15 Of 2016's Best Celeb Engagement Rings

Since wedding season in full swing, it’s definitely hard not to notice that love is in the air everywhere you look... and that is especially true for some of our favorite celebs. This year has brought on an awe-inspiring collection of exquisite celebrity engagement rings that are almost too beautiful for words. When money is no object and every designer wants to be the one to create their one-of-a-kind sparkler, engagement bling has become extravagant than ever - and certain stars are rocking seriously stunning diamonds that make even the best of us jealous. So far this year, some of Hollywood’s finest have shown off their impressively-adorned ring fingers while beaming with joy about their upcoming nuptials. These incredible rings have everything it takes to make the most perfect profession of undying love. We have rounded up some of the top star-studded celebrity engagement rings that we’ve seen (so far) – so take a look at 15 of the best rocks that 2016 has to offer.

15 Miranda Kerr

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Former Victoria’s Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr is a timeless beauty in her own right, so it’s only natural for her engagement ring to be equally as perfect as she is. The model very recently became engaged to Snapchat founder and CEO Evan Spiegel. The self-made billionaire spared no expense when it comes to his lady love and presented Kerr with a ravishing round-cut center stone that featured two additional diamond baguettes on each side. The ring is the epitome of class and sophistication, adorned in a platinum or white gold setting. It has been reported that the 2.5 carat ring is worth in the ballpark of $100,000…not too shabby if you ask us. We’re pretty confident that Miranda was beaming with joy following her recent engagement. With an affluent husband-to-be and a big, shiny rock on her finger, she definitely has more than a few things to be happy about.

14 Mariah Carey

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Speaking of billionaire beaus, Mariah Carey could teach us all a thing or two about landing a rich and powerful hubby! We all know that Mariah is no stranger to tying the knot (this will be her third marriage), but it comes as no surprise that her ring from future husband, James Packer, is the most spectacular piece of bling she’s ever had. The rock features an incredible 35 carat diamond ring on a platinum band. Mariah’s wealthy businessman helped in the design of the ring, and it’s certainly nothing short of amazing. Mariah’s ring trumps all other celebrity rings in terms of carat size, clarity, and presumably, price. Kim Kardashian’s large engagement ring from Kanye West boasts a similar style but only comes in as half the carat size of Mariah’s. The songstress appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live earlier this year and discussed those who insist that her ring is too big. The star said that anybody who thinks her diamond is too big is just a hater, and we would have to agree. This rock is enough to make anyone jealous... we know we are!

13 Pippa Middleton

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The engagement that everyone seems to be buzzing about right now? That would definitely be Pippa Middleton's. British royalty Kate Middleton's sister recently shocked the world by showing off her truly stunning diamond ring and confirming her engagement to James Matthews, a hedge fund manager and accomplished financier. The couple’s romance first began in 2012, and while the two briefly parted ways they couldn’t help but reunite for good. Matthews gave Middleton a gorgeous diamond ring with an art-deco design that featured an octagon-shaped halo. There’s no doubt that this piece of jewelry didn’t come cheap, very likely costing more than $260,000. The ring’s design is unique and quite possibly one-of-a-kind, and some are already comparing it to her sister’s famous engagement piece. With such charm and elegance, it’s hard to look away from Pippa’s alluring bling. The flawless diamond is exquisite, and we know that Pippa must be over the moon thrilled about her ring finger’s newest addition.

12 Kate Upton

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Model and actress Kate Upton hit the jackpot when longtime boyfriend and professional baseball player Justin Verlander asked for her hand in marriage. The breathtaking round diamond is a whopping eight carats supported by a sophisticated, thin diamond band. The ring also features intricate accents on the sides of the band. Kate put the ring on display at this year’s Met Gala, and couldn’t stop talking about how happy she was to finally let the world know of her engagement. According to jeweler designer Anita Ko, she and Verlander “collaborated on creating the most perfect one-of-a-kind ring that is rare and of exceptional quality...just like their love." Apparently, money was no object for Verlander, who must have super expensive taste, as the rock has been reported to be worth a staggering 1.5 million dollars. Kate’s exquisite bling is definitely awe-worthy on every level. You know what they say -- diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

11 Anna Camp

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Actress Anna Camp was proposed to by her Pitch Perfect co-star Skylar Astin earlier this year, and she obviously said yes! The couple was vacationing in Hawaii when Astin reportedly decided to pop the question. The unbelievable engagement ring features a beautiful colored rectangular cushion-cut stone within a diamond encrusted halo that was set in a four-pronged rose gold setting. The impressive piece of jewelry is vintage-inspired, charming, and everything a girl could ever ask for. While the two stars are probably best known for their roles in Pitch Perfect, the duo met long before they were cast in the film. Anna and Skylar were longtime friends that blossomed into something more after Anna ended her previous marriage. It’s apparent that when one door closes another door opens, and in this case - comes bearing stunning diamonds. We’re super happy for this adorable couple, and we can’t get enough of her ring.

10 Dianna Agron

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We all remember actress Dianna Agron from her days of playing a sassy cheerleader on the hit show Glee, and these days the star is all grown up and donning a fancy engagement ring that we can’t help but admire. Agron became engaged to her musician boyfriend Winston Marshall, a member of the band Mumford & Sons. The beautiful round diamond that is estimated between four to six carats sits within a simple yellow gold band. The star’s epic ring first made its public debut this past February during London Fashion Week, and the media was quick to take notice. The rock is without a doubt classy and refined and is truly a perfect piece for Dianna. Her ample diamond ring is stylish but also refreshingly simple while presenting a look that is totally timeless, which is exactly why we love it. We have nothing but well wishes for this adorable newly engaged couple.

9 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

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Pretty model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley began dating actor Jason Statham in 2010 and the two became engaged to be married in January of this year. Rosie is best known as the female lead in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. The public certainly took notice of her, and so did Statham. The couple does have a twenty year age gap, but that doesn’t put a label on their love. The actor proposed to his future bride with a dazzling diamond ring by famed jewelry designer, Neil Lane. The ring features a truly flawless round-cut center diamond and has additional diamonds on the band and in the setting. The ring is said to cost $350,000 - and it definitely shows. The ring first made its red carpet debut when the couple appeared at this year’s Golden Globes. Of course, the flashy diamond garnered lots of attention for the newly-engaged couple, as its classic beauty is unmatched. We think that this ring is a sensational piece… wouldn’t you agree?

8 Maria Menounos

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Actress and e! News correspondent Maria Menounos undoubtedly got the surprise of her life when her longtime boyfriend proposed to her recently during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show. Maria had been dating TV writer Keven Undergaro for a mind-boggling nineteen years before he finally decided to take the plunge and asked her to marry him. While the location of the proposal may have been a bit underwhelming, there’s no question that Maria’s man gave her a ring that was definitely worth the wait. The star was given an incredible round-cut diamond sparkler in a halo setting that featured over 220 additional diamonds throughout. Her fiancé took time to design the ring specifically for Maria and even went the extra mile by including a personally meaningful stone underneath that only she can see. There was a lot of thought and detail that went into creating this one-of-a-kind piece, and it is seriously something special. Honestly, we can't help but stare!

7 Blac Chyna

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If you want to see a jaw-dropping engagement ring, just take a look at Blac Chyna’s left hand. The star was gifted an amazing seven-carat round diamond on a platinum band from Rob Kardashian. The two only dated for a couple of months before things got super serious and Rob got down on one knee in front of her whole family to ask for her hand in marriage. The giant rock often makes an appearance on Blac Chyna’s social media platforms, and honestly, why wouldn’t it? If we had a fabulous (and massive) rock like that, you bet we would be showing it off all the time, too. The high-quality piece came from jeweler, Ben Baller, who worked with Rob to find the most radiant rock around. Blac Chyna’s love doesn’t come cheap: her ring’s value is estimated at a hefty $325,000. In addition to planning a wedding, the fast-moving couple are also preparing for the arrival of their first child together later this year.

6 Kaitlynn Carter

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You probably don’t recognize the name Kaitlynn Carter right away, but you definitely have heard of her famous fiancé, Brody Jenner. The former star of The Hills has had his fair share of high-profile romances, but none of them compared to his relationship with Kaitlynn, who he has been dating since 2013. Brody proposed to his longtime girlfriend this past May, and he definitely did not disappoint when it came to choosing the right ring. Brody picked out a lovely solitaire that is close to 4.5 carats. His beautiful blonde wife-to-be proudly wears the impressive oval-shaped diamond with a four-prong setting rested on a simple white gold band. This is a ring that won’t fail to stand the test of time. It is classy, elegant, and will never go out of style because it’s so chic. The jeweler who worked with Brody in selecting this piece has stated that Brody was confident and knew exactly what he wanted. We’re sure that his lady was absolutely smitten with his selection.

5 Kylie Minogue

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Australian pop star Kylie Minogue has had a bountiful career... and now her personal life is ready to take center stage. The singing sensation recently became engaged to British actor Joshua Sasse. The couple first met when Kylie made a guest appearance on the show Galavant, which stars Sasse. Despite the twenty year age gap between them, these two prove that age is nothing but a number by being head over heels for one another. The 28-year-old actor professed his love for Kylie by presenting her with a divine art-deco engagement ring that seriously shimmers. The piece is definitely an attention-grabber without being too gaudy or over the top. Kylie is often pictured wearing the sweet rectangular-cut diamond at star-studded events. There’s no doubt that Kylie’s rock is a stunning gem that perfectly complements the beautiful star. Of course, her beau has great taste: he is engaged to a pop music queen, after all.

4 Brie Larson

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You may know Brie Larson as the rising new starlet who found big screen success in the movie Room, based on the novel of the same name. You could say that it’s been a pretty good year for Brie since she won a Golden Globe, an Academy Award, and a SAG award all for her captivating performance in the film. While not much would be capable of topping all of those marvelous accolades, we think that a sparkly engagement ring from her longtime love just might do the trick. Alex Greenwald, lead singer for the band Phantom Planet, popped the question to his leading lady and presented her with a classic round-cut stone that is both elegant and timeless. The vintage-inspired ring also features delicate accents along the band that are totally to-die-for. When asked about her fiancé, Brie eagerly gushed: "he's the other half of the equation… he’s just my person, he's my best friend." We definitely support this couple… and that stunning rock that sits on Brie’s finger!

3 Luann de Lesseps

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If you’ve ever tuned in to an episode of The Real Housewives of New York this season, you for sure know that Countess Luann is madly in love.. because that’s she keeps talking about. Even if someone isn’t asking about her whirlwind romance, she’s quick to give her future husband rave reviews. The reality star recently became engaged to boyfriend of nine ‘months, Tom D'Agostino - and their relationship has become a main storyline for the show. D’Agostino got down on one knee during a ski trip to Colorado this past February, and presented Luann with an impressive canary yellow diamond that weighs in at eight carats. The center stone is framed by even more diamonds on each side. While the fast pace of her relationship leaves many (including her co-stars) scratching their heads, it’s clear to see that Luann’s rock is no joke. We’re blown away by this beautiful ring, and we can’t wait to watch all of the wedding drama unfold on TV.

2 Sydney Rae James

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Sydney Rae James is the younger sister of pop star Jessie James Decker and also was prominently featured on the star’s reality show, Eric & Jessie: Game On. While the Deckers are notorious for broadcasting their storybook romance to the public, this year it is Sydney’s turn to tell the world about her recent engagement to pro-baseball player, Anthony Bass. Two professional athletes in one family ain't so bad. Bass surprised Sydney by getting down on one knee and proposing during a recent hike in Phoenix, Arizona. The couple only dated for six months before deciding to slide into home base and get engaged. Sydney is the proud new owner of a sparkling 2.5 carat cushion-cut diamond that is set in white gold and an amazing double halo that features enough diamonds and sparkle to seriously turn some heads. It would be difficult to ignore this incredibly glitzy ring because, well, it is massive…and spectacular.

1 Ciara

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Ciara has been through a lot over the last couple of years, including an ongoing public spat with her old flame and father of her son, rapper Future. It’s safe to say that she finally found her knight in shining armor when she met football star, Russell Wilson – and he gave her a ring worthy of envying. The custom made ring was made by one of the world’s top jewelers and it boasts a virtually flawless sixteen carat diamond. The impressive one-of-a-kind rock found its way to Ciara this past March, and the couple didn’t waste any time making their way down the altar, as they eagerly said “I do” earlier this month. With a ring like that, it’s no wonder Ciara said yes to that proposal. Her ring is nothing short of eye-catching and it totally blows us all away with its impeccable cut and clarity. Congrats, Ciara – you deserve it!

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