15 Notorious Female Symbols: Are They Steamy Or Are They Not?

There are plenty of celebrities out there who are praised and celebrated for being the most attractive people on earth but are they really as hot as everyone says they are? There are some celebrities out there who are generally considered to be hot who are really not hot at all. For aspiring actresses, Hollywood is a tough town to get your start in. Even if you're considered the most beautiful girl from your hometown, once you come to Hollywood you'll find that every girl there is the most beautiful girl from their hometown. Beautiful people flock to Los Angeles in droves and the competition is tough. Some lose hope quickly and others push on. While some try for years and fail, some succeed. Then once they reach the top, they are criticized for not being pretty enough, tall enough, talented enough, or hot enough.

That being said, we're going to take a closer look at Hollywood's big (and some not so big) stars and determine if they truly are hot or not. While some of these celebs are talented actresses, singers, and models, some of them are talentless reality and social media stars. If you've ever looked at a celebrity and thought that they're totally overrated, this list is for you. This is the list of some of the the most successful women in the biz and we're here to tell you if they're hot or not.

15 Margot Robbie


Though Margot Robbie claims to be 26, it's very likely that she's in her thirties. Since the Legend of Tarzan actress was referred to as a 23-year-old actress by the The Sydney Morning Herald back in 2008 and then was said to be 25 in 2016, we don't really know exactly how old she is. We do know, however, that she, at least, looks likes she's in her thirties. Does that mean that she isn't hot? No. Not even close. She has a bright smile, perfect skin, and beautiful blonde hair. She's radiant. However, in Suicide Squad, she plays Harley Quinn and that tacky getup with the white face paint and Manic Panic hair dye was definitely not a good look for her. She still gets our vote though since she looks great when she doesn't look like Hot Topic threw up on her. Verdict: Hot.

14 Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian is one of the gals on this list who is famous for being hot. Well, that and her scandalous home movie. But honestly, if she wasn't hot then no one would care about her which is why she's had so many procedures done to enhance her looks. Honestly, just look at photos of her from 10 years ago and you'll see that she looks much hotter today than she did when she was younger. Because she is known for being hot, there are a lot of people who believe that Kim Kardashian is not only not hot but that she is actually ugly. They have a right to their wrong opinions but whether you like her or hate her, you can't deny that she is not empirically attractive, at least conventionally. In reality, she has set the standard for what mainstream hotness should aspire to be and that's why so many Instagram models have Kim K's exact look. A lot of guys say they hate the look but who cares what they think? Even if men don't find her look attractive, it doesn't mean she isn't hot. Verdict: Hot.

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13 Kylie Jenner

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Kylie Jenner is famous for her many cosmetic procedures but do those procedures make her hot? Beauty trends can be fickle and they can change at any time. Right now the style is to have big, full lips and a substantial booty but it wasn't long ago that those assets were far from the mainstream. These very specific body requirements can be difficult to attain and keep up if you don't already have them. All of these procedures cost a lot of money and they have to be kept up for the rest of your life, unless you want your lips to start leaking. Basically, these qualities should be left to the women who have them naturally and we shouldn't feel that we have to chase every new beauty standard when we really should just celebrate our own unique looks. That being said, Kylie has had one too many procedures and she looks like she's trying way too hard to meet every single beauty standard and it makes her look very strange. Verdict: Not hot.

12 Megan Fox

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Megan Fox has long been praised as a goddess among men but it's generally men who find her attractive and not women. Why? Because she starred as the leading lady in big, loud action movies that were marketed and made for men: Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Jonah Hex. Basically, Hollywood marketed Megan Fox to men and she has never really been given the chance to offer anything more than her good looks and sensuality. For women, she has long been representative of all the pretty girls we demonized in high school who always got all the attention and all of the boys. However, life isn't a high school movie and Megan Fox is actually not as bad as we thought she was. In reality, she seems like a very nice person who was never afforded the chance to do much other than wear skimpy clothes and hook up with the hero even though she's way out of his league. Verdict: Hot.

11 Kate Upton

Kate Upton was a model for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition so it's fair to say that she's at least pretty. You don't get on the cover for having a good personality or a 4.0 GPA. However, she has carefully moved out of the modeling sphere and started acting. Though her first roles in The Three Stooges and The Other Woman were small ones (which good thing it was because she's not a great actress) she still came across as a very sweet and endearing girl with a big heart who is trying her hardest. That counts for something. Though she has been criticized for appearing too chunky (everyone in Hollywood has been shamed for that at one point or another) she exudes body positivity, and hasn't tried to shrink down for anyone. Verdict: Hot.

10 Angelina Jolie


In a lot of ways, Angelina Jolie was the Megan Fox of the late 1990s and early 2000s because of action movies like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in which she played the sexy lead. Though she has also been afforded some quality roles because of her famous father, she was known more for being a sexy leading lady than anything else. Some time after she hooked up with Brad Pitt, she began to transition into directing instead of starring which is pretty gutsy considering there are so few female directors in Hollywood and it's very admirable. Though she mostly stays behind the camera, she is taking control of her "Hollywood retirement" which takes place for an actress when she turns 40. Regardless of what Hollywood says, she's still got it! Verdict: Hot. 

9 Halle Berry


Halle Berry is not just gorgeous but she also has a freaking Oscar! She's beautiful and talented and underrated in Hollywood. Her last movie was Kidnap in which she plays an angry soccer mom whose child is taken and she has to pursue his kidnappers in a high-speed chase in her minivan. She deserves better than that. However, once women reach a certain age in Hollywood, they can only play the mom, the aunt, or the grandma. Halle Berry is 51 but compare her age to the ages of her male counterparts. Daniel Craig is 49, Robert Downey Jr. is 52, and Tom Cruise is 55--and all three of them star in big budget action movies. So why can't Halle Berry? Unfortunately, that's just the way Hollywood is and it's totally unfair. She deserves better. Verdict: Hot. 

8 Katy Perry


After years of cultural appropriation and queer-baiting, Katy Perry's many missteps have finally begun to catch up to her. Though she bursted onto the scene with multiple hits under her belt, she has tested everyone's patience with her cornrows in "This is How We Do" video and her Egyptian ensemble in her "Dark Horse video. And let's not forget the time she dressed up as a geisha or the time she said that she wanted to skin Japanese people and "wear them like Versace" which, coincidentally, is exactly what cultural appropriation is. She has also written songs that indicated that she swings both ways when, in reality, she doesn't. Though she's kind of annoying and her last album was disappointing to say the least, she's still gorgeous and has a great sense of style--at least when she's not wearing other peoples' culture like Versace. Verdict: Hot. 

7 Emma Stone


It was recently reported that Emma Stone is the highest paid actress in Hollywood and we believe it. With critically acclaimed movies like La La Land, The Help, and Birdman and two Oscars under her belt, she's got nowhere to go but up. However, though she's at the top of her game right now, there are always younger women appearing on the scene, all vying for the throne of Hollywood's latest "It Girl". She may only be 28 but she had better watch her back. Unfortunately, Hollywood starts to lose interest in actresses who reach the ripe old age of 30 and start casting 20-year-old actresses as the love interest of actors in their 40s and 50s. In fact, Emma Stone herself has never played the leading lady opposite a costar younger than herself. Her oldest love interest was Sean Penn in Gangster Squad who is 30 years her senior. Sorry, Emma Stone, no one deserves to pretend to be in love with Sean Penn. Verdict: Hot. 

6 Demi Rose


Who is Demi Rose? You can call her a model, an Instagram star, or a DJ but it won't change the fact that she's only famous because she hooked up with Tyga while he was on a break from his relationship with Kylie Jenner. Demi Rose may be just a party girl with a nice booty but she's more than that. She's also a DJ. Kind of. Being a DJ nowadays is pretty much the same career choice as being a model. You just stand and look like you're doing something while you're actually doing nothing. But hey, don't we all wish we had a job like that? Demi may be the fourth or fifth most famous Demi and she may not have a Wikipedia page but she she does have a Reddit forum dedicated to her with 10,000 subscribers. That's got to count for something. All jokes aside, she is pretty but that seems that's all she has going for her which is fine because a girl can build a pretty decent career on just that. Verdict: Hot. 

5 Bella Thorne


Bella, Bella, Bella. Where do we even start? Bella Thorne may only be 19 but she's everywhere. And by everywhere, I mean that she's all over the place. One minute, she's starring in her own Freeform TV show and the next moment she's eating cheeseburgers in Scott Disick's backyard. Basically, she's very messy and sometimes downright sloppy. But hey, who are we to judge? However, watching her Snapchat stories alone may make your inner maternal instincts come out and wish you could just grab her by the shoulders and shake her saying, "Bella, love yourself!" But we can't do that. This Disney Channel star turned cosmetic procedure-obsessed party girl may give us whiplash with the constant changing of boyfriends and hair colors but we hope it's just a phase. It's not a good look though. Verdict: Not hot. 

4 Jessica Simpson

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Jessica Simpson was once the ditzy/hot It Girl of Hollywood and she may only be 37 but she's generally regarded as old news just as Kate Upton will be in about ten years (it's sad but true). Though she is both a singer and an actress, she is known more as a pop culture phenomenon than anything else. She was one of those girls in Hollywood who was famous just for being hot and not necessarily for being talented. Now that she has phased out of her hot/ditzy phase, she has gone into entrepreneur/career woman phase and it is truly inspiring. She may not have acted in a movie in years but she is a multi-millionaire thanks to her various business ventures and what is hotter than a confident career woman with perfect skin and amazing hair? She is an entrepreneur, a wife, and a mother and that's pretty hot, no matter what Hollywood says. Verdict: Hot.  

3 Miranda Kerr


Miranda Kerr may be gorgeous with an insanely skinny bod but before you get ultra jealous of this bombshell, just take a second to read about what she eats on a usual day. Hot water with lemon for breakfast, salmon and arugula for lunch, and chicken (with some onions to spice it up) for dinner. No thank you. Maybe if we all had personal chefs and personal trainers we may be able to look like that but it's honestly not worth the effort. That being said, if you have the courage, will-power, and emotional strength to go through life without ever eating a French fry or a spoonful of mac and cheese again, we are both disgusted by you and in awe of you. Also, if you can stick with that diet, you may even be able to snag a billionaire like Miranda. You can't do that without being insanely hot. Verdict: Hot. 

2 Hilary Duff

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Hillary Duff is one of those former famous people who hasn't quite figured out that she isn't famous anymore. But hey, we'd be in denial too if we went from what dreams are made of to the second billed actress in, Younger, a TV Land original series. Still, we still have a special place in our hearts for Lizzie McGuire. It may be difficult to transition from being a Disney Channel star to an adult star but she hasn't stopped trying to become relevant again. She has an impressive Instagram follower count and she paid big money for sponsored content which is a much more lucrative job than being an actress. Though she may not be as relevant as she used to be, we still love her and think she's beautiful no matter what. Verdict: Hot.  


1 Miley Cyrus

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Speaking of former Disney stars, Miley Cyrus (along with Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez) was a part of the second generation of Disney stars after Hillary Duff. However, Miley chose a different career path than her predecessor by chopping off her hair, sticking out her tongue, and twerking on Robin Thicke with a giant foam finger. It may be her life and she can live it however she pleases, her consistent cultural appropriation rubbed a lot of people the wrong way and it's hard to forgive her for that even after she ditched her old look for a new, more laid back aesthetic. Sorry, Miley, you can't just move on after twerking, wearing faux dreadlocks, and rapping about being "high on purp" and act like everyone is going to forget. You may have moved on but we haven't. Verdict: Not hot.

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