15 Of Khloe Kardashian's Best Quotes

It's pretty funny to think that just a short while ago, we pretty much never heard about the Kardashians... and now we can't stop hearing about them. To say this family is super famous and super wealthy is pretty much the biggest understatement ever. They've got tons of product lines, apps, their reality show and spin-offs and, of course, they have us in awe of their beauty and fashion sense with everything they post on Twitter and Instagram. While sometimes it can be hard to tell them apart, we have a special love for Khloe Kardashian. She got super fit a while ago and has been sharing her workout and healthy eating secrets in countless interviews, she pretty much feels like a good friend, and oh yeah, she also tends to say some pretty ridiculous, amazing and hilarious things. See for yourself. Here are 15 of Khloe Kardashian's best quotes.

15 "A girl once told me to be careful when trying to fix a broken person for you may cut yourself on their shattered pieces."

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This one's from Khloe's Instagram account. She explained to e! online that she often posts different quotes on this social media platform because she thinks quotes are pretty much the same thing as poetry. She never exactly said this was referring to her ex Lamar but e! and a lot of other media outlets as well as fans have speculated that this is exactly who this particular quote is referring to. Wouldn't it be so amazing to be so incredibly famous that whatever you post on Instagram becomes completely fascinating to tons of other people? You're over there posting the avocado toast you enjoyed for breakfast and groaning about it being Monday once again, but beyond your friends and maybe a few random strangers, you don't get too much social media love. Oh well. Yet another reason to be kind of jealous of those Kardashians!

14 "I had a slip and I love it!"

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Yup. We're not lying. She really did say that. She tweeted it, actually. Back in 2011, which sounds like about a million years ago, Khloe appeared on the show Fox and Friends and, well, her shirt wasn't exactly cooperating. This would usually be a pretty huge deal since, you know, you don't exactly want a nipslip out there for the world to see, especially if you're as famous as any member of the Kardashian clan. But Khloe didn't care at all, and she's got a bunch more quotes where she says how it honestly didn't bother her. She even laughed that her mom told her that everyone was gossiping about this wardrobe malfunction online. We have to say, we are totally impressed with her because that's such a cool, chill, and mature reaction. We're not sure we would be so calm about the whole deal.

13 "Girls tell me and my sisters all the time, 'We love your booties.'"

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Again, we're pretty much in total awe of Khloe's super positive attitude about everything that happens to her, and that definitely is true of how she feels about her appearance. We love this quote so much because it's clear that the Kardashian women have some pretty awesome butts. Let's just be honest here. This is pretty much the one thing that everyone knows about the Kardashians sisters: they have huge butts. So it's good to know that Khloe feels so positively about her own body since there's really not much you can do about your body shape and the way that you were meant to look. Since she and her sisters have been given such a public platform, it would really suck if they hated the way that they look and were always saying super negative stuff.

12 "I will never, ever, not love Lamar. I was so obsessed with him in a healthy way. He was my husband, and I still wish he was, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that."

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Khloe said this in an interview, and we have to say, this is a pretty sad and yet super relatable quote. Who hasn't had a break-up and then later wished they were still with that person? Who hasn't realized that love doesn't exactly conquer all and sometimes break-ups really, really suck because you still are completely in love with that person? We love this quote because you never really hear celebrities -- especially someone on the level of Khloe Kardashian -- talk about their break-ups or divorces. They usually say "no comment" or some ridiculous P.R. statement about always respecting the other person and staying in communication if they share kids or something like that. But this is such a raw, real kind of quote and we're glad that Khloe can share her emotions and feelings and thoughts.

11 "You definitely don't finish your first time."

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Hallelujah. This obviously never happens to anyone, and it's pretty awesome to hear from a famous, rich celebrity that, yeah, it didn't happen to them either. It's hard to think of other celebs who would be comfortable saying things like this, but we're so glad that we have someone like Khloe who can just be 100 percent real. She has talked about losing her V-card at the young age of 15 and says it took a while to really and truly enjoy being intimate with someone. That's pretty normal but it's not really talked about all that much, so we're glad that she can provide some comfort, help and advice for her younger fans. Khloe definitely takes her platform pretty seriously, and it's pretty great that most of the time when she speaks, she feels like another friend or a wiser older sister, telling you how life is and what to expect.

10 "I always have fruit around. And I have a protein shake on the car ride home from the gym. Otherwise I get cranky!"

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It's no secret that Khloe has a pretty great figure now and has gotten a lot healthier recently, and so of course people are always trying to steal her fitness secrets. We love this quote because we just have to laugh every time we think about it. Of course she gets cranky without eating post-workout -- don't we all?! It just proves that Khloe is such a real person and yeah, she's got a ton more money and a lot more clothes (and a lot more expensive clothes!) than the average person. But she's pretty much just like you, because you need a protein smoothie or banana with peanut butter right after you finish your barre or yoga class or whatever your fave workout is, because you probably get just as grumpy.

9 "I am gonna turn into an alcoholic tonight."

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Honestly, who hasn't said that? Let's just be real with ourselves here. Every single one of us has had those crazy nights where we party with our girlfriends and just want to let loose, have a good time, and escape from our regular, sometimes boring routines for a little while. This particular quote just makes us laugh so, so much -- mostly because we know that we have probably each said something super similar to it ourselves, and we've definitely heard our friends say this kind of stuff. It's always pretty awesome when you see a celebrity who seems like she could be a pretty good friend or even an older sister, and that's pretty much how we feel about Khloe. She's just so fun, has such a winning personality, and always makes us laugh.

8 "Oh, it's nice in here! I always hear horror stories about men's bathrooms."

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OMG hilarious, right?! We love this Khloe moment. She freaked out about using the guy's bathroom and then once she was in there, she realized that hey, it's not really that bad after all. We can all relate to this so much since it's basically a rule that the women's washroom is always going to be super packed and with a crazy long line, no matter what time it is, no matter where you are... but the men's washrooms? Totally empty. And we mean totally. Who hasn't decided that they might as well just quickly use the men's washroom so they don't have to waste their entire life waiting in line? We've all done it. Again, we love when Khloe gets super real and says what we are all basically thinking. It makes the regular old human being vs. rich and famous celebrity line seem a little bit smaller.

7 "You have your whole life to be old, but you only have a few years to be young."

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So true, right? Who knew that Khloe Kardashian was such a wise woman? Well, we know now, and we really love this quote. This is a kind of YOLO quote that is really impactful and powerful since we're all trying to live our lives to the fullest and figure out how to live in the moment more. It's really relevant since we're so obsessed with building our careers and basically looking at our social media feeds 24/7. So the next time we're freaking out about something that doesn't really matter at all or haven't looked up from our computer screens in hours when it's a gorgeous day outside, we're going to remember Khloe's words, channel her, and have some fun. Thanks Khloe! We totally need your wisdom.

6 "You never really see how toxic someone is until you breathe fresh air."

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Khloe said this back in February and we have to say, we're totally on board with this. Who doesn't have toxic people in their life? We've all broken up with a toxic boyfriend, had to deal with an annoying and toxic relative or had a devastating friendship break-up. Talking about cutting toxic people out of your life is a pretty common conversation topic on reality TV, whether it's The Real Housewives (literally any city) or, of course, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. It's pretty funny when you think about it because this can be super entertaining, but it's also really relatable. So go ahead and listen to Khloe. You know you want to cut toxic people out and only surround yourself with positive people that make your life better, so really, what are you waiting for?

5 "I would rather laugh than cry."

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Yes! We love this quote. We would totally agree because really, who would rather sob and be super sad and upset? Doesn't everyone want to laugh and have fun instead of being all tragic? Sometimes celebrities (and reality TV stars in particular) say super obvious things, and that can be really hilarious and amazing and entertaining, but the thing is that we all say really obvious stuff at one point or another. We kind of can't help it. So yeah, we're 100 percent on board with Khloe's life motto and we feel the exact same way. Thanks, Khloe, we're going to remember your wise words the next time we're on the verge of tears and we're going to laugh hysterically instead, even if people think we're totally weird.

4 "The bikini waxing, after we go there we can't go back."

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This is pretty hilarious because we've all had that awkward moment of wondering whether or not you should shave. That's just a daily dilemma when you're a girl in this day and age. We love that Khloe is so honest and tells it like it is. She's never embarrassed to talk about losing her V-card or her personal life or her divorce or her broken heart or even her hair situation. It's pretty awesome to hear such a famous person talking about such normal, everyday kind of stuff, right? We honestly wish that more celebs would be so raw and real because just campaigning to win an Oscar or only talking about the movie you're starring in or the perfume line you just started? That's kind of boring.

3 "My weight doesn't define who I am."

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We bow down to Khloe Kardashian, we honestly do. She's pretty awesome, isn't she? In a world where everyone wants to be skinnier than they are even if that doesn't mean healthy and in a society where we put celebrities up on pedestals and are obsessed with their appearance, it's really refreshing to see someone talk about how their self-worth is not tied up with what the number on the scale says. Yeah, a movement has started where we're beginning to realize that being strong and being able to work out and fuel your body with healthy, whole foods is a lot more interesting and a lot better than starving yourself or living on green salads and water. But we've all wondered if we should lose those 5 to 10 pounds or think about our weight, and it's great that Khloe reminds us that your weight doesn't matter as much as you think that it does.

2 “A lot of adults don’t think it’s their place to interfere with kids. I interfere all the time.”

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This is just fabulous. We can't even with this quote. Who hasn't thought this? Admit it, you've definitely been waiting in line at Starbucks or your local grocery store and have seen a bratty kid having a total temper tantrum and you really, really want to say something. You probably don't, but apparently Khloe definitely says something and won't just stand there silently hating them. We give her total props and respect for that. But we do kind of interfere if we have an older sister or cousin or someone like that with a kid, because since we're close to them, we can tell them when we think they should be parenting differently. We don't usually just walk up to a stranger and say anything. But now we really, really wish we could be there when Khloe does.

1 "You know why she's the most Googled person? Because she Googles herself."

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Who do you think Khloe said this about? If you guessed her sister Kim, yeah, you're 100 percent right. We honestly love this quote so much, we can't even handle it. We just can't even deal with how ridiculously amazing this statement is. To be honest, we think this probably has a ton of truth to it, because, well, Kim is not exactly the most insecure person on the planet, and we think we can all pretty much agree with that.

Sources: Eonline.com, Bustle.com

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