15 Of Kim Kardashian's Best Quotes

Kim Kardashian is a pretty controversial celebrity. You love her, or you find her super entertaining, or you don't really care for her (and that's putting it lightly and politely). But wherever you stand, or even if you're totally undecided, you have to admit that she says some pretty amazing things. When you're on a reality TV show, there's a pretty good chance that you are hilarious and say the random and silliest things ever. That's just part of the deal. It's like a precursor for being a reality star -- something you need on your resume, for example, like needing the right skills and work experience and references and all that (for us normal folk who work in the real world and need to get a real job). Here are 15 of the best Kim Kardashian quotes. Some you might know, some might be new to you, but they are all guaranteed to put a smile on your face... and probably make you laugh hysterically and/or text your BFF saying she has to hear this right now.

15 "Do you use emojis?"

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You're laughing, aren't you? Yup, us too. This is just such an amazing quote, we can't even handle it. How do you even ask someone something like this?! Isn't it super obvious that today in 2016, we're all super obsessed and addicted to emojis, no matter who we are? Even your boyfriend uses emojis... and might even use more of them than you. Truth. But that's the thing with celebrities and/or reality TV stars: they love to state the obvious. They really, really do. So yes, Kim, to answer your super important question: we do use emojis. We use them a lot and on a regular basis. We're still waiting for the avocado emoji and really would like that to be a reality right about now, thank you very much. Hey, you have a lot of influence and social media followers, can you talk to someone about that for us?

14 "There's a lot of baggage that comes along with our family, but it's like Louis Vuitton baggage."

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Okay, how completely amazing (and ridiculous) is this quote? We're pretty much obsessed with this statement... mostly because it's definitely true. The Kardashians have had a lot of family tragedies, from the death of their dad and Kris' ex-husband Robert (and his connection to O.J.), and all their collective break-ups, divorces, and general trials and tribulations. It's hard to think of a family that has had more strife... and has had to deal with those things in the public eye, no less. We have to wonder, though, if Kim really knows what "baggage" means and that it's usually more emotional than physical and it really has nothing to do with purses and bags and luggage, let alone designer bags?! We're not sure if she knows that but either way, it's an amazing quote.

13 "You have to look at her Tumblr. It's just like, so her soul."

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Kim said this about her sis Kylie Jenner, and to be honest, we have to agree 100 percent. Just glance at Kylie's Tumblr for even a single second and you can pretty much tell what she's all about. It's called Kalifornia Klasss and is full of photos of Kylie (of course), fashionable models, magazine covers, and just super stylish and sophisticated and beautiful fashionable things. We also really love that Kim equates baring your soul with posting photos and gifs and memes from all over the Internet on a Tumblr site. Not going to yoga and really getting into it. Not anything spiritual. Not chatting with your mom or sister or best friend and getting super deep. Nope, posting on Tumblr. Okay then.

12 "Instagramming photos of food isn't sexy"

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This is the funniest quote in the world because, well, don't we all totally and utterly disagree? What's so bad about Instagramming your food? Isn't that what Instagram is for? Oh yeah, and for selfies. Well, Kim is definitely not against selfies in any way, shape or form since that's pretty much all that she posts on her social media channels... and, oh yeah, she's got an entire book celebrating the selfie. But we're just not really sure why she doesn't think it's attractive to take photos of your food and share it. We're pretty baffled over here. But this just seems to be one of life's little mysteries and we doubt we're ever going to have an answer to this burning question that we have. So we'll be quiet now. If you ever meet Kim, though, you totally have to ask her and get back to us, because we're dying to know what she has against Instagramming your meals.

11 "Basketball games are fun, they have good candy"

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There you have it, ladies and gents. In case you ever wondered why you would ever want to go to a basketball game, know this: it's not to actually watch the game. Nope, no way. Why would you ever possibly think that? It's not to celebrate some talented athletes and be in a stadium full of like-minded fans and experience something pretty magical and epic together. It's not even a fun way to spend a Friday night or an interesting first or second date. Nope, you go to a basketball game to buy candy. Now you know. How could you go through life not knowing this fact? Now that you're aware, you can buy a ticket right now so you can get some of this amazing, life-altering candy. We mean, why would we even try to buy candy elsewhere? You can get it at any grocery store, market or supermarket, but hey, the best candy is at a basketball game.

10 "Like, I'm so annoyed"

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This is just the best quote ever because, honestly, who hasn't thought this at least once a day... or even about a billion times a day? Isn't it pretty much what you think every hour, on the hour? Life is full of super irritating things from the person who steals the empty seat you're eyeing on your morning subway commute to your boss who asks you to do something that you don't want to do to your BFF who won't stop canceling plans. So yeah, you can relate to Kim (this is pretty much the only time when you can, so bask in the glory). You often want to just admit that you're super annoyed. Sometimes you do, of course, but you also have to be careful who you admit your annoyance to because that doesn't always go over all that well. But Kim, naturally, has pretty much zero filter and can say whatever she wants. Oh, to have that kind of power and freedom. We're pretty jealous.

9 "I'll cry at the end of the day. Not with fresh make-up."

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This is pretty amazing since who hasn't had their mascara totally ruined when they cried? That stuff that apparently doesn't run doesn't always work, especially when you're sobbing like a crazy person over The Notebook or A Walk To Remember or basically any Nicholas Sparks movie. We love that Kim is so committed to her appearance and her makeup. Yeah, we have to give the girl props: she has amazing makeup all the time. She seriously does. We, on the other hand, don't always know how to even apply the stuff, but again, that's why we can't exactly relate to her and that's what separates us mere mortals from rich and famous and fabulous celebrities like any member of the Kardashian family. It's okay, though. That keeps us grounded. Not all of us can smear our faces in tons of cosmetics every morning and take a billion selfies.

8 "I just went out and bought flats for the first time this week and I can’t wear them."

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When Kim was pregnant, she said this, so it's pretty clear that the girl has sworn total and utter allegiance to the high heels. She definitely wears them often enough. And by that, we mean she pretty much is always spotted wearing crazy high heels. Like all the time. We have to admit, this is kind of a bratty statement since we all wear flat shoes. We wear flats, we wear flip-flops and sandals in the summer, and we definitely wear Converse or running shoes to, you know, walk around in or work out in. We do have to say: mad respect for wearing heels when you're pregnant, Kim. Seriously. That's some skill right there because it's not easy to walk in heels in general, let alone when you're carrying a tiny human in your stomach.

7 "If I want something, I make it happen."

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Yup, we can say that this is a pretty true statement because Kim has a pretty seriously awesome life at this point. She's got her reality show, of course, but also tons of products and a massive social media following and can pretty much buy or get anything that she wants. She seems to pretty much snap her fingers and wish for something and, boom, there it is. It's like she's a witch or a magician or something. Wait, did we just figure out a long-held Kardashian secret?! What if she really is magic? We love this quote because it's a.) totally true and b.) pretty inspirational. You may not have the kind of funds and resources and everything that Kim and her sisters have. But you do have a brain and intellect and drive and all that. So go ahead, go out into the universe and make something happen for yourself if you want it. Just remember Kim and go for it.

6 "Shopping online is like the greatest invention in life."

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So we have to agree with Kim K on this one. We love online shopping. Seriously, to be able to spend money and get stuff and not have to go anywhere -- isn't that just any girl's idea of total and utter heaven?! You can even wear your PJ's or ugliest/comfiest sweatpants ever and eat chips and ice cream while you're at it, and no one would know. You can do some serious damage, though (to your waistline and your credit card, too) so that's why we have such a love/hate relationship with online shopping. Of course, if you're a Kardashian you don't have that problem because you aren't going to wear ugly clothes and eat junk food while you're spending your cash -- you're too cool for that. Plus you have more cash than anyone else. So there's that.

5 "You need to treat people with respect if you wanna get that respect."

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It's so true. Thanks Kim, we love and appreciate your wisdom. Who knew she was the most existential and spiritual of the bunch? This is one of those "you reap what you sow" things and basically Kim's own version of the whole "treat people how you want to be treated" motto. You heard that as a kid from your mom, teachers, relatives, friends' moms, etc. and now you're getting that wisdom from Kim Kardashian. So, okay, maybe it's not the most original kind of advice out there, and maybe you have definitely heard it before (and a million times at that). But that doesn't make this statement any less true or effective. So the next time you want to be a jerk to that co-worker that gets on your last nerve or you want to ignore your boyfriend's seriously annoying best friend, remember Kim and be nice. You won't regret it.

4 "To look and feel my best, I watch my calories and exercise."

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Such a simple, totally legit and logical quote. So why is it on our list? Well, because it's so completely obvious. And a little boring. So that makes it pretty entertaining in our books. Seriously, Kim, don't you have some better healthy living and eating advice than that? Who wants to work out and watch what they eat? Isn't there a super secret trick that you know about because you're rich and famous and a celebrity? Are you really telling us there's no magic trick to weight loss and you really have to eat a moderate amount of food and go to the gym? Sigh. We really didn't want to hear that. The gym is such a sad place. We would much rather be binging Orange Is The New Black and eating potato chips, and we kind of think that Kim would rather do that, too.

3 "My decision to end my marriage was such a risk to lose ratings and lose my fan base. I had to take that risk for my inner peace and to be happy with myself."

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Whoa. Yup, you read that right. That's a real quote. It's amazing how Kim thinks about ratings all the time. We mean, you figure that you have to when your livelihood rests on a TV show -- so when you're the star of a drama or comedy, you would naturally care about ratings and want your fans to keep watching the show. But to be on a reality show? That is pretty much based on your actual life? You're telling us that you're going to make a huge life decision like getting divorced and think about how that would make your TV show ratings go down? Yeah, we're pretty speechless right now. Tell us how you really feel, Kim. We're glad that she ultimately thought about her "inner peace" and happiness more than ratings, because really, that's what counts, celebrity or no celebrity.

2 "Having lots of siblings is like having built-in best friends."

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We find this a pretty hilarious and entertaining statement because, well, come on now. The Kardashian sisters definitely spend a lot of time fighting with each other and throwing each other serious shade. Like serious shade. They make fun of each other to no end and especially love to call each other dumb or say the way they giggle is amazing and ridiculously funny. So you probably don't speak to your best friends like that or, well, you would have zero besties left. But it's good that Kim considers her sisters her BFFs and sees them in such a positive light. We can't argue with having more positivity and love in the world.

1 "I’m not buying her a f—ing pair of shoes. I bought her a f—ing career."

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Yup. She really did say that. Kim was talking about her sister Kourtney, and the thing is? This is such an amazing quote because, let's face it, it's pretty true. We can't even believe how completely true it is. Ah, sisterly love. You probably can't even imagine saying something like this about your sister because, well, you're not exactly rich and famous like these girls. But you can relate a bit because you probably fight sometimes and don't love each other 24/7, despite how much that might upset your mom. If Kim really did buy Kourtney a career, then we have to guess that is pretty true of all her sisters and all her relatives, too. And to be honest? We'd really like to see the bank statements on that one.

Sources: Kalifornia-klasss.tumblr.com

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