15 Not So Average Red Nail Polishes For Every Personality Type

Red Nail Polish! Perhaps a girl's best friend. It's bold, sultry and elegant. On top of that, it adds a little flare to every occasion. And, let's face it, there's not a wrong occasion for red nail polish. The only problem with red nail polish is there are so many different shades. It can be hard to find the right one. We all want a shade of red that stands out and looks great. More so, we want one that's unique to us and our own personality. Like ourselves, we want our shade of red to make a statement. So how do you become the girl everyone says, "I love that shade of red nail polish, it's so you" to? You take our advice. We've picked out 15 not so average red nail polishes for the summer that are perfect for every different personality type.

15 The Preppy

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Flower nail polish in First Bloom is for the girl who's ultra preppy. This girl doesn't stray from bright colors or bold patterns. If an item of clothing has a collar or any lace, most likely, it's in her closet. If it has polka-dots, she's wearing it. She's the type of girl that makes everyone's day better. She's the first person to give a genuine compliment and she always has a smile on her face. Her bright lipstick that matches her bright polish. This girl is sensitive, sweet, and always has a positive attitude. She never lets anything bring her down and lives life to the fullest. At night, she has a glass of champagne and turns on an old classic movie to relax. She's the type of girl most guys dream of marrying. You can find First Bloom online at walmart.com.

14 The Vintage

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Revlon Red 680 is for the girl who still lives in the 70's. This girl loves vintage clothes. She spends every free day she has looking for old rock n roll t-shirts and spends her nights listening to her record collection. She's certainly a free spirit and an old soul. She wishes that she was alive when The Beatles were still touring. She doesn't spend much time on social media, instead, she does Yoga or reads Henry Miller novels. She believes in free love and would never commit to just one person. Life is constantly changing for her, but her nail polish never does. She doesn't always paint her nails, but when she does, she uses Revlon Red 680. You can most likely find Revlon Red 680 at your local drugstore or online at drugstore.com.

13 The Academic

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Posh Matte by Zoya nail polish is for the academic. This girl always has her head in a book and is always finding new ways to learn about the world. She's thirsty for knowledge. She's rational, witty, and intelligent. If you talk to her, she's straightforward. She's factual, not abstract. She has goals for her future and she spends all of her time trying to reach them. Even if she's not business orientated, she's bright enough to get done whatever it is she wants to get done. In her spare time, she loves visiting museums or traveling to new countries to study the way of life in other cultures. Her favorite thing to watch on television is the news and her favorite movies are documentaries. Like her, her nail polish is smart and sharp. You can find Zoya Posh Matte nail polish at your local drugstore or online at nailpolishcanada.com.

12 The Innocent

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O.P.I.'s Red My Fortune Cookie is for the innocent girl who's still a child at heart. This girl is the first to cry at cute bunny videos and laugh hysterically at funny cat videos. She thinks everything is cute. She's the least judgmental person you've ever met and believes that every human being has some good in them, even the worst of us. Her guilty pleasure is watching Disney movies on repeat and loves a quiet night at home with her closest friends. Some people might call her immature, but she doesn't mind. She knows she's not, she just likes what she likes and she's not concerned with other people's opinions of her. You can find O.P.I.'s Red My Fortune Cookie at a drugstore or online at pharmapacks.com.

11 The Devious

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Wet n Wild Burgundy Frost is for the girl who's a bit more devious than she'd like to admit. She always has something up her sleeve, even when she doesn't mean to. She has a great sense of humor and finds everything funny- probably because her mind is a bit twisted. She's sarcastic. However, that doesn't mean she doesn't have a sensitive side. She's deep, but also shiny, just like her nail polish. She's the life of every party and the friend you call whenever you want to have an extraordinary night. Every guy wants to date her, but she's not easy to get. She's cynical and it takes her a long time to open up to people. You can find Wet n Wild's Burgundy Frost at your local drugstore or online at drugstore.com.

10 The Adventurer

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N.Y.C.'s 312 Moscow Red is for the girl who's always searching for more. She's never satisfied with what's at her fingertips (besides her nail polish). She has a thirst for life and she'll do anything to quench it. She's moved a million times in her life and "started over" more than most can say. However, she doesn't think of that as a bad thing. She knows that everything she does is just a part of the adventure she calls her life. She's fearless and not afraid to do anything her heart tells her to do. To her, no move is a bad move as long as she's always moving. All she wants is happiness and she'll do anything to find it. She thinks outside of the box, this is why her red nail polish is so unique. You can find N.Y.C.'s 312 Moscow Red online at jet.com.

9 The Classic

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Dior's 999 Rouge is bold and elegant. This polish is perfect for the classy girl that also has a wild side. It's subtle enough so it won't ever look like it's "too much" but bright enough to add some flare to every look. It will go great with your favorite black pants suit, but even better with the vintage lingerie you're wearing underneath. If you plan to spend time at the beach this summer, it'll compliment your designer cover-up and make you look as though you were born to be on the cover of Vogue. Dior's 999 rouge is your new best friend for all of your Summertime adventures. Be careful, though, because this color is sure to get you into trouble. However, we think you'll be able to wear it. Why? Well, just like the girl who wears it, this rouge is mature a timeless. You can purchase Dior's 999 Rouge at your local department store or online at nordstrom.com.

8 The Crazy

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China Glaze Love Marilyn nail polish is for the girl that's over the top. This girl is down for anything and everything, no matter the time.  She loves late night swims and would never say no to a party. Nothing gets in her way and she'd never let a little obstacle ruin the fun time she's about to have. She wears bright colors and glitter at every opportunity she gets. To her, there's never a bad time to add a little spark to her outfit. She doesn't run away from flare, she runs towards it. Some people may think her style is "crazy," but that doesn't bother her. In fact, she likes it. She certainly stands out in the crowd, just like her nail polish. Most likely, you can find China Glaze Love Marilyn at a convenient store, but if not, you can purchase it online at Tradesy.com.

7 The Tomboy

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O.P.I.'s Red Hot Rio is sleek and subtle. This shade of red is for the tomboy who's also in touch with her feminine side. The Red Hot Rio wearer enjoys going to see a baseball game and having a good beer. Most likely, she has way more guy friends than girl friends. That being said, though, she still likes to be taken care of and is completely aware of what she wants and needs. She mature and wise beyond her years.  She's the definition of level headed.  She's never gotten in a fight that wasn't worth having and she'd never do anything to disrespect someone on purpose. She's low maintenance. The only kind of time she wants to have is a good time. She wears Red Hot Rio with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt during the day, but at night, she shows a little more skin. You can purchase Red Hot Rio at your local convenient store or online at Pharmapacks.com.

6 The Mysterious

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RGB's Crimson is for the girl who's ultra mysterious. Like her nail polish, she's dark. You never know what she's thinking, all you know is that you wish you did. It's as if she always has a secret or something on her mind. This girl might not have a lot of friends, but she's completely content standing on her own two feet. When you look at her, you can tell just how independent she really is. She dresses in black and rarely wears makeup. She's not a typical "hot girl," but she's effortlessly beautiful in her own way. She's the girl that hangs out in dive bars. She's a published poet and her potential is limitless. If you get the opportunity to get to know her, you feel lucky. Chances are, she's unlike anyone you've ever met. You can find RGB's Crimson red at many cosmetic stores or online at net-a-porter.com.

5 The Dramatic

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Gucci Iconic Red nail polish is for the ultra dramatic girl. This girl lives her life as if every day is a new scene in the movie that she's currently starring in. She doesn't take anything lightly. To her, everything has meaning. Even the way someone says, "hello" to her has a special meaning. She's emotional, vibrant, and full. If she wants to dance, she dances as though she's the prima ballerina and on center stage at her last performance. If she wants to sing, she sings as if she's singing for a full house at the biggest music hall in the world. Nothing about this girl is "small," and everyone who knows her knows that. Like her nail polish, she's extraordinary. You can find Gucci Iconic Red at Gucci or online at gucci.com.

4 The Girly

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Red Cabaret by Lancome is for the girly girl. It's pretty, yet elegant. This shade is for the girl who's wardrobe is made up primarily of dresses. Red Cabaret wearers are always up on the latest style trends. However, that doest mean she's trendy. She always adds her own personal touch to whatever's "in." This girl's never been to a gym. In fact, she's not even sure she owns a pair of sneakers.  Some might call her high maintenance, but it doesn't bother her. She knows she is and doesn't plan on changing for anyone. She has long flowing hair, glossy skin, and beautifully manicured nails. She always looks perfect, just like her nail polish. Whenever you pass this girl on the street, you can't help but stare.  You can purchase Red Cabaret at your local department store or online at net-a-porter.com.

3 The Professional


NARS Jungle Red is for the girl who always puts work first. She's a business woman and she has been since the day she was born. She takes herself seriously and therefore, everyone else that she surrounds herself with takes her seriously as well. She's way ahead of her time. If she started in the mail room, she worked her way up the ladder faster than anyone before her. By the time she's retired, she'll have accomplished more in one lifetime than most of us can say. In fact, she might even change history. Why? Because she works hard. She's focused, dedicated, and goal orientated. Of course, some people might think she's intense or intimidating, but that's only because she's always in work mode. Her mind never stops and her nail polish is beside her the whole time making sure she always looks great. You can find Nars Jungle Red at nordstrom.com.

2 The Free Spirit

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O.P.I.'s An Affair In Red Square is for the free spirit. It's for the girl who'd leave town on a moment's notice, who'd dance in the street in the middle of the night, and who's constantly experiencing new things. This girl certainly lives every day like it's her last. She doesn't follow the norms that society pushes on her, she follows her heart. In turn, she doesn't judge anyone for what they do. She gives love just as she takes it. She doesn't worry about the future, she embraces what's happening in the moment. However, that doesn't mean she's an airhead. Even though she's a dreamer, she's still got her feet on the ground. Like An Affair in A Red Square, this girl is bright and beautiful.  You can get O.P.I.'s An Affair In A Red Square at a convenient store or online at Jet.com.

1 The Rebel


Vynylux Red Baroness by CND is the perfect nail polish for the rebel. This girl has one path that she follows in life and it's hers. She takes advice from no one and does whatever she wants, whenever she wants. She's unstable, moody, and challenging. Sure, she can be hard to deal with, but she knows that and likes that about herself. She's an entrepreneur as she'd never want to work underneath anyone or have to answer to anyone besides herself. She's her own boss. Men find her difficult yet addicting. Her independent personality is one of the sexiest things about her. And, of course, her nail polish color compliments her personality. You can find Red Baroness by CND online at sleeknail.com.

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