15 Not-So-Good First Date Ideas

You might be thinking, "coffee is boring and dinner and a movie is too cliché... I think I am going to mix it up a bit." Great idea! Get creative! But also stay smart. Some dates are just not good for a first date, or for any date, and your creativity might just be too much for some to handle. You want to make sure you pick a first date that will lead to a second because nothing sucks more than your shining personality being overshadowed by the distraction of a horrible first date. While there are many ideas out there for great first dates (bowling), here are some you most certainly should avoid.

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15 A Sauna

Don't laugh, it's happened. A sauna is a horrible choice for a date for a couple different reasons. First of all, a sauna generally requires you to wear, at the very most, a bathing suit. Being down to almost no clothes is a bad start to a relationship that you want to last because it is difficult to really get to know each other with the distraction of sex on the brain, which it will be. The other reason it's not great is because you wont look or feel great. Your makeup will be running down your face and both of your hair will become flattened down from all the humidity and sweat. Let's be honest, few people look good after sitting in a sauna.

14 Netflix and Chill


It is generally a bad idea to go to someone's house on the first date. Not only could it be dangerous but it is also a cop out.  Netflix and chill, as you probably know, does not mean watch Netflix and chill out. It is now a euphemism for come over, pretend to watch a show, and have sex. No judgement here on the 'sex on the first date' front, but when the entire date is centered around a couch or bed it is unlikely that it is a date with a future.

13 Activities that one person is great at

It may seem like a good idea to show your date what you are good at and invite them to join in, but it doesn't always go as you intended. While you wanted to include them in your activity you may have just come off as a show off. The other problem is that you have now incorporated a competition into the date, one that you will likely win. Making your date a loser on the first date is not a turn on, and neither is letting them win when they know you should have. Stick to something new for both of you or something you both already enjoy.

12 Boxing/Wrestling/Kickboxing

Anything where one of you can get hurt by the other is risky. Some people love active dates and the more competitive the better. Great! Take them bowling. Boxing, wrestling, kickboxing, or anything similar can go from laughing to crying too quickly - and tears on a first date usually mean the end of the date.

11 Bring a friend 

Even if you are nervous and think that bringing a friend along would help, this is obviously a bad idea. One person on the date will end up as the 3rd wheel and it may not be your friend. This will discourage your date from opening up and will likely be annoyed that your focus is elsewhere. It is also uncomfortable because it introduces an entirely different set of opinions and judgements that you will both have to be conscious of. Until you two are more exclusive, keep your dates and friends separate.

10 Dinner with the Parents

You're an adult now. Keep your parents out of it. Sure, tell them all about it, but rock this by yourself. In fact, it may be a good idea to ask where your parents will be the night of your date so you don't accidentally end up at the same restaurant. Meeting the parents can be stressful, and on a first date it can signal (1) a person that hasn't yet grown up or (2) someone moving too quickly.

9 Strip Club

Save this for when you need to re-ignite the spark in your relationship. A strip club on the first date will more than likely make one person feel uncomfortable. Even if you are both saying you are completely fine with the idea and it would be more funny than anything, it introduces sex and a focus on the body too early on and could possibly ignite unnecessary jealousy.

8 Movie Theater

How are you supposed to get to know each other if you cant talk? And if you do talk, well... don't. It's a movie theater for goodness sake. Quiet down there! Movies are not great for first dates because they just build tension and anxiety being in close proximity without the ability to communicate. They are, however, perfect for second dates when you can be sneaky and hold hands and start to build up the physical connection.

7 Leftovers at Their Place

Zero. Effort. Whatsoever. This date is the date for dates that shouldn't happen. Saving money is one thing, but having someone over so you can give them yesterday's meal? Unacceptable. First of all, let's revert to how it is a bad idea to go to one of the people's houses on a first date. Then let's focus in on how this is just starting the whole relationship off on the wrong foot. No effort now probably means less effort later.

6 Couples Massage

Massages are great. One would be hard to turn down. The problem though, again, is making the naked body and touching the main focus of the date. It also does not allow a lot of room for conversation when your face is squished in a pillow. Plus, these are expensive!

5 Expensive Meal

Not that these are bad, because they can be a great way to really show someone you are in it for serious. However, they can be uncomfortable unless you talk about it before hand and both people know what is coming up and maybe even who is paying. Both parties may not be on the same pay grade and if the one with the smaller pay check feels that they have to split or pay it could make for some anxiety. A good rule of thumb is, if you asked you pay. And if you asked you will likely pick something in your budget.

4 Monopoly/Risk

These competitive games have ended both friendships and relationships, so they may not be the best way to get one started. There is something about board games that brings out the worst in people. Ruthless and competitive, board games can push people a little too far in the name of fun, even if it is all in the name of fun.

3 Horseback Riding

This is in all the movies, but have you ever ridden a horse? It is fun and all but can also be uncomfortable. For some people horses are second nature but that is not true of everyone. Many people are scared of horses and some people may be a little too busty to enjoy a bouncy ride. Whatever the reason, make sure you don't pop this date as a surprise. That said, if you talk about it and both love the idea, this would be an awesome first date.

2 A Nightclub

You can't talk. It is that simple. There really is no reason to go to a nightclub on a first date if you want to actually get to know someone. To put it bluntly, he only thing to do there is drink too much (which is extremely frowned upon), grind up on each other (which really defeats the purpose of getting to know each other), and leave feeling tired and yucky from all the sweat and beer spilled... Romantic.

1 On Your Phone


Put your phone away. This is your time with this person now and your other dates, your friends, and even your family can wait. Put your phone on vibrate, put it in your purse or pocket, and enjoy the real time conversation and environment that you are in. Live in the moment, see if this person is a potential for future engagements, and forget about all of those super interesting top 15 lists you are addicted to... except this one... this one they will let slide, we're sure of it.

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