15 Of The Best Things About Sweater Weather

Do you feel it? Fall is just starting to creep up on us. Many people are joyously welcoming the onset of this cooler season. Social media is full of all of the lovely starts of fall (PSLs, people. PSLs.) But not everyone is so happy about the cooler months ahead. To those who are still mourning the loss of the warm, summer months, there is a lot to look forward to with autumn. No there may not be hot weather, barbeques, and beach days, but there is a whole list of fun brought on by the changing of the seasons. If you’re still feeling a little depressed over the end of summer, just take a look at the list of some of the wonderful aspects of fall.

15 Pumpkin Spice Everything

Who doesn’t love seasonally flavored coffee? The pumpkin spice latte is so popular it even has its own frequently used hashtag. But once the business world saw how nuts people were over this warm, spicy beverage, they began taking pumpkin spice to a whole new level. Pumpkin spice bread, pumpkin spice Pop-Tarts, pumpkin spice yogurt, pumpkin spice m&m’s, even pumpkin spice popcorn. The pumpkin spice craze is catching, and luckily for us, it doesn’t look like its stopping anytime soon.

14 Sweaters

One of the best things about sweater weather? Sweaters, of course! This beautiful article of clothing is not only comfy and cozy, they are also extremely flattering. Whether you opt for the traditionally warm cable knit, or a more glamorous beaded sweater, many looks can be achieved while staying warm... and possibly even concealing those extra Holiday pounds. Wear leggings and a long sweater is also the best way to look put together while still feeling like you’re wearing pajamas.

13 Leggings

Did you catch that mention of leggings in the last section? Yes, leggings! Possibly the best clothing invention ever. Not only are they oh so comfortable, leggings also have a way of somehow appearing sleek. Fall is the perfect time to pull those leggings out and pair them with your favorite tunics, sweaters, and mini dresses. But remember, leggings are not pants!

12 Boots

For those who are tearily packing away their sandals, don’t be so upset! After all, it’s time to dust off those boots and break them out again. High boots, ankle boots, slouchy boots, even those comfy, cozy boots. There are so many looks. And also… no need to keep up with your pedicures if you don’t have time in your schedule to make it to the nail salon.

11 Hot Cocoa

Yum, yum, yum! Chocolately goodness! Hot cocoa is just not as good unless there is a little nip in the air. I mean, really, ever try to sip this wonderfully sweet beverage when it’s 85 degrees out? Not quite as satisfying. But have some hot cocoa while sitting outdoors in some breezy, slightly chilly weather and the beverage’s warmth running through you is a uniquely pleasurable experience.

10 Fire Pits

Summer may have bonfires. But I’ve never quite understood the use for fire when it’s already warm out. Now fire pits in fall? Yes! The mix of the crisp autumn breeze blowing and the warmth coming from the fire pit creates the most amazing mix of sensations. Plus, spending the nights bundled up by the fire, chatting with friends, and relaxing outdoors is a great way to rediscover an appreciation for the little things in life.

9 Refreshing Weather

Some may like the hot, sweltering weather that comes with May, June, July, and August. But let’s be honest, by September, most of us have had enough. It’s one of those things that’s amazing in small doses, but after a while, it’s time for a little bit of a break. The cool, light feel the fall air brings is a welcomed relief from the sweaty days of summer. No more worrying about your makeup running and no more flat or frizzy hair after some time outdoors.

8 Scarves

Scarves! How beautiful is this accessory?! They can add a touch of personality to almost any outfit while keeping you warm. Floral patterns for a little femininity, geometric patterns for a mod touch, or beautiful, handmade knits for that added down to earth comfort; there’s so much that can be done with one simple scarf. They also serve in creating movement and flow in an otherwise still ensemble. And if you’re never quite sure how to wrap or tie a scarf correctly, there’s always the infinity scarf.

7 Fall Festivals

This is perhaps one of the most exciting parts of the fall season. Festivals! For some reason, with the cooler weather comes a sense of community and a need for everyone to get together in one place to have fun, while possibly raising money for a good cause. What’s not to love about the festival/carnival? There are games, deliciously junky food, rides, and tons of good old fashioned fun to be had! There’s a reason they’ve been around for so long, afterall.

6 Pumpkin Patches

Whether you’re going to find some pumpkins to bake a pie (skills!) or you’re looking for the perfect one to carve or, let’s be honest, you’re just there to take some pictures, pumpkin patches scream fall festivity. Somehow, the simplest act of walking through a field filled with squash and looking for the one that is “just right” is fun. It’s also one of those fall rituals you HAVE to do for it to really feel like the season is here.

5 Changing Colors

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area that actually has seasons (one of the few downsides to living in a tropical, popular vacation spot), you know that seeing the leaves change every year is a spectacular experience. The vibrant shades of reds, oranges, and yellows are decoration enough and can make any view a scenic one.

4 Countdowns

The countdowns to a string of holidays begins the moment that first cool breeze makes its way through your town. Soon it will be Halloween (who doesn’t love dressing up?), then shortly after the Holiday Season will make its way here once again. The anticipation for all of that holiday cheer and time with loved ones is almost as good as the Holiday Season itself!

3 Less Shaving

I’m just going to say it. One of the few annoyances of the summer season is the constant conflict that comes from wearing swimsuits, shorts, and tanks and your body’s inconvenient need to grow body hair. If you feel like you’re constantly shaving during these warm months, you’re not alone. But, when the cooler weather comes back around; and pants reappear…Oh goodness. Many of us ladies take the opportunity to put the wax and razors down. Not to an extreme level ( ok, sometimes to an extreme level), but a little stubble is no longer a big deal.

2 Store Sales

End of season sales are awesome. We can all agree on that. But ever buy a jacket in March and think “I have to wait a whole year to wear this?!” (Although, we all try to work it in on a “cooler” spring day… and end up uncomfortably warm.) But now you can buy that cute tank for 80% off. But wait, since its fall and light layers are everything, you can wear that sale steal now and be completely weather appropriate! Just pair it with a cardigan or jacket (perhaps the one you purchased for half off in spring) and be on your way!

1 Bye Bye Bikini

Yes! Say bye bye to the bikini! Ok, we will miss swimming, lying out by the pool, and the beach. But, I’m pretty sure no one will miss the pressure of being “Summer time ready” or having to worry about what foods are going to make you bloat the day before a huge grill out/ pool party/ beach outing/ etc. Say hello to fall! Where it is ok to gain a couple of pounds now and again or be a little bloated due to some delicious cuisine or tasty cocktails…Because no one can tell under your sweater, light layers, or steal of a jacket.

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