15 Of Khloe K's Most Notorious Photoshopped Pics

Khloe Kardashian is arguably one of the most genuine members of the Kardashian family. We can definitely always rely on her to keep it real and tell us what she really thinks. Fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians count on Khloe for her inappropriate humor and over-the-top antics, which is exactly why we fell in love with her from the start. While being a super famous celebrity can totally have its perks, living under a microscope can certainly be a challenge. As a public figure, Khloe is constantly a topic of tabloid fodder and she has often discussed with the pressure to be perfect when you’re in the spotlight. The outspoken reality star is no stranger to media scrutiny and is often called out for every little thing she does. Every time she steps out in public or posts a picture to social media, someone has something to say about it. Like any other celeb, Khloe has been accused of using Photoshop to improve her appearance on multiple occasions. Of course, big stars often enlist the help of photo editing programs to amp-up their looks, and Khloe is no different. Here are 15 of Khloe’s most notorious Photoshopped pics.

15 Absolutely Altered

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Perhaps one of the most notoriously Photoshopped photos of Khloe Kardashian is the mirror selfie she posted to Instagram after a particularly grueling workout. Decked out in grey gym clothes, Khloe lifted up her shirt to show off her impressively rock hard abs. The reality star was obviously super proud that all of her hard work at the gym has paid off, and she wanted to flaunt her newly fit and fabulous physique to her millions of followers. While Khloe has every reason to be pleased with her awesome body, there was just one small problem with this photo that she seemed to have overlooked. Almost as soon as she shared the photo, Khloe received intense backlash from fans who accused the star of using Photoshop. They quickly pointed out that the door located behind Khloe had an unusual curve to it right by one of her thighs, which is typically a telltale sign that the image has been manipulated. Khloe removed the altered photo and replaced it with the original image, while admitting that she did in fact Photoshop the pic after all. Khloe later explained that she altered the photo because her thighs were uneven due to a reconstructive surgery she had as a result from a car accident when she was sixteen. Owning up to her digitally-tweaked selfie, Khloe stated, "It's funny because everyone made a big stink about this Instagram photo below because I Photoshopped it. Yes, I did Photoshop it, but I was trying to make my thinner leg look bigger to match my other leg!!! All I want are big, thick thighs and I hate how skinny my legs are."

14 Crazy Corset

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Everyone knows that the Kardashians are not only major trendsetters, but they're also often asked to endorse products thanks to their massive following. The Kardashians have all made headlines in recent months for promoting a line of skin-tight waist trainers, a fad which many said is both unsafe and ineffective. Khloe shared another mirror selfie of herself on Instagram: she posed kneeling in front of a full-length mirror inside her closet. Khloe can be seen wearing a low-cut bra top and super short shorts, but what really got people talking was the insanely small size of her waist as she wore an incredibly tight corset around her midsection. While corsets have been known to be pretty effective when it comes to sucking it all in, Khloe’s body looks totally disproportionate and completely unnatural. Many online sleuths have accused the star of using Photoshop to shrink the size of her waist, and we just might have to take their side on this one. The size of Khloe’s waist simply doesn’t make any sense compared to the rest of her voluptuous body. Not only does she look super uncomfortable, but the sight of her ridiculously tiny middle made many fans feel uncomfortable too. We know that companies will go to great lengths to sell a product, but this airbrushed image certainly took things a little too far.

13 Magazine Manipulation

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Khloe posed for the cover of Women’s Health magazine in August of last year, and she talked about everything from her fitness routine to her 35-pound weight loss to being labeled as “the fat one” compared to her famous sisters. Let’s face it, there’s definitely no way that Khloe is the "ugly duckling" of the Kardashian clan, which is exactly the reason we’re left wondering why magazines still choose to Photoshop her beyond the point of recognition. Anyone can recognize that Khloe is a gorgeous girl, but her beauty is overshadowed by the obvious airbrushing done for this shoot. For starters, everything about Khloe looks virtually flawless and that’s just not realistic. Her entire likeness has been edited from head to toe, and the shot even is on the verge of looking slightly more like a cartoon than like a real person. Most notably, Khloe’s legs have been made to appear slimmer and her skin looks oddly shiny. Magazines have always Photoshopped photos of stars for their cover stories, but this is a bit too much. There isn’t a single hair out of place and even Khloe’s bellybutton doesn’t look like it’s real! The verdict is in, and it’s super clear to see that Khloe has been Photoshopped.

12 Photoshopped Fashionistas

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At first glance, we weren’t sure if this was actually a promo photo of the Kardashian ladies or if it was just fan art. Upon further digging, it was confirmed that this really is a shot of Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe that was used to promote their clothing line with fashion retailer Dorothy Perkins. Let’s be totally honest -there are so many obviously Photoshopped components of this pic that we don’t even know where to begin! All three of the girls look like caricatures of themselves, and at first glance, it even looked like someone took Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe’s heads and pasted them on to entirely different bodies. While Khloe looks remarkably long and lean in this picture, this photo shoot was from 2013, long before the star began her incredibly strict fitness regimen. It’s totally obvious that whoever retouched this photo got a bit too happy because this was taken prior to her infamous weight loss. Khloe shouldn’t take offense to being airbrushed because it looks like every one of the girls was digitally slimmed down, making their heads look awkwardly large in comparison. Overall, this entire image looks more like an outrageous cartoon than an ad campaign featuring three of the biggest celebrity sisters on the planet.

11 Softened Selfie

Some celebrity photos might leave you wondering whether or not they got a little digital makeover in the form of Photoshop, while other shots make super obvious that something is up. When it comes to this sultry selfie of Khloe, there’s basically no doubt that she’s guilty of altering her image. Khloe snapped this close-up selfie earlier this year and shared it on social media, and it’s super apparent that she (or someone who works for her) went wild with Photoshop’s ‘blur’ tool. Khloe’s face has been so airbrushed that it practically looks like she’s glowing. While the reality star is always radiating beauty, we think things went a bit too far with this Photoshop job. Khloe definitely doesn’t need all of the unnecessary filters and editing tools, so we’re not sure why she keeps piling them on. Nothing about this photo looks real, and even Khloe’s nose has been so manipulated that it’s almost completely blurred out. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with rocking an occasional photo filter every now and then, but this is one example of a time when it would have been best to just leave things alone.

10 Quick Trim-Down

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The Kardashians have been known to push a number of products in order to make a quick buck, and back in 2009 both Khloe and Kim signed on to endorse a weight-loss pill called QuickTrim. The girls were featured in ads for the product and they even donned bikinis in a photo shoot with Life & Style magazine in order to promote the brand. While at first glance, Khloe and Kim are definitely head-turners, many were quick to say that they have both been heavily Photoshopped. Talk about false advertisement! If you really look close at the two sisters, you can see where there may have been some significant alterations done to their appearance. For starters, both of their faces have been overly airbrushed and they have an unnatural glow about them. Of course, the main focus of this photo shoot was fitness, and it’s no shock that the girls had been digitally slenderized. Obvious modifications have been made on areas such as Kim’s stomach and Khloe’s backside. Even the backdrop is fake, and the girls were just copied and pasted in front of a grassy outdoor scene. There’s little contesting the notion that Khloe and Kim were both super Photoshopped in every aspect of this picture.

9 Optical Illusion

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We all know that the Kardashians are collectively known for their bodacious backsides, and they try to draw as much attention to their plumped-up posteriors as they possibly can. Recently, Khloe took to Instagram to share this shot of her bulging backside from every angle, but many questioned whether or not Photoshop was responsible for the star’s dangerous curves. Some naysayers have suggested that Khloe’s rear-end looks unnaturally big from the angle she is standing at, and that there’s no way her back end’s mirror image would look that shapely from where she’s standing. Rumors swirled that Khloe had once again relied on the use of Photoshop to make her butt bigger than normal. Aside from the jabs at enlarging her bottom half, it’s super obvious that this image has been altered in other ways. The whole photo has a weird “soft-touch” effect to it, and the color has also been distorted. Part of this might be due to the use of a photo filter, but there are too many obviously airbrushed aspects to go unnoticed.

8 Superimposed

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Khloe and former NBA star Lamar Odom used to be the definition of #couplegoals but that was long before the details of Lamar’s struggles with sobriety came to light. Back when the couple was still together and the filming of Keeping Up with the Kardashians was in full swing, Khloe tried to maintain her image by hiding the truth about her marriage to the public. Lamar had long been battling a number of issues, and his marriage crumbled because of it. He was often absent from important events, including the KUWTK promo photoshoot. Khloe and her family posed for the promotional shots, but her then-husband was MIA. It was later revealed that Lamar’s image was superimposed into a photo with Khloe, making it seem like they were happily posing together as a pair. Khloe and Lamar look like they are sharing a sweet embrace, but everything about the photo was a total sham. If you look super closely, you can see where the edges of Khloe’s body were blended to look like they were right next to Lamar. To this day, the manipulated shot remains one of the most notoriously Photoshopped of Khloe. Isn’t Photoshop incredible?

7 Legs & Lies

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Khloe Kardashian is undeniably a fixture to reality television and social media, so it’s unsurprising that she always posts photos of herself to keep the public interested and intrigued. Khloe recently posted a series of photos to Instagram that showed off her lean leggy frame, but fans soon pointed out that she looked surprisingly different than usual. Various internet sleuths and media outlets accused Khloe of seriously altering her body in the pics to give herself a more slender appearance. Many have stated that her legs appeared significantly smaller than they actually are and that Khloe was using Photoshop while setting unrealistic expectations of beauty. Being called out for using Photoshop is nothing new for Khloe, but we have to agree that she certainly does look thin in these shots. While she has recently lost some weight, Khloe still looks too frail for the picture to be totally authentic. Of course, celebrities are no strangers to using image editing technology to amp up their appearance, but it’s safe to say that Khloe went a bit overboard on this one.

6 Strong Looks Better… Photoshopped?

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Khloe Kardashian was already one of the world’s most famous reality TV stars, a member of the Kardashian family empire, and a super well-known celebrity in her own right, and in 2015 she was able to add New York Times bestselling author to her long list of accolades. In Khloe’s tell-all book, Strong Looks Better Naked, she discussed everything from relationships to improving her own self-image. The book also included a couple of hot shots of Khloe, but one pic was very noticeably altered. In the snapshot, Khloe can be seen standing in a pool of water behind a majestic backdrop of palm trees and mountain tops as she dons a simple black one-piece swimsuit. Whoever was responsible for doing the photo editing for her book should have been a bit more careful because fans promptly pointed out a few flaws. Aside from Khloe’s complexion being softened, the star suffered from a Photoshop fail. Khloe’s skin can be seen poking out from each side of her swimsuit by the bust and the area by her elbows looks as though it had been hastily Photoshopped. Understandably, editing images requires a lot of intricate attention to detail, but it appears that the ball was notoriously dropped this time around.

5 Curves Controversy

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It’s safe to assume that when Khloe and her two older sisters posed for The Sunday Mirror Magazine’s "Notebook" edition back in 2014 they had no idea that it would stir up such a ruckus. The mag’s cover tagline read “The Kardashians: style icons with killer curves,” but the ladies hardly looked anything like their infamous curvaceous selves. All three of the sisters look digitally altered to give them a more slender appearance, but it is Khloe’s picture that is most noticeably altered. The star had been visibly thinned out, given a much trimmer waistline, trimmer arms, and more svelte hips. The Photoshop job is so bad that some even pointed out that there were inconsistencies in editing and that there was obvious shadowing and erasing used on Khloe’s body in particular. It’s no secret that Khloe has always been much different looking than her two big sisters. Kourtney and Kim have always been rather petite, while Khloe is an impressive 5’10 with a much more naturally curvy build. Unfortunately for Khloe, Hollywood has long been resistant to embrace a fuller-figured physique on a woman and she has often been the victim of Photoshop fails in an attempt to make her look slimmer. Though she is beautiful all on her own, this is just one of the many examples of when Khloe has been notoriously Photoshopped.

4 Heavily Airbrushed

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Khloe and the Kardashians are pretty much always on the covers of magazines, but mags are notorious for manipulating images. Khloe landed the cover spot of Glamour Mexico this past summer, but fans were rightfully confused by the amount of Photoshop used on the super-famous starlet. After taking one look at Khloe’s headshot, it is very apparent that she has been heavily airbrushed. For starters, her eyes have been so altered that they have suddenly changed color. Khloe’s skin has been smoothed out so much that her nose is practically nonexistent. Khloe's lip color is visibly overdone through the use of Photoshop and her entire image just looks fake. To make matters worse, some online outlets have accused the publication of doctoring Khloe’s skin tone, making her look slightly darker than usual. Let’s face it - everything about Khloe’s Glamour Mexico spread just screams ‘Photoshopped!’ From her off-color eyes and lips right down to her soft and smooth complexion, this is one picture of Khloe that is without a doubt way too Photoshopped.

3 Super Sultry

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We all know that the Kardashians have made a career for themselves solely by being desirable symbols, and Khloe has definitely blossomed into one incredibly hot bombshell over the recent years. Though it would be hard to forget it, Khloe always reminds her fans and followers just how stunning she is every time she posts a revealing photo to social media. In February of this year, Khloe shared a sultry snapshot from the set of her Shape magazine photoshoot, leaving many eager to see the rest of the shoot once the mag hit newsstands. Khloe can be seen wearing a tied-up grey tank top that put her rock hard abs on full display. She also wore black mesh undergarments that left little to the imagination. Of course, Khloe looked like the total package, but the pic sparked a bit of an online controversy as many fans accused the star of getting too much plastic surgery and relying on the use of Photoshop to improve her looks. Khloe’s so-called "haters" said that everything about the photo appeared to be enhanced, including her famous lips. Others argued that Khloe looked much thinner than usual and that Photoshop was the reason behind her slender appearance. Whether Khloe’s look is au natural or digitally modified for sure is still a mystery, but she does look like she had some slight editing done here and there.

2 PETA Problems

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In 2008, Khloe Kardashian teamed up with PETA for an ad campaign with the tagline “I’d rather go naked than wear fur.” The photoshoot was documented on Keeping Up with the Kardashians when she expressed concerns about her body looking good enough to pose sans clothing. Ultimately, the reality star shook off all of her worries and bared-all for the eye-popping campaign. Anyone can see that Khloe looked sensational as her image appeared on Billboards and in magazines across the globe, but many people accused her of being super Photoshopped. While Khloe does look great in the advert, when she stood next to a giant poster of her PETA’s campaign it was pretty clear that she looked a lot different than the picture. While it’s no surprise that Photoshop is pretty much guaranteed to be used in advertisements, some said that the image had been way too retouched. It’s easy to see that Khloe had been digitally slimmed down in certain places and there certainly had been no shortage of airbrushing. Khloe’s PETA campaign is undeniably one of her most notorious Photoshopped pics to date.

1 Completely Complex

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Last year, Khloe made jaws drop all over the world as she made her debut as cover girl for Complex magazine. Every photo of Khloe looked out-of-this-world.... so good in fact that she found herself the subject of tons of media scrutiny for using Photoshop to enhance her look. A seemingly endless number of critics gave Khloe a hard time about relying on editing software to make her assets appear bigger and her waistline appear smaller - but Khloe going to let anyone dull her shine. Khloe aggressively took to Instagram to respond to naysayers who accused her of being overly-retouched. KoKo posed a side-by-side comparison of the original photo from her shoot, as well as the touched-up version. The caption stated “This one is for all the troll haters out there that cannot seem to give me an ounce of credit for my daily workouts! The image on the left is an unretouched photo from the actual camera on the day of the shoot. The image on the right is the retouched photo. Yes skin is smooth and shadows are removed but I still think I look good in the left image. Flaws and all.” This power-move confirmed that while Photoshop was used on Khloe’s multi-million dollar image, it was only used sparingly and her exquisite frame was attributed to hard work and dedication, not just editing.

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