15 Odd Jobs Of Celebrity Entourage Members

When you make a celebrity salary, you can pretty much pay people to do all the things you’re too busy to do – or, simply, don’t want to do. Absolutely hate cooking, but getting a bit tired of restaurant meals? Just hire a personal chef to prepare all your favorites in the comfort of your own kitchen. Can’t motivate yourself to work out, but need to be in shape for your role in the latest superhero flick? Get a personal trainer who, thanks to the stacks of cash you’re throwing him, will come to your door and drag your lazy butt out of bed. Need someone to go pick up your dry cleaning? Your personal assistant will do that. Simply put, celebrities have enough money that they can basically pay people to do whatever they want to do. Usually, it just involves things like cooking, cleaning, and schedule organizing – things that even some high powered businessmen will pay someone to do. However, sometimes… it’s just ridiculous.

Yes, they live busy lives and it’s sometimes easier to pay someone to do something. But some members of celebrity entourage have jobs that don’t even seem real. It absolutely baffles the mind that someone would pay another person to do something so silly or trivial, but these celebs do it without even thinking about it.

Here are 15 of the most utterly ridiculous celebrity entourage jobs.

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15 Oprah (Bra Expert)


Oprah pulled herself up by the bootstraps and managed to get herself from utter poverty to queen of a multi billion dollar empire. She’s doing pretty well financially, so it only makes sense that she could add basically as many members to her entourage as she wants. She has the customary members like a personal chef, but she also has someone whose job entirely revolves around Oprah’s bras. That’s right – she pays someone who is a bra specialist to make sure that every brassiere she wears is perfectly fitted. I mean, you could just go to a lingerie store, but why on earth would you do that if you’re Oprah? Just pay someone. They’ll make sure your breasts are supported in style.

14 Rod Stewart (Room Darkening Team)

via: huffingtonpost.com

Rock star Rod Stewart is no longer as young as he was in his prime – however, he still has legions of fans, and can be found on stage even to this day. In order to maintain that kind of rock star lifestyle nowadays, he needs a little more beauty sleep than he did when he was young. But what’s a man to do when he’s on the road, or in an unfamiliar location? What does Stewart do when he needs a nap and it’s still daylight outside, the sun shining in through the curtains? Well, he just calls on an important member of his entourage – his room darkeners. Their job is literally what it sounds like – going to Stewart’s room before he retires for a short nap and making sure the space is in total darkness.

13 Justin Bieber (Food and Drink Holder)

via: esquire.com

Justin Bieber is perhaps one of the most hated musicians today (unless you’re a preteen girl, that is). This is mostly because of his often entitled attitude and ridiculous shenanigans – and a certain member of his entourage definitely confirms that. Bieber rolls with a huge entourage, and apparently when he showed up for an appearance on Saturday Night Live, one member of his entourage had the job of holding his coke and pizza during the times he was on stage. I mean, what, you expect him to just put his stuff down on a shelf somewhere? Don’t be ridiculous.

12 Ludacris (Battery Changer)

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You’re trying to change the channel or power up one of your electronics, and it just won’t go. You try, and try, and finally realize the issue – the battery is all out of juice. So, you go to the drawer that houses the batteries, take out however many you need, and change the batteries in the device in question. Simple, right? Maybe two minutes of your time. Well, that’s apparently way too big a hassle for rapper and actor Ludacris – he instead chose to employ a member of his entourage who is solely responsible for making sure all his devices are fully powered at all times.

11 Mariah Carey (Professional Catcher)

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Okay, it’s probably not surprising to see pop diva Mariah Carey on this list – she’s pretty much notorious for her ridiculous demands. However, with a voice that stretches to about ten million octaves, she’s not that easily replaceable, so people put up with it. And it probably doesn’t hurt that she makes decent dough and can probably afford to pay staff to do whatever she wants. Case in point – a member of her entourage is employed solely to walk backwards in front of her and make sure that, were the diva to stumble and fall forwards, she wouldn’t scrape her knee or injure herself or anything of the sort.

10 Mark Wahlberg (Human Alarm Clock)

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If you’re the type of person who hits the snooze button on your alarm clock a handful of times before managing to drag yourself out of bed late, Mark Wahlberg’s peculiar entourage member might make a lot of sense to you. Wahlberg apparently wanted to avoid waking up late at all costs, and instead of buying an expensive alarm clock, he opted to hire an actual person who would wake him up in time for any appointments or meetings. It’s like those wake-up calls at hotels, except his real life. The question is, though – what if his human alarm clock sleeps in?

9 Cee Lo (Sweat Wiper/Gum Provider)

via: hitfix.com

Due to his laid back persona, Cee Lo doesn’t exactly seem like the type of guy to have a ridiculous list of demands from his entourage members – but apparently, he does. There are two members of his entourage who have pretty insane job descriptions. The first was hired to wipe the sweat from his forehead whenever necessary. Hey, you can really work up a sweat during those live performances, right? He also hired someone whose sole function is to not only give Cee Lo gum whenever he needs it, but to put it directly in his mouth. Well, obviously – you wouldn’t want to strain yourself by lifting a tiny stick of gum. Right?

8 Snoop Dogg (Personal Roller)

via: hotnewhiphop.com

It’s no secret that rapper Snoop Dogg has quite the affinity for a certain green leaf – he’s very outspoken about his love for weed and the drug is constantly referenced in his music. However, when you reach his level of fame, you no longer have to stoop to rolling your own joints – that’s for regular people. Snoop has a member of his entourage whose sole job is to get weed for Snoop whenever he wants it, and to roll it up and present it to him. The job description is ridiculous, but we imagine it’s probably a pretty mellow atmosphere (that is, unless he runs into problems with the law, depending on where Snoop wants his fix).

7 Prince Charles (Undresser)

via: thestar.com

Okay, here’s something that even most A-List celebrities can’t compete with. According to a former royal family staff member, Prince Charles has entourage members that ensure he has never undressed himself in his life or put away any of his clothing. That’s right – after a long day, his valets merely remove his clothing and take care of everything. There’s even one valet who irons his shoelaces. It may not seem surprising given the sheer number of staff that the royal family has, but can you even imagine? What if you want to change your outfit mid-day? At this point, does Charles even know how buttons work?

6 Nelly (Jewellery/Shoe Carer)

via: thatgrapejuice.net

When you invest a lot of your hard earned cash in bling, you want someone to make sure that it’s always secure and looking its best. So obviously, you hire a guy for that. Rapper Nelly has one member of his entourage whose sole job is to care for all of his jewellery. No, he’s not a trained jeweller who can make the rapper custom creations at the drop of a hat. He literally just carries it around and makes sure it’s available and looking good whenever the rapper wants to wear it. The entourage member works double duty, also caring for and protecting Nelly’s shoe collection. Hey – sometimes those custom kicks can cost a pretty penny.

5 Pink (Nipple Pincher)

Okay, this is probably one of the weirdest jobs you’ll ever come across – just imagine sending in a resume and applying for the role of a nipple pincher. What qualifications would you even put? Let us explain. Singer Pink has a very peculiar way of getting amped up for her high-energy stage performances – she needs her nipples squeezed. It may seem like an easy task, but apparently it takes quite the skill level, and it took years for her assistant, Jackie, to get it “down to a fine art,” according to the star. When you have someone who’s mastered such an important part of your pre-show routine, you’ll probably pay them pretty handsomely to stick around. As long as Pink is performing, we have a feeling that Jackie isn’t going anywhere.

4 P.Diddy (Umbrella Holder)

via: huffingtonpost.com

While they’re frequently being whisked around in chauffeured cars, every now and then a celebrity has to walk somewhere, even if it’s just from the car to the studio where they’re being interviewed. And sometimes, Mother Nature has plans to rain on their parade by, quite literally, raining. What’s a star to do? Certainly not hold their own umbrella! Rapper P.Diddy has someone on his entourage whose job is hold an umbrella for the star in inclement weather. The man in question, Fonzworth Bentley, even achieved a small amount of fame and has appeared in music videos for stars like Kanye West and Outkast, as well as hosting a series on MTV. The question is, if he eventually gets famous enough, will he hire his own umbrella holder?

3 Russell Crowe (Toddler’s Personal Chef)

via: huffingtonpost.com

It might not seem that strange for actor Russell Crowe to hire a personal chef to prepare his meals – after all, he’s pretty busy, and needs to stay in decent shape should he snag a role that required a ripped bod. However, at one point he had two personal chefs – one to prepare his food, and one solely for his toddler. Now, sure, some kids have adventurous taste buds, but on average, most children are happiest with PB&J, macaroni and cheese, dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and similar dishes. What kind of food was the toddler chef preparing that Crowe’s regular personal chef couldn’t? We can only guess.

2 Mariah Carey (Skirt Carrier)

via: gamefaqs.com

Mariah Carey is such a diva that she’s earned herself two spots on this list – and they’re well deserved. Carey’s known for her big entourage and often over the top demands, but at one point, she had someone in her entourage whose job was to make sure her longer skirts didn’t touch the floor. Lest you think that’s her only job, you’ll be relieved to know that she also sometimes does tasks like carrying a designer backpack around filled with bottled water, should the pop star get parched. Thirsty with a slightly dirty skirt hem? Don’t be crazy, Mariah says. That’s for people who aren’t famous.

1 Lady Gaga (the Haus)

Lady Gaga is known for her completely over the top everything – from showing up on red carpets draped in meat or being dressed up as an egg, her outfits and stage performances are completely out of this world. How on earth does such crazy stuff emerge from one brain? Well, it doesn’t – not quite. Yes, Gaga comes up with a significant amount of her creative persona herself, but she also hired a team of stylists and designers whose sole job is to create over the top costumes, sets, and insane dance routines for her. They’re called the Haus of Gaga. That’s right – while some celebrities have one or two entourage members with strange jobs, Gaga basically has an entire army.

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