else to do without electronics (at least let’s pretend all the batteries are dead). There is just something about feeling a little bit helpless and falling into each other’s arms to pass the night away in the most fun way anyone could think of. Want to make it adorable? Play strip poker by candlelight and see how long you last.

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