15 Of Kourtney K's Most Notorious Photoshopped Pics

As a member of one of the most famous families on the planet, Kourtney Kardashian knows a thing or two about being in the spotlight. She has starred in a number of reality shows such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians, as well as several spin-offs, of course. Kourtney has definitely made her mark in the entertainment world as one seriously super celeb. Like any other public figure, Kourtney relies pretty heavily on her image to be the driving force that propels her career forward. Being expected to look and act perfect all the time can be a lot for one person to handle, but Kourtney knows that there are certain tools that can amp up her appearance. The reality star has often been spotted using Photoshop on some of her pictures, and fans have totally taken notice. Whether she’s digitally slimming down or just erasing small imperfections, Kourtney Kardashian is definitely a fan of the photo-editing software.

Here are 15 of Kourtney’s most notorious Photoshopped pics.

15 Post-Baby Body Blunder

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It's super stressful to lose weight and bounce back to your pre-baby body, but celebrities have to feel that immense pressure in front of millions of people. One of the most notoriously Photoshopped shots of Kourtney Kardashian comes from her cover shoot with OK! following the birth of her first son, Mason, back in 2009. The mag boasted to have an exclusive look at “Kourtney’s Body After Baby” along with her alleged “diet secrets” and how she “managed to lose ten pounds in ten days." The publication’s cover shot featured a slimmed-down version of Kourtney holding her newborn son, taken during a photoshoot a mere seven days after his birth. While many were stunned by how Kourtney had shed the pounds so quickly, she didn’t waste any time refuting the magazine’s bogus claims. Kourtney stated “they doctored and Photoshopped my body to make it look like I have already lost all the weight, which I have not.” Original images from the photoshoot leaked online, and it was very clear to see that the mag totally minimized the size of her stomach in order to sell issues. It’s a shame that gossip mags would stoop that low, but this picture is definitely one of the most infamously altered photos of Kourtney Kardashian ever.

14 Kourtney And Khloe Take Miami

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Look, we all know that when it comes to rocking a bikini, Kourtney always knows how to absolutely slay… which is why we’re left wondering why she was so Photoshopped in the ads for Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami. The reality star is nothing short of perfection, but whoever edited the images for this promo shoot took things a bit too far. If you look at her waistline, it’s clear to see that there was some unnecessary slimming done. Both of the girls have been smoothed out and slenderized, and neither of them have a single stray hair. They have definitely been airbrushed and edited to a whole new level. On top of that, there’s no way that this picture was actually taken on a boat because that ocean in the backdrop was obviously added in with Photoshop. Dare we even say that whoever worked on this campaign made Kourtney’s bust go up a cup size? Whatever the case may be, there’s little disputing that this entire image has been totally manipulated by Photoshop or some other photo-altering software. Granted, both Kourtney and Khloe look amazing in this shot… but we didn’t need airbrushing and Photoshop to prove that.

13 Retouched Headshot

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In recent months, Kourtney has posted a series of seductive selfies on social media, most likely to show off her flawless hair and makeup game. While fans usually fawn all over Kourt and her impeccable style, it’s clear to see that sometimes the star relies on Photoshop to amp up her already impressive good looks. Take this photo, for example. Here we have a head shot of Kourt looking stunning as ever, but it’s super apparent that the image has been spruced up through the use of Photoshop. For starters, the picture has a certain glow about it, which can be attained through various Photoshop tools. Kourtney’s face looks insanely smooth and soft, further proving that photo editors worked on the snapshot before making it public. Sure, Kourtney looks amazing, but there’s little denying that this pic has been digitally modified to the point of it being totally obvious. Nobody’s skin is that glossy, and her nose looks a little too airbrushed to be anything but Photoshopped. We’ll give credit where credit is due…Kourtney does look totally flaw-free and fantastic... but that’s exactly how we can tell that she’s been Photoshopped! Maybe next time, go a little bit lighter on the airbrushing and you just might have us fooled.

12 Vanishing Act

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Let’s face it, we all know that most celebrities use Photoshop every now and then to give themselves a digital pick-me-up, and the Kardashians are definitely no different. They are perfect yes, but doesn't mean they don't use photoshop! Earlier this year, Kourtney Instagrammed a snapshot of her trying on a risqué jumper, but the image was suspiciously deleted almost ASAP. While most people wouldn’t bat an eyelash at a celeb removing a photo from social media, some gossip mags quickly suspected that the photo got the ax due to its abundant Photoshop fails. Star magazine even got a Photoshop expert to say that Kourtney (or someone on her payroll) used the image-editing software in an attempt to make her body and thighs look smaller. We’re not entirely sure what to make of Kourtney’s potential Photoshop drama, but something is definitely up with the overall appearance of her body in that particular shot.

11 DASH Ad Campaign

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If you’ve ever seen Keeping Up with the Kardashians, you’ve probably heard of Dash, the clothing boutique that’s run by Kourtney and her sisters. The store started out as a simple single shop in Calabasas, but has since expanded into L.A., Miami, and NYC. We know how passionate Kourt has been about the store, and she’s proven that she would do whatever it takes to promote their business… even if it means stripping down to her birthday suit for a provocative promotional photo shoot. Kourtney, Khloe, and two other Dash employees got their bodies painted with the store’s logo in an effort to boost business for their Miami location. Naturally, all of this was filmed for an episode of their reality show. While we appreciate Kourtney’s efforts to go above and beyond to launch her company, we’re not quite sure why the girls even bothered posing for this ad campaign at all. Just take one look at the shot and it’s super clear to see that the girl’s bodies have been so airbrushed that they look like total cartoons. Everything about these ladies has been so seriously altered from the neck down it looks like the entire photo shoot was computer-generated! What can we say, this is one overly Photoshopped pic, but at least they all look good.

10 Total Photoshop Fail

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Umm… who approved this? Because they should probably be fired. Somebody actually looked at this photo and gave it the green light for it to be posted on social media, and that’s just all kinds of wrong. Kourtney recently posted this shot on her Instagram along with the caption "last week with my boo” but fans were very quick to point out how incredibly distorted she and her sister looked. They slammed the star for looking more like a space alien than a Kardashian. We’re not quite sure what to even say about this photo, other than the fact that it is ridiculously Photoshopped and very poorly done, we might add. It looks like Kourtney and Khloe’s faces were victims of excessive amounts of digital editing. Their eyes are too big and their noses are practically nonexistent. They actually are so Photoshopped that many fans found it comical and noted that they resembled anime characters. Kourtney and Khloe definitely don’t need to be modified that much, so next time can they just be like the rest of us and stick to a good old-fashioned Instagram filter instead of totally going overboard with the Photoshop?

9 Bongo Jeans Ad

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The Kardashians are such busy women, it’s almost too hard to keep up with them. Kourtney and her sisters have done a bunch of photoshoots over the years, but few rival the one they did for Bongo Jeans back in 2008. The reality TV triumvirate put their famous bodies on display when they posed for the campaign wearing nothing but the brand’s signature denim line but even that wasn’t enough to distract fans from suspecting that the girls were heavily Photoshopped. All three of the sisters look noticeably slimmer than usual and their skin tones appear to have been lightened. Khloe’s cleavage has definitely been enlarged and we’re wondering if photo editors gave any thought to where Kourtney’s other leg is supposed to be as she awkwardly lays sprawled out on the floor and intertwined on Kim. It comes as no surprise that tons of Photoshop has been used on an ad campaign, but we think they could have done without the excessive airbrushing and other enhancements.

8 Kourtney And Kris

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It feels like the entire world knows that Kris Jenner is the one who’s responsible for getting her famous offspring a seemingly never-ending amount of lucrative endorsement deals, including Kourtney’s recent partnership with Manuka Doctor which features a line of beauty products. Kourt recently shared a personal photo of her and her mom at a promotional event for her new beauty line. Of course, Kourtney and her momager both look fabulous, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like to spruce their image up with Photoshop from time to time. Just take one look at this picture and it's clear how heavily airbrushed it is. It’s pretty likely that a seasoned photo editor used the soft focus lens effect in Photoshop to reduce minor imperfections and fine lines. It also looks like someone used another Photoshop tool to give the impression that Kourtney and Kris have an impressively glowing complexion Regardless of what specific modification techniques were used on this shot, it’s clear to see that these women definitely aren’t going with the natural look when it comes to sharing pictures on social media.

7 Beach Bunny Swimwear

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Back in 2010, Kourtney and her sisters teamed up to promote a line of bathing suits for a brand called Beach Bunny Swimwear. When photos from the campaign were released to the public many pointed out a number of noticeable flaws and stated that the girls were super Photoshopped. The most distinct issue with the advert was all of the women were made to appear the same height, when in reality, that definitely is not the case - Khloe is 5’10, Kim is 5’2 and Kourtney is a mere 5 feet tall. Aside from their height controversy, it’s totally evident that the Kardashians have been given a digital makeover for the campaign. Busts have been enhanced, waists have been minimized and legs have been retouched. When it comes to the question of whether or not Photoshop was used on this photo, a better question might be what didn’t they Photoshop? It looks like every nook and cranny of Kourtney and her crew have been given a virtual nip and a tuck, and that’s not cool. Overall, this is just one seriously altered picture.

6 Working Up A Sweat

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We’ve all got to give Kourtney credit, she has been working out regularly… and it totally shows! Kourtney always wants to remind us that all of her hard work has paid off, so of course, she often shares post-workout selfies with her fans and followers. In this photo, Kourtney is posing in front of her bathtub to nail the perfect mirror selfie. The stunning star showed off her impressively toned physique, but not everyone was fully convinced that Kourtney’s new frame was a result of overtime at the gym. Some naysayers left comments on Kourt’s pic that called her out for potentially using Photoshop to slim down her stomach and make her backside appear more curvaceous. Some even argued that this snapshot of Kourtney was the product of bad Photoshop and that certain edges were left jagged and uneven after editing. Anyone who keeps up with the Kardashians already knows that Kourtney has been dedicated to her fitness regimen and she definitely has earned herself a super-hot body in the process, so why would she bother with using Photoshop to slim down even more? We’re not entirely sure if she’s guilty of manipulating her body in this shot, but given the fact that she has been caught in the act so many times before, we definitely have reason to speculate.

5 Poolside Photoshop

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We all know that the Kardashians live a pretty lavish lifestyle, so them hanging in an extravagant outdoor pool is pretty much the norm. In this particular shot of Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim, it’s pretty difficult to notice much else other than the amount of Photoshop that has been used on the girls. Let’s be honest – it’s super obvious that every part of Kourtney and her sisters have been totally transformed. First of all, what happened to Kourt’s face? There seems to have been an endless amount of editing done on the star from the neck up, but the Photoshopping doesn’t stop there. Even Kourtney’s body has been made to appear slimmer, smoother, and even more ample in certain areas. Poor Khloe has half of her body hidden behind Kourtney, and Kim looks like a total caricature of herself. If you pay super close attention to detail, you can actually see certain areas where minor Photoshop fails occurred, such as the awkward space between where Kourtney’s arm comes down by her hips. There’s no doubt about it, this pic is by far one of the most notoriously Photoshopped pics of Kourtney ever.

4 Kourtney’s Calvins

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Kourtney and her family have the fame formula down to a science. They always have the most followers on any social media platform they use, and it’s super clear to see why. Kourtney Kardashian has become a huge fan of posting revealing snapshots to her social media accounts over the years, especially now that she’s newly single and has earned herself a newly fit physique. The overexposed star took to Instagram to share this candid photo of herself casually lounging a makeup chair in nothing but her bra and Calvin Klein underwear. While Kourtney undeniably looks phenomenal, it’s pretty easy to see that this image was given a few touch-ups before it debuted on Insta. Kourtney looks so airbrushed from head to toe that she’s practically glowing. If we’re being totally honest, there’s little debating that someone on Kourt’s team altered aspects of this shot. While Kourtney’s body definitely takes center stage in this picture, it’s the reality star’s face looks like it has been the most Photoshopped this time around.

3 Beauty Branding

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Kourtney has been hard at work doing photoshoots and promoting new products, and we’re amazed at how she seems to do it all while raising a family. Kourtney’s most recent endeavor is a line of skin care and beauty products, and the company she’s teamed up with recently released promotional images of Kourt as the face of their brand. While it’s super difficult to find a bad photo of Kourtney, this one definitely doesn’t show the star in her best light. The beauty brand features a line of products with ‘natural’ ingredients, so the goal of this photoshoot was to showcase Kourtney’s natural beauty. Though this shot has all of the makings of a great ad, something about Kourtney’s face is a little, shall we say…different? Let’s be honest, it looks like Kourt’s nose has been overly Photoshopped. We’re not quite sure why anyone would want to give Kourtney a virtual nose job, but the alteration is super hard to overlook. Usually, celebrities would blame the camera angle or even the makeup application as a reason why their nose appears to look altered, but this is undoubtedly a case of really bad Photoshop.

2 Glamour Shot

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The Kardashians make big bucks solely off of their images, and why wouldn’t they? They have all become beauty and fashion icons, as millions of fans follow their every move and try to emulate their looks every chance they get. When it comes to setting trends, the Kardashians are unequivocally the most popular go-to girls for the job. In the recent months, Kourtney has shared a number of sizzling selfies and glamorous headshots that show off her gorgeous looks. In this smoldering snapshot, Kourtney can be seen posing for the camera after getting her hair and makeup done. Although Kourtney looks like a total knockout, some of her followers accused the star of excessively editing the shot before sharing it to social media. It definitely looks like her face has been airbrushed a bit too much and that various softening techniques have been applied to the photo. Kourt’s complexion looks too smooth to be real, and her nose looks like it was almost airbrushed out altogether. There’s no way Kourtney needs all of this editing done on her pictures, and we hope she takes a more natural approach in the near future.

1 Makeup-Free

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Kourtney recently shared a sweet picture of her posing with younger sister Kylie at a birthday celebration for Blac Chyna’s and Tyga’s son, King Cairo. While Kylie is rocking a full face of glam, Kourtney went with a more low-key look and opted for minimal makeup for the tot’s big day. While Kourtney looks simply sensational without much makeup on, we definitely think that Photoshop was used before she shared this photo with her millions of followers. At first glance, Kourtney is almost unrecognizable due to the amount of Photoshopping that’s likely been done. It looks like the girls chose to use a special image filter for the photo, which we’re all totally guilty of doing. What’s interesting about this picture is that it looks like Kourtney’s face was smoothed out and any lines were eliminated to give her a more youthful appearance. Both Kourtney and Kylie look like they went a little heavy-handed on the airbrush tool before giving this picture their seal of approval. Whatever the case may be, Kourtney and Kylie look like a million buck. Better yet, make that a few million.

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